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    Abby-Lee is the ordinary girl who's whole world is turned upside down when she meets Jacob. He's different, mysterious, beautiful and despite her best efforts to stay away from him she's drawn closer and closer until she goes on a mission to find out all there is to know about him. One problem...the journey leads her to a world that she doesn't even know that she's a part of. Once she opens the door she can't turn back...


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    What if you only had one month to prove how much you love someone?
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    Charlotte Ashfort and Bryce McRoy used to be childhood friends, inseparable until one tragic event forces them apart. Before the two separated, a promise was made that whatever happened to them, they would try to find each other. Ten years later, Bryce is a whole different person; he’s a cold, ruthless assassin, and he’s on the hunt. His main goal: to find a girl of royal decent, steal a piece of information, and kill her. When the mission lands him face to face with a girl he tried to forget….a girl that was once his friend, will he have some pity on her? Or will he fight his feelings? Will he fall in love? Or will things turn into a bitter ending?

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    Those Incidents:


    Carly Blease is a good girl. She is a smart, innocent, sweet girl. That is when her friend invites her to a party. Carly finds herself with the most popular guy that belongs to a gang called "The Three Sexy B's". She gets herself stuck in a morass of trouble.

    The Boy on the Other Side of the Street:


     Abigail Richerson. In her past, she had a crush on the most coolest boy in school--Connor Swift--but at that time, she was an outcast. When her crush was about to leave to Miami, she asks what he feels towards her. Unfortunately, he does not feel the same. On top of that, he insults her! One year later, Abigail is having the time of her life in high school. She's consider pretty, nice, and a boy-hater. One day, when Abigail was taking a stroll, she sees Connor Swift standing on the other side of the street! She soon finds out that Connor is staying in South Carolina and will be attending her school. Since she is afraid of him exposing her past, she makes a bet with him. A bet that will change her life...

    Birds of PreyS


    “The Eximius’s numbers are decreasing… I think we are on the brink of extinction.” Elizabeth or Lizzy Imholz is having her 15th birthday party soon. She's delighted that she could finally get her permit and live a normal life like any teenager. But the moment when she officially becomes 15, she can understand what birds say?!?!?! Thinking that she has become paraniod, Avery Miller and Hoag Flanagan enters her life and turns her world upside down...even more. They say that, they are the Eximius or Birds of PreyS and that she is the white leporem that Lord Hanz wants. 

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    Aaron Taylor; sweet, sexy, athletic and a complete and utter player. Lynn Summers; new, hot and bitchy. When Lynn transfers to Oakwood High School she's the new gossip topic. And according to the 'I Hate Aaron Taylor' club she's just perfect for the job. She is immune to his charms and they think that she can Aaron Taylor lesson. They guide Lynn along teaching her his every move. Soon, their plan falls into place. Aaron is chasing Lynn around like a little pup and he is falling for her hard. The 'I Hate Aaron Taylor Club' go by one motto, and one motto only. Mr.Player, prepare to be crushed.

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    Just when Percy and Annabeth things are going back to normal, things take a wied turn. Carter and Sadie Kane come bringing a message from Isis. There is a new threat to the world- the mortal one, the Greek one and the Egyptian one. Carter Sadie Percy and Annabeth can work together but can everyone else? Will the world be saved or will the world be lost to chaos and evil forever?


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    Harmony Henderson is a typical 17 year old girl, trying to get through high school while helping pay her family debt by working as a cleaning lady for the Sedelia Academy of Performing Arts, a prestigious school for the rich and talented.

    She thought her dream to act was a waste and should focus only on school and work.

    Never did she thought that one occurrence as a cleaning lady at Sedalia Academy could change her life for the better.

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    A man is killed in cold blood. A single red rose was left beside him, bathing in his last drops of blood. As one of New York Police Department's (NYPD) best homicide detectives, Alex Hawk is assigned to track this 'rose killer' and lock them away. With limited clues and a seemingly impossible wall to overcome, Hawk will break even what he is in enforcing to capture this murderer. With his new female partner, will Hawk be able to track down the killer? Or will it sink into darkness as 'unsolved'?

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    3 years ago Scarlett has been bounced around from one home to one foster family to another. She learned along time ago if you show that you have weakness they will feed from it. She hardened herself to make sure only those she trusts can see her true personality. One evening everything she has worked for gets thrown out the window. Now out of Juvie Scarlett is ready to start over. to bad the courts don't agree with her. She is given a parole officer to try and tame this wild one. Ryder is a parole officer and is paired with an extremely gorgeous wild young women. Being a werewolf he knows she is his mate as soon as he catches her scent. With Scarlett being human and naive make every thing ten times harder. Now if only he can get this wild beauty to open her heart so he can show her there is more to this world then pain and suffering. Ryder is about to get his own version of life imprisonment.

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    The Tales Of An Overweight Girl.

    By: AnonymousScorpio

    Yeslynn Marie is you average overweight teen, find out what she goes through on a regular basis. She might even fall for somebody along the way.

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    When fifteen-year-old Eden Paris discovers that not only is she not human but rather, a descendant of gods and angels, a demiangel, she is plunged into the world of the Ethereal Society, a society of the higher half-bloods. Eden is determined to sever herself from the world she thought only existed in books and fairytales but it seems that the only way to get out of the mess her Scent caused her was to tie herself to the handsome yet intolerable and haughty young William Sage as his Consor, a warrior sworn by blood and soul to protect his other to death.

