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    I'll read it, since it's short. :)


    Have you ever done something dangerous, and you knew just how dangerous it was? It feels good, exhilarating, and cool. It started with dares, became bets, and now I do it just for fun. I can't stop doing it. Your muscles tighten, your mind starts racing with thoughts of what you shouldn't have done, and you make a wish for something to happen in your life. At least, that's what happens to me. But, then he came along, with those silver eyes that cause me to freeze and make me wonder what he sees in me. And with him comes change to the small town that I've called home for more than half of my life. The change that follows him isn't the best though, dangerous beyond my imagination. Trains are no longer the only dangerous thing I've found myself standing in the path of, but a prophecy that seems to loathe my very existence in this world.

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    Jasmine was a regular teenage girl. Until one day when a strange man arrives at her doorstep and kidnaps her. After few days and hours in capture, he finally tells her the truth that their world is in danger and he needs her help. But the catch is she has to find two other girls in order to complete the mission. Unfortunately, the girls don't know the power they have. They don't know that they have to save the world from the king of darkness before it's too late. They don't know that danger awaits them. Who's the evil king they must stop? Can Jasmine make it in time? Does she even have time for a love interest? It all comes down to The Chosen One.

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    @jaderose95 @ANNEnonymous Thank you for reading! HAHAHAHA. It's our secret now. :P

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    Title: His Personal Assistant

    Genre: Fan Fiction, Romance

    Summary: "I'm his personal assistant!" Anya Underwood always dreamed of kissing Josh Hutcherson, a famous young actor who portrays different roles from different famous movies. When she was hired as personal assistant, she has the chance to get to be close with Josh. Will she have the chance to kiss him like she had in her dreams?



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    Ethel and Eli are twins on the brink of separation. While nearing the age seventeen Eli knows he is to be drafted into the Union Army and fight against his younger sibling, who ran away to join the Confederates. The only way the twins can hope to be together is if they take an invitation to work for the eccentric and strange Dr. Abner Edwards. Seems simple enough, right?

    But Dr. Edwards has a secret, one that involves a world that might just live right beneath the ground, a negro who claims to have powers to see the unseen, and an exotic boy who claims to be from the future.

    How will the twins survive with an angry mob running after Eli, odd creatures attacking the patients, a civil war of another world effecting their own, or troubles with the time-space continuum? Never mind that, it's time for tea.

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    4 years ago In the rich town of Sconset, California, Arabella Richards is a self-described "girl next door." But other people don't exactly see her the same way. Other than her unique name which most people just shorten to Ari, she has everything most people would want: a gorgeous twin brother, amazing friends, a loving father in France, a witty, strict Japanese mother, and heck she even goes to the most prestigious school in the country. But there's one thing out there she wants more than anything. What or who could possibly be missing in her life?

    Thanks so much! & I would prefer if you could read the whole thing and just comment on it as a whole instead of every chapter, but if not, Chapter 3-7 needs more reads currently ! [: So pick any of those to read. Thanks so much & I'm open to criticism/suggestions

    I will definitely read your story first thing tomorrow morning though since it's like 4 am xD so look for my comment c:

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    @Claraleia She passed a blank paper for an exam. JAHFLASF;

    Parallel Lines

    Ryne Evers has the most normal - not to mention boring - life anyone could ever have. She goes through the pains of high school, has a boyfriend, fights off bitches, the whole nine yards. Then enter Sky La Brea - a drop-dead gorgeous guy with the sexiest British accent and everyone just seems to bow down to him. He seems good enough, but there's just one little problem of him being a kidnapper...

    I Sort of Love You

    Every life has one true love snapshot. For Avery Allton and Travis Warner, it didn't start with a kiss - it started with a marathon. It didn't bloom with a relationship but through a paper conversation and yet, it ended in a way both could never have imagined.

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    If you have time,thanks :)


    All Raine Evans wanted was a peaceful summer. Instead, she's stuck in a ridiculous challenge, and partnered with her worst enemy, and best friend's brother, Kaden Fleming.

    It's Boys VS Girls and the loser will have to be the winner's slave for the rest of the summer. But Raine loathes Kaden and is certain she won’t be able to survive even a day being his slave.

    Which means she’ll have to win the challenge- no matter what.

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    A tripping tale of a young Girl who embarks upon layers of trouble in a struggle to find herself in time to solve the mysterious case of her Cousin. On top of this, she has to put up with the abnormal dreams shes been getting at night. Will she be able to cope with the spine chilling dreams as well as trying to solve the daunting case? (Watty Awards 2012-Please vote!).


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    4 years ago STORY LINE: Emeralda Knights has been an Orphan since birth, she doesn't know what happened to her parents or why she was abandoned but what she does know is that she's different. After finally being adopted Emeralda is thrown into a world of powers and forces beyond her wildest dreams, but she soon finds out that it's not all fun and games. You see Emeralda Knights is RARE, she has powers running through her veins like no other. Even after she has found a place for people like her, she still doesn't fit in, she's still an outcast...well that is until the rare beauty finds out that there is only one other like her... Emeralda has a twin, Elijah freaked out by there undeniable connection Emeralda keeps pushing him away infuriated that she doesn't understand anything. Unfortunately things only get worse as Elijah’s arch enemy Tyson seems to be winding his way into Emeralda’s heart causing a rift between the two siblings... Although Emeralda is thrust into a world that she doesn't fully understand she must find who she is and fast, with evil spirits drawing closer to her new home, she has to learn how to control her abilities not only to save herself, but to save her kind as well as her loved ones...

