• forest898
    4 years ago

    please post the link here and a short summary

  • WashedUpWithLaughter
    4 years ago

    I don't know if it's really horror but here you go! They are all dying and she hasn't a clue why. The dreams haunt her and now she feels she has to do something. Is Vitae Dator really who she thinks she is? Is she going to save her friends or save the world? She can barely talk to her boss without tripping over every second word. Oh and just to make matters worse she needs to find out what's so great about her bell. Can't she just figure out how to work around school like a normal person with ADD

  • forest898
    4 years ago

    I really need help! =(

  • h_ahmed_a
    4 years ago


    I'm writing a mystery-thriller. I hope it works out for you.

    Losing her world to injustices of the corporate world, Tanya decides to get back at them. Only, she doesn't realise, the corporate world is no match for her. But the heart, when filled with the passion of revenge, can do the impossible... Or can it?

  • h_ahmed_a
    4 years ago

    @forest898 What do u need help with????

  • _Unlucky13
    4 years ago

    It's kinda of a blend between mystery/ suspence, Science fiction and either horror or thriller :)


    Confined to a hospital bed for six months of her life, they gave her the opportunity to walk again – the only thing they need in return is for her to participate in their ‘experimental treatment’.

  • nitalya
    4 years ago

    Reality is no longer a single truth, thus reality is fractured.

    Bethany Ifearnán is anything but your run of the mill police consultant who does not know when to back off a case. Recent murders in Etanepita, Greece have stumped the local police and have them calling on Beth to shed some light on it. Not everything is as it seems leading Beth down a road filled with lies, death, a crazy loon and the unknown

  • InspireMe
    4 years ago

    On January 4th, at exactly 7:06 p.m. Stacey Marone, Jordyns best friend, died. She was shot, alongside her two parents in a parking lot. It was caught on the store's security camera. But now, events start to occur that make Jordyn question the truth about Staceys death. But....she saw it on tape. She saw the video. She saw her best friend die. ....or did she?

    I think it fits in with both genres, though its mostly a mystery in my opinion. A lot of people tell me it should be put in horror, but I dont think its too scary.

  • NothingButADreamer
    4 years ago A story about a girl who wanted to find her parents that vanished in a secret town. She will be taking the risk with her sister and will be meeting the old man who knew how to get their parents back. Will she and her sister be able to find their parents despite of the dangerous things they will encounter?

    I am still editing the chapters and making them looooonger and will update asap. Pls. comment about what you think in my story. I would appreciate if you will tell me some errors or other thingy I have to improve! Thanks!

  • MorbidSoda
    4 years ago Knight Hale has always been able to see ghosts, unknown to him; he has the ability to cast idle souls into his command. Although, given the skills, looks and talent, he is an arrogant self-centered man with an undeniably huge ego. Because of his rude and insolent actions he was forced to join “SCYTHE”. A secret organization that prevents a series of suicide and murders through a wide spread virus and unknown beings. With his casts Raven Lucard, a deceased mafia boss, and Gale, his female counterpart that has been sleeping inside him for 5 long years—it is their job to stop these atrocious crimes before it’s too late.

    "Please comment about what you think, I'm just new actually so there might be a lot of errors :D"

  • ivoryeyes
    4 years ago

    Thunder birds go out camping, hoping to win the most wanted prize of their scouting contest. As they decide to settle in an old building, their presence is multiplied by three other kids on the same task of camping. Things change dramatically as they settle in the house, wishing never to have gone there,their wishes are slightly late. The doors have turned into solid walls and Each person starts to dis appears overnight,the only survivers are Malik and Liz, They have a chance of escaping, But at this point, Liz has nothing to loose, she can scurry away and leave the place in one piece, on the other hand is Malik who has to save his sister Hanan and as a good team leader, he has to find his friends. What is in store for him is greater than he thought, but he is determined to make it, Will Liz help him? Find out

  • _Darkangel9872005
    4 years ago

    Hey Check out my story:)

    Reaper: here is the summary:

    Special Agent Ryu Scarletti wanted nothing more than to kick back and relax on an early vacation in South Florida with a glass of good whiskey and a fine woman to entertain his time. Instead he’s called back to work by a national emergency. The percentage of missing persons had sky rocketed over the course of the last few months and to make matters worse, most of them had been popping up dead across the state of New York. Now it’s up to Scarletti to crack the case before anymore bodies turn up. The case gets even more complicated when criminals start to appear trussed up like a thanksgiving turkey in front of the police station. There’s whispers on the wind of a mysterious savior that prowls the streets protecting the innocent, whose only calling card is a scythe engraved into the gift wrapped criminal’s skin. Now Scarletti must not only find the rest of those missing before they wind up dead, but also bring the mysterious vigilante, that the media dubbed Reaper due to his calling card, to justice before he gets the taste for blood. This is their story.

