Character Ideas?

  • _UnitOfLight
    2 years ago

    I am planning on writing a teen superhero story, but I don't have any idea for characters! If I use your character I will dedicate a chapter to you. Here is the information I need:

    Full Name:

    Code Name (optional):




    Body type:








  • dee_angel
    2 years ago

    Name: James Burn

    Code Name: Matrix

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Black hair, Bright, sea blue eyes, long eyelashes, defined cheekbones, cupids bow lips, lean muscles, tall, physically fit. A scar on the back of his neck.

    Powers: Change the air density and moisture content (he can create storms, rain, influence wind and water, and suck oxygen out of the air as a method of killing)

    Background: The Best of the Best. The outcome of generations of people with better genes than the rest (cleverer, longer life, allure in appearance) having children to create a mutant child like him.

    Family: Dead. He watched them die in front of his eyes.

    Personality: Quiet, unseen. Sarcastic in his speech. Intelligent, neever forgets anything. Skilled fighter. Occasional flirt. Appears cold and heartless on the outside to the ones he cares about so they dont get hurt for him like his family.

    Hope this helped!

  • royalsfan125
    2 years ago

    If you need another character

    Name: Knute Smith


    Appearance: Blond hair ,green eyes, glasses, not physically fit but not fat, short

    Powers: Can control mind and slow down time

    Background: Can sometimes lose it in the line of duty and be disloyal

    Family: lives with dad, mom left

    Personality: Very smart, does not like to show his emotions because if he does he will think he is putting his job aside and dealing with things that do not matter at the moment, loner

    I hoped this helped also. Could you please check out my short story that I plan to make into a series also. I would really appreciate if you read and told me what you thought!!

  • AsherThePoet
    2 years ago

    This sounded interesting.... so why not? haha here goes (you are completely allowed not to use her if you so choose):

    Name: Alice Sanders

    Code Name: Red Fox

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Long (down to waist) straight solid redish/orange hair (always pulled into a pony tail), ice blue eyes which clash with her red hair, extremely pale skin, long muscled legs, curved body, large breast, thin face

    Blood Type: O negative (why not?)

    Powers: can bring electronic devices to life (controls them with her mind), one on one combat fighting skills, and skilled with a dagger, master of disguises

    Background: Parents unknown, grew up in foster homes with no real friends, lived in a big city

    Family: both parents abandoned her and are assumed to be dead

    Personality: flirtatious, friendly, sneaky, secretive, gentle (to animals), intimidating (especially toward men), pushy, impulsive, cross dresser, trusts no one, has her wise moments

    Hope you like her :) enjoy

  • _UnitOfLight
    2 years ago

    @AshlynSchultz @royalsfan125 @dee_angel thanks! I am going to use all of yours! Expect to see them in my book Olympus Academy

  • writerandafighter
    2 years ago

    Full Name: Ariella Soria Rona

    Code Name (optional):

    Gender: Female



    Body type: slim, strong limbs, hourglass figure and the most perfect collar bones...basically, every girls dream.

    Powers: can take control of the mind of any living creature or object and they instantly obey her. Her weakness is small, right spaces, and in those conditions she can use her mind to influence other hum beings or animals.

    Likes: taking control, getting attention, voicing her opinion and taking other people's ideas and developing on them, making them better.

    Dislikes: people disagreeing with her, those who think they can steal her spotlight, small spaces and bright lights.

    Personality: bossy, honest, self-absorbed, loud, funny, quite sensible, type to not have many friends, rough and smart.

    Background: came from a rich, smart, opinionated line of generations, and all of them have had superpowers. She's always been the best at everything, along with her siblings, and made the most out of her easy life because she knew someday she would have to take care of herself, and she didn't look forward to it.

    Family: Mother, Paricia, Father, Bishop, older brother, Jacan, younger sister, Lennon and youngest sister, Nillia.


  • helen_sizzle
    2 years ago

    Full Name: Andrew Leon Markovich

    Code Name (optional):

    Gender: male

    Hair: Curly brown hair the color of chocolate but with a few silver streaks throughout

    Eyes: They reflect the color of the sky (so blue, grey, etc...)

    Body type: Tall, thin and lanky, but stronger than he looks

    Powers: Anything to do with the weather! (prefers snow and changing one's internal body temperature as a method of attack) Ex. rain, tornadoes, etc...

    Likes: Listening to music, painting landscapes

    Dislikes: Talking, prefers to be selectively mute for currently unknown reasons

    Personality: Random like weather patterns, occasionally matches the weather at current time

    Background: Abandoned at a young age and survived on the streets by pick-pocketing, picked up by a rich mob boss who raised him to follow in his footsteps.

    Family: None that he can remember except the mob boss who may or may not still be trying to keep in contact with him

    Thanks! I had fun typing up him so do as you please ( I don't care if he makes it or not!)

  • _UnitOfLight
    2 years ago

    @abbbyyyaaa thank you! I think I might use her later on in the story! @helen_sizzle thanks for giving the idea! I think I will use him as a teacher or something along those lines(:

  • helen_sizzle
    2 years ago

    @Carlthewerellama Thank you! I really appreciate it and I AM going to read your story (It sounds so interesting!) ...message me when it's up?

