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  • lonerwolf
    4 years ago

    I am looking for a unique story about the romance between werewolves that is not a cliche or is copied off of other stories. I am looking for a long story with good grammer, spelling, a steady plot. I know this sounds picky, but I have read a lot of stories on this site and it is hard to find any good ones anymore that fullfil these requirements. Thanks everyone. I look forward to reading your stories!

  • UNIversial666
    4 years ago

    I wouldn't really call it a romance, but it's different. http://www.wattpad.com/3171551-night-stalkers-and-skinwalkers-chapter-1

  • kiara23
    4 years ago

    @lonerwolf HOPEFULLY u can call this unique, but it is werewolf romance, i have the polt planned out and i will be uploading steadily. link: http://www.wattpad.com/3503794-i-don%27t-want-him-i-want-you-you%27re-mine description: Lyrissa Hazel is a werewolf, living in an orphanage full of humans. Always has been and always will be. When she was around six to seven years old, she went out in the forest and was knocked out, effectively being forced into an early shift. And now, ten years on, she's still a werewolf. All alone and going to a new school, Lyrissa is frightened by what starts happening around her. Eerie people, strange scents, and a mystery that confuses her to no end. Then add a guy to it. All of this is centred around Jango, a strikingly handsome guy that takes a quick liking to Lyrissa. But why? Well, it all starts when he gives her his jacket...

    right now it's only the prologue, but I'm going to be uploading soon anyway, thanks! =)

  • animalxlover
    4 years ago


  • AemiJules
    4 years ago

    @lonerwolf I think both of these fit your description, so take a look if one of them sounds appealing to you :)

    A World Gone Mad - Adventure/Werewolf (completed)


    Ally is on the run. She can't trust anyone and it's more than just her life on the line. Taking a position as the mistress of the future alpha is just a way of biding her time. Can she keep her secrets from prying eyes?


    Waxing Love – Werewolf/Romance (ongoing)


    Aggie just broke up with her cheating boyfriend and finds herself without a job or an apartment. It seems like the perfect opportunity to visit her family’s old ancestral estate for the first time and see her favorite uncle. But there’s a reason she was always kept away from the house, and Aggie is about to find out why…

  • redhead_book_worm
    4 years ago


    Raya's 17th birthday is a week away and she can't wait to gain her freedom, but she's unknowingly getting much more than she bargained for. Orphaned as a baby, she's ever known her parents, all she's ever known is the group foster home she's lived in all her life. Things start to change when she sees a wolf in the woods one night. With the arrival of Michal she learns that she's not entirely human and that she's apart of something bigger than just herself. Unknown dangers lurk around every corner, waiting and watching for their chance. Raya must face and overcome these dangers just to stay alive and keep the love of her life. Her soulmate.

    New Wolfe Cover, This is the cover of my book, New Wolfe.



  • _Gracie_Strattyn
    4 years ago

    I hope you like this...



    Kelsey Norwood is wild, careless, and a ticking bomb waiting to explode. Ever since her parents divorced, she has caused problems for everyone around her. However, when her mother decides to send her away to her father’s house, everything changes. Kelsey knows that her family is hiding something. Strange things are happening. Why can she run faster than ever before? Why does she seem to crave raw meat and suddenly hate being indoors? Also, why does Carson, her father's employee, seem to hate her for no particular reason? Frustrated, she goes to her grandmother and demands answers. Little does she know what she’s really getting herself into. Or what her curiosity may cost her.

  • _julialyn
    4 years ago

    @lonerwolf There isn't so much romance in this one, but the next book in the series will have more. I would love if you could read it. I tried to make it different. Thanks :)


  • SimbasCorner
    4 years ago

    hey guyz.... just like u, i'm here to publish my story as well!!! lol!! but...fair warning... ITS (BOYXBOY) so if u dont like it... dont read it! :)

    anywho... my books name is - Mates For Life. here's a link... http://www.wattpad.com/2494768-mates-for-life-werewolf-boyxboy

    IF U HAVE THE TIME...PLZ READ IT AND GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK ABOUT HOW IT IS... I would be grateful! :) thanxx! :D

  • NotToday
    4 years ago


    Hello!(: My story is not going to be as cliche as others. I'm trying to write cliches and change them. Anyways here's mine. The thing is it's only a chapter long so I'm not sure if you still want to read it...

    Werewolf | Romance | Teen-Fiction

    Photobucket http://www.wattpad.com/3487782-the-mating-game-sneak-peak

    How far would you go for your dad’s happiness?

