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    4 years ago
  • Jamie_Robyn
    4 years ago

    Title:The Wonders of Faith, The Gift of Mercy


    Description:Mae, a girl who is an unbeliever of Christ, has her life being punished by God. Then one day a terrible tragedy struck her family! Will she ever change her attitude towards Him or will she still disobey the teachings of God? Who, how or what will make her love God again?


  • AlexisSims
    4 years ago

    This is an adventure story about a break out. I hope you enjoy http://www.wattpad.com/story/1254687-reprieve

  • _starfirebum
    4 years ago


    PLEASE READ IT!!! it would mean the world to me to have more than a 100 reads and 10 votes!! :) xxx

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    4 years ago


    "Beauty queen of only eighteen, she had some trouble with herself. He was always there to help her and she always belonged to someone else." - She Will Be Loved, Maroon 5.

    That is basically what is going on between him, and her. They've been friends since they were in school - when they were teenagers. They became best friends and he fell for her, but she didn't. Afraid of ruining their friendship he has kept quiet all along; at the very start he had thought that telling her was the right thing, and by doing so he almost lost her. Only by lying did he get her back and loving her in secret was all he could do, even though he wanted more. Loving her is his deepest, darkest secret and it is the most important thing to him, just like how she is the most important person to him.

    He suffers silently, putting on a fake smile every time he sees her walk away with another guy.

    Like they always say, hearts have been broken by words left unspoken.

  • ShaneChowdery
    4 years ago

    Short Story "Hooker" http://www.wattpad.com/4249835-hooker

    A young girl's job is suddenly not worth the money.

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    4 years ago
  • Vaichi
    4 years ago

    @NeonBlueRockerx Hey! Would you be interested in reading Love, Life and Secret Agents?

    I could really use the reads and votes :)


    Being a Secret Agent isn’t all that it’s made out to be.

    Sure, it sounds pretty cool and sometimes, it is. But when we watch movies like Mission Impossible and the Bond series, the first thing that comes to our mind is how awesome it would be to lead a double life and zip around in those flashy cars, fighting badass villains with gold teeth. That doesn’t sound so awful, does it?

    No it definitely doesn’t.

    But then again, that’s not what being a Secret Agent is about. -------------------------------------------------------------

    Thanks either way!


  • mayraluizacorrea
    4 years ago
  • harleyathart
    4 years ago

    I had never hated my heritage until that moment. Until the moment I looked over the banister and my eyes met his. But I knew that I had to disappear, to run away from everyone and everything I had ever known. Life had dealt me the worst hand. I almost had to laugh at it, had I really expected anything different? I knew that no matter how much I longed to be with him, I couldn't, because I would never ever love him. And so my only choice was to run


  • johnsiejames
    4 years ago

    hello :D let's fan each other :)) , I promise that if you fan me, I'll fan you back afterwards :)). Moreover, I need feedbacks http://www.wattpad.com/story/1203147-half-blood-ongoing

    it'll be incredibly appreciated if you read :D thanks :DDD

  • iam_bre
    4 years ago


    hey can you guys check out the two chapters that i have written of my story, i need some opinions on wht i have so far as well as some new ideas. . .comments are always much appreciated as well thanks

  • KissTheDead
    4 years ago


    Heyyaa.. if you could read my story and let me know what you think.. =D Pretty please.. Thankyouu..!!

  • maiagujo
    4 years ago


    hi! i think you might be interested with my story:D care to give it a chance? please? :D genre: romance, teen fiction i also joined the watty award (for some unknown reason) XD


    (click on the cover to go to my story)

    18 year old Anne was just released from the custody of her foster parents. She spent 9 horrible years with them, and at last, those days are over. She's finally free to start a new life. That's what she thought. On the day of her release, She got hit by a car. Anne soon found herself in a hospital with a broken leg, two broken ribs, and a boy sleeping quietly beside her bed. Who is this boy and what does he have to do with the accident? Could he be the change in Anne's life that she so desperately needs?

    looking forward to your comments, or suggestions :) thank you in advance!

