Criticism 101; CLOSED!~ [Closing Remarks inside, please do read]

  • _EmpressInABox
    4 years ago

    Done with this critiquing stuff. I'm telling you, this is stressing. I mean, I have to go through every single word of what seems to be thousand of book critique requests they post here. Despite my tired and overused eyes, I actually had fun.

    Two messages:

    To the amazing authors, Good job guys! I really enjoyed your works. To the ones I got harsh on: Don't hate me, hate.. well.. the keyboard, I guess? Lol no, but seriously, don't get mad. I said I'd be honest right? And don't worry, even I commit grammatical mistakes. I just developed my weaknesses into strengths. As long as you like what you're doing then it's all good! *virtual smug in here*

    I'll be writing a book about writing consisting of chapters about grammar, spelling, do's and don'ts, and so much more! So if ever you need my help, just check out my book. Though I'd be publishing a new romance-teen novel first before I do my writing book. If you really, really need an urgent help, I'm just one DM away.

    I bid you guys goodbye, ciao!

  • CatherineFallon
    4 years ago

    There's only a couple of chapters so far, but I'd really appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance.



    Hi I'm Raven and this is my version of events. Being of Non-Human status was fine in the Human world, it was when I was forced to move to the other realms that things started to get complicated. Vampires, Shifters, and Witches, oh my! Dorothy and Toto have got nothing on my adventure. I have recorded my journey through this crazy world filled with so much more than Humans can imagine. It might not be where the story began, because I don't think anyone remembers any more, but it starts the moment I stepped into the story. Follow me.

  • Blindinglights
    4 years ago
  • Xx_Satchfire_xX
    4 years ago

    Cross My Heart

    Thanks in advance!

  • stillalonebymyself
    4 years ago
  • awesome4evah
    4 years ago

    If you have time, thanks :)


    All Raine Evans wanted was a peaceful summer. Instead, she's stuck in a ridiculous challenge, and partnered with her worst enemy, and best friend's brother, Kaden Fleming.

    It's Boys VS Girls and the loser will have to be the winner's slave for the rest of the summer.

    But Raine's not sure that's something she can survive.

  • GottaReadMe
    4 years ago


    "Just A Dare" (Watty Awards/Romance)


    It was a mean thing to do, I admit. And I wasn't a mean person. But I did it anyways.

    "It's just a dare," she said. "and it's not like you'll ever see them again." She persuaded me and I couldn't argue with her logic. I was moving across the state. So, I thought I would never see them again. You only live once, you know?

    But I never knew that dare would make such a big impact on my life.


  • dreamsmadereal
    4 years ago Knowing You're There: Although Lia is blind, she has the fantasy of finding the perfect guy, just like everyone else, along with becoming a rock star drummer. However, she has always been the outcast in school. When she meets Kurt Hines, all her dreams start coming true, one at a time.

  • Slaughterous
    4 years ago

    Title: Transparent

    Genre: Romance, Teen Fiction, Fantasy, Humor(Future), Highschool Setting

    Summary: This story revolves around Catherine Cassio, a girl who unexpectantly dies due to a car crash, after running off in seeing a misunderstood situation between her boyfriend, Asher, and rival, Khimberly. In the afterlife, she meets a mysterious stranger who introduces herself as Patrice. Patrice tells Catherine she's given another chance at love, at the cost of her life and a new one. Catherine complies; and this, is where her adventure begins. Reborn as Zayne Willows, follow Catherine as she uncovers the mystery and truth behind her death, face the most tremendous of betrayals, and most especially, get back the love of her life.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Click to read!

    I hope you'll like it! Oh and btw, it's 100% Non-Horror. Thanks! :)

  • LeilaStar
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  • CreativeCooki
    4 years ago

    @teeeyaruhh I'm later going to be in the process of editing my story "Crazed", so you being completely honest would be really great :) Here's the link:

  • unePizza
    4 years ago
  • uninspirational
    4 years ago

    @teeeyaruhh Thanks in advance


    Through every plan there's a fault. Through every fault comes the cunningly smart, yet wicked Veronica Badcock. Or at least that is what Ryan Cook has heard. They told him that her last target fell off the face of the Earth, not to be seen again. The one before that had it so bad that he ended up taking therapy to erase the memories. And now the only thing he can think of is how bad he could get it.

