Teen Fiction Plot Ideas... PG13+

  • stephlouise2k9
    4 years ago

    Hey I have a plot/story line for a Teen fiction story but I don't think I want to write it... It would probably be a PG-13+ Teen Fiction/Humor So I thought maybe if I post the idea here someone might like it and write a story like it one day :)

    Summary/ Plot: A girl finally get's her first boyfriend (probably could be the player type of guy or something) and her best friend (who's also a guy) (and she doesn't secretly like him or love him etc) doesn't like him and think's he's not good enough for her etc, she dates the guy for a while and decides she doesn't trust him enough to lose her virginity to him so her and her best friend make a deal that she'll lose her virginity to him (the best friend) . However planning something like this never goes to plan and slowly along the way she find's herself falling for her best friend at the same time as he fall's for her.

    Really bad summary I know but I think if the right person wrote it, it could be quite good :) Just a Idea anyway! If anyone does use the idea let me know.... because I'd really want to read it!!!

  • _AMCAstories
    4 years ago

    Oh, you're saying you want someone to write this for you? Or something of the sort? Oh, yeah, I will accept the challenge.

  • SincerelyShy
    4 years ago

    I really like this idea and even though someone else accepted it i wish to accept to. Please!

  • dramademon97
    2 years ago

    We give you credit for coming up with this plot. Even though 2 other people have already accepted this, my friend and I would like to give it a try as well.