  • _UnitOfLight
    2 years ago

    @helen_sizzle it has been up for a while, I just didn't have enough character ideas. So check it out: Olympus Academy.

  • helen_sizzle
    2 years ago

    @Carlthewerellama Oh, OK then! *mutters to myself* man, do I need to get with the program. Thanks for telling me! ;)

  • jazgrey
    2 years ago

    I don't know if you still need characters but...

    Full Name: Marina North

    Code Name (optional): Shift

    Gender: female

    Hair: Long, sleek jet black hair

    Eyes: big violet colored eyes framed by long black eyelashes

    Body type: slender and fit

    Powers: Able to become any person or animal

    Likes: Nightime, movies, flirting, boys, white lillies, music, dancing

    Dislikes: Morning, coffee, country music, players, two faced people, love

    Personality: She's persistent and very strong willed. Considers herself to always be right, even when she's not, and usually does things before thinking them through. Unfortunately, she has little to no filter when she speaks and tends to say things other people are too afraid to. To her telling someone the truth, even when it's painful, is the best thing you can do for a person. Though she's a gigantic flirt, her hearts been broken so many times that she's stopped believing in love.

    Background: Her parents died when she was 3. Shes lived with her eccentric aunt Her powers began developing when she was 12, and she's been able to keep them a secret from her aunt and her friends since then. Though her childhood has been rough shes always had an easy time making friends.

    Family: She lives with her aunt, Lisa

  • Nokiaindestructible
    2 years ago

    Can i still make one? I'll do it know just in case:

    Full Name:Lionel Jensen

    Code Name: Ferrum(Latin for iron or sword)

    Gender: Male

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Dark brown

    Body type: Fit, but only slightly muscular.

    Powers: Can control and create all the natural elements in the periodic table(Ex. make an iron shield, poison someone with lead, and make gold jewelry for his sweetheart :3) and make compounds and new elements. He is also a master in swordplay.

    Likes: Playing around with elements he has created. Also likes video games, science, and architecture.

    Dislikes: Pollution, criminals, and all the artificial elements.

    Personality: Very quiet around people. He likes to talk to himself a lot. If angered, you better watch out, because he likes to "experiment" with his new elements. If he does talk to someone, he usually rambles about science and stuff. He is also a good liar.

    Background: Comes from a race known as the controllers. They were responsible for creating elements for all the planets in the universe and making sure that no lifeforms create their own elements. His family were in charge of earth until they were removed from their place once humans made the first artificial element. They now live among humans secretly.

    Family: His father, Darius died while working in the army. He does not know who or where his mother and has ten brothers and sisters living all over the world. When Darius died, he was adopted by a woman named Jenna.

  • AsherThePoet
    2 years ago

    @Carlthewerellama aw you actually liked her! :) thanks and it was fun to create a character. I will cerainly check out the book and if you need any help just message me or what ever! :) glad to help

  • SeanConway7
    2 years ago

    Ful name: jake and jill johnson (Twins)

    Code name loud and noisy

    Powers jake, whenever he listens to music everyone he looks at can hear at and can control their volume. Its a way to sneak around, make an entrance or just be loud

    Jill can also control what people hear with voices. She can spread rumors, distracted enemies. She can also change her voice.

    They are both sneaking but at times like to do things on thier own.

    Parents were both ear doctors. Mother developed an invention to improve thoses with hearing and speech problems. The father was working on an inventIon to regulate pitch noises on th battlefiled.

    If you want you can put that jake was deaf at birth and jill was mute until the mother placed a prototype the father was working on but didnt finish

    They both can have a slim built with a european look.

    Jake doesnt like people messing with his walkman(plays cassette tapes) ppl make fun of him for still using it.

    Jill doesnt like ppl making fun of her or her family.


  • _MysteriousTime
    2 years ago

    Full Name: Lara Svyrus

    Code Name (optional): Black Swan

    Gender: Female

    Hair: Short, flat and to the point. Black in color

    Eyes: Green

    Body type: Slim, olive skin tone, tall

    Powers: Frustratingly normal in a world where everyone has some special talent

    Likes: Books, tea, snacks, fluffy things, weapons, violence

    Dislikes: Electronic books, coffee, overly peaceful people

    Personality: Aggressive, but can be understanding. Rebellious nature.

    Background/Family: Raised by kind adoptive parents, she could somehow never bring herself to love them. At an early age, ran away from home and joined the army. WWIII progressed and she managed to come back home unscathed apart from several scars on her face, arms, and legs. She also now has PTSD and upon hearing loud noises is reminded of gunshots and reacts violently. She was 16 when she joined, but pretended to be 18. She is now 27 and the war ended two years ago. Her country lost. The new government is a totalitarian regime and performs a fully functional Dystopian society. Everyone has some kind of special ability. She is the only one without.

    Do what you like with that xD

  • _UnitOfLight
    2 years ago

    I think I have enough characters now! Thanks @MysteriousTime @SeanConway7 @abdulabbad121 @jazgrey I will dedicate a chapter to you when your character is used! :)