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  • MentalDistortion
    4 years ago
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    Undiscovered Paths (complete)

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    Only Through the Pain (new chapter)

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  • gabycabezut
    4 years ago

    Hey everyone!! I'm new at writing, I had my new story tunning in but somehow I screwed up and erased it...and I was already number 75 on romance....I feel if you have time, please read same story, bu other title...

    Please comment, vote if you like it

    And I'll promess to read, comment and vote on yours

  • CMQuinn
    4 years ago


    They promised never to forget each other after she was turned. She forgot. Years later Kada works for packs, using her startling telepathic abilities to interrogate their prisoners, for money. But it comes at a cost, frightening dreams of her old life start to haunt her every time she closes her eyes. Are these just memories or is the man she loved fulfilling his promise?

    Things start to fall apart around her when another rogue comes into her life with the same powers and promises her to unlock her whole life. Nothing is as it seems, especially when a long lost lover and a super hot rogue enter her life. Lies. Betrayal. Manipulation and desire.

  • resa1887
    4 years ago


    Genre: Action/Fantasy/Romance

    A princess with a secret is forced to be the personal maid for the neighboring kingdoms prince, whom of course she despises. She works hard to keep her identity secret and find a way to free her family from the grip of their kidnapers. Join her as she works to return life, as she once knew it.


    Princess Interrupted

    Genre: Action/ Adventure/

    Now that Princess Christian has gotten her family and kingdom back, she thinks her trials are over, and all she has to worry about is becoming the queen. But little did she know, that being called the chosen one, was not going to go away like she hoped. Follow her as she goes through the trials that come with being chosen, and what she is chosen for.

  • _American_Life
    4 years ago


    Genre: Romance/Thriller

    Kendra is deadly. Her father is one of the most dangerous men in the world as well as the Italian Mafia Leader. It's time for her and the 10 kids out of that Italian Mafia families to step up. Of course, life has it's ups and downs but they cope. Why? Because it's the life they grew up in. They accept the dangers of the life and theirs. Some have kids, others have kids on the way, some are handling it on their own and some engaged; forced or not. Most are still in high school, another stressful bitch to add on. With passion and love for not only their kids, families, but life style how will they survive? Can they keep the image up? Or will the dangers of the life style affect them mentally and emotionally?

  • MrAmbition
    4 years ago Its a naruto fanfiction that I just started so plz read it!

  • _SongOfAutumn
    4 years ago

    -The Lost Shards of Memory-

    He awoke in the middle of the night, everything he had known to be his life effortlessly destroyed by a blazing wall of red, creating a mystery yet to be solved. How he survived, I do not know, but he found himself in the care of a young politician, who gave him the chance to live as any child should.

    But, by the closure of the Great War, he found himself alone once more- until a letter from a trusted associate led him to the brother he thought was gone, missing in action... who has no idea who he is.

    It is soon after this 'misunderstanding' that pages from an unrecognisable book are sent to him from an anonymous sender, which are more than they seem at first glance... he finds himself unknown to the brother he admired so greatly, and running from a past he hoped to forget...

  • Bambi_Rivers
    4 years ago


    Music: ON

    World: OFF

    Welcome to Syrus. Please pick up your pair of complimentary headphones at the gates. Plug them into your mandatory devices and skip to track four. Listen and enjoy. Cor's world is filled with notes and pitch and tone. Twenty three hours of the day she's hooked to the music mandated by the Syrus officials. It is essentially every teenager's dream: Hit a button and drown the world out.

    But what happens when the music stops?
  • xLilAmayax
    4 years ago

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Marisol Rios is just another girl trying to get through high school, that is until she starts falling for the most popular guy at school; Anthony Rodriguez. Then everything begins to change when she meets the sexy bad boy Alejandro, Now Marisol has to choose; does she want the sexy bad boy or the boy from her dreams. Can Marisol make the right choice and find her prince charming or is she doomed at love forever....

  • A_Muse
    4 years ago
  • cutechildromance
    4 years ago
  • mshotstuff
    4 years ago
  • so_fortunate
    4 years ago


    Dax Love has a naughty secret. He's addicted to reading the online diary he accidentally hacked. Robbie Nash is a sex crazed, womanizer whose main goal in high school life is to be sexually irresistible to every woman he meets. He likes them stacked and easy. When a new girl moves to town, Robbie has her in his sights instantly, and that's the one place Eva does not want to be. She would rather get a Brazilian bikini wax from a blind man with Parkinson's than to have to deal with another ego like Robbie's. However, Dax is different story for Eva. When the two develop a budding friendship, Robbie allows his jealousy to get the better of him and blackmails Dax into doing something so unthinkable it should make the very act of deception illegal: Make Eva fall in love with him...or to sleep with him. One or the other. Can Dax do the impossible? Or will Robbie be in for a rude awakening.