    Imogen Wood has always been a Daddy’s Lil Girl, so when she found out her dad was diagnosed with a deadly illness…she was devastated. Now, in order to let her father die proud and keep the Alpha title in the family, she has to find her mate.


    Through a little plan who her Dad calls…”The Mating Game.”

    Let the betrayal begin…

  • livmorffew
    4 years ago

    It isn't finished yet, and I really hope it isn't cliche @lonerwolf The Hospital Girl: After a horrific train crash, Amy Cruz is stuck in hospital. Her only company her younger brother Alec and her roommate Grace Blakewood, who is expecting a baby soon. Grace is married to Seth Blakewood, who is the alpha of the Kampfer pack. Seth's younger brother Steven, comes to visit one day to scold his brother for ditching band practice, but ends up finding his mate in the process. Steven wanted nothing but a strong femme wolf as a mate, not some petty, weak human like Amy. So will Steven come to accept what is rightfully his? Or will he be forever lost in his hurricane of emotions about the hospital girl?

  • BethanyAnneJane
    4 years ago

    I'd like to think my story has those things, please give it a read, you might like it :) http://www.wattpad.com/1974284-crescent-house

  • Corinder
    4 years ago

    I hope mine does! :) Take a look. It IS based off a book, but it follows original characters and an original plot, so hopefully you won't need to know about the original books. (Though I do recommend them.)


  • TheBrokenToy
    4 years ago

    @lonerwolf Hi, my story's name is Broken Bonds and here's the link and description! :) Thank you!


    "Yes. Me. I was the Alpha's mate. Was? Well, to put it plainly, he rejected me. But it was for the better. The Fates just messed up. But of course, they decided they need to change things up a bit and now I'm going right back to the Torturous Hole, but I am determined not to let him get in my way. I, Aisling Detruire, will not let this story become like all the others."

  • ShatteredMind
    4 years ago


    Paisley and Mark have been on the run for months now and life is hard, never getting close to anyone, never trusting anyone for fear they will be tracked down by their Alpha. But when Paisley meets with Blaine, the King of all Alphas, everything changes when the realize their mates. They start to fight for they both are used to getting their way but who will be getting their way Blaine the king of all werewolves or a mate that makes his jaw drop. With all this fighting Blaine and Paisley are starting to wonder if they really are mates because they seem like that hate each other more then love. Love and hate are two strong feelings that an be mistaken though right? Can Mark finally get over the fact that his baby sister is growing up and getting a mate of her own. What happens when her old pack hunts her? Will they take her away? Threten her? Can two people who are used to being on their own doing everything by themselves and pushing people away secretly make it into each others hearts? Most importantly can they be normal mates?

  • TraceyCronk-Hall
    4 years ago


    This is my story. I think it is fairly unique. The characters are mine. Guy is wolf; girl is human. Its a werewolf romance with a tiny twist.

    Gray Bishop was born a werewolf, but has lived his life in the human world instead of taking his place in the pack. He hated being a Lycan, absolutely loathed being forced to change into a wolf on the full moon, and has done only what is necessary to take care of what little family he has left. As the Alpha of his small family clan, he knows the responsibilities of his position and that he is the only one priviledged with the opportunity to take a mate and reproduce. He also knows that she is, in fact, out there somewhere so he keeps his distance. Last he heard, she was living in Washington State with her family. San Francisco should have been a sufficient distance away from her. However, little did he know that a tragedy in her life has practically dumped her right into his own backyard. A chance meeting one day reminds his wolf that he has a mate and the fight is on. Despite their instant attraction to one another, and despite the fact that his own brother wants to kill her as revenge against him, Gray has another problem on his hands. As Alpha, his mate is supposed to be a werewolf as well. Too bad his is still a human.

    I have tried to error check it coutless numbers of times. Its a very long book--close to thirty chapters. In fact, it will probably be longer than that once it is revamped and edited for a second time. I am uploading as I rewrite each chapter. Minimum of once per week. I have a husband, kids, pets, and full time job as well. If you would like to read, I would appreciate it. It is the first of a three part series. Bishop's Moon; Kylie's Sun; Jericho's Stars. Thanks for looking.

  • KeelyNyx
    4 years ago

    @lonerwolf : Hello, my story is still a work in progress but it's getting there, it's not entirely based off of the typical mate thing. Though it may appear that way at first. Here's the description, hope you read and enjoy it.



