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    “Kill him?” My voice came out quiet. “What about Amy then?” I challenged after a moment. He seemed to see how what he said was affecting me, and smiled. It was cold and cruel, but behind the mask was something else, but I couldn't tell what it was, so I focused on his next words. They shocked me. “If she can't have him than no one can, she said so herself, so I don't think she would mind.” His smile widened at my shocked expression.

    16 year old Angel McClain has to take over for her sister at her new teacher job at Hill-way high school. While her sister goes off to hunt down her husband, Angel as to act like her 26 year old sister and hope not to get caught, but when Seth Jaspers find out her secret, everything just got a whole lot more complicated. Blackmailed into faking an engagement, dating the gym teacher for her sister, and wanted by her sister's husband who's supposedly involved with the mafia? Read to find out what happens to Angel with lots of twists and turns that are along the way...

    And the Sequel

    "Sundays with Him, Saturdays with Her"


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    Something out of the ordinary is happening at Celestine Heights...

    Ever since she got hit by lightning that almost killed her, Stella Miles has been going through insidious changes.

    Changes that made her best friend afraid of her, and her boyfriend passive-aggressive towards her. Then there was the guy she saved from certain death, and his weird effect on her.

    Why, almost from the get-go, was she intimately drawn to him?

    And more importantly, as their lives increasingly got tangled in unexplainable events, what did his arrival mean to everyone in Celestine Heights?

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    Romance | Teen fiction | Paranormal | Watty Awards 2012

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    By Truenotme

    Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance

    In the country of Hierra, and a good distance away from Narla, a small village of Magicians and non-Magicians, there live a girl. To Ryma, everyday is like a whole new cycle. One fateful night, a white dragon comes falling from the sky. And when she decides to take a look, something entirely impossible happens to the dragon that causes her to have no choice but to follow on a journey with it. On this little adventure, something new blooms in her -- something that gives her a whole new purpose to live.


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    Here's my story. Please consider reading it and vote if you like. I'd very much appreciate some suggestions if ever you're not satiafied. Advance thanks to those who'll give it achance! :)

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    @AiJiang please check out my story, thanks!

    When summer arrives Kendra can't wait to fly over to her best friend's house and spend the whole summer with her. They've planned everything on the phone and now they can't wait to put everything into action. But what happens when Kendra finds out she's not the only guest at the Meeler's house? Will she get along with the unknown guest, or will they hate each other? It's a story about love, dreams and second chances.

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    Arabella is a shifter who is soon to be 18. The night before her birthday she hears arguing, so she goes to finds out whats all the noise and she soon learns her father has done something terrible! He's borrowed money from vampires and they want payments, Arabella then learns that her family is broke so what are they going to do? What happens when she finds out she's the payment? What happens when she fully shifts on her and find out! You know you want to...

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    these are the first stories that i have written, and i could use the comments. become a fan, promote this, or add it to your library, etc. that’s up to you. thanks. :) secretsofthenightbanner.jpg


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    Hey Im still working on the description. Other than that, its all good.

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    Since realizing she’s not one to belong anywhere in the world, Alix’s life had been an empty and a gloomy one. little did she know that her life was just about to unfold. After dropping out of school, she found an heirloom necklace that belonged to her late mother. It took her to a whole new world, 1896, Spanish Colonial era in the Philippines. There she had to do a mission and along the way, will find out shocking truths about her own family, and her self. (This is a story that includes time travel and pastlife) ENJOY ^_^ 29123125689554.jpg

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    Suddenly he turned and I averted his gaze flushing tomato red. My heart was drumming against my ribs. I felt the bed dip close to my crossed legs but I didn't dare to look up. "Avery…" he said, I felt his breath on the side of my face. My eyes went wide and my heart beat sped up. "Ye-ye-yeah…" I stuttered then closed my eyes to steady my heart. "Look at me," he said and I just shook my head. "Why?" he questioned. I didn't answer. I felt his warm hand on my chin and he turned my face, but I kept my eyes shut. "Avery…" he whispered my name again, causing his warm breath the gently caress my face. I didn't answer. Softly Conner's lips touched mine.

