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    FREE ADVERTISEMENT but here's a deal if you want!!!! Hey, if you comment on my story TEMPORARILY HIS, then I will VOTE ON ALL OF YOUR CHAPTERS!!!

    Photobucket -Follow Dessa, an orphan who doesn't trust easily, falling in love with a werewolf, Luke, who captures her heart right away. Will she let him? Then there's Nadia, Luke's cousin who's mate is Luke's, bestfriend, Jared. Will she ever get his heart, or will it always remain to Holly? -The pack she comes from their was no such thing as being mates, with your true mate, and the abuse of the middle child was horrible. Then I met Liam and my walls came crashing down. But this seems to go too be true. But maybe its not. -Ever is a princess and her life seems easy right? No, when she ventures out on land her dad wants her back, so he sends a bounty out on her for 4.5 million dollars, people come after you, follow Ever, Ace and friends. -“Blaze the last thing I want you to do before I die is marry.” Is what Blaze Colton's Grandmother told him. She Also told him that he wasn't getting his Father's company without having a girl to spend the rest of his life with, and that's where Sage fits in. Sage was a lower middle class girl, who was helping her mother pay the bills, when she sudden loses her job, she has nowhere to turn to, but I guess that's where Blaze comes in.

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    Off to yours now. Thanks in advance for voting xD

    Blood Sacrifice

    Monsters are rising in unnatural numbers and all seem to working according to a master plan. Valedoria and Grathol are locked in the deadly embrace of war. Loyalty, Betrayal and Sacrifice are all themes in this action packed novel. Only one man can stop the evil plot that will endanger the whole world. Garrick Calder doesn't seem quite up to it however.

    Warning, this book is a murderer. Many have loved it to death.

    (And, if you want to support an aspiring writer without bothering to read anything, just click the link. I always appreciate reads, comments and of course, votes :)

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    Click the Pictures. Thank You(: <adress-fashion-girl-hair-red-pretty-Favimcom-283446 "As he came closer I closed my eyes, I didn't like the way my heart went crazy when he would touch me. His hand went around my waist, my gasp caught in my throat. He lean closer, "Just because you cannot see it does not mean you it does not exist, Lelony." He whispered sending shivers down my spine."

    <aLeighton-Meester-1-2> Ever since Ariel can remember, she was always had a feeling of being watched. The cold chills that your mother tells you might be a spirit soon becomes all so real to Ariel. She is undeniable able to feel and sometimes see ghost since she was four years of age. Ariel grew accustom to it over the years. But what happens when one of those spirits, attaches himself to her, and he just won’t go away?

    ?action=view&current=tumblr_liova004EA1qb76x8o1_500-1.jpg"tumblr_liova004EA1qb76x8o1_500 >

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    Summary; The Immortal Awakening Trilogy. Lily Wreath. Born out of fire. Dragged into a world of deceit, treachery and hate one unfortunate day. Her life was never the same again. She meets her destined soul unwittingly & together they are forced to put a stop to the Great Battle between the witches and warlocks within the seams of Castoniya. Lily’s world as she knows it is wrenched apart & shattered as conspiracies unravel and secrets are discovered. Her destiny as a powerful witch is set into motion irrevocably.

    Genre; Fantasy/ Romance

    Gracias! and ill look at you're book to!

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    Thankies!! :D


    And these by my sister, Alishagirl95



    And one by my good friend, Lexie0_0 

    Alexandria has always just been an average emo girl. When she starts secretly dating the most popular boy in school, Kaiden, He denys they ever were more than class mates and that she was a crazy emo bitch. He apologizes and she then takes him back once more, only this time there's a problem. Alexandria is pregnant and the baby is Kaiden's. So many things are running through Alexandria's head - will Kaiden stay or leave? Alexandria has always turned to raazors to deal with the frustration and pain. Only this time she might have to give up her razors for rattles or risk losing it all.

    And one by one of my bffs, LilGreenLeprachaun 

    Shane Conrad is in the place he wants to be least... high school. In the midst of tragedy, which people believe Shane was involved in. Can Shane come to terms with the blame and guilt, or are his open wounds just too deep?

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    Hi! Here's my story Paradox :D Hope you enjoy!!!


    Average, undistinguished, and just downright ordinary. This is you. And you are drooling over of the hottest celebrity in the country. There is little to zero chance that you would ever meet him face-to-face. That's a fact and no chink for debate. So that certain hotshot literally pursuing you will happen only when hell freezes over. Long story short--impossible. But is it? Hatakeyama Sonya is only one of the many girls living in Osaka. And she is only one of the many, many girls living in Japan. Ukita Kenoyo is the very popular celebrity in all of Japan. He is an actor, singer, and model. With worlds so far apart, what are the odds of these two people knowing each other personally, let alone meet?