    Something stirs outside of the protective barrier of the Sanctuary. More and more demiangels have been reported kidnapped and hadn't been discovered nor heard from anyone. When Eden learns that her best friend is in grave danger, she is drawn deeper into the secrets of the Hidden World.

    In this adventure packed novel, Eden learns that some things are rather much better off hidden under the covers of her books.

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    I have 2 stories (teen fic). Thanks for doing this & reading!!! :) The pic links to the book btw! Photobucket


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    Best friends, Miya Kozu and Lily Wrenchy, must face personal obstacles that show up in their lives. Both share dark pasts that come back to bite them in the butt. Thankfully with their family and friends around, they’ll hopefully be able to conquer these difficulties. With one girl being haunted by her dreams and one girl being haunted by the opposite sex, will these two be able to hold out and survive? Or will they remain bound by the chains of their past? Filled with romance, drama, danger, fear, and constant mystery, Closing Chains is a story unlike any other with complete originality.

    Mystery/Suspense, Romance, Humor, Fantasy, Teen Fiction, Paranormal, and Watty Awards of 2012!


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    Forwards Cover 2

    "He's a bad person," Brian says, claiming my hand in his, "He killed my best friend..."

    Amy Yakasu, the home-schooled girl moving into new territory, and Tate Jones, the outsider of Great Lakes High School, are paired together to not only face the difficulties of artwork and chemistry, but to grow beyond the chains of stereotypes. The only question is will these two blind souls be able to handle a war against high school? Or will the star quarterback, Brian Connor, ruin the relationship between the two by revealing the horrible past of Tate?

    This story is written in the POV’s of Amy and Tate

    Romance, Humor, and Teen Fiction

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    April Lee, a soon to be sixteen year-old girl, received a wish charm bracelet from her grandmother years ago. The drill for these kinds of bracelets is you make a wish and once the bracelet breaks off on its own, then your wish will come true. Sadly for April, hers won't break off. But just one clumsy mistake takes her wish and twists it. Plus, a deep darkness lurks inside the pyramid charm her grandmother hand-made for her. April finds herself in an unbelievable situation and struggles to find answers. Will this journey lead her to the right man or only leave her in heartache? Can this little sixteen-year-old handle the crowded web of love that surrounds her?

    Romance, Humor, Fantasy, and Teen Fiction

    Pretending to be Gay Cover

    What if your gay best friend isn't really gay? For Clifton High School's man-hater, Mayu Opp, she's never asked herself that. But as for Joel Kim, her "gay" best friend, there's a whole other story. Joel is actually pretending to be gay just so he can be close to Mayu. But when love and jealousy are mixed, will Joel be able to keep hiding his love for Mayu or will the truth spill out?

    Written in the point of views of multiple: Joel, Mayu, and Tai

    Romance, Watty Awards of 212, Humor, and Teen Fiction

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    What Happens In Keena-Kiya


    Teen Fiction || Other || Drama

    Keena-Kiya. A place to make memories, friends and meet the most adorable boys in North Carolina. India Mary has learned easily how to make the best out of her sucky summer at Keena-Kiya. Make friends, meet boys, don't let anyone mess anything up. She can't help but wonder what will go wrong with her summer nights in the camp. We'll just have to see What Happens In Keena-Kiya

    Thanks for reading! :)

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    Katie has always had a secret crush on Jake. She can sense that he likes her too but the problem is, he’s not confessing! After getting in trouble with her best friend, Chuck, she finds herself stuck in a weird Saturday class for punished from different schools in town. There she meets a mysterious but HOT guy who she thinks she’s falling for. Will her feelings still remain for Perfect Jake or will she find herself completely falling for this mystery guy who is a total bad ass?

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    "What are you doing?! Let go of me!" Derek was grabbing hold of my arm real tight, not allowing me to escape his grasp. "Stop! Please!" His eyes glowed a midnight, yellow as he looked at me. "Not yet..." he growled... Something about his voice was scaring me... It wasn't his usual voice... It sounded like... A beast? I cowered in fear as he looked straight at me with his strange eyes... Then he touched my cheek... Suddenly, I didn't feel so scared anymore...

    When Katherine moves to a new place called Beacon Hills, she starts a whole new life and wants to leave everything from her past behind her… On her first day of High School, she happens to meet the loner of the school, who also happens to be the hotty of the school too! Although it’s not like your typical love at first sight kind of meeting… His name’s Derek Hale and almost everyone talks about him. And when they say everyone talks about him, it’s not in the good way… Apparently, he’s supposed to be someone very dangerous. People say that’s why he moved to Beacon Hills… Or that he did something so bad he had to escape from his former identity… That’s why no one hangs out with him… But… Is that the real story? Find out what Katherine uncovers about Derek in this story and even along the way… See her start to develop some feelings for him, despite what he truly is…

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    Hardest Heart to Shatter


    Kara lives in Utopia, an alternate universe where her sole purpose is to do the dirty work of others. Grown up in an orphanage, Kara is now a Royal Assassin. She lives in luxury despite the risks she takes every day. But Kara knows nothing of her past before age 12, when she was taken from the orphanage and began training to be an assassin. Kara soon realizes that not all is perfect, even in Utopia, and begins to search for her lost memories. But wherever she goes, there seems to be a nagging presence following her. And what happens when an assassin of the highest ranks can't kill her next victim? Kara is about to find out.

    Please read! I'm in the Watty Awards!