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    Wow, that was alot more than I expected, but I will read them without fail, but may take me a little longer than I entisipated. So I'll be fair and read them in order I recieved them so I will read @TheVenomousSaga first then @XxRedVelvetAngellexX @Quiller . I read prety faster aqnd it all dempends on how long the books are, but I hope to have feed back for you in the next fews day again depending on length, also some books I have more feedback than others don't think I am picking on you, just want to help you make your books the bestt they can be :D x

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    Hey! Here's the link to my story: http://www.wattpad.com/story/971509-oasis


    It's a fantasy, hope you like it!

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    can u please check out my story? i update daily(: its called young rebels

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    mine´s a Harry styles fan-fiction, you know, from one direction? I don´t know if you like them, but maybe you could read it and give me feed back??? I haven´t uploaded much yet, but I´m on my way :)


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    A 17 year-old boy, after being shattered by his family's death, discovers life is more than meets the eye. Inspired by M83.'s latest album, this work of progress is already starting to be discovered!

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    @Go0d_LiF3o_O Title:The Wonders of Faith, The Gift of Mercy


    Description:Mae, a girl who is an unbeliever of Christ, has her life being punished by God. Then one day a terrible tragedy struck her family! Will she ever change her attitude towards Him or will she still disobey the teachings of God? Who, how or what will make her love God again?


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    Daddy Doesn't Know what he's Missing [Watty Awards 2012]

    Description: In one short week, country girl Evie-Anne fell in love with raising country singer Dallas Preston, While on his tour to become known. But what he doesn't know is that he left behind the love of his life and a son.


    just click picture!:D

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    @DayuumSwaggPeace Hey no offence I won't be reading your book sorry, but as I said in my description I don't enjoy werewolf novels and I am sorry but I stick to that I am happy to recommend your book :D x

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    @Go0d_LiF3o_O Mine's completed!!! ^.~



    Two very different girls: Scarlet and Celeste. They live two very different lives of their own. They have their own different love problems. They have their own different friends. They have their own different powers. Oops. Did I just say that? Well, they don't know they have powers. And the humans tend to keep it that way but the Elementals think differently...

    I'm entering it in the Watty Awards 2012, so constructive criticism would be appreciated!!! I don't really expect it to win, but I wanna enter SOMETHING...

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    Best friends, Miya Kozu and Lily Wrenchy, must face personal obstacles that show up in their lives. Both share dark pasts that come back to bite them in the butt. Thankfully with their family and friends around, they’ll hopefully be able to conquer these difficulties. With one girl being haunted by her dreams and one girl being haunted by the opposite sex, will these two be able to hold out and survive? Or will they remain bound by the chains of their past? Filled with romance, drama, danger, fear, and constant mystery, Closing Chains is a story unlike any other with complete originality.

    Mystery/Suspense, Romance, Humor, Fantasy, Teen Fiction, Paranormal, and Watty Awards of 2012!


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    http://www.wattpad.com/story/810718-stealing-your-jar-of-hearts-2012-watty-awards Thank you so much!!! Any critism would be great!

    A playing the player book. Comedy and will probably be a 3 book series.

    Jason Brown is a mega player. So after he hurts Ally's best friend she makes up a plan. Jason is going to fall in love, and she is going to steal his precious jar of hearts.

    Until the VERY unexpected happens...

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    hey will you read my story Twins? It's only one chapter and i'd really like some feedback.

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    I would love more reads for my Hunger games fan fiction, it's about a girl from the Capitol who develops a plan to change the games. She winds up on a journey that shows her love, in more ways than one, life, and the world.

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    Hi You might like my stories but I'm not sure though...D:

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    I just started it so it`s kinda in the starting phase, but im always looking for a way to get more readers to tell me how i can improve ;)


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    You may find this story similar to the red pyramid as it has character like carter and sadie,this story is just for entertainment and it is not real,this is an adventure/comedy type of story..i'm sure you will enjoy it

    (Still not finished)

  • _delusivereality
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    @Go0d_LiF3o_O Thanks!


    Fantasy | Romance | Watty Awards 2012

    A haunting song - Blaire had no clue that one lyrical poem could cause so many things to her town, her family, her friends, and, even more, herself.The song had haunted her for days, weeks, yet she knew not of what it was about or why. Of course, not until a mysterious man came to town. Sazier was, indeed, everyone's dream. Handsome, charming, mysterious - and, he held a secret. A secret that only Blaire knew of in her dreams.

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    In Otera, nothing is as it seems.

    Kayden Mason has lived in Parum, a small town in Otera, all her life. She doesn’t know anything else.

    When Kayden, her mother, and little sister, Serissa, are kidnapped by the government and taken to the capitol, Magna, Kayden knows that Otera isn’t a safe place for her and her family. President Hall soon tells her what she must do for them to be released into a life of prosperity.

    Kayden quickly accepts this quest in hopes of ever seeing her family again. But what is this quest?

    There has always been a legend, a mere whisper in the wind, of the Elixir of Life. It’s said that the Elixir can cure any disease and make its drinker immortal. It was supposedly hidden thousands of years ago by a sorcerer, who was afraid it would fall into the wrong hands, on the Isle of Fabulas. Thousands have gone searching for it yet none of them have returned. It’s Kayden’s job to find this mythical Elixir.

    Why her? What is the government hiding? Will Kayden survive?

    Along the way, Kayden meets both, friends and enemies and encounters dragons, sea monsters, unicorns and many other creatures thought to be extinct. Kayden soon uncovers the truth behind the questions.


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    @Go0d_LiF3o_O Thank you for doing this )

    Title: Wonderstruck

    Summary: Its been five years since the war. Five years since the terrible tragedies occurred. Five years since Harry Potter, along with Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, saved the Wizarding World. Everything had settled down, and life was perfect. Until Hermione’s world began to unravel, that is. Hearts will be broken. A Malfoy will fall in love. Surprises are waiting, impatiently, around the corner. Friendship will be tested. Betrayals are abound. Reader, you have been warned. Enter at your own risk.

    A Dramione Fan Fiction

    Link: http://www.wattpad.com/2882360-wonderstruck-author%27s-note

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    @Go0d_LiF3o_O Maybe you'll like mine? No vampires or werewolves, I promise! And I update at least once a week.

    Thanks :) Photobucket http://www.wattpad.com/story/1060091-hello

    Genre: fantasy / sci-fi / romance / humor / Watty Awards 2012

    Pete was trapped by fear. He wanted to live a normal life, to love a girl like any other guy, but that voice kept whispering, reminding him that once his true identity was discovered, she’d leave and tell the feds.

    Eidan’s situation wasn’t any better. He wanted comfort, someone to truly believe that he wasn’t evil and to accept him without fear. He never thought that person would come, and when she did, he considered it for the better.

    However, there was a reason why people like them weren’t supposed to know how to feel. Emotions impair a human’s judgment, inhibiting it and sometimes even destroying it. So now the question is, will Pete and Eidan suffer a human’s fate or will they finally get their happy ending?

    Thanks again! I hope you enjoy :) P.S. - if this description wasn't good enough, there's a more detailed one at the beginning of the story :)