Would love to read those stories of yours :)

  • TheEscapist
    3 years ago

    Post your story here and I'll try and take a look and give you some honest feedback.

    It would be great if you took a look at mine too :)


  • ShhDontTell
    3 years ago


    Jessica lovess the Internet it's like her passion, she even has this web stream on a popular site. What she doesn't know there is this boy since seventh grade have had a crush on her and he has been watching them ever since she started. There in high school now he thinks it's time for him to make a move. But he is kind of scared so he had been dropping these little love note to her everyday. But Jessica thinks its a girl playing a trick on her when it's really him.... Will Roman ever tell her the truth?

    Hope you like

  • Gifuto
    3 years ago

    @TheEscapist Sci/fi cool :D I'll be happy to read yours. And here's mine. It's fantasy, hope you like it ^^


  • _MollieeJayne_x
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  • _FallOfDreams
    3 years ago



    Meg used to believe in happily-ever-afters, but when a family tragedy strikes she's left to pick up the pieces on her own. It takes a handsome stranger, her best friend, and her own ingenuity to restore her belief in her dreams. Modern Cinderella.

    Off to yours :)

  • kieanchiimo
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  • Sa5MuelB
    3 years ago

    http://www.wattpad.com/story/1315766-journal-of-the-eldest Hope you read and enjoy, off to see yours Thank you in advance,

  • Gifuto
    3 years ago

    @TheEscapist Haha I just realized I read this already a few days ago :D I've been reading too much lately, so sometimes I cant remember the titles '~'

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  • Ria_Lee
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    So yeah, here's my story. Click on the cover to read it. Go on! :)


    I like him, but he likes my friend. My friend doesn't even know he exists because she's too busy catching the attention of another guy who, in turn, is busy catching the attention of the university's it girl - who is also busy catching the attention of the guy I like. Her best friend is torn between following her parent's decisions of her marrying my best friend's boyfriend and chasing her ex-boyfriend who is now chasing after my friend. Pretty crazy, eh? Well, let's just say I'm kinda involved in this imbroglio right here.


  • IHeartOreo
    3 years ago


    Title: The Prophecy of the Golden Fairy

    Stacy has lived a hard life, but it hasn't always been like that. After her mother mysteriously disappears, her father changes and won't tell her what happened to her mother. Her only friend might know something about what happened, and he has a big secret that nobody knows about.

    Link: http://www.wattpad.com/story/1205579-the-prophecy-of-the-golden-fairy

  • pyrathisbe
    3 years ago

    ..hey guys..if you have lots of time you can read my story..


    ..it's a fan fiction and romance..it's all about friendship, family, prejudice, pride, trust and love..it's my first time writing a story here so i hope you'll find time to read it..vote for it if you like it..and please give your comments after reading for me to know how would i improve myself in order to write better stories..thank you..^^

  • Jisabella
    3 years ago



    What if you woke up on the side of a dark street, forgotten to the world that you can’t remember? Blaise knows what it’s like. When she woke up, she couldn’t even remember her name. With only a bag of generic items and a note written by an unknown person, she’s opted to try and create a new life for herself. Of course, ignorance and pretending can only get you so far. With her only true friend, a German shepherd named Bear, Blaise has to try to find herself. Either way, she’s in deeper water than she could ever imagine.


    Stephanie Armstrong is on the run, has been for a while. She hasn't seen any of her kind for a while and humans are getting more efficient at identifying and taking them down. In this little town, where everyone knows everyone, will she finally find her peace? Or will she have to make a quick run and start all over once again?

  • TheVisibleDarkness
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  • thestoryofmylife1
    3 years ago

    The Masters: http://www.wattpad.com/story/1285840-the-masters

    Catherine West has always hated the cliche nature of her high school, but living in a small town doesn't give her a chance of seeing something new. Her high school Carmendale-Demings High School, is run by an elite group of guys called The Masters. During Catherine's sophomore year, Turner Platt, the the leader of The Masters, takes a special interest in her and she falls in love with the biggest player of them all. But soon she'll learn that even in a small town, not everything is black and white. Her best friend Jeffery Price, will be initiated into the group and the two will learn the corrupt nature of the The Masters. But with a simple kiss from Turner, Cat will go on a journey where she learns about her own past and come to terms with a secret not even she could remembers...

  • renosweeney
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  • _cianneee
    3 years ago

    Here's mine. Thanks a lot!


    Title: A Flash of Light

    Genre: Fantasy/Teen Fiction

    Status: Completed

    Kidd, a group of artificial islands run by technology. In other words, this is the home of Cassandra Miles. And she hates it. She wants to experience living in the past, where everyone works and where people make their own living. Unfortunately, she got her wish. Her home is slowly getting destroyed, and this is no coincidence. She finds out that her existence, her destiny and all this happenings are linked to an ancient rite, an ancient rite which begun a million years ago.

