• _Suicidal_Optomists_
    4 years ago

    ok post your stories over here! if i like them ( first chapter and plot idea) i will vote and maybe fan if it's good enough. i don't really mind what the story is but it has to be good and original, if it's a overused cliché good writing has to be in there otherwise it's a no winner. here are my conditions: 1) no werewolf/ vampires i am sick to death of those. unless it is horror. 2) decent writing. if it's beautiful writing ( and if you are pretty confident with that) you will surely get a new fan ( elle est moi ) 3) more than two chapters. 4) no fan fiction. sorry. unless it's pretty good and does not base it on another book. or movie. so does your story fit the criteria? if it does get postin' the link to it! peace.

  • _BlackBruise
    4 years ago

    I have two choices for you:

    Title: Trapped

    Genre: Thriller/Historical Fiction


    Summary: Alena, alongside the rest of her group, was offered to go to Amityville to fill up a report she has to write for her journalism class. At first, she doesn't want to go, having a nagging feeling that it's a bad idea, but she eventually packs up and leaves for New York. As the week goes by, students start to disappear, strange sounds start to creep out the group and worse of all, Alena starts to hear a violent voice that makes her pass out from time to time.

    Title: Vodka Kisses

    Genre: Romance/Humor


    Summary: Lily never thought she would get in so much trouble in one week. After visiting London, the city she always dreamed about seeing with her own eyes, she got into a tangled mess that involved her ex-boyfriend, a new lover, and alcohol - a whole load of alcohol. Her vacation ended quickly though, and she was left with a decision to make. Choosing to stay with the love of her life and face heartbreak, or to get rid of it all with one quick shot of booze.

  • _theyellowzipper
    4 years ago

    Emory Williams is ambitious, meticulous, and desperately in need of money to fund a school trip to New York that could further her journalistic aspirations. Jacob Lennox is bored, rich, and very intrigued by new girl Em. When Emory goes around school trying to raise money for the Journalism Club, Jacob makes her an offer she can't refuse: if she does not fall for him within the next three months, his family will provide all the funds the club needs for the trip and more. But what starts out as a simple deal quickly spirals out of control as family secrets and new opportunities are thrown into the mix. In the end, who - or what - will prove truly irresistible?

  • MuazAbdul-aziz
    4 years ago
  • sammypops
    4 years ago

    The Rockstar & I Chelsea is a music loving, pre-med wannabe with parents who want her to follow them into the family business with a view to taking over. When her parents decide to start their own rock only record label for Chelsea to run herself will she stick firm to her decision to be a doctor? Or can she be persuaded that music is her only love? And when the first band signed to the label includes an old friend, an ex boyfriend and a very hot bassist will guy troubles ruin the label before its even begun?

  • swissymiss
    4 years ago

    @CRAZY_FUN_ME_ please check out any of mine :D thanks


    Helena Cortez was the perfect kind of girl. She was obedient, religious, lovable and gorgeous. Sounds like she's gonna have the perfect future right? Well, you're wrong. She thought that too, but little did she know that A TRAGEDY WAS ALL FATE HAD TO GIVE IN RETURN.


    What would you do if you were stuck between your old high school crush, probably your first love and obsession...and a guy who fell in love with you from the very first time you got to know each other?

  • VeritableGalanthus
    4 years ago Someone once said that life is like a box of chocolates. Another someone also claimed that life is like a labyrinth. There are also reports that life is like a roller coaster. As a detective, I can deduce from this that life involves a lot of throwing up, screaming, men with cow heads and nobody likes the marzipan. Hence I, Detective Veritable Galanthus will guide you through life's twists, turns, ups and downs like an acrobatic dance teacher. I once knew an acrobatic dance teacher, he turned out to be pervert.

  • Little_Red
    4 years ago

    Title: Sacrifice, Details and Horrible Truths

    Genre: Fantasy/Romance


    Summary/Description: (Formally - Queit...It's A Small Town Secret) We face life and death on a daily basis; face trials and tribulations. We decide for retribution or forgiveness; whether to go with companionship or loneliness. If we’ll be a team or if we will go it alone; we decide for ourselves and no one else. We make our choices and we live by them. In our struggle to uncover the SECRETS, to find more about ourselves, our PASTS, our families, to protect the people we love, the defenceless and each other, to uncover the LIES and discover the TRUTH we forgot one thing. That SACRIFICE is not made by one person alone, that we all have stories to tell and everyone is different, but each DETAIL can matter as much as the last. This is our story, and this is where we fell short, amidst the wins and the losses we forgot one thing. ALL of the details matter.

