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    http://www.wattpad.com/story/1807771-safer-to-hate- What do you do when you are forced hate the one you love because love hates you??? Sam is falling apart he's struggling with a drug problem, an abusive foster parent and the fact he killed his own father. Now on top of all that he has to learn to lie, to hide his true emotions and hate the only girl he has ever truly loved. Classed as a social reject in his town for being that "freaky, bad emo boy" he is struggling more than ever as he attempts to overcome to the fear that binds him and escape his tormented past. There's a very thin line in-between love and hate but in this story that line might mean the difference between life and death... Just put on today and not got any reviews or reads yet so I would gratefully appreciate anything at the moment :) Thanks xx

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    ENJOY! And thank you. :) xox



    Out of all of the things she could've chosen to be afraid of (spiders, heights, clowns, etc.), she just had to choose love.

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    Enjoy :) @Marieshadonna

    Excuse My Charisma.

    Action Romance. Watty Awards 2012 (so votes would be much appreciated). Aly Finnan is the quiet school girl, that is until she 'meets' mysterious Jasper Renn. Ever since saving him trouble has a way of finding her. Her actions to save this handsome stranger threw her into a steaming pot of gang related issues. Action, Romance, Love, Loss, Grief. Lovers vs Gang members. Who will win? http://www.wattpad.com/4032073-excuse-my-charisma-student-teacher-watty-awards


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    Enjoy (:

    Photobucket CLICK TO READ ^___^

    Meet Camilla Adams. She's fifteen, ignored and introverted; and before she can begin her summer holidays, she must endure a week of her school's outdoor education camp. What originally presents itself as a boring week turns out to be the best thing that's ever happened to Camilla, as she breaks out of her shell, rediscovers her personal worth and ignites her first romance with the help of a young man completely off limits. Is it possible to fall in love with someone in five days?

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    Katy perry fanfic ^_^

    1 chapter but will post more if people are reading :D


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    @Marieshadonna Hey can you check my stories out??? The first story is going to be in Watty Awards… So PLEASE PLEASE READ IT~ Comments will be appreciated...Thank you :D



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    Samantha Reid operates her own Ask Annie blog, an anonymous advice-giver, at school. She has always been the moral backbone of Whitney Boarding School for Girls. But when Whitney High decides to merge in with Cardigan Academy for Exceptional Young Men, she finds chaos ensuing from the chemical mixture of boys and girls. Not only that, but a Cardigan boy is determined to destroy the credibility of Ask Annie through his blog. Insisting on returning to the way things were, Sammie is set on rebuilding Annie--even if it means to become Annie herself.

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    I hated everything about this place.
    The darkness.
    The noise.
    The feeling.
    It reeked of rotten flesh. It tasted like blood. I never thought even once in my life that I’d be here; crouching in a corner of a roofless ruined building while praying that somehow, I’ll get through the day.

    Adventure | Romance
    The Phantom's Wish



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    Amber Rose Evans was an outcast, everyone finds some weird thing about her to pick on, she is a scene girl and is proud of it, but there is only one problem... Emma Hanson, the most popular and beautiful girl in the whole school and things only turn for the worse when Emma finds out Amber is dating her brother Aaron Hanson, will Amber realize it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about her or will Emma tear he and Aarons relationship apart?


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    Thanks so much!

    Olympic God, My Gold


    Aylah is a world champion in Taekwondo off to the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games. Her best friend Averie is her trainer. Together they take on the intense training and preparations that go into competing in the games along the way. And of course they get into loads of trouble and have many distractions along the way. Will Aylah be able to fufill her life goal of wining a gold medal? Will Averie keep her on track and not give into her party-girl ways?

    Trust me, I am awful at writing summaries. Just read the story and tell me what you think.(:

    My Life as a Spy :


    We all have heard the rumors. We all secretly want to be one. Spies. Secret Agents. Whatever you want to call them they're here. Living among us, we never suspect who they exactly are. Kaylia seems like a normal teen girl with a terribly unfortunate life. But will she live up to the expectations of those around her? Or will she fail, bringing everyone in her contact in grave danger. Which side will she choose, the good, bad, or death.

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    ENJOY http://www.wattpad.com/story/1816397-hunter

    Reina is a 19 year-old employed as a Wal-Mart cashier, living in a crappy apartment she can barely afford, and with the sudden arrival of her younger brother she is finding life hard to handle. The stressful mornings and sleepless nights start to get to her and after mysterious and traumatizing experience Reina is left trying to hold onto her sanity as she is suddenly thrust into a world of blood and violence in which she finds holds many of her own secrets

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    Hello there if you would be so kind as to reading my friend Izzie144 story heres the link thank you


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    Will is a school rebel. Constantly skiving school, being suspended, enchanting girls with his good looks. Aged 16. He wasn't always like that. Alyssa is a shy outsider, 15 years old and constantly living in fear of makeup-plastered girls and intimindating boys like Will. She wasn't always like that. In fact, when they both knew each other in their younger days, they were innocent, playful, imaginitive children. They were best friends. When their paths intwine again, they are both shocked by the outcome. But in the lives they live in, not everything goes according to plan... "I'm not gonna leave you," I whisper, tucking a curl of her hair back behind her ear. "You promise?" "I promise."

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    @Marieshadonna I hope you'll like mine :) I think it's very original


    click the pic for the link! :)

    "Dear Emily" -This is Florence Bellisario. Quiet, sensitive, curious, clever, adventurous and beautiful. Read her letters to Emily, her dead-at-birth twin, as she suffers ambiguous loss, explores White, keeps secrets, unfold mysteries, discover secret passages and learn more about herself.

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    You would like to check this out, it's not really a story... :)


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    The Player Game

    Click on picture to read story


    Whoever falls in love first… loses. When daring Emily Rosser meets arrogant player, Aaron Nichols, the two of them clash immediately. But in coming across a picture online, the invention of their very own game occurs – The Player Game. But when there are conditions involved, falling in love doesn’t seem so difficult. Who will win The Player Game?

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    When Aurora Trent is attacked in the grounds of Lourdes Lyndon boarding school, and saved by a tall handsome boy named Brady, who seems oddly familiar, too familiar, she begins to question the reality of the confusing dreams she's been having. Why is he familiar, and why is he trying so desperately to avoid touching her skin? The answer lies with the memories locked away inside her head, unreachable, and the kidnapped King's daughter. Aurora Trent is not from this world, she's not human. And she's not safe

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