  • _murderella
    4 years ago

    This is a serial killer story. The story revolves around a woman who confesses to eighteen murders. Her signature - rearranging the morphology of her victims. After she is jailed, she reveals murder number nineteen that spiraled the lives of detectives, copycats and a journalist. Happy reading! :)

  • xSinfullySurrealx
    4 years ago


    18 year old April Clark is shocked when she is told that her parents and friends do not exist and that she is supposed to be the girllfriend of a terrorist. A man she doesn't know and a man she hasn't seen.

  • MidnightSacrifice
    4 years ago

    Hope you have time to look at mine? it's part horror but since I can only put two genre's on it right now it's on mystery/thriller :]

    On the night of my sixteenth birthday party I, Lauren Catalina Bennett, was brutally murdered in my backyard by the person I least suspected.

    My catastrophic death struck residents of Florence, Arizona so highly that they wondered, “who would ever want to kill ‘precious Laurie’?”

    I was, after all, Florence’ perfect little angel. Or was I?

    Not everything was like it seemed in this quiet little town.

    My friends and I did unforgivable things. Sins, that in my part turned deadly.

    Now, three years later, my killer is out for more blood. Except this time, those who were around me when I was alive are the next targets.

    All because of what they did when they were younger.

    It all began with a death. And now, it must end with another one. The question is this time who will it be?

  • tinakilgore
    4 years ago

    Help Me Remember Me


    Who is he? That is the question that haunts Morgan when she wakes from a coma with no memory of her past life. A man who keeps appearing in her dreams may just be the key to unlocking her memories. With the help of a new friend will she find him, and if she finds him will he be able to help her? What will she find dark hidden in her past that might just get her killed?

  • CarlitosETX
    4 years ago

    3 Chapters …

    Three students from Ashford High get an simple assignment, and in the middle of the assignment, they discover something that was being kept hidden from the entire town, something that could affect America as they know it. There's an endless possibilities of answers, but they embark to learn the origins of this mystery.

  • kaprici0us
    4 years ago

    @forest898 At your service! I'd love it if you read my story and give your valuable opinion on it. =) I'm constantly told it's one of the most intriguing and original ones out there.

  • Frojay
    4 years ago

    I hope you like it, please read all ten parts:


    Adenah is an eleven year old girl who has been abused for her whole life knows nothing besides the hard walls of this house. Now the parents that adopted her want her to marry this twenty year old named Curtis, because they know that he is going to abuse her even more. It is then put to court and it has been decided that it will be a competition between Adenah and Curtis. If she wins this competition, with her life at stake, she gets to find her brother since they were separated at the adoption center at two years old; though if she loses against Curtis she will live her life in abuse and never find a way out.

  • MorbidSoda
    4 years ago

    A man of science during the holiday "Halloween"... In a place full of beliefs... And a special case that cannot be solved by science... Or so they believe

    Thanks in advance!!

  • brieisawkward
    4 years ago


    Massquerade Massacre

    a young teen photographer doing a project for her photo class explores her town looking for a new photo opritunity when she finds a bunch of masks. what she dosnt know is that these mask are part of a crime scene that the cops have been trying to figure out for a long time. each mask she finds comes with a clue to wear to find the next one. as she starrts her journey she notices that this isnt a normal criminal,its someone from her school. when all of her friends become suspects she cant trust anyone. everyday when she wakes up her life is in danger and this adventure is making her paranoid that everyones out to kill her. if she dosnt find the last note soon her parents are gonna put her in a mental hospital and this case will never be solved.

  • Immanuel_IMG
    4 years ago

    It's both mystery and horror:

    SUMMARY: Carya Halither had just recently moved into an apartment block in Fukuoka, Japan with the intention of starting a new life. It's a new town for her, and she doesn't know a single thing. She doesn't know that among her neighbours are a weapons specialist, a criminologist and someone with deep ties among the Criminal Investigation Bureau. She doesn't know that she's dangerously close to the Nobility, a group of people who can artificially induce severe states of psychosis in the minds of all living things. She also doesn't know the connection that both the former and latter share.

    So when people began to drop dead one after another, she simply passed it off as the normal murder. But despite her naivety and innocence, she soon discovered a common link between all the unceasing murders: each victim was more innocent than the other, each perpetrator more psychopathic than the previous and each case more unnerving than every other. There was absolutely no doubt that the Nobility had a hand in many of the murders. Full of determination, she set out with her neighbours - and newfound friends - to solve every mystery and catch the Nobility.

  • puppluv
    4 years ago

    A short story I wrote for an english assignment one year ;)

  • NathanGevao
    4 years ago - that is mine. hope you'll like it... its not finished

  • izzybelleraine
    4 years ago

    @forest898 My story is Split (see it on my profile.) I promise you'll like it. It isn't like anything you'll ever read (in a GOOD way.)

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