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  • _OoAnimeLoveroO
    4 years ago


    Is this still open? If so.. Here's mine.. please give it a chance.. Enjoy..


    Everything is complicated when a guy is unpredictable and flirty and you're a conservative person.


    Amanda Watts is a girl who thought everything was perfect her family, boyfriend and practically her life but everything changed. Nothing was the same anymore. As a person she love left, another came into her life but what if the person she loved came back? What would she do?

  • codenamesummer
    4 years ago

    I was thinking of some feedbacks on how is it so far..

    Pls. read my story, it's quite short for it's not yet completed. Comments are very much appreciated. whether negative or positive! xD Thanks! (:


  • ThatGirlChey
    4 years ago

    Lock In

    Genere: Teen Fiction, Romance, Drama, Humor(some), Watty Awards 2012



    Abbey Davis is a total dork. But she was just around, seen every once in a while in the halls wit her head in a new book. One night, her father dragged her to her older brother's football game, not wanting to go. She never did like football, seeing her amazing brothers tackle people to the ground, or being at Harrison High School. And she'll also come to hate the boy who locks her in the gym with the All-Stars, Will Taylor, and the drama that comes along with it.

    special thanks to @paperheartsx for making my cover! :) fan her!

    Hopee you enjoy! Thanks for reading!

  • militarymoment
    4 years ago



    To be honest, I don’t even know where to start. Literally when I think about him, my mind is just a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. He makes me smile with stupid little text messages, get butterflies at the slightest touch and when he smiles I feel like I’m looking into the sun. The only problem? He couldn’t know.

  • _SerenityXHart
    4 years ago



    Title: Everpure

    Genre: Fantasy/Romance

    Summary: Wynter is a sixteen year-old girl with a mystical secret. She's a descendant of Nymph's; Greek mythological creatures that are pure spirit maiden's who inanimate nature. Wielding the powers to heal and control nature, Wynter is gifted. The only problem is the process in which a Nymph must transfer from Pre-maturity into Pure-Maturity. Wynter has not yet gone through the change and it's distressing her. Not only that but being a pure spirit means keeping the purity intact, implying that love is forbidden. But, Wynter can't help but be attracted to the insanely gorgeous senior at the school who acts as though he just may be interested? But what about this mysterious Gavin? How he so profoundly intrigues Wynter into wanting to know more about him. Is he good? Or Bad? And when something dark begins to take place in the forest and Wynter is the only one who can stop it, will she be able to? Will she even be able to control the dark powers that lurk after her own soul, and even her heart?

    HELLO! :D This is my fantasy story Everpure! Please read! :) I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

  • ObsessiveBookworm
    4 years ago
  • ParisFrankensteinArn
    4 years ago

    this is my story "I fell inlove with a scene girl..." it's a lesbian story and it's 3 pages long


  • _young_4ever
    4 years ago


    Annabel is a typical 17 year old. She lives with her mom in LA. She never knew her father. He died before she was born. She always wondered why she didn't look like her mother. Maybe she looked more like her dad. But how should she know? There was never any photos of him. Her mother never talked about him. Other than that her life was normal. Until she starts having strange dreams about a woman. A woman that looked just like her. But why? Why does she sing that song? Why did she appear in her dreams. Her life changes as she finds out who the woman in her dreams is. 

  • UAusten
    4 years ago

    Something out of the ordinary is happening at Celestine Heights...

    Ever since she got hit by lightning that almost killed her, Stella Miles has been going through insidious changes.

    Changes that made her best friend afraid of her, and her boyfriend passive-aggressive towards her. Then there was the guy she saved from certain death, and his weird effect on her.

    Why, almost from the get-go, was she intimately drawn to him?

    And more importantly, as their lives increasingly got tangled in unexplainable events, what did his arrival mean to everyone in Celestine Heights?

    Please click on the cover to read story:


    Romance | Teen fiction | Paranormal | Watty Awards 2012

    Hope you enjoy it. Thanks!

