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  • Anna132133
    3 years ago


    Rules :) :) :)

    1.) ***You must fan and dedicate**** If not your trailer will be deleted

    2.) You must post everything in the forum. Fill it out correctly.

    3.) Please be patient with me. They might take a while, I'm making these alone.

    4.) No being rude or your trailer won't be made.

    5.) If you post in the forum when it's closed your trailer will not be made.

    6) I can refuse to maka a trailer.





    Cast: (Pick the top 4-5 characters if the list is long)


    Link to the story:

    Anything else I need to know/Anything specific you want added:


    *****************************^*^*^*^*^* IF FOR ANY REASON YOU FILL OUT A FORM FOR A TRAILER BUT DECIDE YOU DON'T NEED IT OR GET SOMEONE ELSE TO MAKE ONE FOR YOU, PLEASE TELL ME. I would rather not spend time on a trailer that isn't going to be used.

  • coffeelover14
    3 years ago

    Title: Spell Protected

    Author: coffeelover14

    Summary: Sam can't remember her past or how she came to live with the Donovan family. All she knows is that they were the ones to save her life. Now, 8 years later before her sophmore year in HS, strange things start to happen. Such as a robber in the middle of the night who may know more about her than she does, some strange dreams that happen not only at night, and a new boy who may be the key to unlocking her past and maybe even destroying her future. She's on a journey to find out who she really is, but the outcome may just put her on the top of everyone's hit-list.

    Cast: Sam---Jennifer Lawrence Ian-- Liam Hemsworth Ester-- Elizabeth Reaser Luke-- Brendan Fraser Jake-- Freddie Highmore

    Music: No specific song. You can pick anything that goes with it.

    Link to the story:

    Can you make it kind of mysterious? At the beginning I'd like a scene where she's running through a town or something. Umm I don't really know what else to say so just go crazy with it lol

  • adusia
    3 years ago

    Awe! You're trailers are so professional!

    Title: Before I Die

    Author: Aimee Reed (@adusia on wattpad)

    Summary: Brooke, 19, loses her memory after a fire kills her whole family and everything in her home is destroyed. The only thing she has left is a jaded journal with a bucket list she made years ago. Nowhere else to go, she reconnects with an old childhood friend who helps her reach the end of her bucket list, while also battling a heartbreaking fate.

    Cast: Lilly Collins as the MC (Brooke Taylor), Chace Crawford as her love interest/childhood friend (Matthew) , and Patrick Dempsey as his father/her doctor (Charley).

    Music: Wild Horses by Natasha Bedingfield

    Link to the story:

    Anything else I need to know/Anything specific you want added: I'd love it if you started with a hospital scene. Like her laying in a hospital bed, staring at nothing. If you could also include scenes with a doctor consultation, that'd be great. Also if there could be scenes of her and her love interest together (anywhere. at a beach, doing something fun together, at a carnival, etc) and also a bucket list. Either being checked off, someone writing one, etc and then scenes of her fulfilling them. One could be sky diving, cliff diving, hot air balloon rides, whatever comes to your mind. And the ending could be Matt (her love interest) sitting alone, either heartbroken/sad/crying/etc... Thanks so much! Will fan & dedicate once finished. <3 :D

  • wizardrys
    3 years ago

    Title: "The Way I Loved You"

    Author: iAmNiallsPrincess

    Summary: Karilys Summers is 18, loving life, being free, enjoying being in love- Oh, wait; that's wrong. Karilys isn't any of those things. Karilys is sad, depressed, tied-down to an old love, and a complete mess. Karilys just can't seem to fall out of love with her ex-boyfriend; Niall Horan. She still lives in Ireland, just like she did 4 years ago; when she met Niall. She's still the same; but with her broken heart. She truly did love Niall; but no, Niall didn't love her. Or so she thinks.

    What happens when Niall comes back to Ireland for a year's visit with the boys?

    What happens when Karilys and Niall meet again?