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    Title: A Summer Song

    Plot: After the classes ended, a seventeen-year-old student named Belle Collins gone home from the city. One day, the Collins gone to the beach since its summer. When Belle tries to swim farther away, a huge wave hits her and caused her to drown. Luckily, a guy saved her. In the hospital, they found out that the guy's name is Eric. Days passed, Belle was sent into a music school to learn more how to play guitar and she found her crush at that school. In the end, they discovered that their father loves another girl and their mother has cancer. Before their mother dies, she ordered to her children to forgive their father and live with him peacefully. But they think it's too late and impossible. This is a story of forgiveness and second chances.

    Simply click the picture to read! :D

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    Lock In

    Genere: Teen Fiction, Romance, Drama, Humor(some), Watty Awards 2012


    Abbey Davis is a total dork. But she was just around, seen every once in a while in the halls wit her head in a new book. One night, her father dragged her to her older brother's football game, not wanting to go. She never did like football, seeing her amazing brothers tackle people to the ground, or being at Harrison High School. And she'll also come to hate the boy who locks her in the gym with the All-Stars, Will Taylor, and the drama that comes along with it.

    special thanks to @paperheartsx for making my cover! :) fan her!

    Hopee you enjoy! Thanks for reading!

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    Title:The Wonders of Faith, The Gift of Mercy


    Description:Mae, a girl who is an unbeliever of Christ, has her life being punished by God. Then one day a terrible tragedy struck her family! Will she ever change her attitude towards Him or will she still disobey the teachings of God? Who, how or what will make her love God again?


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    I have two here, this one that I wrote and this one that @MysteriousGirl and I wrote together. Thanks :) off to yours now :p

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    SUMMARY - Marnie has been in love with Mike since forever. And she finally she decides to confess her feelings to him. But Mike has something else to tell her, which causes her heart to break into pieces. Marnie learned one thing from this episode.. Confess your feelings, before it’s too late. But she learned one more thing, Never fall in love again. Soon, Marnie leaves everything behind, to have a fresh start. Enters Aaron. He’s smart, cocky, intelligent, charming and not to forget.. HOT. But he’s not a player. He flirts with girls but not sleep with them. Hurting someone is against his rules. Marnie and Aaron become great friends in a short span, But what happens when they turn out to be neighbors? Does the friendship turnout to be more? Can Marnie let that happen? Can she fall in love again?

    LINK -


    Thanks ! =)

    I'm heading to yours ! :D

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    @Claraleia Could you check out mine? I'm heading over to yours :)


    What would you do if everything you loved was taken away in an instant by a monster?

    Nicola wants revenge and she's going to do what ever it takes to get it. At least, that was before she was thrown into an insane world filled with demons, vampires, weres and everything supernatural you can think of. Not to mention that she's starting to feel things she'd never experienced before in the most unexpected circumstance.

    A choice between avenging her loved one's death and starting her life anew in the middle of a crazy world where nothing is what it seems is tough all on it's own. But someone else has got their own plans for her and aren't taking no for an answer...

    Warning : Lust, blood and everything supernatural.

    Hope you like it! Thank you :)

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    This my story " I fell inlove with a scene girl"

    Direct Image URL herePhotobucket

    Btw, i'm not sure if the image is actually going to come up, so sorry if theres like this whole link

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    This is about a slightly sociopathic killer for hire named Gustav (which isn't even his real name!) who is trying to get things done! Enjoy :D

    Every Year, accidental deaths and seemingly random killings are reported on the news. Did you really think society was that random and accident prone?

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    hi! i think you might be interested with my story:D care to give it a chance? please? :D genre: romance, teen fiction i also joined the watty award (for some unknown reason) XD


    (click on the cover to go to my story)

    18 year old Anne was just released from the custody of her foster parents. She spent 9 horrible years with them, and at last, those days are over. She's finally free to start a new life. That's what she thought. On the day of her release, She got hit by a car. Anne soon found herself in a hospital with a broken leg, two broken ribs, and a boy sleeping quietly beside her bed. Who is this boy and what does he have to do with the accident? Could he be the change in Anne's life that she so desperately needs?

    looking forward to your comments, or suggestions :) thank you in advance!

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    When Wilma "Will" Robinson is handed a mysterious watch by a stranger one stormy evening, she never expected herself to be thrown back in time to a parallel universe of sixteenth century England. Trapped in a dark world of communism, betrayal and lies, she discovers that there is also a hidden, deadly society of magic wielders that threatens to destroy the reign of King Henry VIII. But does her going back in time serve a purpose, or was she just at the wrong place at the wrong time? [edit]