I'll Read No Catch!!

  • _WillyWonkaluv
    4 years ago

    I'll read anything but if you happen to have a story thats like step siblings falling in love or adoptive you know those types of stories Iove them and I also love stories with cute emo guys or a sexy bad boy =P

  • ___elle
    4 years ago


    No cute emo guys or sexy bad boys lol but hot movie stars? lol but I'm reading The bang Bang effect and it's really good and that has a hot gangster lol!!

  • _xxAvenice
    4 years ago

    Please read!:D ONLY TWO PAGES! Photobucket

    http://www.wattpad.com/3535699-the-alpha-and-the-huntswoman?d=ud Caroline (Carlie) Jackson is a trainee huntswoman as well as a werewolf. She is on her final mission of her stage before she is a Full Huntswoman for her society – The Black Wolf. But the mission she is assigned too is the toughest and she doesn’t know how to overcome it. Her mission is to go undercover and be part of the biggest pack in the country, one that was looked after the by the bad-ass Alpha. Caleb – who is a 17 year old cocky boy, that’s what Caroline thinks anyway.

    Her mission is to get close to him then... kill him.

    And there is one rule. Do NOT fall in love.

    Caroline thinks love is overrated and this rule she abides by perfectly.

    When Caleb and Caroline meet it was like hate at first sight. But what they both don’t know is they’re each other’s mate. Caleb unexpectedly falls for Caroline, and when she finds out about this, this makes her mission impossible. Her society finds out about this too and is now after her and she is forced to fight them. But Caleb still doesn’t know her secret which makes it even harder.

    Will love conquer all? – Or will she?

    Find out in The Alpha and The Huntswoman...

  • _WillyWonkaluv
    4 years ago

    @1994jct @xxAvenice I'm gonna start reading your stories now!!!

  • Mensah88
    4 years ago

    1-paged story of how fire was discovered. Hope you enjoy. http://www.wattpad.com/3525045-ja-ja-how-fire-was-discovered?d=ud

  • ShrineofDarkness
    4 years ago

    Read my story "Just Take My Heart And Go Throw It" , If ya like it , im gonna update it and stuff , also the prolouge is really bad but it gets better

  • letdown
    4 years ago


    This has a sexy/cute bad boy :)


    Will is a school rebel. Constantly skiving school, being suspended, enchanting girls with his good looks. Aged 16. He wasn't always like that. Alyssa is a shy outsider, 15 years old and constantly living in fear of makeup-plastered girls and intimindating boys like Will. She wasn't always like that. In fact, when they both knew each other in their younger days, they were innocent, playful, imaginitive children. They were best friends. When their paths intwine again, they are both shocked by the outcome. But in the lives they live in, not everything goes according to plan... “I’m not gonna leave you,” I whisper, tucking a curl of her hair back behind her ear. “You promise?” “I promise.”

  • Monika97
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  • CristianMihai
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    "What if I were to tell you how this story is going to end? Would you read on? What if I were to tell you what the biggest tragedy in my life was? Would you care? If I were to flood you with useless information about who I am and what I do, would you remember any of it for more than five minutes?"

    A short story about painful memories and a kiss.

  • Monika97
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  • _Jayetty
    4 years ago


    TTT Banner, (C) Jayetty

    Genre: Romance / Action / Thriller

    Summary: Julianne wanted to live a normal life, with her normal dog, in a normal house. But she never had that. Instead, she fights to survive, everyday, by doing things she never pictured herself doing at her age. When Damian Abraham steps into her picture, things go upside down even further. He's a difficult individual to understand, but when the two gain the unexpected attention of a local gang war, will their bond be strong enough for them to survive it all?

    Sexy bad boy? Hell yes. <3

    The guy in this story is a gang member, so I think that fits your description. :D

    I hope you read and like!

  • KatieeSpoon
    4 years ago

    Book Cover, This is one of my book covers made by a fellow wattpader :) http://www.wattpad.com/3499116-i-can%27t-change-who-i-am-and-i-don%27t-want-to Erika Holl, suffers from depression, bi polar and not to mention agoraphobia. All her life she has been cooped up inside her house, smack bang in the middle of her town watching the neighbours and villagers pass with happy looks on their faces. Just once she wished she could do the same. Since as long as she can remember she hasn’t spoken to anyone but her mother and father. But what happens when financial business and work gets tough? By becoming and a waitress and meeting the towns so called ‘rude boy’ what can she do when she can only squeak in reply...?

