• yourlilRIOT7
    4 years ago

    YESSS.... I'm writing one C:

    Zombies scare the living shizzaness outa me I realize that they are pretty popular now on Wattpad... but i still have a love for them. There's something about surviving against the odds that i love :D

    check mine out:

    No one knows how it started… no one knows where they came from; all we know is that they are here and that if we don’t protect ourselves, we could turn into one of them… The world has been infected, with a disease. Avery is only fifteen years old and death is all around her. She, along with a few others, managed to survive in their small society. Avery doesn’t think her life will ever change, and she will always have to live with The Dead around her. But then there is a mistake. The Rulers have been hiding something from them. What happens when their society gets attacked?


  • yourlilRIOT7
    4 years ago

    You should totally come back to this discussion... ya know... cuz it looks like you haven't checked it out for awhile *hehehe

  • 6ix6ix6ix
    4 years ago

    check out my story ik i messed up here and there but i also love zombies...so check me out

  • AVYofficial
    4 years ago

    Check mine out if you want, it's about a zombie apocalypse.


  • NightlySarah
    4 years ago

    Zombies have a poetic nature-- a symbol of death. Most 'zombies' now are pretty low-grade... I'm also looking for an original story with zombies.

  • yourlilRIOT7
    4 years ago

    @NightlySarah ik what you mean about them being portrayed as 'low-grade'. if you ARE looking for a zombie story then possibly check out mine, at least, i dont THINK i portray them that way... idk here: http://www.wattpad.com/2848169-breathing-fear-chapter-1 C: lol i dont want to come off as rude though so you can totally ignore this!

  • _UndyingDeath
    4 years ago

    Haha, Sorry to just jump in, but it's ironic I found a zombie thread. Me and my friends we're joking around the other day and we were saying we we're getting out of school because of zombies. (We were getting out because of snow.. but it wasn't even snowing...) Later that day some random little kid walked up to me and told me he was going to eat my brains... o_o

    But back to the actual meaning of the thread, Zombies are a bit overused now a days... I'm getting sick of hearing of them, lol. However I do love to play Left 4 Dead on the Xbox, haha. :3

  • cookieoflife
    4 years ago

    I haven't been on this discussion for AGES :P

    I dunno... I guess zombies are becoming a bit overused but I think what is making them unoriginal is the characters. Lot's of zombie stories on Wattpad have really similar characters.

    I wrote something similar on a different zombie story, but, to me, zombies and romance don't mix. I'm not saying there can't be any romance, I just don't like it when it takes over the whole story... But it can be pulled off if done correctly :)

    I hope I didn't offend anyone. This is just my opinion so don't let it bug you. :) Once again, sorry if I offended you <:)

  • cookieoflife
    4 years ago

    @UndyingDeath AHH THE IRONY! That kid seems veeery scaary... O.O

    Lucky you, though. It doesn't snow at all where I live... It's summer here :)

  • starfishinthesky
    4 years ago

    please try mine T.T there's not much zombies in it yet because it's only the beginning.... please give it a chance http://www.wattpad.com/2899070-we%27re-still-fighting-a-zombie-apocalypse-story

  • AnimeFreaks4Ever
    4 years ago

    @_Cataclysm I just started a zombie book, if you would like you can read it. But I have one request if you could, can you give me feedback on how it is. Here's the link http://www.wattpad.com/3596293-the-apocalypse-book-one-author%27s-note

  • _BurgerQueen
    4 years ago

    @_Cataclysm Hey! I wrote a short prologue on my first ever zombie story. Please do check it out & tell me if I should continue. Thank you =D

    Here's the link --------> http://www.wattpad.com/3968630-are-you-contaminated-prologue

  • Maddog139
    3 years ago

    http://www.wattpad.com/story/1234138-savage It's common knowledge that if you murder someone you get punished for it. But what if the authority disappeared, in fact what if everyone disappeared. What if life as you knew it was over, over without warning. My name is Dara, and my life is a mess; I've got no money, I'm forever getting injured, oh and everyone is trying to eat me.....

  • _TooBotheredToWrite
    3 years ago

    omg i LOVE zombies (but i'd be useless during an apocalypse) and you should read the comic and watch the TV show The Walking Dead (AMAZING!!!!) the Walking Dead is on FX/ AMC on Sundays at 8.30pm (they're airing season 3 in october) YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST SEE IT~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LikeLewk
    3 years ago



    Life was going great for me until the epidemic hit. It started in America, a terrible disease that killed people in a matter of minutes, then brought them back as mindless killing machines. It spread like wild fire eradicating everything in its path, leaving a trail of death behind it.

    And now it’s here. Threatening to destroy everything I love, even my 6 year old brother Max. And I’m not willing to let that happen.


    Follow 19 year old Jack Taylor who will stop at nothing to protect his friends and family, but no one more than his little brother, Max, from the infection that is trying to destroy his whole world.

    There’s nowhere to hide. Nobody is safe. Keep running and if you’re lucky you might just survive.

  • WishOnaStarxxx
    3 years ago



    December 21st 2012 was just an ordinary day for Annabelle, raised as a tomboy, no end of the world taking place. Unexpectedly, the very next day is when a news broadcast informs everyone about a new suspicious 'Zombie' disease. Annabelle just believes it's a harmless prank until the unthinkable happens right in front of her eyes. Her family is killed by a pack of flesh eating killer monsters, which is now a reality taking over the entire county. Even the whole world is suddenly under attack, being invaded state by state. Forming a group with her best friends, they struggle to survive, finding out that there's only one place in the United States where they can truly be safe from these deadly creatures. But there's only one problem. They have no other choice but to get there, by foot. No other way out. And when she meets a mysterious stranger, named Jaxon, what will happen once her friends and his friends all form into one big team? Surviving during a zombie apocalypse is bad enough, but falling for someone while struggling to stay alive is far much worse for Annabelle Swan.

  • TheOrangutan
    3 years ago

    @WishOnaStarxxx - and in this case, you've dug up a thread so old the user who made it is no longer on the site so it's pointless... a zombie thread if you will...

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