any good teen romances?

  • _XxReaderForLifexX
    4 years ago Cassidy Stewart, wild and young at the age of fifteen, left the small town of Rosston, Arkansas for the overwhelming sight of LA with her Aunt Rida. When she receives a long overdue letter from her mother begging her to come back home two years later, she has so choice but to pack her bags and spend a month with them on their small, one acre farm. After she arrives, Cassidy discovers her old childhood 'friend,' Travis Walker, just happens to be working for the father and living in their barn. The dorky, scrawny fifteen year old boy Cassidy left behind has changed into a man. She instantly hates him and wants nothing to do with him, but what happens when they are smothered together everyday, all day? Will their feelings change? And what happens when the month is over and it's Cassidy's time to leave again?

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    4 years ago teenfiction romance bff fall in love but with a twist!!! thx

  • katiecruz
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    It all started with a scavenger hunt. Every Year, The Olympian high seniors makes a bizarre list of items to be found and they all pick from a box of jumbled scrolls.

    Allie Torres is Olympian high's beautiful, bitchy head cheerleader. That girl you just love to hate. Allie and her best friend Aggie pair up and it seems like such an easy thing to do except there was one problem: She has to steal one of Rich Carson's boxers.

    Rich Carson was your typical geeky guy who thought it was all easy peasy until he finds out the last item on his list: He needs to steal one of Allie Torres' underwear.

    So what does Allie and Rich have in common? NONE.

    Allie hates geeky guys. Rich hates bitchy cheerleaders. She's a mean girl. He's Mr. nice guy.

    Will they ever realize one day what's really between them?

  • _carissa89
    4 years ago

    Title: WE WILL STICK TOGETHER ( must read)

    What would you do? Waking up in a bed that's not yours, no way out the door is locked. The last thing you remember your parents just died in a car wreck. Leave your 16 year old younger sister and you orphans and no family to take us in. We were on the way to our new home and I wake up in this room.

    When I finally get out and and is taken to a guy that tells me a lot of stuff that is too hard to belive. But I know deep down he is telling the truth.

    I finally have a way of escaping I find my sister. We run away so no one can find us.

    But some one does find us. He tells us he is told to bring me back. Which raises a lot of questiond in Carissa's mind.

    What should she do? What is her best choice to make?

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    When a new virus is accidentally created it wipes out every adult in the human race. Your only chance of survival is to stay young. Now the world is run by children and teenagers and my possessive boyfriend is their leader. A future filled with chaos and destruction. No cure. No food. No water. No electricity. No ADULTS.

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    "I walked away from everything after May 29, 2011. Everything started only a few months earlier- August precisely. I met him, I hated him, I became friends with him, I started to like him, I fell in love with him, but in the end I had to let go of him.Time passes by too fast and before you know it everything comes crashing down. I was only a junior but then i had to become an adult. I thought i lost everything, but in reality i found everything and more." After junior year, Casandra Carmichael experiences everything the world has to offer her. She finds love, happiness, sadness, hurt, betrayal, and acceptance. What happened to Casandra to drastically change her and her outlook on life? Not only has she matured but she has learned that nothing in this world will ever give her what he did. Find out more in "Could it be true?"

  • NMBooks
    4 years ago


    There's a reason high school senior Athena Thorpe spends every available moment reading books: fiction is always so much better than the real world. Even the unexpected scandal she suffered thanks to Jackson Montgomery was just a blip in her typically mundane existence in Sparrow, North Carolina. But no story could ever compare to the life-altering events that occur when Gabriel Valente moves into town. Being the son of a notorious crime lord and having grown up on the streets of Manhattan, Gabriel defies all the expectations the students of Sparrow High have for him, including Athena's. She never expected he would match her interest in the written word, or his unlikely grand gestures and definitely not the immediate but intense feelings which cause them to spiral into a secret relationship. A relationship that hinders on Gabriel's uncertain future, which could find him being the heir to the mob throne. Whether or not she wants to admit it, Athena knows the world Gabriel comes from is a dark and violent one. It's just really easy to pretend it doesn't exist within the bubble that is Sparrow. Yet, no matter how much we pretend, reality is never far away, with Gabriel and Athena learning a tragic lesson about choice and consequence a little too late. When you finally decide what you want most in life, the next question becomes: will fate agree?

  • _Tiye13
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    Nicole Crystal Welsh is starting her sophomore year at her California performing Arts school with the best social status possible- a floater. Someone popular enough to hang with the popular crowd yet still have the ability to sit with newbies or freshmen. In a place where looks are everything Nicole is beyond satisfied with her position when the inevitable happens- girl meets boy. Floaters are usually loners but Nicole is popular enough to make it work, that's not the issue. The problem is Caleb is a whopping 5'6 and Nicole is 6'1. In a place where looks are everything Nicole must find the strength to break the cookie cutter mold or lose everything she's ever worked for with a few bumps along the way. @JustLazy

  • bridgetwrites
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    Matt is just starting his freshman year of high school and though it doesn't feel like much has changed, a lot is about to change. After breaking up with his girlfriend Rebecca, Matt finds a mysterious love note in his locker signed by "that girl". Curious to know who the note is from, the only clue Matt has is the P.S. that claims the writer is a sophomore. Matt is then confronted by five girls who all claim to know who Matt's secret lover is but none of the girls are willing to spill. Aside from not giving Matt any hints, the girls are fond of playing with his head and giving him obstacles to overcome to find the identity of "that girl".