  • Eva_Rose_
    4 years ago


    Have you ever done something dangerous, and you knew just how dangerous it was? It feels good, exhilarating, and cool. It started with dares, became bets, and now I do it just for fun. I can't stop doing it. Your muscles tighten, your mind starts racing with thoughts of what you shouldn't have done, and you make a wish for something to happen in your life. At least, that's what happens to me. But, then he came along, with those silver eyes that cause me to freeze and make me wonder what he sees in me. And with him comes change to the small town that I've called home for more than half of my life. The change that follows him isn't the best though, dangerous beyond my imagination. Trains are no longer the only dangerous thing I've found myself standing in the path of, but a prophecy that seems to loathe my very existence in this world.

  • Vaichi
    4 years ago

    @iamtheunknown Love, Life and Secret Agents please?


    Being a Secret Agent isn’t all that it’s made out to be.

    Sure, it sounds pretty cool and sometimes, it is. But when we watch movies like Mission Impossible and the Bond series, the first thing that comes to our mind is how awesome it would be to lead a double life and zip around in those flashy cars, fighting badass villains with gold teeth. That doesn’t sound so awful, does it?

    No it definitely doesn’t.

    But then again, that’s not what being a Secret Agent is about. -------------------------------------------------------------

    Thanks either way!


  • XxMegsxX
    4 years ago

    Hey :) I have just started writing a teen-fiction. You can check it out on my profile. It's called THE GAMES.


    Skyler Clark has had a dreadful past...but does that mean her future will carry that on? Skyler is a different type of girl. She's a girl with balls who can just fit into a puzzle you give her. When she meets the one of the best players in Hothgrow Private school, will her pranks and shows show the player how to play? Meet Carter Colliins. The girls want him and the guy want to be him. After a tragic loss Carter changes his ways to the worst seeming stuck in time with no ticket back to reality. But will that one girl give him what he has been missing out on all these years? Will she be the missing piece to his puzzle... LET THE GAMES BEGIN...

    ENJOY :) Megs xxx

  • KaiHeart15
    4 years ago

    You could check out mine, and I've only got 10 chapters up (not even halfway done though). http://www.wattpad.com/story/1192745-7-minutes-in-heaven

    7 Minutes in Heaven

    Description: Jemma Song is Little Miss Priss. Nate Stanford is Mr. Player. She doesn't drink, party, fight, smoke, do drugs or sleep around. He does, and when these two first meet, Jemma wants nothing to do with Nate. But when her older brother, Emmett, throws a party, she's made to play the game 7 Minutes in Heaven. And guess who she ends up in the closet with? Nate. Jemma's life will be turned upside down and will be thrown into so much more drama than she's prepared for. Yet the question still remains: How can just one simple game affect the relationship between Jemma and Nate?

  • ryssarocks1996
    4 years ago


    Sora Thompson was a normal girl living in Elementum, the most powerful, and unknown country, in the world. Then, she was chosen as the next queen of her country. At only 14 she now has to juggle her first year at the exclusive Meritus Academy, being a young princess, and being the constant target of the terrorist group, Contra Monarchia, hell bent on destroying the monarchy the country has been based on since its discovery. This is so not how her freshman year was supposed to end up like.

  • Bellaaa_
    4 years ago

    Forget Me Not

    Mike loves Emily more than anything and they were a happy couple. But then, Emily involved in a car accident and it took everything from him. She was unconscious for three months. Mike never left and waited patiently for her. When she finally woke up, he received another shocking news. She lost her memory. Their first meet, first date, first kiss, all gone. Still Mike never gave up and he vowed to make help her gain back her memory. He took a step back to where it all started. Please check it out! Thanks X :)


  • _lonelywalker
    4 years ago
  • iamateJR
    3 years ago
  • Cr8TiV3
    3 years ago


    IMG_9296-002.jpg Do you mind reading my story? That would be helpful for me if you did. Thank you! =) http://www.wattpad.com/3199967-expect-the-unexpected-birthday-surprises

    Expect the Unexpected It’s just another regular girl’s fifteenth birthday. Or is it? Amanda Skylar, who just turned fifteen, is getting an unexpected birthday surprise trip from her family. It’s not just that, her siblings are the other problem. James and Katie always ruin the surprise, makes problems, and the usual, siblings’ fighting. But those problems are just the least of it. During the second part of the trip, Amanda gets a surprise by her frenemy. Her name is Alex, Alex Sanders. It’s up to Amanda to stand the suspense and EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.

