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  • _Sykesual_Imagines
    4 years ago

    Are you looking for a really good honest critic that will read and give you a review in under 48 hours? You have came to the right place! I will critic any kind of genre of stories and respond back to you in under 2-3 days. Deal? Just post below with the URL or e-mail it too me at with the subject being *Wattpad Critic*. I will give you my honest opinion. But if you e-mail it to me, be sure to include your Wattpad username please!

    I'm looking forward towards reading great stories!

  • _ChloePxx
    4 years ago

    @DrummerXChick It's short and unfinished but I'd love to know what you think so far! Anita Black has been with the Stockholms for her whole life. They're not nice people, but now they have gone one step too far. They are persuading all the residents of Stockholm Manor to go against the government that has shunned them away from society and change the world for the better. But Anita suspects it won't be for the better so she and her friends rise into rebellion. But she doesn't realise how far Marcus Stockholm will go to stop her, and she ends up changing the world in another way: for the worse. Thank you in advance!=)

  • _SkyHighHopes
    4 years ago

    My story 'The Year' has just started and I need critiquing! Could you check it out? Thanks!!! :)

  • _Tiye13
    4 years ago


    Little n Large

    Nicole Crystal Welsh is starting her sophomore year at her California performing Arts school with the best social status possible- a floater. Someone popular enough to hang with the popular crowd yet still have the ability to sit with newbies or freshmen. In a place where looks are everything Nicole is beyond satisfied with her position when the inevitable happens- girl meets boy. Floaters are usually loners but Nicole is popular enough to make it work, that's not the issue. The problem is Caleb is a whopping 5'6 and Nicole is 6'1. In a place where looks are everything Nicole must find the strength to break the cookie cutter mold or lose everything she's ever worked for with a few bumps along the way.

  • Gifuto
    4 years ago

    @DrummerXChick Thank you for doing this. I hope you like it.

    Name: Earth Master


    Genre: Fantasy

    Plot: The story takes place in world where there are people who are born as demons and who are chosen as masters. Over the years masters have attacked demon territories and forced them to hide in shadows. This is the story of a girl named Aurora and a boy named Moonshade, who wanted revenge for their families.

  • dreamsmadereal
    4 years ago Knowing You're There: Although Lia is blind, she has the fantasy of finding the perfect guy, just like everyone else, along with becoming a rock star drummer. However, she has always been the outcast in school. When she meets Kurt Hines, all her dreams start coming true, one at a time.

  • uninspirational
    4 years ago

    @DrummerXChick Even though it was just posted recently, I would still like your critique on it


    Through every plan there's a fault. Through every fault comes the cunningly smart, yet wicked Veronica Badcock. Or at least that is what Ryan Cook has heard. They told him that her last target fell off the face of the Earth, not to be seen again. The one before that had it so bad that he ended up taking therapy to erase the memories. And now the only thing he can think of is how bad he could get it.

    Being the next target, he has to be smarter, and stronger. Even if it comes at a costly price.

  • RedMicah
    4 years ago


    Life is not easy like the fairy tales and movies say it to be, we make our own happily ever afters and tragic endings through the choices that we make. There may be times that the chapters of our lives may be colorful or bland, but who can dictate us on how our life should be? No one.

    I am Mia Vrailine and I have just started High school with my best bud Austin Simmons. Life for me is never easy even though I came from a middle class family. It's because my mom works abroad and my dad is a supervisor at a telecommunications company who seems to have no time for us, I have 2 other siblings and as what children do often, we tend to fight. My story is a typical family-love-and-friendship one, but what sets it apart to others is that I am me, a unique distinct individual, and this is My Side of the Story.

  • Cryptic4l
    4 years ago I'm just now posting a new story I've thought of, anyone let me know what you think?

  • SeeChanWrite
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  • iamallama
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  • iamallama
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  • _thisplacethatiknow
    4 years ago

    @DrummerXChick I'm mostly looking for critique on chapter five, but anything is appreciated! Thanks!

  • _Adorkablex3
    4 years ago

    @DrummerXChick It only has 2 parts at the moment but I'm going to complete it and enter it in the Watty Awards so I'd love some feedback on what I could do to improve it!

