Rated R Vampire/Slave Stories...

  • xxArabellaXX
    3 years ago

    Does any one know some good Rated R Vampire/Slave Storie? Please leave the link

  • sarabeth120
    3 years ago

    @xxArabellaXX I don't know if you've read mine or not, but here's the information for it if you haven't read it yet:

    Title: Blood Pet; http://www.wattpad.com/1671409-blood-pet-prologue

    Summary: Kidnapped by a psychotic vampire, 22-year-old Jessica Smith doesn't really think things could get any worse until she becomes a pawn in a vampire plot to take over the world. As war breaks out between the vampires and humans resisting them and the world begins to quickly fall to the undead, Jessica finds herself warring with herself and questioning the true intentions of the vampire who took her in the first place. With everyone she can't trust telling her things about him that make no sense and unable to trust his words either she really has no idea who to believe in this dark world that she is now very much a part of. As time goes on, Jessica finds it harder to decide who to trust and who not to trust. But more important than that, she finds herself questioning her feelings towards the one person that she knows she shouldn't trust or love.

  • PichanDesu
    3 years ago
  • NicoleSikora
    3 years ago

    I've actually just posted a couple of chapters of mine, I would love to know what you think! http://www.wattpad.com/story/1367363-possession

  • xxArabellaXX
    3 years ago

    @sarabeth120 I have on my other profile! It was great for what I read. Very well written. :)

  • ii4oo49
    3 years ago

    idk if this is what you're looking for but here ya go.

    The Beauty: Rose Moreau has always been kind and gentle, but with years of physical and mental abuse from her father she has also learned how to become strong. Belle, her younger sister, is obsessed with the idea of a vampire whisking her away in the night and making her immortal. However, vampires and immorality come at a high price and Belle will do whatever it takes to become what she most desires. Though, Rose will risk everything she has to keep her little sister from this fate. The Beast: Antony Petrov has been haunted by the past memories of the woman he once loved. His heart hardened the moment she was taken from this world and has only coarsened through the years and leaving nothing but an empty shell filled with hatred towards the world and humans specifically. The Evanescence: When two different worlds collide, danger stirs for both them. Unexplainable events begin to occur both of them question everything including each other. Are they strong enough to withhold the danger? Or will they simply be like the evanescence of the morning mist and simply fade away?


  • Nin0thing
    3 years ago

    It's definitely not finished. In fact, it's only one page. Sanctuary, http://www.wattpad.com/4823699-sanctuary . Blood, violence, gore, torture. And, of course, slavery and vampyres.

    'They were dressed like kings because they could afford it. They lived in luxury, atop the toil and grief of slaves because they thought themselves the ruler of men. They laughed and mocked the heavens, killed innocent children for fun, and even drank the blood of the victims. The blood made them strong, immortal.' One slave's story, living in what most would consider Hell.

  • _missAy
    3 years ago
  • Rainbow_Cadet
    3 years ago
  • _MiaP_
    3 years ago


    It's not a Slave story but it is a rated R vampire story the vampire isnt soft and no he doesn't glow its a working progress lol!! so if you want you can check it out!! I would really appreicate it!! there's only two chapters so far...

  • DecodeThis
    3 years ago

    http://www.wattpad.com/story/560320-the-beautiful-dead (completed rated R, but not a slave story, sorry)

    CURSES. DESIRE. DEATH. REBIRTH. This is exactly what I was going to find at Matrix Academy.

    I used to live in the beautiful golden coast of California -- then I was deported by my parents, the stars they are, to the Academy in Maryland. A place where exposure wasn’t a choice, but basically a followed regulation.

    But then I met Frost. Dark and brooding, cold and short-tempered, I can’t decode who he could possibly be. Thing is, every last minute I spend with him, I don’t know whether I should stay… or run.

    Thank you and huggles! xx

  • JodiIrving
    3 years ago

    not a slave story, but a vampire love story http://www.wattpad.com/12090023-the-vampire%27s-lover

  • carikitty
    3 years ago
  • jewel1307
    3 years ago

    @JodiIrving Please don't drag up old threads just so you can advertise on.

    advertising (posting links, covers or asking people to read a story, whether yours or someone else's) is only permitted in the relevant share your story thread pinned to the top of the club board. Before you do place your advert you should read the guidelines pinned beneath the SYS thread. Thanks for understanding


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