  • clowen
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  • Anna_Luv98
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  • _ellisbell
    4 years ago


    Check out Slice of American Pie! We can all relate to the drama of high school. Read the stories of a group of teenagers just trying to get by. Crushes, secrets, cheating, love are all a part of being a teen.

    So check it out here :D

  • MelanoraDrood
    4 years ago

    A Not So Simple Decision

    Historical Fiction, Fantasy, and Romance


    Eleanor is poised on becoming Queen, but has to choose a husband to do so. She has three prospective suitors, but all three come with their ups and downs. She has to make a decision quickly, but whichever one she chooses could destroy the kingdom.

  • no-limits
    4 years ago


    What if everything you know while awake and all that happened while you were asleep changed. If someone told you of a realm between the conscious and the unconscious filled with those who protect the human mind, would you call them crazy? That's exactly what happened to seventeen year old Jesse Johnson. All of a sudden he went from worrying about graduation and track season to saving the human race!

    Jesse was doing fine, good grades, great track season, good friends, and a star student, until he started having the same reoccurring dream. The same girl kept reappearing in these dreams. He doesn't notice how weird it is till the new student Dianna Heartly transfers to his high school and looks identical to the girl in his dreams! As Jesse gets to know Dianna he learns more about himself then he cared to know and has a lot more responsibility placed on his shoulders then just college and graduation. Jesse learns of The Rebellion in which the main goal is one thing: kill the humans. Can Jesse do what's asked of him? Can he save the humans? And what will happen when his loved ones, like his sister Ami, are pulled into danger because of what he is?

  • Peanut2011
    4 years ago


    please read my story

    Desription:A girl named Runa that has been an orphan for most of her life never fitting in with the other kids there. She is shunned by all who know her. soon she discovers that she has the blood of a wolf summoner. She is sent to a school of wolf summoners and werewolves to try and learn how to use her gift. Going to school renews her hopes of friends. But when she get there they are crushed she is just as lonely as she was in the orphanage. She struggles with summoning only able to summon harmless cats. While everyone else of her age is summoning wolves.

  • _Interestingasian
    4 years ago
  • _StarDreams
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  • Poindexter
    4 years ago




    He left on one condition, that his blood may run through any unlucky being who is cursed with being one of his decendents. And that his bloodline shalt not be met with any harm whatsoever. So they promised him this, and he left on the night when the moon could not be seen. They hoped, and prayed that no one of his blood would appear again. Yet they did, each bringing with them a gift. Either the gift of power, or one of destruction.

    Fidel lives high in the moutains of Crowen, in a place called Highlander. As one of the few men left in his village after the army began enlisting again, he spends his days hunting and protecting the perimeter of the moutains. That is until he sees the soldiers coming from far away, and he knows his peaceful, boring everyday life is going to come to an end. His brother Coty, a long with a few others have been abducted, and somehow the blame falls unto Fidel's shoulders. He has no choice but to get them back, and with the help of his sister, Lucianda and a small girl who's supposed to be his enemy, he'll go up against the greatest threat of all. A thousand year old myth and a man the world has shunned.

  • peace-within
    4 years ago

    All Lexine Perre wanted was love. When she goes to desperate ends to get what she thought she wanted, everything goes wrong. When she makes the biggest mistake in her life, she loses everything, including herself, but in the end, that mistake becomes the greatest gift that nothing nor nobody can ever replace.

    When Kevin Buford enters her life, he never expected to fall in love, twice. All he wanted was to help, but he gets more than he bargained for when he meets Lexine. Together, they both go through a journey of trust, betrayal and ​love.

  • _steph0804
    4 years ago
  • _ballerinashoes
    4 years ago

    @MentalDistortion How to give your heart away

    Photobucket So she has two names? One for her past, one for her present. Both of the names is a different girl, with a different personality and different desires. Lets introduce a guy into our little mix. You now have two beautiful girls with great personalities and a guy who’s torn between the two. Would you like me to let you in on a little secret? Both the two girls are the same girl. The guy doesn’t know it yet but there is something more about this situation that should worry him. Is it the crazy bitch, that is madly going after him, who will stop at nothing? Or is it the fact that he has made himself vulnerable for revenge? Watch out Danny our girl Ella here is a fighter. Pick which chapter, you don’t have to read the rest of the book to understand chapter 6 but I would appreciate it if you could comment and read as much as you can!