    What happens when Niall see's how broken Karilys really is?

    Yet; the most important question is; what happens when Niall falls again for Karilys- or, has never fallen out?

    Find out their journey of love, pain, worry, adeventure, romance, and un-likely circumstances in... The Way I Loved You.

    Cast: Ashley Benson - Karilys Summers, Niall Horan - Himself, Harry Styles - Himself, Louis Tomlinson - Himself, Zayn Malik - Himself, Liam Payne - Himself, Troian Bellisario - Bai Fields

    Music: "The Way I Loved You" by Taylor Swift

    Link to the story: (Dont have it published yet. Hehe. But, i think by the description you get the feel of it. :D)

    Anything else I need to know/Anything specific you want added: Well, I'd like it to be mainly Karilys & Niall; cuz they are the plot of it all. And btw; you already PM'ed me this offer; i just wanted to submit one just in case :D xxx

  • _MareBarexxo
    3 years ago

    Title: Surviving A Lifetime With Them

    Author: MareBarexxo

    Summary: Alexis Lane goes through this whole life, as simple as that. But one day One Direction happens to be her responsibility. This leaves a whole lifetime with situations, fights and maybe a romance.

    Cast: Alexis Lane is Brittany Snow One Direction as Themselves DO NOT INCLUDE OTHER CAST MEMBERS

    Music: What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

    Link to the story:

    NOTHING ELSE NEEDS TO BE INCLUDED> BTW you are soo awsome, thxx.

  • fr3e2dre4m
    3 years ago


    Title: The Last Chance

    Author: fr3e2dre4m

    Summary: Lindsey Parks married a man that she had loved since she was sixteen, and at eighteen, was the most loyal wife around. But how can she stay loyal when her husband can't remember her birthday, or Christmas, or even their own anniversary? Now that Lindsey has fled, Jeff Gregors vows to chase what is his, and has been for as long as he can remember. He has known Lindsey since she was five, and now that he knows what he has lost, he will never stop the chase. After all, Lindsey may still be willing to offer one last chance.

    Cast: My cast list IS SUPER LONG so I just put the main characters if you don't mind.

    Ashley Greene as Lindsey Parks

    Paul Walker as Jeff Gregors

    Connie Talbot as Katie Parks

    Carrie Underwood as Melanie Parker

    Channing Tatum as Matt Tiller

    *** These are the characters that show up the most ***

    Music: Not sure yet, please choose something for me. Thanks!


    Also, here's a cover if you need it:

    KjuPZ.jpg Thank you so much for doing this! I will be sure to fan and dedicate!!!

  • Junkie43
    3 years ago


    Title: It Was Only a Bet


    Summary:Melissa Rivers was a nerd. When her mother died from a plane crash when she was 9, her father started would give her a brutal beating if she made anything below a 90, so she didn’t study willingly. So the only way she would get out her frustration was to dance with her best friend Drew Warner. Except, no one can know about their friendship, because Drew is the most popular guy in school. But it all changes when Derek Williams moves to the school. Derek’s and his friends pick on Melissa, but at one of the football parties, Derek gets dared to ask out Melissa and make her fall in love with him. Melissa swears that she won’t fall for an arrogant jerk like Derek. Derek swears he won’t let a little nerd, mess up his ‘game.’ But the plan goes downhill when they start to fall for each other. But remember, It was only a bet.

    Cast: Demi Lovato ; Melissa Rivers Cody Longo ; Drew Warner Tyler Posey ; Derek Williams

    Music: Just a dream - Nelly

    Link to the story:

  • AAWilson
    3 years ago

    Form deleted.

  • ILoveNiall
    3 years ago

    Title: The Nerd... No Longer A Nerd?

    Author: Jordi or ILoveNiall

    Summary: Rebeca Derwen. The ninth grade nerd, but what happens when this 'nerd' comes back to Ridgeway High a year later not a nerd anymore? Her bad-ass attitude and hot style brings up with the populars, but she rejects them and sticks with her old crew. She is known as the hot new girl by everyone, but what's her secret? How did she go from dork to hot new girl?