  • NMBooks
    3 years ago



    There's a reason high school senior Athena Thorpe spends every available moment reading books: fiction is always so much better than the real world. Even the unexpected scandal she suffered thanks to Jackson Montgomery was just a blip in her typically mundane existence in Sparrow, North Carolina. But no story could ever compare to the life-altering events that occur when Gabriel Valente moves into town. Being the son of a notorious crime lord and having grown up on the streets of Manhattan, Gabriel defies all the expectations the students of Sparrow High have for him, including Athena's. She never expected he would match her interest in the written word, or his unlikely grand gestures and definitely not the immediate but intense feelings which cause them to spiral into a secret relationship. A relationship that hinders on Gabriel's uncertain future, which could find him being the heir to the mob throne. Whether or not she wants to admit it, Athena knows the world Gabriel comes from is a dark and violent one. It's just really easy to pretend it doesn't exist within the bubble that is Sparrow. Yet, no matter how much we pretend, reality is never far away, with Gabriel and Athena learning a tragic lesson about choice and consequence a little too late. When you finally decide what you want most in life, the next question becomes: will fate agree?

  • daydreamZzz67
    3 years ago

    http://wattpad.com/daydreamZzz67 Hii!! I'm really random, and I have random genres being made!! I'm also working on varies stories!! PLEASE don't be afraid to talk to me!!!

  • _NikkiIreason
    3 years ago




    Pearl and her group of outcasts struggle through teenage life, not to mention day-to-day life. They face dilemmas both at home and at school. On one stormy night, they decide to start a band. Little do they know, it will impact them and change their lives drastically. Will they finally see that every cloud has a silver lining or will disaster strike?

    I would LOVE if you could read the first TWO chapters! you don't have to read any more if you don't have the time! Thank you so much! :D



    He squeezed my hand in greeting and his coal black eyes lit up. His hands felt as warm as mine did. The same.

    “I am Death.”

    I raised one eyebrow, “That’s awfully general, got a nickname?”

    His smile grew, “Azrael, my name is Azrael.”


  • JineeNguyen
    3 years ago

    Officially 21, Officially Yours



    " There are a few things I would recommend doing on your 21st birthday: 1. Take 21 birthday shots 2. Get wasted 3. Wake up (nearly) naked next to your best guy friend. How awesome? Just kidding! Don't try it for yourself. Unless your best friend is a smoking hottie. And don't tell me I didn't warn you when you fall head over heels." Melanie Fischer

    Thrown Away



    When things are of no use, you throw them away. When my love for you is of no use, you throw me away. "I'm done, smoking gun. We've lost it all. The love is gone." - Christina Aguilera

    You can read either one! Both of them are short-stories! Hope you enjoy! Thank you! If you like please leave comment feedback, vote!

  • neddo91
    3 years ago

    @TheEscapist My friend’s Completed story Photobucket http://www.wattpad.com/2701775-how-did-i-fall-in-love-with-you-watty-awards-2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHsBeaaHk18 Tittle: How Did I Fall In Love With You?

    Rachael Simpson is in love with her best friend of 15 years, Jason Sharp . She has kept it a secret until she finds out that Jason’s falling for another girl. So should she tell him or keep it to herself and lose the man she loves? But what if life had other plans for them?

  • _Essaya
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    Click on the Cover to Enter


    Fantasy | Adventure | Romance

    Essaya is the heir to the throne in Welden. Her father King Duncan is in Smir for a very important meeting when her beloved home is under an attack. Her maid is kidnapped by humans she has never seen before. Essaya decides to go look for before her father gets back. She takes a newly cached prisoner and her best friend Alistair with her and together are they going for adventures in Welden and a strange land.
  • _JustSmile_
    3 years ago

    Heyyah! I'd be awesome if you could check my story out!? =)

    You’re a Demon? Well I’m a Unicorn. http://www.wattpad.com/story/1214741-you%27re-a-demon-well-i%27m-a-unicorn

    Humor/Teen Fiction/Paranormal

    "I told you, I WILL destroy all you humans. No matter what." "hmm, no matter what, huh? maybe I can change that, make you see the better side of us 'humans' - be Super Girl or something and save the world from The End Of The World! I always knew I was special in someway..." "You? save the world? be supergirl? change my mind? make me see the 'better side of humans'? hun, you talk too much crap." "hmmph. I'll show you. Watch me, there'll still be humans here long after your birthday. I'll change your stubborn, thick mind one day." "If there was a day called Never, then maybe your little dream of changing my mind will come true, but unfortunately for you, there isn't, so you can give up and just accept Fate." Konan Fiere has vowed to exterminate all humans when he becomes Demon King on his 21st birthday. He loaths the entire human race just because of what a group of humans did long ago - But one night he meets Cansas Fallon, to him, she was only a quick snack, but later, Cansas unexpectedly becomes more than just food. Can Cansas, a 17 year old badass, rebel, trouble-some, party-girl, student save the world? Go on, read and find out ;)

    Enjoy?! xoxo