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  • KendraVoelz
    4 years ago

    Hi so I love to read and I read fast, so I was wondering if anyone had any books that they want me to read. I like paranormal (not too gory), romance and fantasy, adventure pretty much anything but science fiction. Sorry for whomever likes science fiction :)

  • dreamsmadereal
    4 years ago Knowing You're There: Although Lia is blind, she has the fantasy of finding the perfect guy, just like everyone else, along with becoming a rock star drummer. However, she has always been the outcast in school. When she meets Kurt Hines, all her dreams start coming true, one at a time.

  • deprivation
    4 years ago It's called the Drunkard and is a funny and adventurous book. It's not actually about a drunk guy, it's a story about a criminal mastermind, William, who likes to have a bit of fun. William has kept his dark past behind him, leading a covert operation, and when there is nothing left to do- REVENGE

  • KendraVoelz
    4 years ago

    both of these books sounds interesting, i'm defiantly going to read them!

  • _LauraLeigh9098
    4 years ago

    Hey! Im writing a teacher/student ROMANCE ;) if ya want check it out- i don't have a link to post sorry -.- but any hoo it's the only thing I'm working on right now lol hopefully you read it!

  • -1812-
    4 years ago

    @KendraVoelz Here's my story, it's a romance/fantasy:

    Baron Garzon has died, and the time has come for new baron to succeed him—a time his entire barony has been dreading. Banni, a young new recruit into the Drace army and new to the barony of the late Baron, is simultaneously outed for being a girl and cast into a role she never thought she’d become: A wife. The Drace now take one girl a generation to serve as a wife and helper to her baron and lord. War struck between the blood of the Dragons, splitting them along genders never to see the other again. Leaving both to find new ways to survive during the harsh world that is war. During a time of political strife, Banni is sent into a world of chaos and pain where she must learn to survive among people less than human. A mysterious past, shattered dreams, a sword, a poem, a chair, and her husband, Drace Baron Umbrous, a hot-headed, young noble not at all eager for a bride; and, just beneath the surface, is a secret that could change the course of the war. A story of love, magic, adventure, and a secret that could shape a world.

  • Blayde
    4 years ago

    @KendraVoelz I don't write by following genre rules so I don't know how to label my stories -- other than they are NOT SciFi. LOL

    The first was written for a magazine contest that limited me to 750 words. It was hard to write an emotional story in so few words, but I believe I did. It's called Coming Home.

    Jim Herolin loses the only girl he ever loved when his father is transferred to another state. His life spirals downward from that point on, until he returns to his home town for his high school reunion.

    The second one is called New Girl in School.

    When Kayla moves to a small town, she finds it difficult to fit in. Scorned and ridiculed, she won't give in to the self-righteous girls expecting her to dress like them. Her only friend is in her first-period class, but he's a boy.

    Let me know if you liked them. :-)

  • LynClair
    4 years ago


    Hello Kendra! You said that you are looking for a good story to read, and I have the perfect read for you. It's not completed yet but believe me, it's a fine read. As for genre, it is a fantasy and it's about wolves. It's not a gory book, but there is a bit of death mentioned. I hope you like it!

    Here's the link to the story's page:

    The summary is on the link...really, I truly hope you like it! Please read!

  • LynClair
    4 years ago


    Hey again...Just in case if you didn't seem interested in the previous story...guess what? I've got another! :) This one is more of a humorous story. It is may say that it has vampire-ism in it does not mean that it is stereotypical. It really is a good story, so i hope you enjoy this too!

    Here's the link to the story's page:

    Once again, summary is in the link! Enjoy!

  • Ferret-bird
    4 years ago

    @KendraVoelz I have a couple fantasy novels ^_^ Upon the Wings of Ravens: and Wolf of White Flame:

  • _CarnelianMonett
    4 years ago

    I have a wonderful list for you darling! @NightmareDLuffy @SallySlater @Clowen @Pargor @Music4lyf @Pink_Candy @XxXTwixXxX Cheak them all out they all write Sci-fi and urban and High Fantasy.

  • awesome4evah
    4 years ago

    If you have time, check out mine, please? Thanks :)


    All Raine Evans wanted was a peaceful summer. Instead, she's stuck in a ridiculous challenge, and partnered with her worst enemy, and best friend's brother, Kaden Fleming. 

    It's Boys VS Girls and the loser will have to be the winner's slave for the rest of the summer.

    But Raine's not sure that's something she can survive.

  • imforeveronadiet
    4 years ago

    @KendraVoelz I suggest Hunting You, Hunting Me by tulipgardens.

    It's not my story so I dont have the link... sorry. Its really good.

  • Jamie_Robyn
    4 years ago

    Title:The Wonders of Faith, The Gift of Mercy


    Description:Mae, a girl who is an unbeliever of Christ, has her life being punished by God. Then one day a terrible tragedy struck her family! Will she ever change her attitude towards Him or will she still disobey the teachings of God? Who, how or what will make her love God again?


