I'll read all the chapters in your story if I'll like it so please suggest something.

  • WeAreAHurricane
    3 years ago

    Ever had Ramen Noodles for an entire month? Lilly Fenster has and she's tired of it. Which is why she ends up managing the fashion industry's hottest Brazilian model. Lucky her right? Not really. Lilly can't stand the intolerable Joshua Lachowski . Heck, she can't even pronounce his last name much less manage his professional life. What happens when the nerd enters the fashion world and meets the biggest jerk imaginable? Mayhem, quesadillas, and love. That's what.




  • MarineLynn
    3 years ago



    [Click on the cover to proceed to my story]

    The Library

    Watty Awards 2012 ¦ Teen Fiction ¦ Romance

    Please support me as I submit this in the Watty Awards 2012!

    Summary: For every loss, there must be a gain. Sophie Jacobs is a romance bookworm and a writing prodigy. Her writing skills stretch back to her early days, when she was just learning to hold a crayon. She would sit side-by-side with her mother, with a computer set in front of her with a keyboard sturdy enough to keep up with her vivacious speed.

    But everything turns upside-down. A tragic event occurs, and she must make a difficult decision. When she begins her new life in Orange City, Iowa, Sophie gets reeled in by two boys who seem to have been pitted against each other as rivals since the day they were born. Her problems get more serious as her life come on the line in the boys' battle to win her heart. In the end, only one will succeed, and the other shall be left behind.

  • GuruPushkin
    3 years ago

    He was leaning in too close now; I could feel the sweet warm breaths coming from his mouth. He knew. And he was going to threaten me with it. "I have a secret," he whispered. His hands wrapped around my waist, and I found my heart beating faster and faster; A hummingbird heart. "We both know your a cheater," he said, smirking with the corners of his lips. "But that's not the secret." He leaned in closer to my ear. "The secret is that I'm a cheater too." http://www.wattpad.com/story/1177870-cheaters


  • marinelkristine
    3 years ago

    @UntamedAngel hope this interests you :)


    Secret Identity

    A daughter. A father. A Lover. And a Killer. Venice Walker, a 17 year old senior high school student, finds herself running for her life with Sam Burns, her classmate and neighbor. She enters an unexpected twist in her life that shattered her quiet peaceful existence. As she goes through the days after she left to run, she finds out more about her father's seemingly unexplained death that happened 7 years ago. Dealing with firearms, assassins, ciphers and murders, will she be able to finish what her father started? or will she die in the process of grasping the whole truth?

  • _ChrisCatchingClouds
    3 years ago

    Hiaa, please read? Only  2 pages up for now! Vote and/or comment if you enjoyed! x


    A ballerina. A rebel. The two don't go together. Or do they? McKenzie Marcini's world revolves around the two. She has done ballet since she found out about classes. But she has always been the rebel growing up. None of her friends or family know about her passion for dancing. But that might begin to change... At the age of 17, Kenzie gets the feeling she's being watched while she practices. She starts to get anonymous messages, telling her to pull pranks on her friends and other students at school. Really bad pranks that Kenzie has no intention of doing. She has no clue who is doing it but she is determined to find out. But if she says no to the anonymous texter, everyone will know about her precious little secret and she can't let that happen...

    Enjoy! xx Will fan! 


  • malin87
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  • TheLastVampire9
    3 years ago
  • Breathless_18
    3 years ago

    Read one of mine? Doesn't matter which one.:)


  • Cr8TiV3
    3 years ago


    IMG_9296-002.jpg Do you mind reading my story? That would be helpful for me if you did. Thank you! =) http://www.wattpad.com/3199967-expect-the-unexpected-birthday-surprises

    Expect the Unexpected It’s just another regular girl’s fifteenth birthday. Or is it? Amanda Skylar, who just turned fifteen, is getting an unexpected birthday surprise trip from her family. It’s not just that, her siblings are the other problem. James and Katie always ruin the surprise, makes problems, and the usual, siblings’ fighting. But those problems are just the least of it. During the second part of the trip, Amanda gets a surprise by her frenemy. Her name is Alex, Alex Sanders. It’s up to Amanda to stand the suspense and EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.

  • NightSky018
    3 years ago

    My first story on Wattpad: Sadistically Sweet

    After saving a young girl from being hit by a car, Haitlin Brookes had no idea her life would change forever. She didn’t expect the girl’s father to be a sadistic man, neither did she expect to get kidnapped. Now Haitlin has to find a way to escape his hold, but it won’t be easy. Especially since the man claims she is his new wife.


    Please read and comment :)

  • Skyhuntress
    3 years ago
  • swissymiss
    3 years ago




    Helena Cortez was the perfect kind of girl. She was obedient, religious, lovable and gorgeous. Sounds like she's gonna have the perfect future right? Well, you're wrong. She thought that too, but little did she know that A TRAGEDY WAS ALL FATE HAD TO GIVE IN RETURN.

