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  • Carapherneliax3
    4 years ago

    I'm bored and feel like reading, so post your stories here, no catch. You don't have to do anything in return for me at all, I'm not even going to put the links to my stories here. So just post away, and I'll read and comment on your story, and if I like it, I'll read on. If you want me to do anything specific please tell me :)

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    Music: ON

    World: OFF

    Welcome to Syrus. Please pick up your pair of complimentary headphones at the gates. Plug them into your mandatory devices and skip to track four. Listen and enjoy. Cor's world is filled with notes and pitch and tone. Twenty three hours of the day she's hooked to the music mandated by the Syrus officials. It is essentially every teenager's dream: Hit a button and drown the world out.

    But what happens when the music stops?

    I just want to hear what you think! Thank you so much! :D

  • whikerms
    4 years ago

    @xXxSkyofStarsxXx Thank you!

    Majestic Shadows


    After enduring an attack on his homeland, Whik Winfield begins a journey to the mysterious island of Sebolt. The looming possibility of war casts a shadow on the island that can only be lifted with the sacrifice of Sebolt's most important individuals.

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    Hi! Pretty please try one of mine??? The 1st is post apocalyptic, the 2nd historical and both are adventure romances!!!

    Broken City is set after an apocalypse and tells the story of Deeta, a young woman born after the world went crazy, and Tom her best friend. But Tom is keeping secrets and not everything is as it seems.......does Deeta really know Tom at all????

    ‘The Promise’ is set in saxon England and is the first book in ‘The Lady Quill Chronicles’, a series that tells how one battle changes the lives of 5 foster brothers. This book is the story of Rafe and Adele and the promise that binds them together.....

    Thanks!!! :-D

  • Bambey
    4 years ago

    @xXxSkyofStarsxXx Mine's a Harry Potter fan ficiton, so only read it if you want to (: Thanks!

  • _SongOfAutumn
    4 years ago

    Thanks for your time! :)

    -The Lost Shards of Memory-

    He awoke in the middle of the night, everything he had known to be his life effortlessly destroyed by a blazing wall of red, creating a mystery yet to be solved. How he survived, I do not know, but he found himself in the care of a young politician, who gave him the chance to live as any child should.

    But, by the closure of the Great War, he found himself alone once more- until a letter from a trusted associate led him to the brother he thought was gone, missing in action... who has no idea who he is.

    It is soon after this 'misunderstanding' that pages from an unrecognisable book are sent to him from an anonymous sender, which are more than they seem at first glance... he finds himself unknown to the brother he admired so greatly, and running from a past he hoped to forget...

  • thesmerf
    4 years ago

    @xXxSkyofStarsxXx Raised to Kill Valentina Summers is an assassin who was raised by assassins. She takes out the world's most wanted criminals from the Underworld with the help of her little brother Lucas -and she enjoys it.But when her little brother wants to find out the truth, she finds out that she may not be who she grew up to become. Join Summers on action-packed assassinations and leaking secrets. She's the girl who was Raised to Kill...

    I really want comments -it's only 1/2 page prologue and a 1page 1st chapter :)

    Votes very appreciated ;)

  • _RoseOfZharon
    4 years ago

    Hello, can you just read chapter 2 of my story. You can read from the begining if you want but please comment on Chapter 2

    I am.....Samurai Warrior

    Thanm you, it's very kind of you @xXxSkyofStarsxXx

  • Social_Butterfly_97
    4 years ago

    Everyone has secrets right? Things they don't want ANYONE to know..Especially in the Kingdom Of Phoenix, the highest of the five Angel kingdoms.. Follow the story of Three siblings as they face a threat they'd never expect, while they also battle among themselves.

    Please Read, I'm considering putting mine into this year's Watty Awards <3


  • _littlemonsters
    4 years ago


    What doesn't kill you simply makes you stranger.

    Finley Moore is an avid violinist, enjoys late night walks and has the occasional habit of not staying dead.

    After freeing himself from a Do-It-Yourself coffin, he decides to leave King Solomon Academy behind and venture out on his own. Eventually, he stumbles upon the Circus and soon realises that he's not the only one cursed. There, he meets blue-skinned Beatrice who claims she’s being stalked by a gang of malicious fairies.

    As Finley steps further and further into the dark and twisted world of the Circus, dead bodies begin to pile up and it's up to him to find out who the killer is, before it's too late.

    But Finley is about to find out that some secrets are better off buried.

  • faireetsetaire
    4 years ago



    This is the story of a girl who wasn't happy with her life. This is how she set about changing it.

    Fresh out of university, Daniella Carter is not only jobless but homeless as well. With nothing to do and nowhere to go, she decides to use her life's savings to pursue the dreams she had as a kid and the things she said she'd do before she died. She soon discovers that she's gotten far more than she bargained for when three little words manage to make an already unforgettable journey the adventure of a lifetime.

    Thank you! (:

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  • anniejtaylor
    4 years ago

    The White Magnolia is set in the South during and after the Civil War. The war had taken so much from him: four years of his life, the only woman he had ever loved...Jay knew he would never be the same after his unit surrenders at Appomattox. But then, a Yankee widow whose husband's death he very well may have caused unexpectedly appears. Little does he know that his life is about to change once more...