    Prior to laying eyes on his mate, Elijah Ulva was reckless, uncaring, and rebellious. He had refused to become the next Alpha of his pack on his 21st birthday. In his opinion it's a pointless chore. When he meets Katrina his views don't change, he still refuses to stand up to his responsibilities. But she refuses to admit he exists. The last thing she wants is a mate, especially one as selfish as he is. That's the excuse she gives him. But despite the facade, she's pining for him.

    Katrina refuses to get her mate or any other outsiders involved in the chaos of her life. From birth she became part of a world that has made living life a chore, a fearful struggle. Katrina and her pack have a secret, a secret that could not only endanger Elijah and his pack but the entire werewolf race as they know it.

  • DragonOfSapphire
    4 years ago



    After the tragic death of his mother, Richard and his father moved away from everything he knew in life, including his childhood best friend Jonathan. Five years later Jonathan and his mother join him in the small town of Crystal Creek, up in the Colorado Mountains, and Richard's life slowly returns to normal. Little does he know that normal for him is not such a good thing, as he begins to draw the attention of creatures from the stories his mother used to tell him at night.

    Warning: Contains innocent male intimacy and weird relationships. Douse not contain incest.

    I hope you like it, I started writing it a while ago.

  • _RunForYourLife
    4 years ago

    @lonerwolf it's not the stereotypical were romance and it starts off as a subtle thing but progresses through out the book.





    it's not that long writing the 3rd chapter at the moment :)

  • thunderheart15
    4 years ago

    Well, there isn't any romance in it at the moment in the story but that's because I'm building the relationship. It's not cliche and I try my best with grammar but if there is that kind of mistake then I greatly apologize. Otherwise, Thank you for reading if you do read it! :)


    The Underworld's Moon (BoyxBoy)

    Genre: Other | Werewolf


    About: Verin is a demon and the best part, he's the prince of the Underworld. He's completely ignorant and can't help but act spoiled as he wishes. All he cares about is getting the throne so his lazy, sex-drive father can get off it. His father wants Verin to go get a slave to learn responsibilities and he begrudgingly does as told. Now, he as a pet werewolf named Faolan as his slave and he has no idea what to do with him. Instead of planning to use him and quickly get rid of him as planned for when he gets the throne, would he end up falling for this little werewolf? And if his father found out, would his father make him resign the throne that he has been waiting for a long time for?

  • NoFreakin1
    4 years ago

    http://www.wattpad.com/story/1011862-an-extention-to-twilight wel i think it fits ur criteria so y dont u jst give it a try n i hope u vl like it... thx...:))

  • mayraluizacorrea
    4 years ago

    Not sure if you're going to find mine a cliche, but you may try it... I'm trying something different.. RTLMcopy2.jpg?t=1331810894 First Chapter on! http://www.wattpad.com/3840697-running-the-last-mile-chapter-1

  • TashaW
    4 years ago


    “All you want is this baby Dean! Why don’t you love me?” I yelled at him, emotional tears running down my face. Sure I was hormonal and just slightly crazy but I’d just had enough. When April met her werewolf mate Dean Rivers, all she ever wanted was for him to love her, but after three years together it’s becoming obvious to her that he’s only after their one of a kind baby. Will April go to great lengths to win Dean’s love? Or will she seek revenge for all the heartache by taking away the one thing most precious to him? His baby… (Watty Awards 2012)

  • _iFall2fly
    4 years ago
  • UnForgivable15
    3 years ago



    Mel was perfect in Jo’s eyes. She had perfect curly brown hair he wanted to run his fingers through. Her perfect green eyes and brilliant white smile that could light up any room captivated him. Any time he would dare to hug her, her perfect petite curvy body fit into his perfectly. As he sat across from her and his sister, her eyes finally caught his stare. Perfect chills went down his spine as she smirked, amusement shining in her eyes. She was untouchable. She was something he could never have. She, Mellissa Rose Young was his little sister’s best friend. He catches her looking at him….GOD…completely and utterly unattainable.

    Mel let out a longing sigh. She tried to act normal, she really did. Never the less it was becoming harder and harder to pretend that she wasn’t jealous when Jo’s girlfriend was brought up, that she didn’t want to find a dagger and plunge it into her heart every time she saw them kiss, and that she wasn’t completely and uncontrollably in love with him. Maybe it was his soft dark hair, or his perfect face, or his strong arms and chest, or maybe it was how nice he treated her. She guesses she always had loved him, even though she didn’t realize it until last year.

    Jo agrees to go to a party to protect his sister. he is alpha, its the right thing to do. what he didnt know is that he was actually going to be protecting her best friend, mel. nor did he think this young human girl would be his mate.

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