I'll read and comment on your story honestly if you fan me!

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    If you fan me, I'll read and comment on your story with my honest opinion. Simple as that.

  • _waterhemlock
    3 years ago

    A girl... A boy... in a ruined city.
    They have to make a choice... Life, Death... or Love?

    Adventure | Romance
    The Phantom's Wish



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    Sleeping Beauty



    Have you ever wondered what happens when a fairy tale doesn't go as you thought it should? This is the story of a young Prince and Princess who fall in love with each other unexpectedly. Whilst trying to deal with their emotions and hiding their romance from their families, they also have to find a way to free the Princess from her betrothed. This is final battle between happily ever after and a tragic love story.

    Thank you

  • jessicaviana
    3 years ago

    I just started this book but I'll keep updating quickly (: Hope you like it, and thanks <3 FANNED YOU

    Genre: Romance

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    Watch the trailer !

    In this book Sam writes numerous letters to Lexi. He still loves her with all his heart, but something happened and separated them apart. As Sam writes more and more letters to Lexi, you'll be able to find out what, but until he writes his last letter, delight yourself with Sam's old memories from his 2 years-long relationship with Lexi.


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    Fairest War~Dark Fantasy~Everyone has their own past. Everyone has their own fate. Sometimes just more so then others. Everyone has believed in fairy's once in their life. Ever thought they were calm, small, peaceful creatures? So, did Lilith. However, she soons realizes that the peaceful ones, are just a legend. Where in Farlex, for these fairy's and spirits, mercy is just a myth. ~http://www.wattpad.com/story/1595614-fairest-war~ @Popularity

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    @Popularity Just fanned you.

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    @Popularity I've fanned :) Thank you for doing this. Much appreciated ! :)

    My story is a combination of mystery and slight romance. It's a teen fiction and is called 'Unless Necessary' revolving around a girl called Dee.


    Those who have the ability to speak, exercise that right.

    But at a time in Dee's life, her mouth put the ones she cared about into trouble, so she willed from then on that she would never talk....unless necessary. So she remains forever nonchalant with the world around her.

    But what happens when she meets someone who does nothing but entertain his virtue of speech?

    Follow her on the path to liberty.

    Her name is Dee. Short for Demon.


    Reader's discretion is advised. Sexual references, violence and profanity is included in this story. You have been warned. All Rights Reserved. Copyright.

    Follow the link below :


    If you enjoy it then please Comment / Vote / Fan / Recommend / Share. I'm open to constructive criticism and suggestion. Thanks again :)

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    @Popularity fanned you :)


    Title: Control

    Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

    Description: I'm just that girl that can do strange things with her mind. I'm just that girl that has the shortest temper ever. I'm the girl that has the worst trust issues because of people that she can't even remember anymore. I'm the girl that is forever wishing she'd get answers. Will I ever get my answers? Will those statements ever end up being lies? Follow my story and find out...

    Link: http://www.wattpad.com/6329007-control-prologue

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    @Popularity ha, okay .

    Photobucket http://www.wattpad.com/story/1961567-beauty What do you see when you look in the mirror? Go ahead describe yourself… do you know what I see? I see a girl with a misleading weight problem, a girl that’s holding everything inside, a girl that’s misunderstood, a girl that just needs a little rescuing. McKenna Travers seems like your normal quite girl, making good grades in school, and living a regular life at home. If you take the time to know, McKenna, you'd know that she takes care of her little sister Kayley, twenty-four-seven, she's suicidal and is developing an anorexia disorder. McKenna’s life isn’t great and all she wants to do is get away. So when, Jackson Davis moves into town, he becomes interested in, McKenna. Can Jackson be the one to set McKenna free, and help her through her mental and physical state?

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    For instance, some users try to get around the rules by saying 'vote if you like it / I’ll vote if I like it' or words to that effect so wattpad has made it official that these phrases are not allowed at all. So, for an even playing field, it’s best not to mention votes. I’ve edited it out for you, thanks for your understanding. =]

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  • when_its_wonderless
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    If I'd known how this Road trip would turn out, I'd have been hopping into Bethany's car with the biggest smile on my face. But since I didn't, it took me a while to calm down after I realised she'd ditched me at the nearest dung-filled field. Not fun. Harper O'Connel has never had many friends, but when she moves to St Rosmunds and Bethany Howard takes an interest in her she quickly fits into their little gang. But, sadly for Harper, Bethany just wants to ruin her life and takes her on a Road trip just to ditch her in the middle of nowhere. Rowan Peters has always been a lonely, Goth outcast who doesn't care for anyone. But when he meets Harper O'Connel on the side of the road, he reluctantly agrees to drive her back to her home. A story full of Theme parks, Cotton Candy, laughs, twists and turns..


