I'll read all the chapters in your story if I'll like it so please suggest something.

  • UntamedAngel
    3 years ago

    Any genre except for horror or paranormal. but please as much as possible, no restricted content. You know what I mean. Go on guys! POST THEM!

  • vanillanightsky
    3 years ago

    @UntamedAngel: Well i'm working on a book if you'd like to check it out? It's a teen-fiction / romance called Volleyball Princess. Click the picture to take you to it (: I hope you like it!


  • UntamedAngel
    3 years ago

    @vanillanightsky Done and done. :)

  • Zachrock
    3 years ago
  • kissing-in-neverland
    3 years ago

    Title: Just A Girl Link:http://www.wattpad.com/story/948565-just-a-girl Summary:Being an only child in a poor family is tough. Moving your whole life to be a servant for the king is even harder. Winnie packs her things and goes to the castles as a slave. She befriends the princess and they go to a fair together. But when Winnie meets the love of her life, she is torn away. The ongoing war is beginning to move closer to the castle and Winnie's lover is fighting for her. Can she handle watching on the sidelines while everything falls out? Or will she be the only girl to step up and help save her lover's life?

    Title: Life Goes On Link:http://www.wattpad.com/story/1004049-life-goes-on Summary:High school was as normal for Angel as for anyone else. During summer break, her best friend, Ty, takes her from her home where she is wanted dead. She develops an unatural ability and lost her memories. Now, she must save her family and regain her memories before the government kills her. Regaining her memory is a had thing. Can she regain the truth about her past?

  • lowjain
    3 years ago

    Mine is called Moving On please check it out.

  • khadeej52
    3 years ago
  • maiagujo
    3 years ago


    hi! i think you might be interested with my story:D care to give it a chance? please? :D genre: romance, teen fiction i also joined the watty award (for some unknown reason) XD


    (click on the cover to go to my story)

    18 year old Anne was just released from the custody of her foster parents. She spent 9 horrible years with them, and at last, those days are over. She's finally free to start a new life. That's what she thought. On the day of her release, She got hit by a car. Anne soon found herself in a hospital with a broken leg, two broken ribs, and a boy sleeping quietly beside her bed. Who is this boy and what does he have to do with the accident? Could he be the change in Anne's life that she so desperately needs?

    looking forward to your comments, or suggestions :) thank you in advance!

  • IGarciaI
    3 years ago

    Just Click the Pictures. Thank You(: taylor-swift-grass-1280x8001 "As he came closer I closed my eyes, hoping he would not get near me, I didn't like the way my heart went crazy when he would simply touch me. His hand went around my waist, my breath got caught in my throat. He lean closer into my ear, "Just because you cannot see it does not mean you it does not exist, Lelony." He whispered sending shivers down my spine."

    <atumblr_liova004EA1qb76x8o1_500 > She will make everyone that treated her wrong suffer one by one. Make herself the most wanted girl through out her journey she will find new feelings she never thought she will ever feel.

    Photobucket At first she thought that it was just a simple crush and it would go away after all the feelings have died after he went to jail, but what happens when he comes back and the feelings come back with his return

  • TheProject
    3 years ago
  • MarvelousKid
    3 years ago

    @UntamedAngel Photobucket

    When rumors start flowing about a group of boys called the Listers had made their selection for who is next to be written in the Book Of Honors, everybody starts talking. Now being listed in Eastview High is no honor for the girls, but for the guys, the more girls they enter in the book the better. The Books of Honors is a book where guys can write anything about a girl good or bad that can destroy a female. After the incident in freshmen year when Violet ripped her dress at a school dance exposing her Barney underwear. She was known as Purple Dinosaur instead of her real name Violet Montgomery. So When Noah Myers starts chatting up Violet, their is a lot on controversy and haters who are willing to stop what’s happening. Even if they are just friends. But after finding out another girl has been listed..... INTERESTED? CLICK THE LINK BELOW!!! :)


  • _Simplyjustmee
    3 years ago



    Kayla was a girl that gets along with everyone but ever since that traumatizing day in 8th grade she has kept her heart locked. now in high school she still has kept her heart locked and only her bestie Alana who she grew up with knows why she kept it locked. Kayla is the type of girl that hides her true self by acting as a nerd in school but outside of school she is a whole new different person. she has luscious brown flowing hair down to her chest but she puts it in braids in school. she has one brown eye and a green one but covers up the green one with brown contacts. once she meets Ethan he gives her a new perspective of how she should look at herself. will Ethan be able to gradually unlock Kayla's heart or will she keep it locked forever. read on to find out :)


  • puppluv
    3 years ago
  • dreamsmadereal
    3 years ago

    Knowing You're There: http://www.wattpad.com/story/1025369-knowing-you%27re-there Lia is the girl that everyone knows at school: she's the blind girl that always has her dog at her side. Of course, like everyone, Lia dreams of finding love. When ages been rejected her whole life because of being unable to see, she doesn't belive it when Kurt comes along, telling her she's beautiful. This is the story of two people that show, love ISN'T blind.

