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    Hey, I started writing this a little bit ago, and I've been looking for more directioners to show this to, so I figured this is the place! :) If you like my story, please don't hesitate to vote, comment, or fan! If you don't like it... well, you can't please everybody, right? But anyways, feel free to post your 1D fanfics here as well, and if they look interesting, I might just check them out! --SpoonsAndCarrots xx :)

    Leaving Dreamland (A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)


    When 18-year-old Shyler Evans goes back to London for the first time in nine years, she expects nothing more than a simple stay with her mother. This, of course, is not what fate has in store for her. During her stay, she meets Louis Tomlinson and the rest of 1D boys, tries to find out what happened to her missing father, and experiences a tragedy that may just drive her over the edge. But this is all just a dream, isn't it? It has to be... right?

    Thanks in advance! :)

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    Anyone else?

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    3 years ago 16-year-old Chloe Garrett gets involved with One Direction thanks to her embarrassing ringtone. What will be the consequences of hanging out with 5 of the most popular, crazy and fun lads in the world? Hey, I just started this fanfic and I'd love it if you guys could check it out, vote, fan, comment anything really! It would make my day :)

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    I have a Niall Horan FanFic on my profile. And I'll be posting a Zayn Malik one soon :)

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    Summary: Elizabeth and Isabelle absolutely hate One Direction. Period. What's to like of them? Really? They're just another English-Irish boy band...but younger. I mean, they aren't against them or anything because everyone is truely different and nice in their own way. But they just don't enjoy listening to their music all about heartbreak and the message that are sent to most girls out there in the world. Don't get them wrong, they love music; they're professional singers themselves. But they hate One Direction – period, hands-down. But will multiple encounters with One Direction change their minds? And maybe spark a little love interest for them?

    There's only one chapter, but I hope you like it!(: (BTW, this was made on my other account XxZouisxX, if you were wondering.)

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    Hey, I'm going to check yours out, do you mind checking out mine? :)

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    hope you like it x

    18 year old Taylor Parker used to go out with Harry Styles when she was 15, but when he broke up with her to focus on his career, she was heartbroken, she didn't tell anyone she used to go out with him, not even her best friend Elle. 3 years later, Elle tells her that the she's going out with Harry Styles, how will Taylor cope with it? When they meet again, will Harry recognize her? Will Taylor's feelings she had for Harry 3 years ago.. come back?

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    Mikaela is a 17 year old orphan, whose fate is dependent on the one thing that’s always changing it: cancer. Her dream is to have what she envied others for, something that she never had before, a REAL family. When she winds up in the hospital with a rare form of bone cancer and one wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, there’s only one wish: Meet the band that opened her eyes to feeling beautiful even with all of the side-effects of chemo affecting her: One Direction. Maybe it was fate, or magic in the making when all in the same day Mikaela is told she’s in remission, meets her idols, and gets what she’s always desired: a real adoption that would provide her with family, friendship, and love. An adoption that would make her a sister to one of the boys from One Direction and begin a relationship with a special someone who would open her eyes to a hidden talent, the real meaning of family and weak at the knees, head over heels love.

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    Stole My Heart

    “I’m the tickle monster; YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!” I cackled as Harry thrashed underneath my deathly hands begging for mercy.


    Becca Richardson and Harry Styles have been inseperable for as long as they can remember but have been apart for the last nine months due to Harry being on tour with his band One Direction. What happens when they finally reunite? The "Crazy Duo" is back full force. Be ready for an unforgettable summer with Becca and five sexy boys!

    *Beware of Becca's randomness... you've been warned.

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    "Have you ever thought of entering in a contest or going pro?" No…it couldn't be the familiar yet sexy Irish accent that I had been swooning over…was it? "Pro? Err...I'm not that good," I laughed sheepishly while playing with the asymmetric hem of my skirt. "You're better than you think," he smiled, revealing a row of clear braces. Who was this guy? Was he hitting on me? And why did he sound exactly like---- "Niall Horan?!" Shannon had a gift for singing but was always too shy to show it. Can the boy of her dreams bring her out of her shell? Inspired by Taylor Swift's "Superstar".


    sequel to that is:

    Just Us Two

    Description: He locked eyes with me for a moment before pushing back a stray peice of my wavy red-brown hair. "Wow," he breathed. "Niall is one lucky guy." His shiny brown orbs glistened as they scanned my face while a tiny smile played on his lips. "I uh.. I guess it's just the luck of the Irish," I choked out, unsure why I was so breathless too. The booming sound of knuckles striking the door caused both of our bodies to jolt out of the sofa. Shannon Conrad, now a worldwide superstar, is living the life of her dreams alongside boyfriend, Niall Horan. But with a little help from an admirer, she begins to have doubts and fears about their relationship. Will the love between Shannon and Niall stand this test of strength? Or will it crumble as this admirer sneaks between them? Just Us Two is the sequel to my first novel, Superstar.


