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    coverforThefuturevoice.jpg The Future Voice By: horsejmp a.k.a. horse PG13 Science/Fiction/Action (Variety of more) Summary: The future is bright, Mysterious, Beautiful, But very dangerous. The world has shifted, Shifted into two different halves, The safe, And the dangerous. The boundary between them will be tested, Tested until they might even break, Break into chaos, Or peace. Who knows? Maybe even one voice, can change the way everything is. horse notes: Join in on this fun adventure as Ali-eX battles inner demons, while trying to fight off the ones on the outside too as she lives the double life undercover. -horse http://www.wattpad.com/story/1076407-the-future-voice-book-three-in-the-voices-series Please Click To read More! :D

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    Lena Carla Jones has always been vibrant but a night that went wrong has haunted her since. Meeting Jason Clark was another experience she wasn't ready to handle. Being with him wasn't any easier considering his mood swings and his irresistible eyes. But behind their unexplainable relationship, there's something both of them are hiding. And their secrets, may be connected.

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    Undiscovered Paths (Watty Awards 2012)

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    For Love (Watty Awards 2012)

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    @Beautiful_Liar <a href=Photobucket

    'Carlie, I'm got something to tell you. Your best friend, Kelsey and her family died in a car accident.'

    Sixteen years old ballerina Carlie and her best friend, Kelsey promised each other that they will live their lives to the fullest, no matter what. Until Kelsey dies in a car accident.

    Carlie didn't speak a word since that day when the doctor announces that her best friend died in a car crash. But when her town's Golden Boy is intrigued by her speechlessness and remarkable ballet in school, she couldn't help talk to him. Now, she had a secret that may cost his life and it reveals something about Kelsey's death...

    Who can't keep secrets from their loved ones?

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    Brent would always protect his little stepbrother, Andy, from anything. Homophobic bullies at school? They were handled. The PE teacher was giving Andy too many long glances? Please—Brent could handle that one in his sleep. So when Andy started coming home with bruises clumsily hidden under his school uniform, Brent assumes he’ll have to get involved again. But what if Andy doesn’t want help this time? How do you protect someone who doesn’t even believe they need protecting?

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    this is my short story called Vampires Aren't Romantic.

    link: http://www.wattpad.com/story/1194440-vampires-aren%27t-romantic

    ENJOY! thanks <3

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    @Beautiful_Liar http://www.wattpad.com/story/1210177-remember-me

    In a society where love has to be approved, those who do not pass the Test are doomed to failure. Daniel and Katherine meet by chance in a subway station, marking the beginning of a whirlwind romance that was meant to last forever. But the Officials deemed their relationship unworthy, and they were separated. When they refuse, they are taken away and their memories are wiped. There's just one problem: it only worked on one of them.

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    I have a story called "We met by accident". It's a light romantic story about one careless girl and a perfect boy. Everything starts from fight to friendship, then love and they marry. But story does not end there. There is still so much to worry about. Well, I have this story completed and un-edited version here, only the first chapter is edited, the link is as below.


    I hope you read this and let me know your opinion. If anyone is reading I will edit all other chapters.

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    Thank you! :) xx

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    The Heart Sector
    Genre: NonTeen Fiction/Romance

    In a world divided into five sectors, Tracy's living with a broken heart in Sector One, having been abandoned by her cheating fiance, Reid, and spending every day pining for him. When she meets helpful, handsome Jamie, who is determined to rebuild her shattered heart, she is only too willing to give him the chance. But then she finds out what Sector he's from, and her viewpoint of him changes entirely. Now she will have to ask herself, will she move forward into an uncertain future with Jamie, a man from a sector deemed so ungodly and unnatural it was destroyed, or will she try her hardest to reclaim the love of Reid, the man she'd always envisioned spending the rest of her life with?

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    @Beautiful_Liar Title:The Wonders of Faith, The Gift of Mercy

    Link:http://www.wattpad.com/story/1182478-the-wonders-of-faith-the-gift-of-mercy Description:Mae, a girl who is an unbeliever of Christ, has her life being punished by God. Then one day a terrible tragedy struck her family! Will she ever change her attitude towards Him or will she still disobey the teachings of God? Who, how or what will make her love God again?


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    @Beautiful_Liar Read my short story? It's finished with 4 chapters + Epilogue. I really want to know what you'll think about it. =)



    Here's an excerpt from the story: “I’ll come back, I promise.” Was the only thing he said before his arms were a few inches apart. “I love you.” I told him. “I love you too, Holly.” He whispered to my ear. “And I’ll still love you when I come back.” There was silence in the air as he left me there standing at exactly two in the morning, and during this time, I was walking by myself along the streets we crossed last night. I reminisced smelling the scent of his jacket on my shoulder, which I gave back to him when I told him I wanted some space after he has left me once more, and the last look of his sparkling grey eyes when we shared our last before he promised to come back. Tears began streaming down my face as I stopped walking when I reached the bus stop, and before I stepped into my bus home, I lifted my head up to look at the dawn sky as I made a hesitant whisper to the heavens above, “If you ever come back…”

    I'll be waiting! Thanks!XD

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    Hey my stroy is new so only has a prog but I hope to try and get some honest feedback on it. I've entered it into the watty awards just for fun too :) I don't expect to get any where though. I do hope you maybe check it out, even if you just read will mean so much to me. It is a boyxboy story though so if your not into maybe you can go onto my profile and check another one of my stories i do have quite a few THANK YOU in advance

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    Hey @Beautiful_Liar ! :)

    Hope you like my new story:



    Alexandra Wilson is pretty, smart, and nice yet she's turned her back on love ever since her first love Ryan Harris went missing. What happens when the handsome and sexy yet often egocentric campus heartthrob Zachary Anderson makes her his personal slave?

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    @Beautiful_Liar thanks!!

    http://www.wattpad.com/3578503-the-followers thefollowers2.jpg

    “This didn’t happen. This was all a dream.”

    Kamila is a victim to her own mind. After the sudden death of her mother, she finds her world completely upside down and filled with the dark shadows of her own sub-conscious. As a last resort at finding something familiar, Kamila visits her father in Sweden, but soon realizes that she can’t simply outrun demons that reside in her own mind. Things become even worse when Kamila witnesses a murder the night of her arrival, and the culprit begins to haunt not only her dreams, but her waking moments as well. Struggling with intense night terrors and episodes of insomnia and paranoia, Kamila begans to find it harder and harder to keep a grip on what is reality and what isn’t. Once she thinks things can't get possibly get any worse, she starts piecing her dreams and memories together and soon finds out that the murderous stalker is not anything he seems to be…

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