  • thatstheway
    3 years ago
  • NMBooks
    3 years ago



    There's a reason high school senior Athena Thorpe spends every available moment reading books: fiction is always so much better than the real world. Even the unexpected scandal she suffered thanks to Jackson Montgomery was just a blip in her typically mundane existence in Sparrow, North Carolina. But no story could ever compare to the life-altering events that occur when Gabriel Valente moves into town. Being the son of a notorious crime lord and having grown up on the streets of Manhattan, Gabriel defies all the expectations the students of Sparrow High have for him, including Athena's. She never expected he would match her interest in the written word, or his unlikely grand gestures and definitely not the immediate but intense feelings which cause them to spiral into a secret relationship. A relationship that hinders on Gabriel's uncertain future, which could find him being the heir to the mob throne. Whether or not she wants to admit it, Athena knows the world Gabriel comes from is a dark and violent one. It's just really easy to pretend it doesn't exist within the bubble that is Sparrow. Yet, no matter how much we pretend, reality is never far away, with Gabriel and Athena learning a tragic lesson about choice and consequence a little too late. When you finally decide what you want most in life, the next question becomes: will fate agree?

  • UAusten
    3 years ago

    Something out of the ordinary is happening at Celestine Heights...

    Ever since she got hit by lightning that almost killed her, Stella Miles has been going through insidious changes.

    Changes that made her best friend afraid of her, and her boyfriend passive-aggressive towards her.  Then there was the guy she saved from certain death, and his weird effect on her.

    Why, almost from the get-go, was she intimately drawn to him?

    And more importantly, as their lives increasingly got tangled in unexplainable events, what did his arrival mean to everyone in Celestine Heights?

    Please click on the cover to read story:


    Romance | Teen fiction | Paranormal | Watty Awards 2012

    Hope you enjoy it. Thanks!

    3 years ago

    @UntamedAngel hello there! :) i'm currently promoting a story from my friend. please read this one. she deserves it. ^^

    http://www.wattpad.com/story/1273190-amboy-watty-awards-2012 ; link.

    Sean Caliwatan grew up like any other boy. He has a fine life. He has friends. But for him he doesn't have a mother. He lived a life full of lies about his existence. After years of illusions he saw his mother again. And she was dying of cancer. Is he ever going to know the truth? Will he be able to live a life with the woman who accepted her when everything else didn't?

    thank you.

  • UntamedAngel
    3 years ago

    @Zachrock Ohhh! Continue it please! I just watched Titanic last night and here I am, reading your story. Kinda similar except yours is in Pacific and Rose and JAck didn't find an isalnd back then. Over-all, it's good. I'm waiting. :)

  • LindseySablowski
    3 years ago

    @UntamedAngel Hope you enjoy this :) http://www.wattpad.com/story/1035602-cursed-with-power-book-1-in-the-magicians-series

    Photobucket Celestria Hale is thrown into a world of betrayal and loss when she discovers there are only five Dark magicians alive. She is one of them, but after her sister’s death and lovers’ departure her heart is blackened with grief. Questions arise through each town as Light magicians plot revenge. Survival becomes essential. Celestria leaves her hometown in search for answers, but danger lurks close behind her. When she meets Alaire, who reveals himself as another Dark magician, everything seems to fall into place again. However, he too has peculiar dreams and a danger past he chooses to hide. A good magician, an enemy of the Dark, plots to punish Alaire and Celestria for their sinful magic. If he isn’t killed, he will destroy them. Yet if he dies, they also risk losing the information he has on their remaining allies. As a war approaches to determine the fate of magicians, Celestria fears for her and Alaire’s existence. Destiny may find them, but will it be enough?

  • _preciousmuch
    3 years ago

    Please read my first story.

    Here's the link:


    Genre: Romance/Drama


    It was when I found my self very inlove with my playmate.

  • UntamedAngel
    3 years ago

    @lstornelli27 @Everyonedreams @kaddiee52 @maiagujo @Dreamcometrue123 @TheProject @MarvelousKid @Simplyjustmee @puppluv @dreamsmadereal @thatstheway @NMBooks @UAusten @ParadiseMaiden @LindseySablowski @preMor_018

    WHOA GUYYS. Chill. I'll add your suggested stories to ym library and read them later. Weekend is over but expect that I'll read them soon. that's a promise! :)

  • _TheSoulEater
    3 years ago

    Vampire & Romance (It's not Twilight fan fiction!)


    The life of the sixteen years old girl, Alesha, is changing. The weird boy, Joe introduces her the new world, the world of vampires. She is forced to change her life. As a vampire she will make many new friend, enemies and her life will be full of adventures. That's why at first Alesha doesn't mind living a new life, but later when she founds out that not every vampire is as she was expecting to be, she may change her opinion and do unexpected things. Will she be able to solve the problems? And if the vampire's peace is broke, will they come to an agreement?

  • letdown
    3 years ago


    The Days Of Kelsea's


    READ HERE; http://www.wattpad.com/story/984918-the-days-of-kelsea%27s

    ". . . I'm doing it for her. Even if it means reading about every single private moment of her life. . ."

    Meet Demi Costello. She's heartbroken, frustrated, and has lately been immersed in a pool of grief and horror. Kelsea Richardson was her best friend. Her only best friend. And three weeks ago, she went missing. No one has any information of where she went. That is until Demi finds Kelsea's diary, which she started on August 6th, last year. Of course the police want any information anyone can find. But Demi doesn't hand over the diary. Because she has to work out what happened to Kelsea first, before anyone else.

    In this book, we take a journey through two best friends' lives, written in completely different formats - Kelsea's heart warming, breath taking diary enteries filled with love, tenderness and drama, and Demi's flashbacks and memories of the times spent with her best friend. And every step along the way, the reasons why become clearer . . .


  • infinitylovee17
    3 years ago
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