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    My first story so support and comments or votes would be welcome. Feel free to fan.

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    All Raine Evans wanted was a peaceful summer. Instead, she's stuck in a ridiculous challenge, and partnered with her worst enemy, and best friend's brother, Kaden Fleming. 

    It's Boys VS Girls and the loser will have to be the winner's slave for the rest of the summer. But Raine loathes Kaden and she's certain she won't be able to survive even a day as his slave.

    Which means, she'll  have to win this challenge- no matter what.

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    Here's my book: 


    Trapped (Werewolf/Fantasy)

    Werewolves are cute and romantic, right? Wrong! In the real world, Werewolves are after me, trying to kill everyone I love, everyone around me. I've been running all my life and now I'm making it stop, I'm not letting them hurt my loved ones. I'm giving them what they want most. Me and my powers. But will that save my family?  Thanks

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    I would love it if you would read my story!:)

    The Six Swans


    After the tragic death of her mother, Princess Sydnee Adeliene began her study to become the future Queen of Adalaide, going practically unnoticed by her father the King and older brothers. But when her father marries a witch and sends his seven children away to the confines of the unforgiving Cypress forest, her brothers are placed under a curse – one that turns them into swans. To save them, Sydnee must take a vow of silence for one year. Falling in love seemed out of the question. Love, however, cannot be confined by the inability to speak.

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    I have 2 stories (teen fic). Thanks for doing this & reading!!! :) The pic links to the book btw! Photobucket


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    Genre:Fantasy Everything was normal in Ablin, I tried to not focus on Fairlax, the dream kingdom. Everything was fine until Ablin was attacked. Now I have no choice, I have to go somewhere, I have to go there. If Fairlax is my only hope, then so be it, that's where I will go. Living in a castle is beautiful and full of wonder, until I met the monster below that changed my life. I am Evangeline Macall, this is my story.

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    [click on the picture for link]

    Tália was THE hopeless romantic, but after Alex, the "love of her life" threw her to the curb, she had become disgusted by anything associated with love & the awaiting heartbreak that accompanied it. Two years have passed & she is still a single pringle. Scarred by Alex's actions on that unfortunate night, she is forever doomed to become a lady with 26 cats. However, this outlook on life doesn't scare her one bit. She has the beauty, brains & genetics to become a success in life. She is just one internship away from living her dream. However, after being rejected from the prospective internship, she has to endure a nightmare to make her dreams come true. Alex was THE player. He didn't believe in love. He only believed in one thing, the "bang & drop." There was no female in the world that was able to turn him down. That was where Tália came in; she was his first rejection. Luckily for Alex, he loved the thrill of the chase. As time passed, the impenetrable wall Tália had built came crashing down. She fell in love with him & she was sure he felt the same. Unfortunately for Tália, a few skeletons in Alex’s closet led him to make a life changing decision. A life without her. Two years have passed & he is still the player, enjoying the thrill of the chase. After a near-fatal brawl causes a fellow model to fall comatose, he is forced to make another life changing decision: quit his dream job of modeling, or agree to have a babysitter accompany him everywhere he goes. Focused on making the right decision, he agrees to the latter. Alex is willing to do anything to keep his dream alive, even if it involves him living a nightmare.

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    An Unlikely Werewolf

    This is not a soul mate love story. This is not a lovesick werewolf. This does not have a girl being the main character.

    Here:This book begins with the unlikeliest of all characters, A bullied student, and the gang of mischevious friends on their way to next grade or leaving High school for a life. When nearly everybody tackles a trip to the White Mountain National Forest, there is a unknown Gray Werewolf and a long rumored Steel Man that start to appear throughout the trip.

    One night is all it takes for Wolf to be scratched. What happens when he returns to High School and learns the Werewolf that scratched him is there?

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    Romance/ Watty Awards 2012

    It's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

    Tyler was an ordinary man who extraordinarily loved. His was the perfect love story. That was until he was shot. Although, this is not a depressing story of how a man got killed and how his woman mourned for the loss. Rather, this is a story of how a man chose to relive his doom to be with the girl who made his heart beat the most.