    Being the next target, he has to be smarter, and stronger. Even if it comes at a costly price.

  • Poindexter
    4 years ago

    The more honest you are, the better.

    Ethel and Eli are twins on the brink of separation. While nearing the age seventeen Eli knows he is to be drafted into the Union Army and fight against his younger sibling, who ran away to join the Confederates. The only way the twins can hope to be together is if they take an invitation to work for the eccentric and strange Dr. Abner Edwards. Seems simple enough, right?

    But Dr. Edwards has a secret, one that involves a world that might just live right beneath the ground, a negro who claims to have powers to see the unseen, and an exotic boy who claims to be from the future.

    How will the twins survive with an angry mob running after Eli, odd creatures attacking the patients, a civil war of another world effecting their own, or troubles with the time-space continuum? Never mind that, it's time for tea.

  • Ritsuki1130
    4 years ago

    There's only 2 chapters but I'm wondering if it's gone to a good start. Thanks in advance.

  • _ChloePxx
    4 years ago

    @teeeyaruhh I know there are billions of other stories here but if you ever get a chance I'd love to honesly know what you think about mine, cos some people I can tell evidently don't like it and they say things like, "it's ok, I like the letter." I mean, I wish they'd just say that they don't like it. That would be much more helpful to me! Anyway, thank you in advance!=)

  • TheGreatThinker
    4 years ago this is my new story and your opinion will be a great help and thanks!

  • notbreathinganymore
    4 years ago

    hope you like it, thanks in advance!:) any improvements will be really appreciated! be harsh on me:D

  • _Tiye13
    4 years ago


    Nicole Crystal Welsh is starting her sophomore year at her California performing Arts school with the best social status possible- a floater. Someone popular enough to hang with the popular crowd yet still have the ability to sit with newbies or freshmen. In a place where looks are everything Nicole is beyond satisfied with her position when the inevitable happens- girl meets boy. Floaters are usually loners but Nicole is popular enough to make it work, that's not the issue. The problem is Caleb is a whopping 5'6 and Nicole is 6'1. In a place where looks are everything Nicole must find the strength to break the cookie cutter mold or lose everything she's ever worked for with a few bumps along the way.

  • Enprix
    4 years ago

    Fantasy #30 / Romance #643

    Please read my story.

    Thanks! ^_^


  • Newgenwriter431
    4 years ago
  • _optimisticalme
    4 years ago


    The story follows the girl by the name of Khanak Singham. She's rich and always gets things the way she has wanted. In short, She's a happy citizen of the Great United States of America. That is until her father engages her to his best friend's son Zayn Malik. Khanak isn't happy and she'll go to any length to break the marriage; inconspicuously that is.

    I would love a critique. Especially the second chapter. Thank you so much.

  • _DeathNoteNinja
    4 years ago

    Pick one or read both...I'm just getting started with both of them. If you read both, would you mind telling me which is your favorite? =)

  • _FairyLiquid
    4 years ago

    I just posted this new Hunger Games Fan-Fiction, and I would really love feedback and more people to read it!

    Title: Ember

    Plot: Death. That's what awaits the tributes who are chosen to compete in the Hunger Games. And for sixteen-year-old Ivy Fox, this new fate is inevitable. This time around, the tributes are as strong and as furious as ever, so her chances of survival are even slimmer than she first imagined. One day into the training sessions shows her what she's up against, and the only way to come out alive is to show them what she's got - and if that's not enough, then nothing is.



  • killer22
    4 years ago

    "The Defenders failed, I failed, and now the world is burning around me." Betrayed by one of their own The Defenders have failed in their job to keep them out and now everyone will pay. The balance is broken. The demons are crossing. Who will stop them?

    There's only two chapters ATM but i would like to know what you think.