    I've fanned u alredy. XD.

  • missindie
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    I fanned :D @Popularity http://www.wattpad.com/story/2009456-it%27s-all-too-vivid

    Sorry I can't do the thingy with putting the cover and description over here lol

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    Fanned you!:))

    http://www.wattpad.com/story/2014786-the-blind-are-beautiful Gracie Elijah, is blind. Her world is dark, and all she wants is to understand. Her life is already hard enough, but moving to this new area gets even tougher. She wishes to be excepted, and she wants to be helped, without the staring. She meets a boy named Eric who is the most popular guy at her new school. First he seems nice, and kind, but at school, he's a monster. He makes her life worse. How will she ever find out that she is beautiful, even with a disability?

    http://www.wattpad.com/story/1878087-the-road-to-relief 14 year old, Jensen Frankford, has been living in sorrow. She has no one left, but her drunk, uncle, Steven. Everything since her family died has gone down hill. She had to leave her friends, to move in with Steven at, Amado, Arizona. It's hot and humid, two of Jensen's least favorite things. No one pays attention to her, except one aquaintance name Jonah. But, he would never risk his popularity reputation to hang out with some loser from Kansas. That's against the code they have. The only thing Jensen Wants, is Sweet Relief.

    Here's the last one- http://www.wattpad.com/story/1853083-coma Demaya Logan had been in a coma for three years caused by a car accident that she didn't cause. So doesn't that mean someone set her up? What if the contract killer is one of her family members? But, no one can hear others while their in a coma right? wrong.

  • LaurenErin
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    3 years ago


    This girl, Scarlett, is starting her first day of high school. On the first day she meets this very handsome Vrock they instantly like each other. At the end of the day a terrible accident happened. Scarlett, her friend, Vrock, his friends, and some really annoying girls end up surviving the horrible accident. Everyone is gone in the town. They discover that they have unknown powers. They decide to go try to find their friends and family which may be a few hundreds of miles away. They must fight creatures they have never seen before. Also themselves. How will they survive? Will Scarlett and Vrock stay together?

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    "My name's Jayde Elwood and I'm the daughter of a convict. Everyone knows who I am in town. I just want to be the girl that can start the party and keep it going. I want to be the girl that's always happy. But that never works out for me. I am who I am but sometimes I feel punished for doing just that." ---- Jayde Elwood is always looking for a good time despite all the things going wrong in her life. She's free-spirited but very strong mentally, physically and emotionally. Ethan Dowell just moved to Jayde's town a year ago but doesn't know anything about her. When the two of them start clicking, what happens when he finds out what her life is made of?

  • Rainbow_Cupcake7
    3 years ago


    Emma, from an outward glance, always seems to have it all. She's gorgeous with a rocking body, confident and incredibly likable. She can be a bad-ass hardcore chick when she wants to, or a soft, passionate friend other times.

    She's envied by most because she's the ultimate female player. No one would dare call Emma a slut.

    But all that glitters is - unfortunately - not gold. If you take down the thick walls she's built around herself to block out any kind of emotions that could develop, you can see that beneath it all - she's just a vulnerable, scared girl.

    Apart from her closest friend, who has to deal with something similar and just as painful, nobody knows how fucked up her life actually is.

    Being a teenager is hard enough as it is, but even harder when you have to take care of your little sister, provide money for your parents drug and alcohol addiction and make sure that nobody ever finds out about your personal life.

    But what happens when an unexpected and incredibly sexy, bad-ass player comes into the scene? With her life turned upside down, things change for Emma - for better and worse.


    Hope you decide to read mine :]

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    I've been working on this for a long time and I need more opinions. Please read and comment.

    If your interested in editing please inbox me!!! Also I am looking for a cast, and a couple cover options.