    Cast: Rebeca Derwen- Taylor Swift Marcus- Chance Crawford Ben- Logan Lerman Devon- Candice Accola

    Music: can you choose that? I'm not really sure what would go with the story..

    Link to the story:

    Anything else I need to know/Anything specific you want added: Basically i need to explain like the whole thing cuz the description probably doesn't give you much. Okay so Rebeca comes back and Marcus is in love with her. She rejects Marcus, but Marcus will stop at nothing to be with her. Ben, Marcus's best friend, wants to go to prom with Rebeca, but Devon, his girlfriend keeps getting in the way. It's basically a triangle between Rebeca, Marcus, and Ben. Devon hates Rebeca and will stop at nothing to learn her secret and reveal it. In the end it all comes down to Rebeca and what her secret is.

    Thank You! (:

  • YouCanCallMeThat
    3 years ago


    Title: All Rubber Duckies Go To Heaven

    Author: YouCanCallMeThat

    Summary: January Caste finds out what it means to be truly loved and cherished when she finds herself friends with shy-boy Aerin Lawson. Aerin works his hardest to save January from the abusive relationships she refuses to put in the light. But is Aerin's attempt at saving Jan worth all the trouble it will cause?

    Cast: Ellen Page as January Caste Teddy Geiger as Aerin Lawson Aaron Johnson as Jayden Droemer

    Music: Little House by The Fray (for something melancholic) or "Facedown" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (for a more high speed) I like the melancholic idea better, so basically music of that style..

    Link to the story:

    Anything else I need to know/Anything specific you want added: I'd like this quote to be in it:

    "It's like, I don't know. It's like God put you in my life to apologize for all the other people I've dealt with. It's like you were His way of saying, 'You know what? I know your mom died and your dad is a jerk and your boyfriend is completely psychotic but it'll all be okay because now I'm gonna give you this new guy. You're going to love him; it's inevitable'." -January Caste

  • Mona-Mae
    3 years ago


    Title: Becoming Popular

    Author: Mona Mae

    Summary: Vivienne Lanter is a geek. Bad hair, bad clothes and the social status of a brick and it's all because of Matt Jacobs who did a horrible thing to her in front of the whole of Redwood High. After getting caught in the boys' toilets by sexy Sean Gregory, Vivienne gets made a deal she simply can't resist. Tutroing Sean Maths all in exhcange for becoming popular. How hard could it possibly be?


    Vivienne-Sarah Hyland

    Sean-Douglas Booth

    Dave-Alex Pettyfer

    Matt-Chace Crawford

    Juliet-Emma Stone (redhead)

    Jessica-Teresa Palmer

    Music: Beauty and a Beat by Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj

    Link to the story:

    Anything else I need to know/Anything specific you want added: Well I was hoping that you could make it a character trailer please? Like a slideshow but in trailer form with different movie clips of each character with their name along it?

    I will fan and dedicate! If you have any questions please ask and thank you :)

  • _Sweet_Nightmares13
    3 years ago


    Title: Hotel Lockdown

    Author: Sweet_nightmares13

    Summary: Hayley and her family go out of town for her dad and uncle work. There staying in a hotel. One night when the parents go out the kids are left in the hotel. They begin to get weird phone calls and tweets. They think noting of it. Just someone playing a prank on them. But when hayley finds one of her cousin dead they find out this is no prank. There's a real killer in the hotel with them. And now there lock in. Will they make it out alive? You'll have to read to find out.

    Cast: emma roberts as haley. drew roys as Mark. phoebe konkin as emma. taylor lautner as tyler. chase ellison as justin.