  • mihzlukaretxx16
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    to Filipino readerz.... please read my story.. its in Filipino.. thank you soo muchh... :D

  • Lunatic_Charm1213
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    After the lost of her father at age eight, Cecily White doesn't believe that everything in life is all pink and frilly as everyone wants you to imagine. 'This world is a child's play thing, and we're the accessories that make this game fun for him,' she says. She stopped dreaming of having the perfect life like they show on t.v. and started to actually take control of her own life. She started working at an art institute as a nude model to earn money for her family. She even got a nickname as the 'Butterfly' because of the tattoo she has on her left arm when she was 18. She always thought her life was going to be like that forever.....simple, but oh god was she wrong. One day at work, she met up with the most famous fashion designer in the world, Sage Kingsburg, who wants her as his next new model because of her appearance. Then she meets the next President of the Rosemarie Company, Aiden Rosemarie, who happens to look like the exact split image of her brother. Afterwords she meets a Prince from the most wealthiest countries, Ceres, who seems very interested in her and family. And to top it all off, the leader of the most wanted gang, Blue Blood/ Blue Moon, has somehow announced Cecily as the one and only 'Big Sis' to the entire gang, which makes her the new target for other gangs who hate T.K. So her life isn't just 'simple,' it's the most complicated thing ever imagined. And what's even worse is that all four guys seem to have fallen in love with her, which causes her to life to go upside down and in complete chaos, when they try to prove their devoted love for her.

  • ryssarocks1996
    4 years ago

    Sora Thompson was a normal girl living in Elementum, the most powerful, and unknown country, in the world. Then, she was chosen as the next queen of her country. At only 14 she now has to juggle her first year at the exclusive Meritus Academy, being a young princess, and being the constant target of the terrorist group, Contra Monarchia, hell bent on destroying the monarchy the country has been based on since its discovery. This is so not how her freshman year was supposed to end up like.

    Romance is woven through!

  • maiagujo
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    hi! i think you might be interested with my story:D care to give it a chance? please? :D genre: romance, teen fiction i also joined the watty award (for some unknown reason) XD


    (click on the cover to go to my story)

    18 year old Anne was just released from the custody of her foster parents. She spent 9 horrible years with them, and at last, those days are over. She's finally free to start a new life. That's what she thought. On the day of her release, She got hit by a car. Anne soon found herself in a hospital with a broken leg, two broken ribs, and a boy sleeping quietly beside her bed. Who is this boy and what does he have to do with the accident? Could he be the change in Anne's life that she so desperately needs?

    looking forward to your comments, or suggestions :) thank you in advance!

  • _ThenCameLala
    4 years ago


    Only Petals

    Rose Grey was the worlds golden girl. She had it all; the looks, the friends, the fame and the future, so why did she choose to throw it all away? Today she is going to collage trying to stay in the background as much as she can. Until one boy that likes the lime light notices her and wants her in it with him. All she had to do was fall, but Rose's don't fall easily.

  • aarti_athavle
    4 years ago

    Hey....its a teen fiction/ romance

    I hope you will like it

    Description:- Rebecca Thomas is new in town.She is cute,sweet and shy and hates being the centre of attention. Everything seems fine before she starts her new school. She has never had a boyfriend and has never been kissed. She believes in fairy tale romances and hopes that she will find her prince charming soon. Noah James is a popular jock and has a reputation of a player is West High School. When Rebecca and Noah cross paths her life takes an unusual turn. She makes a mistake by falling in love only to have her heart broken. She does everything to make him happy even if it hurts her .Can Noah ever realise what he means to her? Or she will always be just a friend to him? Will Noah and Rebecca ever be together?

    Thank you :)

  • KissedByMyAngel
    4 years ago

    Here;s my story "Kissed By My Angel" check it out please(:

  • PureAwesomeness67
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    It’s the beginning of senior year and Sarah Bennett is already overwhelmed with schoolwork, jobs and, of course, prom. She finds her dream dress that is everything she could’ve ever wanted. There was just one problem- it cost eight thousand dollars. Sarah quickly finds a job at the local movie theatre, hoping to earn the money before prom. She soon meets her new co-worker, an arrogant bad-boy named Noah, who happens to be best friends with her older brother. To get her mind off all the stress that comes with high school, Sarah decides to spend more time hanging out at her best friend’s house; which means spending more time with her best friend’s brother, Liam, as well. Soon enough, Sarah finds herself falling for both guys- her brother’s best friend and her best friend’s brother.

    thanks :)

  • HollyMaier
    4 years ago

    @JustLazy My book is the first in a series of 9 lol! Another Day In 7Th Grade is about a girl just starting 7th grade and seeing things through the eyes of the misunderstood. The main character is named Sofya Quade, but she has gotten the oh so lovely nickname Mashed Potato Weiner Girl. (Long story) She's in love with the boy who always smells of the forest, but can't get up the courage to say hi, her best friends are the ying yang design of each other, her family life is a mess, her sanctuary is through her own creation, and that's just the beginning! Many people tell me my books are basically a real life seeming story with many humors and random bits throughout the pages. I hope you'll check it out! I love honest feedback!


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    Shane Corelli is the most popular guy in his high school. He’s got everything a guy his age could ever want: Killer looks, excellent reports, an adoring student body, and a never-ending queue of girls waiting to date him. On the other end of the social ladder, Beverly Stanton is just another regular student with average grades and her fair share of (two) friends. Nevertheless, she’s perfectly happy with the way things are in her life. She doesn’t need any drama, and certainly none of the petty kind that Shane tends to bring along with him. Neither Shane nor Beverly have spoken a decent, nice word to each other since their friendship ended in middle school, and neither are really much willing to…That is, until their Chemistry teacher starts to interfere in the seating-plan and allocates them both together as lab partners. It would kill Beverly to admit this, but she’s well aware that there’s that definite amount of Chemistry between them. In fact, the Chemistry’s already sizzling. No sparks required.

    I would really appreciate it if you could check it out. It's my very first time posting on Wattpad. Here's the link:

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