    Please do comment, i need feedback :)

  • _manhattanblues
    3 years ago

    Title: The Notebook of Love

    Description: There were two innocent persons knew each other by information through a notebook, though they weren't able to meet because time was busy. Until one day, they got a vacant time and they decided to meet-up, but without knowing where, the notebook of love was missing. Can they still meet each other and make some love?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  • Jamie_Robyn
    3 years ago

    @UntamedAngel http://www.wattpad.com/story/1311295-amazing-stories-by-awesome-writers You'll find something awesome in this ad book of really great stories. :D

  • PaoloRivera
    3 years ago

    http://www.wattpad.com/4341951-the-princess-and-the-singer-chapter-1-fate-brings The Princess And The Singer please do read! comments are very much welcomed! 20+ chapters already!!!!! many have read already!!!!!

  • Striking_Ink
    3 years ago


    -not predictable, not cliche, it has lots of plot. xxx

  • YuffieProductions
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    Superheroes have always fascinated me. I would run around my apartment with a bed-sheet tied around my neck, using laser vision to zap the evil dust bunnies. I didn't want to sit around all day waiting to be saved. I wanted to be the one doing the saving.

    Then I watched the Army lock down my Territory. They destroyed it to shambles and killed thousands—my parents included. I witnessed the gates of the city close, a symbol of enslavement that would define me for the rest of my life.

    For eight years I've been trapped here, forced to work for the Army as a physicist. I can't stand living like a wretch anymore, but how can I escape if armed soldiers are guarding every exit?

    As much as I don't want to believe it, I'm the damsel in distress. I'm the one waiting to be saved. But superheroes don't exist, and no one is going to swoop down from the sky and save the day. At least that's what I used to think.

    Then I saw the mask.


    Thank you!

  • khassal
    3 years ago


    This is my new story! Although I have many others aswell so if you like you can choose :)

    Thankjs a million Mel xx

  • Vaichi
    3 years ago

    @UntamedAngel Love, Life and Secret Agents, please?

    Genre: Teen Fiction/Romance/Suspense/Well, it’s about spies so …


    Lexie Hillshire has been living an average teenage life, complete with an amazing best friend and a major crush on a perfect guy. That is ... until her twin Eva drops in for a visit.

    Eva is flamboyant, charming, daring and most importantly, a highly trained assassin that can kill in the blink of an eye. Now, doesn't everyone love a girl that can spy hard and party harder?

    Well ... except for Lexie's best friend James. James is the definition of the knight in shining armour every girl dreams about, yet Eva manages to bring out his dark side that might just be a little too dark to be ignored.

    Read on as one bullet turns everyone's life upside down, thrusting Lexie into a world of deceit, danger and death and putting her life in the hands of her sinfully sexy crush, who might have more than a few skeletons hidden in his closet. Literally.


    Thanks either way!


  • tometoyou
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    Please read! And fan me? Im writing another story at the moment too...

    Chloe X

  • ImperfectBeauty
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    Heyyy :)

    It would be great if you could read my story and comment letting me honestly know what you think. (y)

    Title : Changes Genre : Romance / Teen-Fiction Link : http://www.wattpad.com/story/1187087-changes

    Thanks xx

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  • _Iamthetrapdoorspider
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    Renae is a sixteen year old girl who has been locked away from the outside world by her evil adoptive mother. However when Renae pushes the old witch's temper just that little bit too far she is told that she is being forced into the local school. This is the opportunity Renae has been waiting for- follow her as she embarks a life in an American high school where she will have to battle with the cheerleaders jealousy and forbidden love with the jock who can't seem to take no for an answer. For Renae, this isn't your normal fairytale.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    http://www.wattpad.com/story/1177991-dealing-with-the-mafia-watty-awards-2012 After shaming her family and endangering her own life Dee flees her home in Italy for a new life in Scotland where she thinks she will be safe from the age old gang rivalry that she has helped to reignite. But when she starts to fall for a tall, blond haired, blue eyed boy she realises that she is jeopardising his safety as well as her own. Follow Dee as she tries to escape from the life of gang culture that she was born into and see how her Father's abuse causes her to act in ways she never expected she would. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  • _stormyannelei
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    Madison's a cutter. Whenever life gets too stressful, she escapes by cutting. Nobody notices her, so nobody knows what's going on. Her parents are always paying attention to Madison's "perfect" older sister Nicole, leaving Madison lying about boyfriends and parties just to get attention. At school, Madison's just another nerdy kid with only her friend Sophie to talk to who's too busy preparing for Yale to notice anything wrong with Madison. But when Madison starts hanging out with the "bad girls" at her school, Taylor and Katrina, she starts partying and doing things that would give her parents a heart attack if they saw her doing. The only person that knows how Madison truly feels is Jackson Bridges, but will he help?

  • Skyrim73
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