    Music: turn it off bu paramore

    Link to the story:

    Anything else I need to know/Anything specific you want added: i don't really have any ideals just a few plz no cilps of anyone being out side. they MUST BE IN DOORS. maybe at the start haley answering a phone looking scared. you could do whatever you think looks good and it be nice if you could put a part were mark and tyler are fighting, the rest is up to you:)

  • _xXNikki_MeXx
    3 years ago

    @Star21 I will most definitely fan and dedicate! Thank you so much in advance!

    Title: Put Up With Me

    Author: Nikki Jamez

    Summary: Hailee Evans is a troubled girl. With a half crazy mother, a millionaire father who wants nothing to do with them, and a careless brother, Hailee is lost. She had been moved round for the last six years of her life, all in the hopes of starting over. Now, being sent over to live with her uncle, Chris, in New York, she is not quiet ready to start over just yet. Until she meets Adam Taylor, a guy who has similiar problems. But unlike her, he is ready for change. And now, as they get to know each other better, Hailee finds out that Adam isn't who he appears to be. And the secret he is hiding from Hailee could shatter her heart and leave her completely broken... So what happens when Hailee finds out? Will she push him away and save herself from the pain? Or stay by his side and hope for the best?

    Cast: Miley Cyrus as Hailee Evans Alex Pettyfer as Adam Taylor

    Music: Iridescent by Linkin Park

    Link to story:

    Anything else I need to know/Anything specific you want added: If you could add a hospital scene in there, that'd be great. But if not, that's okay.

    Thanks again.

  • pinchs
    3 years ago


    Title: Kiss Me Bromance Oneshots

    Author: niallandthepotatos

    Summary: Bromances?

    We got em' right ere for ya.

    Larry Stylinson (Louis + Harry) Lilo (Louis + Liam) Zouis (Louis + Zayn) Nouis (Niall + Louis) Niam (Liam + Niall) Lirry (Harry + Liam) Ziall (Zayn + Niall) Narry (Niall + Harry) Zarry (Harry + Zayn) Ziam(Liam + Zayn)

    Cast: One Direction- themselves

    Music: I wont give up by Jason Mraz

    Link to the story:

  • pinchs
    3 years ago

    Anything else I need to know/Anything specific you want added: Nope, go wild!

  • DelightfulxLisa
    3 years ago

    Title: Epitome

    Author: DelightfulxLisa Or Lisa

    Summary: That the magical realm was far more real than it had been in her children's books of fairies, giants, princesses and witches realized Meredith in her teenage years. It was only then that she didn't think off the good looking guy following her as her imagination. Whenever he appeared, he gave her a lotus, saying that it was the only flower growing in the mud and "the thicker the mud, the more beautiful is it going to be." Upon her question who he was and why he was there, she never received an answer. However when she turned sixteen ...

    Cast: Darius: Alex Pettyfer Meredith 16 years old: Sarah Hyland 7 year old Meredith (beginning of story): you can choose who you want.

    If you can't find good clips, you can choose other persons, they just should have the same outer appearence. (darius: blond,blue eyes, Meredith: brown hair, slightly curls, brown eyes)

    Music: It's a Fantasy/Romance story .. so here are some examples. - no light, no light (florence and the machine) - walking on air (kerli) - how soon is now - love spit love - mercy in the darkness

    Link to the story: (only 2 chapters right now)

    Anything else I need to know/Anything specific you want added: If you can, could you make it like in this trailer (and if you find good voiceclipse): that first someone talks and than the music starts or something ..just if you can, if not it's totally ok :)

    Thank you so much! =) I'll fan you right now and dedicate when the trailer is finished :)

  • Anna132133
    3 years ago
  • wizardrys
    3 years ago

    @Star21 TANK YOU SO MUCH! I love it. It's perfect! I will dedicate a chapter to you. The first of the story; you have talent for this! :D xxx

  • orangeriot12
    3 years ago

    @Star21 Your trailers are amazing! I'd really appreciate if you could make me one :)

    Title: Heroes and Thieves

    Author: Jordan Smigelski

    Summary: Abandoned on a dark, cold night at the castle doors and at the mercy of a heinous storm, Cassandra was graciously taken in by the Queen and King themselves, though it is a very well-kept secret. Eighteen years later, she finds herself tangled in a dramatic web of lies and deceit. She's eventually torn between two completely different men who mean the world to her, and is faced with the obstacle of joining the rebellion to take back her Kingdom. What can she do when all she's ever known and loved is unraveling before her? This is an enchanting tale of love, family, double-crossing, murder, and devastating secrets.