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    @lalamusicisme I read and commented :P If you could, please check out the one you didn't read yet ;D

    (Click on the covers)

    In The Parallel World. . .


    Teen Fiction | Romance | Humor

    In a parallel world, everything is opposite. . .
    where common stereotypes don't exist.


    It Starts With Blood


    Vampire | Mystery | Fantasy | Romance

    When the thought of a crime you've never done bites your conscience, what will you do? When you've lost everything, should you just give up... Or would you go straight and not make a turn? What more if you were never the being everyone else thinks you are?

    The perfect life she always think she has never exist, and when she realizes this... Claudine bites 'karma' back.

    Thanks ! :)

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    @lalamusicisme Please read my stories. The first one is going to be in Watty Awards. Thank you sooo much~



    im going to comment on your book :D

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    Sylest Helmer spent many years learning how to dance, working towards a once in a lifetime opportunity to dance for the rock/electronic band Knightmare. She gave up a teaching position to try out for the band, but was it really worth it? She doesn't think so until she meets Maks von Weiss, singer and guitarist for Red Velvet. NOT A FAN FICTION!! ALL BAND NAMES COMPLETELY MADE UP!!! (If there are bands really called Knightmare or Red Velvet, please let me know so I can change them!)

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    Daedras...are well, the inhabitants of the plane of Oblivion. SIxteen of them whom are called Daedric Princes, god-like beings who have been meddling with mortal affairs since the dawn of mortality itself. This is a collection of how these sixteen have changed a number of mortals' lives.

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    I'm not Cinderella & You're not my Prince

    Amelia is a 17 year old girl struggling to help her mother out with the bills. So she goes off trying to find a job and luckily, she meets a new friend on the way as well.She gets a job as a housekeeper for one of the biggest fashion company owners in New York.There is just one problem...the son of her boss is a total jerk.

    Starring: Mitch Hewer & Jackson Rathbone

    Genre: Teen, Romance, Drama

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    Night's Song Photobucket Photobucket Blurb: Ivy is on the run from her kind for her life, having to leave her boyfriend and past behind. Her father seems to be at the source of it all but Ivy has no idea where to start. Sent out by her lover that she left behind, Ivy begins her journey to discover the message of her father that she was special. She finds herself sent into the past of the Faerie world where it all began. Can Ivy realise her full ability and piece this magic puzzle together in time to save her kind and her relationship? Or will her past be forever a memory that haunts her...

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    @lalamusicisme Hey :) I have already commented on your story :) Please vote/comment/fan or do all 3 for mine :) <3 Mission1.jpg

    This is my story summary: This is a story I wrote about a girl going undercover to find the man who she is betrothed to. She does everything she can to keep her identity a secret and to find the guy she is supposed to marry. What can she do when everyone is a possible suspect? When it turns out that the co-ed school is filled with only male students? Worst off, she is the only girl in the entire school, but luckily no one knows she is a girl, right? Her identity is a secret for now, but for how long? Read to find out!

    I hope you comment or vote or fan or do all 3 :) If you support me consistently, I will mention/credit you in my story :)

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    would totally love it if you read (maybe commented or voted xP ) on my story :D

    What would you do if one morning you woke up in someone elses body? And that somebody just happened to be an internationally renowned pop star. Meet Mia-Skye Peproméno, an ordinary high school girl who ends up in an extraordinary situation & Zayn Malik, an extraordinary individual who ends up in a not so ordinary situation. Join Skye & Zayn as they try to reverse the switch. Its sure to be a roller-coster experience you won't want to miss 8) 3244272woeb8dzok8.gif

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    What if you woke up on the side of a dark street, forgotten to the world that you can’t remember? Blaise knows what it’s like. When she woke up, she couldn’t even remember her name. With only a bag of generic items and a note written by an unknown person, she’s opted to try and create a new life for herself. Of course, ignorance and pretending can only get you so far. With her only true friend, a German shepherd named Bear, Blaise has to try to find herself. Either way, she’s in deeper water than she could ever imagine.

    Stephanie Armstrong is on the run, has been for a while. She hasn't seen any of her kind for a while and humans are getting more efficient at identifying and taking them down. In this little town, where everyone knows everyone, will she finally find her peace? Or will she have to make a quick run and start all over once again?

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    Renae is a sixteen year old girl who has been locked away from the outside world by her evil adoptive mother. However when Renae pushes the old witch's temper just that little bit too far she is told that she is being forced into the local school. This is the opportunity Renae has been waiting for- follow her as she embarks a life in an American high school where she will have to battle with the cheerleaders jealousy and forbidden love with the jock who can't seem to take no for an answer. For Renae, this isn't your normal fairytale.

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