  • __pineapplepants_
    4 years ago

    Plz give mine a try! :) It's not long.

    This is only the preview so plz check out the next chapter too! :)

    Aaron Taylor; sexy, athletic, popular, a complete and utter player.

    Lynn Summers; new, hot and bitchy.

    When Lynn transfers to Oakwood High School she's the new gossip topic. And according to the 'I Hate Aaron Taylor' club she's just perfect for the job. She is immune to his charms and they think that she can Aaron Taylor lesson.

    They guide Lynn along teaching her his every move. Soon, their plan falls into place. Aaron is chasing Lynn around like a little pup and he is falling for her hard.

    The 'I Hate Aaron Taylor Club' go by one motto, and one motto only.

    Mr.Player, prepare to be crushed.

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  • XxdreamcloudsxX
    4 years ago

    Title: A Male’s Eye View


    Keighlyn James returns from school as usual but what she encounters when she reaches home turns her life by 360 degrees. This dark secret is only shared between Mr. Heywood and Keighlyn. Mr. Heywood decides to shift her at his place across the state. Little does she know that there she will share the house with Greek god’s look alike boys. Constantly harboring the fear of her dark secret being revealed and the new changes that comes by makes Keighnlyn’s life treacherous. Will living with the Heywoods do her more good than bad is what you have to lo and behold.

    Plz read my story and lemme know how it is!!! Also feel free to criticize it!!! :D

  • Carapherneliax3
    4 years ago

    @sporadic7 @Bambi_Rivers @whikerms @DotlDagupen @DDChant I've read each of yours, and enjoyed them, I hope to read on soon :)

    @Bambey @SongOfAutumn @MiimiMystiks @RoseOfZharon @Social_Butterfly_97 @underland @faireetsetaire @namj10 @anniejtaylor @pineapplepants @JC_Ninja I have some work to do now, so I'll promise to try to read as many as I can tomorrow :) can't wait to read everyones!!

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    4 years ago


    Title: My Never Ending Love; Watty Awards 2012

    Genre: Fantasy & Romance

    Summary: Seventeen year old Yuki keeps having weird dreams; dreams that she doesn’t remember when she wakes up. Later that day Yuki got saved by a weird but sure not human guy, from a weird creature that she has never seen before. But the strange thing is... why does Yuki feels attracted to this strange guy? And why are there creatures after her? Soon Yuki finds out that the life she is living now soon will have a drastic turn.

    thanks for being so kind :D u dont have to thought but if u want could u also comment? dont need to c:

  • TheTickingCrocodile
    4 years ago


    The Good, the Bad and the Cursed

    {{ A d v e n t u r e / A c t i o n }}

    TGTBATC cover, by TheTickingCrocodile

    “Do you trust me?” Ben roared over the rush of the wind, his bright blue eyes ablaze in excitement, like this all was just some game to him, like he enjoyed risking his life. They could almost see the adrenaline pumping in his veins.

    “No!” the twins yelled back in unison.

    Ben smiled crookedly and said, “Well, we’ll have to fix that later, won’t we?” and pushed the two off the window sill.

    An explosion muffled the girls’ screams entirely.

    Give it a try? Thanks! :)

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    Hidden beneath the shadows, treasured away from our lives is a whole different world. A world etched with magic, traitors, war and love.

    Everyone wants to belong, to be among others who understand. Jade has been bound down to a mundane life, caged away from the life she was meant to live. All because of one mark. A mark that has caused pain, death and sadness.

    With the memory of her mother and the longing to know where her real place is in this world, Jade starts to pull away from her father...and from the life of the Traditions.

    Tristan, a boy who promises to show Jade where she really belongs, is captured as a prisoner by a league led by her father.

    Jade doesn't know who to believe: a boy who promises her freedom or her father who wants her to be hidden away, protected from her own people...

    But time is little, the Uprising is arriving - an immense war which only promises death and destruction. Jade must make up her mind before its all too late...if it isn't already, that is.

    Thank you so much!! ^.^

  • _Infinite_Xx
    4 years ago


    Thinking of You-"I love thee to the depth and breadth and height..."- XLIII, Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    Rosaline Clark has loved like none other woman, experienced such a passion that no other man could ever replace yet hasn't had the reality to live with the man who caused such a feeling. She's a woman aching to be by her lovers side and be held just one more time to cherish and remember the touch of his fingers caressing her face. Even though she's now a married woman, four years have passed and not one single moment has she ever stopped thinking about him. Rosaline thought Peter was going to be her chance to move on but yet nothing has changed. She's a broken, pregnant woman that hasn't yet forgotten her past. She clings onto the memories of love she discovered with her lover, Leonardo Williams while he's long gone. Many miles away, sacrificing his whole life to save his country.

    What happens when reality crashes down on this young woman? When her once hidden secrets are revealed? Will she join hands with her true love or continue to live the life of regret?

    -this chapter specifically please!

    Thanks! =)