    Cast: Vanessa Hudgens as Cassy Emerson

    Spencer Locke as Addie Emerson

    Austin Butler as Thomas (One of the men Cassy falls for-Who Addie also likes)

    Avan Jogia as Will (The other man she falls for- A rebel leader)

    Ralph Fiennes as King James

    Music: Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive

    Link to the story:

    And here's a link to the book cover, if you can incorporate that in there at like the very end:

  • Anna132133
    3 years ago
  • coffeelover14
    3 years ago

    @Star21 Oh My Gosh, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This is really good and I'll be dedicating my next chapter to you. It isn't uploaded yet, but when I do put it up I'll definitely be dedicating it to you!! Is that okay??

  • SeeingblueStars
    3 years ago

    Title: Love Sucks

    Author: Lauren Nicole

    Summary: When Abigail Worthington receives a letter to attend a masquerade ball for the rich and complicated, she is utterly enthralled. It’s all pretty dresses and fancy hair, with tiny wine glasses, mingling, and of course, the masked. But what Abbi doesn’t realize is that the ball is a Vampires Bloody dream. Every human there is inspected closely, and soon, to become the Subjugate of a blood-sucking demon. Only, Vampires aren’t supposed to fall in love with their Subjugates, but when Nathaniel, the son of the High Lord Alexander, finds himself caught in the web and sticking fast, it’s either his blood-lust or his heart.

    Cast: Vanessa Hudgens as Abigail, Alex Pettyfer as Nathaniel, Vincent Kartheiser (Typically when he's shaven, Haha ^.^) as Lucifer, Karen Giddian as Evie, and Taylor Kitsche as Patten

    Music: Something like Howl by Florence + The Machine

    Link to the story:

    And as for anything else, I would love for their to be some scenes with Masquearade parties, or masks, or anything really like that ... Also, something with vampires ^.^ Thanks so much!

    And WOW ... You're Trailers look absolutely amazing! ^.~

  • bluebuffy
    3 years ago
  • AngelOfLove13
    3 years ago



    Summary:Rachel Cross was left alone in the forest, after the death of her father. She is stuck in a huge forest alone with no defenses. Only at the age of six she is strong for her age and slowly learns to fend for herself. She is forced to face the challenges of life, as she survives in woods. Just when all hope gives out, she learns that she has a very special power. Something that just might help her survive long enough to find civilization.

    Cast: Hmmm well Rachel can just be any little girl that is about the age of six. It doesn't really matter :)

    Music: The Sixth Station ( from the movie spirited away )

    Link to the story:

    Anything else I need to know/Anything specific you want added: I would love it if the scenes could be in a snowy forest. Or just somewhere with lots of snow would do :)

  • BlackButterflies33
    3 years ago

    Title: I Wish

    Author: BlackButterflies33

    Summery: Ava was orphaned at 12 and from then on her life went downhill. She was cutting, on drugs, and made money by being a prostitute or working as a maid at a hotel. But when she meets One Direction in their hotel room, Harry likes what he sees. But Louis feels it's his job to protect her. And when Ava tells Louis everything that happened, he makes a promise impossible to keep. He promises to never let that happen to her again.

    Cast: One Direction as Themselves, Ava Wilson as Ava, Leah Gibson as Leah (Ava's one and only friend)

    Music: I'm thinking maybe The A Team by Ed Sherman


    Anything Else You Need To Know/ Anything Specific I Want To Add: Whatever you do will be great. Just pm when ur finished!