Looking for sci-fi romance to read!!

  • roxyideman
    4 years ago

    Hey you guys! Post any good sci-fi romance here. It can be your work or others' ;D But please leave a description and if you can, a cover! I'll try to read as much as I can (school is tough but it won't bring me down!! \(=_=)/

  • Gifuto
    4 years ago

    @dawnofmydreams It's not mine, but one of my favourites. Sci/fi,romance. Kinda new.


  • TheRobot
    4 years ago

    @dawnofmydreams Try either The Girl And The Robot by MadFrak

    Or The Scientists Subject byADDaughtry

  • BretonJanes
    4 years ago



    This is kinda sci-fi. It's the fall of society in the near future and the romance aspect begins to flourish near the end of chapter 1!

  • LetoAtreides
    4 years ago

    The next chapter of my story is available now: The Happiness Equation, This chapter brings the protestors into the story a bit more, hope you like it :)


  • FrostyOhLover
    4 years ago

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    Aaron’s species has taken over Earth and has only one mission, to save it from the horrible cruelty of the humans. She is the queen who has the power of a thousand aliens' gifted powers; she was born for the crown and so was her succumbing husband Skandar. But for there is a rebellion in their new Utopian, and the humans don’t agree with the cruelty of Aaron’s species and especially Aaron, for she destroys humans for her own entertainment.But what happens when she finds herself entangled with the Leader of the Rebellion. She is captured and being taken to their underground head courters preparing for the assassination of the Royals. But they don’t know one very important detail. Aaron’s the queen. Will her cruel heart change? Will she care for the humans? Will forbidden love change her cold heart? Or will she rule with her possessive husband Skandar whom wants to destroy the human race completely?

  • foreverjomarch
    4 years ago

    @dawnofmydreams ACTION, SCIFI and ROMANCE rolled into one. :) It's an official entry for The Watty Awards 2012. :)


    I WASN'T CREATED TO CARE. I WASN'T MADE TO PITY. MY PURPOSE WAS TO BE THE PERFECT SOLDIER, A FLAWLESS PIECE OF KILLING MACHINE. YES, THIS IS WHAT I AM. THIS IS WHY THEY MADE ME. I WAS CREATED TO KILL, NOT TO FEEL. Aurum, a vast landmass formed after the Apocalypse. Ruled by a totalitarian government called The Control, citizens are expected to consider their every word they say as LAW otherwise it would mean death. The population is unjustly zoned into 38 Divisions according to wealth, power and social stature with Division 1 being the richest and Division 38 being the most marginalized. Aside from strict rules imposed by government officials, boys and girls who reach the age of eighteen are expected to follow the path destined to them by The Control. They would chose their college, their job, what division they'll be inhabiting and who will they marry. Enter Jonathan Kress, the most eligible bachelor in Aurum and the son of the wealthy Control officer, Jonas Kress. On the eve of his eighteenth birthday, he runs away to escape his fate but gets tangled up in the uprising caused by The Alliance, a rebel group that stirred the Division War several years ago. He is rescued by Lauren Steel, a trained assassin with a secret of her own. Coming from different sides of the road, Jonathan and Lauren have a hard time adjusting and reading one another. Soon enough, they discover something that seems to draw both of them together and they could no longer stop it despite how forbidden it looks. Lauren knows that if she doesn't hold back her feelings for Jonathan, she'd become weak. Jonathan knows that if he keeps loving Lauren, he is going against Aurum's most powerful authorities, including his own father. WHAT IF YOU KNOW LOVE WOULD KILL YOU? WOULD YOU TAKE THE RISK? WILL YOU FIGHT BACK?

  • TWriter
    4 years ago
  • BadAssBambi
    3 years ago

    http://www.wattpad.com/4437067-simply-divine-prologue Photobucket

    Title : Simply Divine

    Summary : What if you were the key to it all? For Freya Murray life as she knew it was changing drastically, after the Camburn family move in next door. Each brother holds a secret that’s unable to be shared with mortals. When the battle of light and dark is drawing near, Freya must choose which side she is to fight for. The Light or Dark. Will love blind her from wrong and right, or will she choose the path that lead her ancestors to death.

  • TWriter
    3 years ago

    @dawnofmydreams @Gifuto @TheRobot @BretonJanes @LetoAtreides @KillerKittyKat13 @foreverjomarch @LittleFairyCakes

    CLICK HERE --> http://www.wattpad.com/story/1262066-eternal-fate-the-collectors-watty-awards-2012

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    “By 3012, Earth was destroyed. By 3290, the only human survivors left were enslaved. Humanity's only hope lies in the enemy."

  • _StupidlyAwesome
    3 years ago

    @dawnofmydreams Mine http://www.wattpad.com/story/1234283-sector-16 the description is on the link... It's only like 2 pages cuz I just started so pls tell me if I should continue or not XD

  • _DistortedBeauty
    3 years ago

    My book is a Sci-fi/Romance/Vampire book! I hope you like it!


  • Gifuto
    3 years ago

    @dawnofmydreams I've got another recommendation, it's not a usual sci/fi, it's also teen fic.

    http://www.wattpad.com/4562415-welcome-to-allenville by @glitznglamour

    Hope you like it.

