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  • KristinaVallaste
    4 years ago

    http://www.wattpad.com/1801687-savanna-chapter-1 (Fantasy / Romance)

    When Selina Olson agrees to attend a party with her best friend, she doesn't really expect anything out of the ordinary to happen. She could never even imagined that in the next morning, nine people from the party are announced missing, and she is one of them. But Selina was the only one who escaped. And what she witnessed that night, changed her life for ever.

    Living a normal life won't be that easy if you know a secret that will greatly change your view of the world. When not sure if she can trust anyone anymore, a dangerous schoolmate not leaving her alone, and a mysterious new guy named Shane who brings up only more and more questions, getting her life back to normal is apparently impossible. Specially when she realizes she also has to come clear on her feelings for Jake.

    But something else is going on too. Something that is threatening her loved ones as well as others living in a small town called Blue Mist. And what's the worst - Selina finds herself as a target of that threat.

  • _littlemonsters
    4 years ago



    What doesn't kill you simply makes you stranger.

    Finley Moore is an avid violinist, enjoys late night walks and has the occasional habit of not staying dead.

    After freeing himself from a Do-It-Yourself coffin, he decides to leave King Solomon Academy behind and venture out on his own. Eventually, he stumbles upon the Circus and soon realises that he's not the only one cursed. There, he meets blue-skinned Beatrice who claims she’s being stalked by a gang of malicious fairies.

    As Finley steps further and further into the dark and twisted world of the Circus, dead bodies begin to pile up and it's up to him to find out who the killer is, before it's too late.

    But Finley is about to find out that some secrets are better off buried.

  • _fantasymotion
    4 years ago


    Lighte Cutters ***WATTY AWARDS 2012***


    Description: It’s human nature to feel in control. We think that we are the masters of our own actions and thoughts. That the only person who can change your future is you... right?


    Lighte is a substance which takes the form of golden string. These strings are connected to everything- all objects, all thoughts... all life.

    But, they cannot be seen or tampered with by mortals.

    There are people who can observe the Lighte, however. They call themselves, Lighte Cutters. Armed with golden scissors, their aim is to preserve the balance of life. By manipulating and severing the connections, they can alter reality itself.

    Saol Travers has been recruited. He’s just a young boy, who doesn’t particularly like... people. Unknowingly, he’s dragged into their world. Attracted by the magic and power, he learns their ways. But soon he discovers their true intentions.

    They are death.

    He goes on the run with only a fellow novice and scissors for company. How will he escape death itself? And can he evade the Lighte?

    One cut... and it’s all over...


  • wingedkitten
    4 years ago

    I’m Not Your Princess (Watty Awards 2012) http://www.wattpad.com/3604887-i%27m-not-your-princess Romance&HistoricalFiction

    ImNotYourPrincesscover.png Knowing one’s place in the world can help to settle the fears and terror of the future. For some in 15th century Japan this is easily done, but for Katsumi her options become extremely slim and unattractive in nature. Katsumi is the daughter of a highly respected Daimyo. Her Father governs over his state with honesty and care for his people, but the land is so prosperous that there are other Daimyo’s who would kidnap just to take it from his hands. The most malicious being Hayashi – a man of greed and thirst for power he’ll do anything to gain. Even if that means that Katsumi will be his target. Imprisoned in Hayashi’s mansion far away from home can Katsumi trust a self announced – and rather handsome – ally to free her before a five day deadline or will her fate be sealed to Hayashi until the day she dies?

    Jin Sang as born into a life of adversity, but thrived on his Grandfather’s one-on-one training to slowly work his way to the top. When working on assignment in Hayashi’s palace he is given the honour of guarding a new prisoner – only to realise that it is the daughter of the man who sent him. With the promise of freedom, he gains Katsumi’s limited trust and begins to formulate a successful escape. But before he can help it he finds something in the young woman that enlightens the darkness in his heart and reminds him of the warmth that love can bring.

    Will their hopeless fates lead them on the path of happiness or send them to their ultimate despair?

  • Artelia
    4 years ago

    Hello everyone - I hope I will do this right! Hahaha!

    So my story I am currently writing is :: Take Me To Paradise

    The main purpose I am sticking to the story is that these three main characters have to stick together through fate they meet against. They are to save history and the future from disaster. The three of them also hope to see the result themselves, a result that should be an eternal paradise not one soul could dream. Along the way through their adventure they have to do small quests, fight against the menacing, help people, face their destiny, avoid love and much more!

    Here is the cover : -


    . F A N T A S Y - A D V E N T U R E .

    L I N K - http://www.wattpad.com/3454685-take-me-to-paradise-c-h-a-p-t-e-r-o-n-e#description

    Thank you. :)

  • SamHayler
    4 years ago

    @FallOfDreams http://www.wattpad.com/3395192-message-to-the-don-chapter-1/intro

    The Mafia is such a destructive business. It either makes you, or breaks you. In present day, it exists more than ever, wreaking havoc and terror throughout Western Europe. Louis Agostino has lost everything to the mob, and is about to take it all back, dead or alive. After being moved to England with his wife and son, he began to start what could have been a normal life. But when he wakes up one morning, and all of it is gone... "Ain't no wise-guy's gonna step in his way, period."

