• hallucinogenic
    4 years ago


    If any of you are entering leave your story link here so I can check out some stories out :) I'm also entering my story. It's a Harry Potter fanfiction. I don't think I'm going to get Most popular/ On te rise/ Undiscovered Gem but its still worth trying


  • slantingwillow
    4 years ago

    I'm entering!

    photo1.jpg*Click Image to Read*

    Title: His Royal Pawn

    Genres: Romance, Science Fiction, and Teen Fiction

    Few know she exists. Fewer know her name, and yet, she's been everywhere. Who is she? She's an assassin. He's a prince. They're best friends, and that's only the beginning.

  • _writingforpurpose
    4 years ago

    http://www.wattpad.com/3964460-star-academy Photobucket


    Welcome to the competition on the YEAR. The Stardom Academy is a well-known TV series of which hundreds between the ages of 11-18 audition to be in the running for, but only one male and one female can win; and that’s for YOU to decide. To beat the best, you have to be the best – as some of the competitors will learn.

    Follow the contestants as the battle it out to remain the best and win what they ‘deserve’. Are you ready for the challenge?

    ----That's my new book for the Watty's, I'd love for you to read it:D:D:D!

  • kathrynp
    4 years ago



    Dear Readers, This book of letters may be a tad scrambled… maybe more depending on the type of person reading from cover to cover. Just a forewarning, but it’s confusing; it’s hard to comprehend these events that took place. This story isn’t your average novel, as you have most likely already realized. On the inside, you will find many puzzling things that I have written to my mother and am ready for the world to see. These letters were never sent to her and aren’t written in any specific synchronized order. I’m just writing from the heart, telling her how I feel. You are welcome to read along, to listen to my voice. I feel that everyone has struggles; everyone has problems that they have no choice except to face. These are a few of mine… I hope that you can find hope, courage, bravery, determination, and maybe a little survival in them. From experience, I know for a fact that everyone has an entire collection of varying strengths, weaknesses, etc--- finding that safe haven is what matters, building it up in size. Read from cover to cover, and I pray that you’ll see why.



    Abused and neglected, unloved and un-nurtured by her mother. It's all Kinley has ever known, and Skyler has had enough. She's sick and tired of her mothers torturous games. Skyler is determined to find love deep inside of "Mother" and convince her to share it with Kinley--- her adorable little sister. She knows it's in her, that "Mommy" will come out some day. In the end, it's The Sober vs The Drunk...



  • _bleblet
    4 years ago

    I haven't been a Wattpad member long but I thought this looks fun. I'm entering the Sci-Fi category with my first full length story.

    1161409-256-468311.jpg http://www.wattpad.com/story/1161409-baku

    Galabell thought he was taking his family to the Baku Festival and a long overdue visit to his parents. The trip becomes a nightmare as they all become caught in the middle of a conflict between trans-galactic Industry and the Federal Government.

  • _melonsgalore
    4 years ago

    I'm entering! :D Thank you! I don't think I'll get far though xD

    http://www.wattpad.com/3207717-bountiful-curse-watty-awards-2012-chapter-1-food Ella lost her most reliable person in the whole world, her father. Since her father was the one she talked too, she and her mother are strangers. But one day when her mother goes missing and Ella finds a strange book in her mother's room she is pulled into a strange world where everyone fears the night time. There she meets a moody, egotistical, bounty hunter named Landon. When she needs to find her mother before four seasons are up, if she fails she dies.

  • _alexacassidy
    4 years ago


    Cover made by happylittleava << she's amazing~! ♥




    Legend of the Dragons «♥»

    by: alexacassidy

    Genre: Romance/Fantasy ❤

    ☆ Summary: Dragons are humans. Humans are dragons. They are the same, yet not the same. Dragons used to be the peacemakers, before dragon hunters came and wiped them out. Now the dragons are either gone or in hiding. Believe the legends, or believe the hunters. Believe the truth, or believe the lie. That is the real question.

  • _Letsallbefriends
    4 years ago

    Hi, I was hoping that you might check out my story for the Watty Awards 2012?