  • paigemae23
    3 years ago



    What would you do for freedom? Lyra lives in a world where if you step outside, you die... but that isn't her only problem. She is obsessed with finding a boy that she can't remember. All she has is a picture, a name and brief flashes of memories. The only thing she's sure of that he's been Drafted, taken away to fight Outsiders and protect her home. All Lyra's ever wanted is to go outside and when a strange boy infiltrates the Facility, offering her the opportunity to follow him into the world beyond her protective walls, Lyra jumps at the chance - only to discover that her perfect Utopia is hiding some sinister secrets...

  • playthatmusic
    3 years ago

    @dawnofmydreams This is mine. It's just getting into the romance, but has plenty of Science Fiction right now. http://www.wattpad.com/story/1376843-starship-soldiers

  • _Parogar
    3 years ago


    Forget everything else and trust me when I tell you--look no farther than Inamorata, by @irishrose

    That's not just the best scifi romance story, it's the best story on wattpad period!

  • PutSomethingIn
    3 years ago

    So my book is Sci-fi and romance but the romance wont come until the next chapter please tell me what you think when you have time to look at it :) the description is on the link http://www.wattpad.com/story/1336584-they-say-that-in-the-army Also my all time favourite sci-fi/ romance is The Borrowed I don't know if you have read it but I highly suggest it!! The description is on the link as well :) http://www.wattpad.com/story/1134178-borrowed Anyway I hope these suggestions help and you like them!

  • ii4oo49
    3 years ago

    it only has 2 parts and doesn't really have any romance at the moment b/c i just started it!


    Humans and Utopians have never got along, ever since 2020 when the Utopians left Earth to go to Utopia to claim the planet as their own. The two specimen could never get along and have been in a "muted war" for decades, but when a Utopian spy comes back from America claiming that a scientist has invented the ultimate weapon that could kill all Utopians, Galea is sent on a mission by the Queen. She is to develop a relationship with the scientist's son and find out the weapon is and destroy it along with the scientist and his family so that no man will ever be able to create it again. However, when Galea meets Leo she is annoyed with his cocky attitude at first, but as she spends more time with him she develops feelings for him. How will she be able to continue this mission when the man she loves will have to be the one she kills in the end?

  • RozalittleDhampir
    3 years ago

    Kindness Killed Us All.


    Kindness, Honesty and Bliss. We were all of this until we died - or at least it felt that way. Losing your mind was just as bad, and that’s why I tore off my Patch the first chance I got; I knew they were bad news. Kindness Patches killed us, well, except me and my brother. I have to find other humans, or this is it, the end of humanity as we know it. Who would have guessed Kindness could be as dangerous as hate?


    kinda scifi I guess;)

  • _crush5797
    3 years ago

    PM me if you want the deets on my next story that is very similar to Sci-Fi romance!! :)

  • daawesomeme
    3 years ago

    http://www.wattpad.com/story/964904-his-game-coming-soon It says coming soon but it's gonna start in like a few days so...

    His game is horrible. It is sick. It is cruel. It is brutal and barbaric and the work of a mental person. This game, isn't much of a game for it's players.

    The crazed leader of Comicosti, an unknown world similar to our own, has created a group of 24 genetically altered humans. To test his mutant's abilities, he has let them loose onto our planet to find their assigned human, gain power, and fight each other to the death until there is one left standing. Each one is different, but all want the prize of winning their creator's game.

    Neo is a loser. He has no job, he lives in a dump, and he got kicked out of collage. One day, a strange and distressed girl arrives and saves him, throwing him into her world of bloodbaths and special powers. Losing sense of anything else, Neo joins her in a bazaar but spectacular adventure in a world he never knew could be possible. They are connected, they are one, and she is one of the most powerful of the mutants. But, he knows that she can't win all the battles, so what'll happen when she loses?

    And what'll happen to him if she wins? @dawnofmydreams

  • BeastBMady
    3 years ago

    I just posted a scifi romance called Rewired...check it out?(:

  • _Juiced
    3 years ago

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    Lieutenant General Everett Riley is chosen from a slew of opponents to experimentally pilot the S.A.C., a spaceship designed for travel amongst the galaxies. Everything goes smoothly, until the engines begin to fail, and the two other passengers begin losing faith in their pilot. The crew is stranded in the Milky-Way galaxy, and is forced to crash-land on an alien planet, called "Earth". The last thing they want to do is be stuck there forever, but what happens when Everett begins to fall in love with a simple Earthling? Will he choose her, or his home?

    ..Not finished yet, but I hope you like it! [: thanks!

  • unicornxzombie
    3 years ago

    Hey guys! I have a romance/sci fi story for ya guyys!


  • Dramatism
    3 years ago

    @roxyideman Thanks, I'd really appreciate it :).



    Kamala and her husband Farok have been through a lot together. 20 years of marriage, in fact. But something rocks the boat when Farok gets into a big accident in space. Everyone dies on the space ship he was on except for him. But he barely survived. Only his brain was left intact. Lucky for him, he was able to be kept alive, but there was a glitch with his recovery. A big glitch. His body is a robot, leaving only his brain as a human component. Being the first cyborg ever causes a buzz in the media, and he's really starting to feel the pressure. But he's more worried about his relationship with his wife than anything else. One day, he decides to leave their home to get away from the media, and from his wife, who surely must want him to leave. After all, he's 300 pounds of metal, and only three pounds human.

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