  • IheartScar
    4 years ago How can someone hate their father? Well how can you love someone when they hurt you every day of your life? Amore, only wish is to have a normal life. Where she only has to worry about, is what boy she is going to crush on next. Or what outfit she is going to wear tomorrow. Instead she worries if she is going to see tomorrow or if her father has finally killed her. Now that it is summer time Amore gets a job working at her local Coffee Shop and ice skates in her free time. Then one day a man walks into the Coffee Shop and changes her life forever. Can he save her from the monster she faces every time she goes home?


  • LeilaStar
    4 years ago


    “It’s destiny.” Destiny, in the Faerie realm, is viewed as an unchangeable force that you have no control over. A one-way path. Simple. Once your destiny is decided, it can never be altered, or so the tales say. However, Aria and Phoebe’s lives have proved otherwise. If “destiny” had its way, they would both be dead. They were never supposed to meet as it is, much less become anything close to friends. Yet, they did. A faerie and a human, defying destiny and all rules about it. Or so it seems. Perhaps destiny has a few more tricks up its sleeve that they should worry about. Too bad they won’t have enough time to worry, as saving two realms can take up a great amount of time. Especially when both realms seem to be broken beyond repair. ~ Join Aria, Phoebe, and Corbin on their fatal quest to save a realm or two, and save themselves as well.

  • SpacerX
    4 years ago
    Thanks! I need some serious critiquing : )

  • Blindinglights
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  • _Sequinsky_
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  • Poindexter
    4 years ago


    Ethel and Eli are twins on the brink of separation. While nearing the age seventeen Eli knows he is to be drafted into the Union Army and fight against his younger sibling, who ran away to join the Confederates. The only way the twins can hope to be together is if they take an invitation to work for the eccentric and strange Dr. Abner Edwards. Seems simple enough, right?

    But Dr. Edwards has a secret, one that involves a world that might just live right beneath the ground, a negro who claims to have powers to see the unseen, and an exotic boy who claims to be from the future.

    How will the twins survive with an angry mob running after Eli, odd creatures attacking the patients, a civil war of another world effecting their own, or troubles with the time-space continuum? Never mind that, it's time for tea.

  • Crimson613
    4 years ago

    @DrummerXChick can you look over this? i just fixed up the prologue since people were telling me it was hard to read but id also like to know if im going too low in progressing the plot or if you think its okay, thanks:

  • thatstheway
    4 years ago


    my friend is looking for someone who can critique her story thank you!

  • Bluee_Butterfly
    4 years ago

    I need a critic for my two in-progress stories and one finished as harsh as you'd like. Oh, and, Fading Howls actually has 45 chapters done but I've only managed to upload 12 of those on Wattpad so far ;)

    Fading Howls -

    To Hell with Popularity -

    My Heart's Last Cry -

  • Slaughterous
    4 years ago

    Title: Transparent

    Genre: Romance, Teen Fiction, Fantasy, Humor(Future), Highschool Setting

    Summary: This story revolves around Catherine Cassio, a girl who unexpectantly dies due to a car crash, after running off in seeing a misunderstood situation between her boyfriend, Asher, and rival, Khimberly. In the afterlife, she meets a mysterious stranger who introduces herself as Patrice. Patrice tells Catherine she's given another chance at love, at the cost of her life and a new one. Catherine complies; and this, is where her adventure begins. Reborn as Zayne Willows, follow Catherine as she uncovers the mystery and truth behind her death, face the most tremendous of betrayals, and most especially, get back the love of her life.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Click to read!

    I'd love a critique. :3

  • _itsyoungalfred
    4 years ago

    Title: Lost Ones

    Description: During the fireworks display at the Riverside Beach, Gabby Gordon's dog, Walter, ran out from her hand and got lost. In frustration, she ran away from their house since her mother won't stop convincing her that Walter is now gone and nowhere to be found. But she keeps finding Walter at the beach. Days passed, she came back. A dirty white dog same with the breed as Walter; only Walter is black, is knocking at their door. There's a collar its neck, named Jackie. This dog replaced the frustrated heart of Gabby with happiness. In the end, she got in love with someone. Without losing Walter and replaced by Jackie, she hadn't found her prince.

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    Click the picture to read. :)