  • desilisius
    4 years ago


    Title: My Never Ending Love; Watty Awards 2012

    Genre: Fantasy & Romance

    Summary: Seventeen year old Yuki keeps having weird dreams; dreams that she doesn’t remember when she wakes up. Later that day Yuki got saved by a weird but sure not human guy, from a weird creature that she has never seen before. But the strange thing is... why does Yuki feels attracted to this strange guy? And why are there creatures after her? Soon Yuki finds out that the life she is living now soon will have a drastic turn.


  • _FallOfDreams
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  • JohnnyWolf
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    White. It is such a pretty color, a pretty thing to die looking at, He thought as he looked at the sky. He had always been associated with such dark, wicked colors. Scary colors. Such as black. He personally did not like that color; black. It reminded him of the darkness he had spent most of his life in.

    He is an unusual vampire, not falling into the beliefs or customs of his kind, or that of the humans.

    He is an unusual human, not falling into the beliefs or customs of his kind, or that of the vampires.

    She is an unusual human, not falling into the beliefs or customs of his kind, or that of the vampires.

    A young vampire finds himself stranded in a part of the New World that isnt his own. He's not supposed to be there, but he is there, and ready to stay. But will he really be able to live in this part of the New World? The human's part, where he doesn't belong? Will his kind abide by their ways and take him back to the dark place which he had just desperately escaped? Or will something, or someone kill him off beforehand?

    Fear, Kindness, Passion, Bonding, Suspense, Love, Hate

  • janefoxx
    4 years ago

    Title: The Elemental Chronicles- Book 1- The Nation Charmer Genre: Fantasy/ Adventure Summary: Dahlia McLean, her best friend, Troy and his sister Helen, suddenly find themselves in a fight with a monster which has no right to exist outside a fairytale. A short while later, they are whisked away to a place where people of their 'type' are. Apparently they are descended from magicians and can control the elements, not to mention that a particular magician wants to kill them... Link:http://www.wattpad.com/3147781-the-elemental-chronicles-book-1-the-nation-charmer Title: The Russian Dawnstars Genre: Adventure/ Thriller Summary: Maria Roberts is a perfectly ordinary girl with a hot boyfriend, a girl who wants to steal him away and a nightmare about a pair of twin murderers. When she sees the man from her dream at the school gates, she begins to realize that her nightmare might be more of a memory... Link:http://www.wattpad.com/3241099-the-russian-dawnstars-prologue Thanks! :)

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    When a new virus is accidentally created it wipes out every adult in the human race. Your only chance of survival is to stay young. Now the world is run by children and teenagers and my possessive boyfriend is their leader. A future filled with chaos and destruction. No cure. No food. No water. No electricity. No ADULTS.

  • Xanij93
    4 years ago

    Look at me now

    This story is basically about Sasha. A girl who's father left her when she was five and is now stuck with a drunk who happens to be her mother... But everything is about to change in Sasha life... The moment she meets Cole her life has changed but will it be for the better or for the worse? Will Sasha ever find her happy ending?

    Read all about it here: http://www.wattpad.com/2202165-look-at-me-now-yesterday%27s-mistake/intro

  • havendene
    4 years ago


    So, mine is about an unhappy girl who decides to take her own life. Upon failing, she ends up bouncing from life to life, in the past and the future, until she gets stuck and has to decide between continuing to bounce, staying there and taking away this girl's life or going back to her old life.

    I would be very grateful for anything. Thank you. :)

  • _tasha5656
    4 years ago

    http://www.wattpad.com/3458723-speechless-chapter-one/intro hey :p can you please read my story :D http://a.wattpad.net/cover/999121-256-445488.jpg

    Rosalyn Meyers was the most shiest girl at her school, She only had a few friends because she was so shy. She wasn't like most teens that hung out with their friends after school, or go to parties, nope, she went straight home and did all her homework, then she read all day up until supper, pretty much the boring life. but one day her school got a new student, girls would drool over him, every single one of them had a crazy crush on him, but he kept his eye on rosealyn

  • _VirusDetected12
    4 years ago


    Masayahin, mabait at matapang si Yumiko.. Hindi sila mayaman at kailangan niyang magtapos sa pag aaral para makaahon sila sa kahirapan, kaya naman nag aral siya ng maigi para makakuha ng scholarship at twice a year allowance sa Millariette University.. Siya lang kase ang inaasahan sa pamilya nila.. Ang problema, ibang iba ang paraan ng pamumuhay ng mga estudyante doon, dahil mga classy at sosyal ang nag aaral sa school na yun..



    A story about an extraordinary girl who fell for a transferee genius-cool guy at their school.. Will she manage her feelings for him?



    Lyanna is a decent girl before, when she still have a complete family. Everything changes when her parents divorced. She turned to a mean playgirl. Then decided to live up her life in Philippines all by herself..