  • Blossom13
    4 years ago

    @CRAZY_FUN_ME_ well i hope u like my story :) She was laughing with her two friends when she came out of the class, but when her eyes landed on him, she was herself surprised by how quickly her smile disappeared.He was talking to one of the popular girls of college . Just the sight of him brought on a whirlwind of emotions in her and their intensity not only caught her offguard but also shocked her to a great extent... She was Kiara Hale, an intelligent,smart yet innocent girl who was not at all crazy for boys, hell she didn't even spare them a thought , but some recent changes in her thought pattern stated otherwise and she did not like it at all. She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she hadn't realized that she had stopped walking untill her friend Amanda called her name. She quickly composed herself before anyone could notice the effect of his presence on her while her insides were shaken at his very sight. Kiara failed to understand his effect on her.. well it was not like he was her mate because it was reality and not a werewolf fiction novel . " I am reading a lot of fiction these days and its really having a bad impact on me ." she thought and laughed silently while she continued walking with her friends. Can Kiara battle the attraction she feels for Xavier? And why does'nt she allow herself to feel those unknown feelings, let alone admit them ? Read on to find out more about the attraction between Kiara and Xavier ..

  • ElsieeBells
    4 years ago

    I have just begun to upload the first few chapters of my story The Fated. I would love some reads because I want to know if its the sort of thing people want to read. Its a fantasy, no werewolves/vampires though! Shape-Shifters and Enchantresses are what im all about :P. Please take a look and maybe tell me what you think? thank you so much for this ~Ellie

  • nicstiles
    4 years ago

    Romance stories.....hope u like them - Rated “R” When Harrison Bendleman – Business tycoon, self-made millionaire and one of the most sort after bachelors – offers Julia the chance to turn her luck around by pretending to marry him. Julia thinks this is an offer to good to refuse, but will Julia fall into the same trap as her tragic mother and fall in love with a man that can only love his business? Harrison is strong, ruthless and arrogant, his Aunty left a clause in her will regarding shares from his first ever company. Harrison wants them no matter what it cost him. To get them he needs to marry. So the business man he is organises a contract and a bride. Julia is shy, self conscious and a loving person, her deceitful ex-boyfriend embezzled money from the company she worked for leaving her discarded by the company, her friends and heading towards bankruptcy. She needs a miracle. A miracle is offered. A contract – can she marry a man she doesn’t know and after meeting him barley likes him? - Rated “R” Alex was Jacob’s first love until he made a choice that broke bother their hearts. Years later Alex looks like she receives everything from daddy she has an amazing house and a constant check. Daddy provides everything for his little girl including a husband! Alex cares for no one but herself and she is a mother! Will Jacob fall for Alex once again? How will he be able to handle this spoilt little rich girl?

  • _Suicidal_Optomists_
    4 years ago

    wow! surprised I got this many responses! ok from the cut off at Nicstiles, those are the ones I'll be reading in the next two days! you can still post stories though after but it may take a while to get a response. * also on note, i will give you a comment. most likely to be about the story idea, maybe mistakes and that sort of thing. not a giant critique* HAPPY READING/WRITING :D

  • NoOneLikesYou
    4 years ago


    hi. i dont have a story, but i have story recommendations:

    if you are looking for an interesting, original, thought out, realistic and unique romance, check out that link!

    you wont be disappointed with any of the stories there!

    enjoy reading them.

  • criticalthinkings
    4 years ago


    kao1w3.jpg Teen Fiction // Mystery-Suspense // Romance

    (click to read)

    Shay woods hates being ugly. Her number one goal is to be just like her sister, Avery- Perfect. But once she is, she's haunted by the cause of her new found lifestyle. Shay realizes the only thing harder than being ugly is being unblemished.

  • xsofiaax
    4 years ago

    Who Do I Love?

    16-year-old Chloe Nichols, loves her boyfriend, Noah Parks. She becomes heavy-hearted when Noah gets into a serious accident. Chloe and Ryan Anderson, Noah's best friend, stay with him at the hospital. She starts to fall for Ryan, but she loves Noah. Who does she love more?

  • iHeart17
    4 years ago

    @CRAZY_FUN_ME_ Hi! Please try this:

    I'm helping a friend of mine. Thank you :)

  • mayraluizacorrea
    4 years ago

    @CRAZY_FUN_ME_ A non-cliche werewolf story? Do you feel like giving it a try?