  • vanillanightsky
    3 years ago


    @iamtheunknown: It’s teen-fiction & romance. Click the picture to check it out. I hope you like it (:


    Moving across the country was never in her plans, but none the less, it happened. Maybe this was for the best. The thing is she had to leave everything she knew behind - her best friend, her school, her team, her old life. Not just that, it was her Senior year, the so called best year of the four high school years. Now what will happen? With all these changes, Andrea doesn't know what to expect next.

    Feedback is greatly appreciated!!!


  • Dreaminginbeige
    3 years ago
  • _Tiye13
    3 years ago




    Nicole Crystal Welsh is starting her sophomore year at her California performing Arts school with the best social status possible- a floater. Someone popular enough to hang with the popular crowd yet still have the ability to sit with newbies or freshmen. In a place where looks are everything Nicole is beyond satisfied with her position when the inevitable happens- girl meets boy. Floaters are usually loners but Nicole is popular enough to make it work, that's not the issue. The problem is Caleb is a whopping 5'6 and Nicole is 6'1. In a place where looks are everything Nicole must find the strength to break the cookie cutter mold or lose everything she's ever worked for with a few bumps along the way.

  • _KatieLewington
    3 years ago

    i need thoughts on this, proper serious honest feedback please...? http://www.wattpad.com/4560069-prelude?d=ud

  • Mollydx3
    3 years ago

    My book 'Gone' !!!



    It's sexy and intense, filled with parties, teens doing drugs, lots of hot sex scenes, and it's like a roller coaster ride from start to finish! It's about this innocent girl named Juliana who moves to New York after bullying gets out of hand, and she ends up going to school and meeting this group of bad kids. They're the ones that party, do drugs, and have sex, all that stuff.

    Hope you enjoy. And there's tons of chapters. =)

  • _Fanganator
    3 years ago

    Those Incidents


    Carly Blease is a good girl. She is a smart, innocent, sweet girl. That is when her friend invites her to a party. Carly finds herself with the most popular guy that belongs to a gang called "The Three Sexy B's". She gets herself stuck in a morass of trouble. And that includes ex-girlfriend trouble.

    The Boy on the Other Side of the Street


    Abigail Richerson. In her past, she had a crush on the most coolest boy in school--Connor Swift--but at that time, she was an outcast. When her crush was about to leave to Miami, she asks what he feels towards her. Unfortunately, he does not feel the same. On top of that, he insults her! One year later, Abigail is having the time of her life in high school. She's consider pretty, nice, and a boy-hater. One day, when Abigail was taking a stroll, she sees Connor Swift standing on the other side of the street! She soon finds out that Connor is staying in South Carolina and will be attending her school. Since she is afraid of him exposing her past, she makes a bet with him. A bet that will change her life...

    The Birds of PreyS


    “The Eximius’s numbers are decreasing… I think we are on the brink of extinction.” Elizabeth or Lizzy Imholz is having her 15th birthday party soon. She's delighted that she could finally get her permit and live a normal life like any teenager. But the moment when she officially becomes 15, she can understand what birds say?!?!?! Thinking that she has become paraniod, Avery Miller and Hoag Flanagan enters her life and turns her world upside down...even more. They say that, they are the Eximius or Birds of PreyS and that she is the white leporem that Lord Hanz wants.

  • aarti_athavle
    3 years ago

    Its a teen fiction/ romance

    I hope you like it.

    Description- Rebecca Thomas is new in town.She is cute,sweet and shy and hates being the centre of attention. Everything seems fine before she starts her new school. She has never had a boyfriend and has never been kissed. She believes in fairy tale romances and hopes that she will find her prince charming soon. Noah James is a popular jock and has a reputation of a player is West High School. When Rebecca and Noah cross paths her life takes an unusual turn. She makes a mistake by falling in love only to have her heart broken. She does everything to make him happy even if it hurts her .Can Noah ever realise what he means to her? Or she will always be just a friend to him? Will Noah and Rebecca ever be together?


    Thanks :)

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