    {Watty Awards 2012} Rogue Wilson can see the flaws in her life. Despite being the wittiest, sexiest and one of the strongest female boxers in town, Rogue's home life is far from perfect. At age eighteen, Rogue's drunk and abusive step-father crosses the line and forces Rogue to do something she never believed she was capable of: She hits him back and leaves in the night with her little brother. Going to the only father figure, Rogue has, she finds herself living in her coach's house and sharing the same roof with her coach's big shot son: Donny. Donny "Mr. Big Shot", who has shared a past filled with hatred towards Rogue. But with drama, her street brawling past, a dangerous man who has it out for Rogue escaped from prison, and Donny's big championship fight all coming to bite her in the butt-- Rogue will have to fight and this time she'll have to fight dirty... Especially when she begins to discover that an unwanted spark is flaming between her and Donny.


  • KirstieH
    4 years ago

    He raised his eyebrows at me. “Jealously can be a powerful tool Allison. The only question is how far you will go for your lover boy?” “Fine.” I whispered, “But were not doing this your way, were doing this my way.” He's a player, he's hot and he's stubborn. Everyone knows it- especially him. Shes never been kissed, she's unnoticed and shes shy- no one knows her. They've never met. Not until Alley Sanders falls unconscious and her doctors son- who just happens to be the hottest guy at school- takes an strange interest in Alley. Any other girl would have had there dreams silently answered- not Alley. She's felt unwanted her whole life so when she starts having strong feelings for him, she starts wishing she'd never met him. Because of her biggest fear- rejection. A story of Jealously, Love & Payback.

    heey guys! if my blurb sounds interesting then have a read ! :)


  • pickaboo
    4 years ago

    I entered under the thriller category, hope you check it out!
    Knottington Ad Board

  • sarahkxthryn
    4 years ago

    @Jenna_98 Mine's a Harry Potter fanfic too so you should read mine first :P I'm also going for On the Rise or Undiscovered so... GOOD LUCK <3



  • ElleChanter
    4 years ago



    Marcus: A head strong leader who has a cocky personality and parents who don't really know him. He's labeled a delinquent at school by the many teachers he annoys. Annabeth: The smart and complicated one. Her parents died in an accident right after she was born, throwing her around orphanages. Hayden: The careful yet reckless one. His mother died when he was a kid, making him a sensitive case. Together, these three unlikely friends were destined to change destiny.

  • Bambi_Rivers
    4 years ago

    Music: ON

    World: OFF

    Welcome to Syrus. Please pick up your pair of complimentary headphones at the gates. Plug them into your mandatory devices and skip to track four. Listen and enjoy. Cor's world is filled with notes and pitch and tone. Twenty three hours of the day she's hooked to the music mandated by the Syrus officials. It is essentially every teenager's dream: Hit a button and drown the world out.

    But what happens when the music stops?


    ”As children we were told that the sun was so hot, it could melt our faces off.”

    Isis Crowe knows better than to go above ground. The Circle has told her people for hundreds of years that not only will the sun scorch them, but monsters lurk on the surface of the plague stricken, post-apocalyptic Earth.

    But that was until Leilani went up and came back alive.
  • sweetest_agony
    4 years ago


    Yes! It's very exciting! xD

    I'm entering, but I've got no hope judging by how popular the other stories are already :P


    Thank you for giving it a read! You're amazing! (:

  • AJ_96th
    4 years ago

    @Jenna_98 I'm entering too! :) I doubt I'll win but I've got to try right? :P



    Hope you like it! Thank you :)

  • _MissZee92
    4 years ago

    @Jenna_98 http://www.wattpad.com/story/1153256-breaking-down-my-barriers

    Wajid and Latika come from two different worlds. Her world is perfect in every way, but his world is dark and dangerous. In his world love is a sign of weakness, when people are weak they are not welcome. Wajid has friends who will do anything to keep him in their world of violence and anger. Will fate stop them from being together, or will love conquer all?

  • KristepherPienaar
    4 years ago

    same here. Plan on entering and Hoping to do well. http://www.wattpad.com/story/662352-darkness-within-in-progress

    Heres mine.

  • TheLittleBookMonster
    4 years ago

    Im just new at writing so im just going to try and see what happens. ha ha!