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    If you could read one of my two stories that would be great :) Allison Raghen grew up in Ireland until she was 7, and stuck right at her side at all times was none other than Niall Horan. After Ally moved to California, they're connections were severved. 11 years later, she still finds it weird to think that the irish superstar her friends are swooning over was her best friend, but she better believe it, because after her mom and Maura reconnected, and they're shipping their kids off to Maple Oaks, to get a break from everything. The thing is Ally doesnt want a break, she wants beaches, life gaurds and malls. Now add in a reunited pair, some cliche feelings, and a group of the worlds most famous boy, and you've got yourselves the making of an interestion summer. I SUCK AT DESCRIPTIONS SORRY If your in the subways of NYC under times square on Saturdays, you may just see Victoria Calten, the undiscovered 18 year old with the big voice. People come by just to see her sing her heart out. But she's been doing this for 2 years and it's gotten her nowhere. She refuses money because that's not what she wants. She wants recognition, she wants to inspire. Her life is like a broken record repeating the same routine over and over, she just wants out of her rut. Well the gods must of heard her because a certain group of 5 boys move into the penthouse beside hers and are about to take that routine and rip it, stab it, and stomp on its grave. Mix in a little romance and well...Wish her luck, she'll need it

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    I Want (Harry Styles Fan-Fic)

    Click the cover to read



    Acting is my life. If being in an "On Stage" relationship wasn't enough, then I don't know what to say. 19 year old Callie Aldoor doesn't know the first thing about love. She has always been 100% focused on her career. But will getting hit by a car help her noticed that her job isn't everything? Especially when she falls for 2 people at once. Will that convince her that love isn't so bad?

    Please check it out! It would mean A LOT to me:)

    Thanks xx

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    In between a world tour and recording their third album, the boys of One Direction are looking forward to two months of uninterrupted downtime. That is, until they meet Morgan Crawford, super fan and cancer patient, through the Make a Wish Foundation.

    All they're required to do is pay her a visit and make her dreams come true for one short hour - so what will happen when they can’t just move on and let her go?

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    3 years ago (One Direction) [English/Tagalog] Melody and Liam were childhood best friends. Since they met, they became inseparable. However, the day came when Melody's family had to move to another country. Before she left, Melody didn't do one thing-confess her true feelings to Liam. Years passed, and not a word was heard from each other. On her 17th birthday, Liam suddenly showed up at her house. But he isn't alone. Along with him are his best mates-Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Louis. Now he's back in her life, her feelings for him grew much stronger. The downside, Liam can't see it. So, she opened her heart to Harry. As they become closer, Liam began to change. Is he just being overprotective of her or is he finally seeing her as more than a friend? SUBPLOTS for Niall, Zayn, and Louis. (This story is mostly English. Tagalog words are translated.) [Some chapters are edited.]

    Can love at first sight really happen in real life? What if it happens to you unexpectedly? What if you both fell for each other the instant you met? And what if his not just some ordinary guy?

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    Maggie Rix has the dream life. She is one of the youngest and most talented racecar drivers there is. Fame and fortune are only a few of the perks. Yet, something in Maggie's life is missing: friends. She spends her days with executives and businessmen. After storming out of a photo shoot, Maggie decides it's time to treat herself to a well deserved, peaceful vacation on the beach. Her friend, Bennett, has other plans. She invites the guys of One Direction to stay with them.

    Please comment if you like it! It means a lot to me. Thanks!

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    Please go check out mine! I've only done the prologue so far, but I would love to hear your thoughts on it! :)


    Hi. My name is Cara Stends. I'm a typical 16 year old year. My life is pretty normal. Except that I'm best friends with Niall Horan. Except that cameras follow me around like I'm a celebrity. Except that my past left me emotionally scarred. Except that my crush of seven years finally notices me. Except that my best friend has suddenly been acting really weird. Except that I think I'm losing my best friend, one of the only people that I can ever trust.

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    Alyssa Baker was a twenty two year old girl living a normal live with a daily routine. Graduated from New York University and now works for an editing company. Has a great brother and best-friend and lives in Miami.

    Nathan Somers was a twenty four year old man stuck in a one-sided love. He runs a successful cafe in Miami. But all he can think about is how he's all alone in love, drowning in a pit of longing.

    Harry Styles was a twenty three year old who was living the dream with his four best friends. He was famous, he toured all around America, and had millions of girls screaming his name. He had a perfect life.

    But sometimes, the life you have just isn't enough.

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    Here is mine :) Yours looks cool, I'll check it out.


    "Who are you managing?"

    "One Direction."

    When Beatrix "Trixie" Lerwick's father takes the job as One Direction's manager, she is horrified. Most girls her age would jump at the opportunity to join Earth's hottest boyband on their world tour, but not her. Trixie's made it her personal mission to have as little to do with the lads as possible, but that's a bit hard to do, especially when she finds herself actually enjoying their company...

    So, five males, one female, millions of screaming girls, countless shows, all in one year. What could possibly go wrong?

    Thanks love :D xxx

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    Abused, tormented and unloved by her own father. Join Lily Jenners and her journey as she escapes from hell.

    Liam Payne, yes he's that guy from One Direction, also has been good friends with Lily since they were five. When Liam leaves for his tour everything becomes worse, her father thinks he can hurt her more, cut deep into her skin and cause her misery. When Liam finally arrives back everything changes. She meets his band, falls in love and escapes from her father. Who will be her love? And will it last... Forever & Always?

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    CALL ME A SPY Imagine your biggest dreams of becoming a singer come true by being in a band with your closest mates. But then imagine the possibility of becoming something bigger on top of that all. Something so big, that your life will change forever: a spy. This is the story of One Direction that's never been told before. Enjoy :) xx