  • KandiceJhn
    4 years ago

    I have two different ones if you don't mind!(: http://www.wattpad.com/2856221-shadowland#9_5,5_0_ab90ef8d550a18_%7B%22id%22%3A2%2C%22result%22%3A%22easyXDM_cloudsponge_default4169_provider%22%2C%22jsonrpc%22%3A%222.0%22%7D
    Adley Pruitt has always known she was different. What she didn’t know, however, was that she was the descendant of one of the seven royal families. Accompanied by her familiar ghost, Dante, and the help of another, she will discover the power she and six others harness. Will it be enough to stop The One?

    After living in the same place for your whole life, moving some place so far away can be such a big change, especially after you parents die. Enter Jacie McAdams. Her parents were murdered. Her brother, Ashton, takes her to live with him almost six hours away from her home. She’s devastated. There, she comes across Leigh Sanders who she couldn’t stand as a kid. Enter Brock Anderson, the local bad boy. What will happen when she tries to decide between the two guys who have the potential to steal her heart. One is her best friend who listens to every detail. The other, well, he’s almost as screwed up as Jacie thinks she is, maybe even more.

  • DDChant
    4 years ago


    Hi! Pretty please try one of mine??? The 1st is post apocalyptic, the 2nd historical and both are adventure romances!!!

    Broken City is set after an apocalypse and tells the story of Deeta, a young woman born after the world went crazy, and Tom her best friend. But Tom is keeping secrets and not everything is as it seems.......does Deeta really know Tom at all????


    ‘The Promise’ is set in saxon England and is the first book in ‘The Lady Quill Chronicles’, a series that tells how one battle changes the lives of 5 foster brothers. This book is the story of Rafe and Adele and the promise that binds them together.....


    Thanks!!! :-D

  • XxGoldfishxX
    4 years ago

    Heres my book: http://www.wattpad.com/2918265-dead-love (Romance/Mystery/Suspense/Fantasy)


    Dead Love:

    Only because all my life was normal doesn't mean that my death or my afterlife would be any normal. When you wake up and find out: you have memory loss; you're dead and love killing, you kind of get scared. Especially after throwing a massive truck 100 metres across the motorway. I try to get my body to obey me, but I swear it has a mind of its own! An evil, twisted mind. Then I meet Luke, who helps me, get a hold of myself. Literally. But can I stay around him without harming him? Will our love end before it even begins?

    Thanks xxx

  • TheZephyraTwins
    4 years ago

    Here's my newest story! It's not that long at the moment, but here's the link for the sneak peak, and if you like it, you can continue. I'd love to know what you think!!


    Crimson Tainted Past


    Who do you turn to when people around you are being mercilessly killed... by demons. Trained from a young age, a young man fights his way to become the world's greatest demon assassin. Little did he know that, even with his life chosen for him, there are many downfalls awaiting for him in the near future. What will he do when his comrades are killed by the very few that he is asked to kill?

    Hope you enjoy! :3

  • _fantasymotion
    4 years ago


    Lighte Cutters ***WATTY AWARDS 2012
  • Kalypto
    4 years ago


    Joanne has been followed by a mysterious man for a long time. Maybe beauty isn't always a good thing... To him, she is the purpose of his existence, but Andrew is going to make sure she definitely knows about her stalker. He thinks they have never met before, but is he right?

  • neverstopmex
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    4 years ago

    Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

    The girl with seven identities

    “Very original idea”

    “Impeccable Grammar”

    Adventure/Teen Fiction
  • oliverx1993
    4 years ago
  • oliverx1993
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  • SprinkledHoney
    4 years ago

    This has a sexy bad boy :'D Thanks!

    You Only Live Twice


    Winter Beaumont is a Vampire. Turned into a bloodthirsty, venomous immortal only three months ago, the reckless girl is suddenly forced into a world of the most perfect yet menacing creatures, sent on a mission whilst posing as a human.

    The Riverty family are the most dangerous and deadly Vampires known. With Ash Riverty an added cocky, arrogant and extremely gorgeous.

    When these two have their fates cross, everything changed.

  • athena_bmm
    4 years ago



    Guitarboy: "Do you want to meet face-to-face?"

    Pirate Queen: "Yes"

    Sam lives with her grandpa above their music store and together with her two best friends (Cherise and Timo) she's just enjoying the normal high school experience. That is until the day they get to meet Smoke, the hottest rockband out there. After this everything slowly starts changing.

    From falling off a stage on national live tv, 'till spending a night in jail. Sam has seen and done it all in the end. Maybe hanging out with Ace Miller, the singer of the band, wasn't such a great idea after all. But running away from Jack, the high school's quarterback certainly was. And let's not forget, there is still her mysterious Guitarboy to think about. Who exactly is he? And have they met before?