Just Another One Direction Fanfic: Possibly Starring You?

  • tffnychnn
    3 years ago

    Hi :) I'm writing a One Direction fan fiction and I need your help! I need suggestions for character names, character traits (such as; personality, appearance, etc.) and most importantly, I need to decide on which member of the band to star in this fan fiction. Leave suggestions below:) thanks xx

    The fanfic I'm writing is called "Seven Envelopes" and I'll be sure to include all the names of those who contributed towards the story :)

  • afternote
    3 years ago

    Niall or Harry!!

    Hmm...well AJ (Audrey Jean) or Paige is a good name, and Greenlie for the last name.

    She should be bookish, funny, romantic, and shy. Long, dark hair and bright blue eyes.

    Ask for more if you like her, I'm just mapping her out.

  • _JenicePatricia
    3 years ago

    Maybe you can make the star Louis...

    Names could be Ray (for a girl) Genesis (My Pick!), May.

    Dudes: Mark. Will. Sam. Leo. Bobby. Toby.

    Personality: A bitch! Doesn't give a care in the world about anyone else in the world.


    Shy. She's so shy she has a hard time talking to others. Mostly boys. She tries to smile but just ends up putting her head down and walking away.


    an idiot. She wild and crazy. her main goal is to have fun and make people laugh. No matter how stupid people may thing she looks.

    Looks? Here's some photos:

    photo tumblr_lr2ocxujcE1qf50heo1_250_zps62519a7b.jpg

    photo Untitled1_zps1194fe8a.png

    photo tumblr_m0vfwlsvNS1r97kfdo1_250_zps91172ce8.jpg

    The names, personallities, and photos are in sync and in order. haha

    Do you need outfits too? I could show you three different styles.. I kinda wanna post them before you answer.. haha @SmileMoreCryLater

  • _JenicePatricia
    3 years ago

    Ima do the outfits anyway, again they are in order from the names, to the personally, to the looks. haha

    photo Scan0003_zps2d529726.jpg The outfit.. not the hair V_V photo outfix1_zps6c045b92.png

    photo tumblr_m5pzur1oI91rpc3uqo1_500_zpse818ea79.jpg

    These are like everyday things.. I could do dresses. haha just let me know I am having so much fun with this. @SmileMoreCryLater

  • HStylesLover
    3 years ago

    Harry please!

    Name: Jessica Allen

    Personality: Book worm, nerd, shy, nervous, musical (plays violin), says the most randomest facts that makes people laugh,

    Looks: Chocolate brown ringlets that run past her shoulders, grey/blue eyes, rosy cheeks with eyelashed that brush against them whenever she blinks, short, only 4 foot 11, slightly curvy, across nose is a light splatter of freckles, tanned.

  • nyctophiljc
    3 years ago

    well, most of the fan fics out there are Harry/Zayn fanfics. You can choose between them.

    Name: Maria England Tipton



    -slight snobber, doesn't talk to strangers

    -fashionista, always have an accessories, phone's always on her hand

    -intelligent, wise

    -music lover, pianist and drummer


    -light brown staright hair with blone highlights that reached under her breast, and side swept bangs

    -round greyish eyes, long eyelashes,

    -red lips, white teeth

    -5 feet and 5 inches

    -not so curvy

    -skin tone is light-skinned European just like Cher Lloyd

    ~with tattoos on her right wrist and right ankle

  • cuddlinglouis
    3 years ago

    Name: Jordan Breslin

    Age: 20

    Likes: To hang out with everyone, partying, socialising, being crazy, pulling pranks, being lovey dovey Louis, shopping, going to award shows, talking to fans, eating, twitter, going to the beach, having a good time

    Dislikes: fruit, boring people, going to sleep, paparazzi, screaming fans, hate.

    Personality: outgoing, fun, crazy, prankster, fashionable, caring, loveable, easy to get along with, finds almost everything funny, tries to find the good in everyone, quite protective when someone sends Louis hate, can throw a good punch (just in case haha) lovely, quite smart, loves to shop, sometimes lets Louis decide her outfit:)

    Looks: Ombré hair, hair goes down back, naturally wavy/curly, grey blue eyes, cute smile, dimples, (Eleanor calder but with blue eyes and dimples) nice figure, works as a floor model.

    Boyfriend: Louis Tomlinson;)

    Any more information needed just tell me:) thanks!x

  • AlluringImpulse
    3 years ago


    Name: Kendall Hemara

    Looks: tumblr_l7q9pxkLOi1qze4yoo1_500_thumb_zpsb576d905.jpg

    Likes: Hot chocolate, smiling, laughing, boxing, surfing, Going to the beach, swimming, snorkeling, rock climbing, playing hard to get, flirting, play fights, tickle fights, the Colours blue and green. Animals, dogs, whipped cream, nutella, Jack and Finn Harries, Caspar lee, YouTube, facebook, climbing onto her roof and gazing at the stars, giggling, water fights, food, pizza, Chinese take away, video games, Tekken, black ops, halo, COD, paint balling, sand castles, sunsets, relaxing, dancing to hip hop, DJing, orange juice, apple juice, bananas, sleeping in, sunrises, when it's winter, warm comfy hoodies, other peoples clothes because she finds them more comfortable than her own, making new friends, going shopping for Converse shoes, VANS, snapbacks (Has a whole collection of them), snuggling in the winter time and watching horror movies, summer, getting a tan during summer, getting dared to do something, day dreaming,

    Dislikes: spring because she has hay fever, cicadas, moths, people that whine, people that are ungrateful, people that hit on her when she is clearly not interested, when people fight (she often puts them both into headlocks and tells them to shut up), when someone wakes her up early (She's chase them and then attack them with her pillow), when people tease her, or beat her in a sass battle (She'll tackle them) fakes, sluts, people tha are bossy and rude, boys with big egos, people that don't listen when she tells them something, arrogant air heads,

  • SydClair
    3 years ago

    Hi there! There have been some recent changes to the clubs - to help keep things neat around here, we now have a pinned 'Character Auditions' thread at the top of the discussion in this club. If you are looking for characters, feel free to post an ad in there letting people know what you're looking for :)

    This thread will be closed, but feel free to repost the conversation in the Character Audition pinned thread. Thanks for your understanding!

    -Syd, wp ambassador

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