  • mayraluizacorrea
    4 years ago


    RTLMcopy2.jpg?t=1333231136 - Anne has always been a strong girl and always on the run, but her lung cancer is spreading and she’s dying. Her wolf refuses to heal, and she fells that she has only a couple of miles last on her life. The funny thing is that what hurts the most is her heart. She found out the perfect person, the one made especially for her, but he has already chosen someone else. The pain that her mate caused her is unbearable, but at the Clinic for Experimental Treatment of Clovelly,England, she is going to reevaluate her life and a strange felling that she’s fighting not to call love. [A werewolf romance]

    Vote and comment as you please!! ;D

  • Excification
    4 years ago

    "Beauty queen of only eighteen, she had some trouble with herself. He was always there to help her and she always belonged to someone else." - She Will Be Loved, Maroon 5.

    That is basically what is going on between him, and her. They've been friends since they were in school - when they were teenagers. They became best friends and he fell for her, but she didn't. Afraid of ruining their friendship he has kept quiet all along; at the very start he had thought that telling her was the right thing, and by doing so he almost lost her. Only by lying did he get her back and loving her in secret was all he could do, even though he wanted more. Loving her is his deepest, darkest secret and it is the most important thing to him, just like how she is the most important person to him.

    He suffers silently, putting on a fake smile every time he sees her walk away with another guy.

    Like they always say, hearts have been broken by words left unspoken.

  • starcayle
    4 years ago
  • SimpleCloverLeaf
    4 years ago

    Rising Star by Rainbow_Whsitle and wheres-gezza


    Rising Star is one of the biggest singing competitions in the country. The winner is not only rewarded with money but also the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. Every week is a different artist or band that we sing a song from. Many people audition, hoping for a chance be on the show, and many peoples dreams are crushed. Only the lucky few will get the opportunity at chasing their dreams.

    Meet Hazel Ray. She hopes of one day being able to help support her family in following her dreams of becoming a singer. Her parents believe that she has the voice of an angel, while other say it's not going to make it in the industry. So when Rising Star comes to her hometown Miami, Florida, she takes matters into her own hands and auditions.

    Will her dream finally come true or will it be crushed like the many others before her?

  • ShaneChowdery
    4 years ago

    Short Story "Hooker"

    A young girl's job is suddenly not worth the money.

  • KendraVoelz
    4 years ago

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I will have to check some of these out!

  • hayhey20
    4 years ago

    @KendraVoelz This is a short-story :) You'll only get that one chance of finding true love. How if it happens to you twice? Somehow, the first person you loved sent you the person you'll love for the last time. There are times that you're just confused and ends up with a mistake but you'll never regret it in the end.

  • _itsyoungalfred
    4 years ago

    Title: Lost Ones

    Description: During the fireworks display at the Riverside Beach, Gabby Gordon's dog, Walter, ran out from her hand and got lost. In frustration, she ran away from their house since her mother won't stop convincing her that Walter is now gone and nowhere to be found. But she keeps finding Walter at the beach. Days passed, she came back. A dirty white dog same with the breed as Walter; only Walter is black, is knocking at their door. There's a collar its neck, named Jackie. This dog replaced the frustrated heart of Gabby with happiness. In the end, she got in love with someone. Without losing Walter and replaced by Jackie, she hadn't found her prince.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Click the picture to read. :)

  • Slaughterous
    4 years ago

    Title: Transparent

    Genre: Romance, Teen Fiction, Fantasy, Humor(Future), Highschool Setting

    Summary: This story revolves around Catherine Cassio, a girl who unexpectantly dies due to a car crash, after running off in seeing a misunderstood situation between her boyfriend, Asher, and rival, Khimberly. In the afterlife, she meets a mysterious stranger who introduces herself as Patrice. Patrice tells Catherine she's given another chance at love, at the cost of her life and a new one. Catherine complies; and this, is where her adventure begins. Reborn as Zayne Willows, follow Catherine as she uncovers the mystery and truth behind her death, face the most tremendous of betrayals, and most especially, get back the love of her life.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Click to read!

    I hope you'll like it! Oh and btw, it's 100% Non-Horror. Thanks! :)

  • Vaichi
    4 years ago

    @KendraVoelz Hi! Would you be interested in reading Love, Life and Secret Agents ?


    Being a Secret Agent isn’t all that it’s made out to be.

    Sure, it sounds pretty cool and sometimes, it is. But when we watch movies like Mission Impossible and the Bond series, the first thing that comes to our mind is how awesome it would be to lead a double life and zip around in those flashy cars, fighting badass villains with gold teeth. That doesn’t sound so awful, does it?

    No it definitely doesn’t.

    But then again, that’s not what being a Secret Agent is about. -------------------------------------------------------------

    Thanks either way!


  • harleyathart
    4 years ago

    I had never hated my heritage until that moment. Until the moment I looked over the banister and my eyes met his. But I knew that I had to disappear, to run away from everyone and everything I had ever known. Life had dealt me the worst hand. I almost had to laugh at it, had I really expected anything different? I knew that no matter how much I longed to be with him, I couldn't, because I would never ever love him. And so my only choice was to run


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