    <a href=Photobucket">

    Patricia is not your ordinary teenager. She may go to school like an ordinary teenager and dress like one but she is in fact a spy. She is one of the best spies out there. She is undercover in her school and has to blend in to look like an ordinary teenager so no one knows her secret. Then one day a new boy comes in her class and she is made to show him around school. He is exactly like her, a total geek and they soon become close. But what she does not realise is that he has some secrets of his own

  • Jisabella
    4 years ago


    What if you woke up on the side of a dark street, forgotten to the world that you can’t remember? Blaise knows what it’s like. When she woke up, she couldn’t even remember her name. With only a bag of generic items and a note written by an unknown person, she’s opted to try and create a new life for herself. Of course, ignorance and pretending can only get you so far. With her only true friend, a German shepherd named Bear, Blaise has to try to find herself. Either way, she’s in deeper water than she could ever imagine.


    Stephanie Armstrong is on the run, has been for a while. She hasn't seen any of her kind for a while and humans are getting more efficient at identifying and taking them down. In this little town, where everyone knows everyone, will she finally find her peace? Or will she have to make a quick run and start all over once again?

  • Cup1dsLov3
    4 years ago

    @Jenna_98 Yay! a fellow HP fanfic writer!! I too have one :D

    And you could check out mine also; it's not a Draco based fanfic BUT it does have him in;

    Hey! Ive got a completed harry potter fanfic right here waiting for your beloved reads and comments :) plus its in the Watty Awards this year :D

    <a href=Photobucket">

    Charming, Yet Mysterious


    Annoyed with living under the shadow of her older brother, young Charm Malfoy has decided to fight back. In her first year of class in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she's bound to make a name for herself. However, things take a turn when she meets the enchanting Dante Redding-Ford, a third-year student who's the talk of the town. Now, she realizes that things are going to be a bit complicated when you're involved with the "The Hogwarts Hottie". Who knew things would get this interesting when the Chamber Of Secrets is opened yet again

  • Lon3lyGirL
    4 years ago

    My name is Amy Blooms. I'm the school's biggest nerd. I never have been to a party and never been kissed. I like solve math’s problems and equations in my free time. Well I used to actually. Since Last Friday Night Everything changed. ______________________________________________ Amy is a Nerd. And as a nerd she has a forbidden crush. Not only crush love. She is in love with her best Friend's- Alie's- brother. Blake Richardson. A bad boy. A player. Her chances to actually be with him? None. So imagine how shocked she is when she wakes up to his arms, naked after a big party. What she is gonna do? Act like nothing happened....or take advantage of that night and try to humiliate Blake like he did to her?



  • hallucinogenic
    4 years ago

    @Letsallbefriends @sweetest_agony @slantingwillow @writingforpurpose I checked all your stories out! They are all amazing... doesn't seem like I have a chance of winning the awards :P There are so many requests so couldn't read all the requests but I'm working on it! Keep posting stories here people!

  • hallucinogenic
    4 years ago

    @DarkLight911 Hello fellow fan-fic writer <3 nice to meet you. Its kinda cool cause I was just reading your story when you posted on the discussion board xD Your ranking is really high on Watty Awards O.O Charming yet mysterious is an AMAZING story! Love it <3 Would you mind checking mine out too? Its a Lily Potter x Scorpius Malfoy Fanfic :) thanks

  • shiunkiyo
    4 years ago


    Please take a looksee at my entry for this year's Watty Awards? First-timer here and I really want a shot at winning.

    *Vote if you like it!!

    *Comment if you want to say something!!

    *Fan if you want updates!!

    And here's the link:


    Thank you in advance! Have a superfantabulouslywondermazingpipical day!

    ~Lorri xox

  • OMFLAsh
    4 years ago


    (I'm warning you. Don't read this because it'll surely make you wet you bed and give you horrifying nightmares. Don't say that I didn't warn you when you end up staring at the ceiling. All. Night. Long. Death bells, death bells, death all the way! how much blood it is to see on the Christmas day! Five friends make a Christmas wish. Exactly one day later of their wish coming true they die a ruthless death, before seeing a little girl. An innocent dead little girl who just wants to wish them a Merry Deathmas. Ho Ho Ho!