    RTLMcopy2.jpg?t=1333231136 - Anne has always been a strong girl and always on the run, but her lung cancer is spreading and she’s dying. Her wolf refuses to heal, and she fells that she has only a couple of miles last on her life. The funny thing is that what hurts the most is her heart. She found out the perfect person, the one made especially for her, but he has already chosen someone else. The pain that her mate caused her is unbearable, but at the Clinic for Experimental Treatment of Clovelly,England, she is going to reevaluate her life and a strange felling that she’s fighting not to call love. [A werewolf romance]

    Vote and comment as you please!! ;D

  • SourChild
    4 years ago

    hi! please check out mine if you can!

    A young teenage girl who begs for school days to end, only to go home and it's just as bad. Her parents are scientists who are constantly experimenting, making her life a living hell. She's tired of letting them control what happens in the basement oft their house, the lab. One day their testing just goes to far for Ivy to handle.

  • Frenchy0077
    4 years ago

    Warm and Cold Rain

    Colette a girl in the medieval ages who loses her mother at the age of 5, the only person she had left. She becomes an orphan and learns to adapt quickly to her hard, harsh, mean and cruel lifestyle and people she is surrounded by. She has quit a keen eye, she overlooks nothing accept perhaps herself... neglecting herself. She is blind to know one and nothing, her eyes are open the cruelty of the world and what people try to hide from the world. But after meeting a certain someone will she finally learn to start trusting people, will she think she is enough? Will she allow herself the world she deserves?

  • Dream_Luver
    4 years ago

    In Progress

    Genre:Action/Teen Fiction Photobucket

    Daniel (Dani) Preston grew up being raised by her brother. Dani goes through ups and downs during her time with her brother. She's tired of being treated like someone who doesn't exist. Dani decides to leave her town and goes to the big city New York. There she claims the title as one of the most wanted criminals. Dani decides that now that's she's done with New York it's time to go back home and become the best there too. The only thing stopping her is her brother and his gang, a mystery stalker, and her mental issue...

  • Dramatism
    4 years ago

    This story is an anthology. And though it is an anthology, it doesn't mean that I'll get done with each story in one chapter. Oh no- most have multiple parts. Something surreal and impossible will happen to each main character for these stories. If something is not answered, then you'll find out what happened for my last short story, which will wrap it up. I don't know how many I'll do for this series, but we'll find out! Also, I was inspired from the creepy- yet blood free- atmosphere of The Twilight Zone to write this. Each story will take place in modern reality.

    The short stories~ The Hooded Man

    One day, strange things start happening to a woman. A strange scratching in her head. 'Misplacing things randomly'. And then, of course- there are the dreams of him. The Hooded Man. He shows up in every one of her dreams and makes her spine crawl. One day she becomes hysterical when her husband suddenly disappears and... something very weird, and very strange happens to her- and death has nothing to do with it.


  • vbgirl17
    4 years ago

    A World in Ruin


    In the year 2512, the world has completely changed. Fifty states went into battle with each other and only twenty remained. One being New York, the state of which 17 year old Gwen lives. States are in ruins, falling apart with starvation and death. A new war is coming; one that will decide the ruler of this world and it is Gwen’s turn to fight. She is the leader of her troop in New York and she along with her best friend, Tara will guide her troop through victory and loss. But when her teammates are captured and are pitted against her by means of questionable tactics will she take them out one by one or will she find a way to save them all?

    It's not two chapter yet but when I get more reads and votes I'll post more

  • thestoryofmylife1
    4 years ago


    In a Perfect World

    Brittany Walsh had everything she could ever ask for, until her boyfriend, Damien, got her pregnant. It's been almost a year since Brittany left town and so much has changed. Her daughter, Hayley, is four months old and Damien has no idea that Hayley exists. Brittany's secret begins to fall apart as she and Damien reconnect. Brittany kept Hayley a secret for so long, how is Damien going to feel once he finds out he has a daughter and what is going to happen to their relationship?

  • brittanyjenean
    4 years ago

    Mental by BrittanyJenean

    Lena Rivers is a seventeen year old girl who was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder as well as Bipolar Disorder at a young age. After her parents were brutally murdered, she's sent to live with her estranged uncle and his daughter in Miracle Falls. When Lena's cousin is involved with a horrific accident, it leaves her in a coma and secrets that had been buried for years begin to surface.

  • fruitea
    4 years ago

    please read vote comment fan. Thank you.

    It's about Georgie who is inlove with Ro, she gets hurt and reincarnates into the Georgian era where she meets past time Roland

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