Any good Mystery/Suspense stories for me?

  • _rockeyastronautS
    4 years ago

    hi, i would be happy if you could read my story thanks:

  • xxDorkie
    4 years ago

    Check out xoxZaniexox 's story called "Clones" ! --->Michael is a GAA; Genetically Altered Agents. He doesn't remember much but he knows one things for sure, he and the other GAAs were trained for a reason. He and five other GAAs from different camps are sent to a small town in Montana to attend high school. At first everything goes well; they are stronger, smarter, and faster than all except for one student. Alina is the only student who is smarter than the GAAs, and she suspects that something if off about them. One day, she finds a piece of paper that has names of the six students on it, along with a logo with the letters "GAA". Whatever it is about, she is determined to find out. After threatening to tell the school about what she found. Michael tells her. The two eventually develop feelings towards each other. Although one day, without a trace... Alina disappears. Did the people who created the GAAs took her because she knew? Or is it something else?


  • Iza
    4 years ago

    Perhaps this might be of a different tune. I'm new to writing though I enjoy having a mix of fact and fiction. My story is kinda based on my exchange trip to Japan a few years back, so most of the places and stuff are kinda true, n dare i say the people as well. Of course the plot is fiction :p Anyways enjoy n hopefully drop me some advice or comment :)

    Smile For Me

  • RonnyCee23
    4 years ago

    Hey EveryBody ! A Wattpad newbie here. If you have some time, I think you will not regret checking out my first wattpad publishing !! :-D Thank You & Have a Good Night !

  • Monika97
    4 years ago



    READ& COMMENT few chapters and I will do the same :)

    BUT PLEASE TRUE comments, NOT FAKE one :)

  • RonnyCee23
    4 years ago

    Hello People, The World Needs Us !! There is Valuable Information That Needs to made Available to the Public. How Can You Help ?? Simply Start By Reading the beginning of my New Book here : . The rest will come Naturally, I'm sure !

  • StormySkyDiver
    4 years ago

    Called 'The Angel Of Hell'! Hope you like it! Pleas eleave a comment! Thanks :D

  • FallingForABoy
    4 years ago
  • Speedy__Girl
    4 years ago

    Here's mine~ You think a family of four would be living in a lowly haunted house, wrong. On Malbury street, there's a house built on land that bore a large building containing spirits/people who committed suicide before it had been burnt down by Chicago's great fire. Five years later after that, a house is built over it.

    135 years later, A new family moves in the old house..only discovering what the previous family had endured

  • JordanHilliard
    4 years ago

    If anyone has the time, I'd appreciate a comment or review, let me know what you think and send me your links as well for your very own read back :)

  • -SarahCorner-
    4 years ago

    Oh wow! I loved the Cellar book, more of a horror book to me but *shrug* read it anyway! Haha! There isn't much to mine yet, the mystery comes in later on :) This just introduces the characters and their lifestyles hehe



    Kori Holmes and her skater gang began their group when her and her inseparable best friend, Dani, entered high school. Joining the Group was the best thing that ever happened to her. Not only does the Group have its’ perks, but also the fact that she gets to see a whole ‘nother side of the world. All of the Group members care for each other, and when something goes terribly wrong, will Kori Holmes be able to find the culprit and gain revenge?
  • theamateurwriter
    4 years ago
  • vspinkvs1661
    4 years ago

    looking for lots of comments and votes!

  • SamHayler
    4 years ago


    The Mafia is such a destructive business. It either makes you, or breaks you. In present day, it exists more than ever, wreaking havoc and terror throughout Western Europe. Louis Agostino has lost everything to the mob, and is about to take it all back, dead or alive. After being moved to England with his wife and son, he began to start what could have been a normal life. But when he wakes up one morning, and all of it is gone... "Ain't no wise-guy's gonna step in his way, period."

  • _SweptAwayByLies_
    4 years ago

    You can skip prologue if you want, im not that good at writing them xD

    It's kind of like a mystery/suspense/action combo LOL

    Aries Hysa who's been in a coma for about a year finally wakes up. The problem is that she woke up with amnesia and it doesn't seem like her memories are going to return anytime soon. Before she even had a chance to recover, she finds herself in a war between two organizations, having no idea what's going on and why is it her that they want. Can she uncover the secrets hidden beneath the two's surface?

    Check it out?(:

  • Maggaline
    4 years ago

    "Clues He Left Behind"

    Aisling Marie's life was going perfectly for an average 21 year old. She's suddenly in an accident that caused her to be in a coma for almost a month. She wakes up barely remembering anything except for her beloved Casper Edmonds. News is that he mysteriously disappeared after their accident. A pacakage shows up in the mail adressed to her. Inside is a tape and a map. There's no return adress on it. Who could it be from? Why would anyone send her an old tape? Turns out thoug, it's a clue. A clue to find her dear Casper.

  • yme123
    4 years ago


    After the death of a close friend Amy Mair is brought in for questioning. But what can she tell them about a guy she barely knew herself. Who was he really? It is up to you to decide.

  • baby_star
    4 years ago
  • _Vindr_
    4 years ago Christopher had just witnessed a horrible car crash in which an entire family was killed. Like that was not enough he finds a diary of someone who was inside of that car. At first, he thinks it belonged to the mother of the family. But as he fails not to open it he finds out it belonged to the woman's daughter. Even though he knows it's wrong he can't help but read it. But as he gets to know about the girls who's death he witnessed he starts to develop feelings for someone who's already dead. How will he cope with everything that is going on in his life? And will he be capable of finding out what troubled the girl he finds so fascinating?

  • _Shikkui
    4 years ago

    Any mysteries that have great tricks on this site?

  • SourChild
    4 years ago

    hi! please check out mine if you can!

    A young teenage girl who begs for school days to end, only to go home and it's just as bad. Her parents are scientists who are constantly experimenting, making her life a living hell. She's tired of letting them control what happens in the basment of their house, the lab. One day their testing just goes to far for Ivy to handle.

  • wolfstar530
    4 years ago my book is called Supernatural Academy. In my story there is vampires. witches, and werewolves. They're all mortal enemies going to the same school. Between fights, came calling, and just pure drama the students find out a serect that could affect them all. Will the out aside there diffrences and work to together or will there diffrence be the end of them?

  • FarCryNovels
    4 years ago

    Hey, you should check out my story "Black Death : Gangs Aren't My Style"


    What would you do if you came home one night to find that your brother had just shot someone in the head? And that he was in Black Death, the most-feared gang in the country? Would you run? Well, Ally sure did. But what happens when four years later, she somehow finds herself back in the world of gangs where she must fight for her life? Will her brother find her? And even if he does, what will he say? Will he be happy that he found his little sister, or would he want to right the one mistake he had in his life; Letting her get away alive with his secret.

    Now the leader of Black Death, Ally's brother is powerful and he is no longer the same man that she knew growing up. Can she change him back? Or, more importantly, can she get away?

  • NaughtyAuti
    4 years ago
  • michiyokiyomi
    3 years ago

    It’s a mystery/suspense/horror (I need a new story ad)


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