  • UAusten
    4 years ago

    Something out of the ordinary is happening at Celestine Heights...

    Ever since she got hit by lightning that almost killed her, Stella Miles has been going through insidious changes.

    Changes that made her best friend afraid of her, and her boyfriend passive-aggressive towards her. Then there was the guy she saved from certain death, and his weird effect on her.

    Why, almost from the get-go, was she intimately drawn to him?

    And more importantly, as their lives increasingly got tangled in unexplainable events, what did his arrival mean to everyone in Celestine Heights?

    Please click on the cover to read story:


    Romance | Teen fiction | Paranormal | Watty Awards 2012

    Hope you enjoy it. Thanks!

  • CreatingUniverses
    4 years ago

    @NeonBlueRockerx If you have time, would you consider reading mine? Thank you :)

    Photobucket http://www.wattpad.com/story/1060091-hello

    Genre: fantasy / thriller / sci-fi / romance / horror / humor / Watty Awards 2012

    Pete was trapped by fear. He wanted to live a normal life, to love a girl like any other guy, but that voice kept whispering, reminding him that once his true identity was discovered, she’d leave and tell the feds.

    Eidan’s situation wasn’t any better. He wanted comfort, someone to truly believe that he wasn’t evil and to accept him without fear. He never thought that person would come, and when she did, he considered it for the better.

    However, there was a reason why people like them weren’t supposed to know how to feel. Emotions impair a human’s judgment, inhibiting it and sometimes even destroying it. So now the question is, will Pete and Eidan suffer a human’s fate or will they finally get their happy ending? Beware: this story is not for the faint of heart.

    (P.S. - there're no cheesy mythological creatures, just beings created from pure imagination :) Hope you enjoy! If you want a better description, there's one in my story. Thanks!

  • ShyThoughts
    4 years ago


    http://www.wattpad.com/story/1078823-soothsayer "The mind is a powerful thing; if you don't use it right it can cause more harm then good."


    Thank you :))

  • GottaReadMe
    4 years ago


    "Just A Dare" (Watty Awards/Romance)


    It was a mean thing to do, I admit. And I wasn't a mean person. But I did it anyways.

    "It's just a dare," she said. "and it's not like you'll ever see them again." She persuaded me and I couldn't argue with her logic. I was moving across the state. So, I thought I would never see them again. You only live once, you know?

    But I never knew that dare would make such a big impact on my life.

    LINK: http://www.wattpad.com/story/1212867-just-a-dare

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    4 years ago
  • SubwayStars
    4 years ago

    @NeonBlueRockerx Thank you!! :)


    More Than a Crush

    “I never really understood why he hated me ever since I blurted out that I liked him.”

    Yes, that was what Rachel Falls had in mind when her more-than-a-crush and undoubtedly best friend, Rylance Hansen, left her — and not just her, but the town in particular — in anger when they were freshmen just one week before summer kicked in. She means, was it really bad to admit your feelings to someone you knew since kindergarten? She didn’t think so, but Rylance thought otherwise.

  • _FreakKnightRenlin
    4 years ago


    If you have the time, please read my story. Features many genres.

    Darkness is brewing. Ever since the kidnapping of the Penta Lords' children, the Realm of Philipii hasn't been the same. Many outlaws are escaping. The Lords of the Realms cannot trust each other. The peace is deteriorating. And yet... Only one organization is responsible for all this. Nobody from Heaven, Earth, nor Hell is safe

  • rainandhotchocolate
    4 years ago

    http://www.wattpad.com/4371193-hidden-identity much appreciated if you could check it out:)

  • _tangledsparks
    4 years ago

    @NeonBlueRockerx I FOUND MYSELF IN WONDERLAND AGAIN Photobucket

  • _tangledsparks
    4 years ago

    @NeonBlueRockerx I FOUND MYSELF IN WONDERLAND AGAIN Photobucket

  • _NoreenNapa
    3 years ago

    Yeah, there's nothing scary and adventurous about mine but here it is. I think it's supposed to make you cry. So please, if you cry tell me. http://www.wattpad.com/story/1273190-amboy-watty-awards-2012

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