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  • Jisabella
    4 years ago


    What if you woke up on the side of a dark street, forgotten to the world that you can’t remember? Blaise knows what it’s like. When she woke up, she couldn’t even remember her name. With only a bag of generic items and a note written by an unknown person, she’s opted to try and create a new life for herself. Of course, ignorance and pretending can only get you so far. With her only true friend, a German shepherd named Bear, Blaise has to try to find herself. Either way, she’s in deeper water than she could ever imagine.


    Stephanie Armstrong is on the run, has been for a while. She hasn't seen any of her kind for a while and humans are getting more efficient at identifying and taking them down. In this little town, where everyone knows everyone, will she finally find her peace? Or will she have to make a quick run and start all over once again?

  • DiaryOfSecrets
    4 years ago
  • xXTheBelieverXx
    4 years ago


    A Bet Gone Wrong


    Rebecca is your a little above average teenage girl trying to get through another year of high school. Then a new guy walks into her life and causes an uproar. Cameron and his friends play a game that has become a tradition for their high school years. They bet eachother a certain amount of money to sleep with a certain girl. If they get her in bed then they win the bet, if they dont then they pay up. The only few catches are that they have to do it within a certain period of time. What happens when one of Camerons friends picks a girl that grows on him? Will he just dump her like the rest after he gets what he wants, in her pants, or will he change his ways to stay with her?

  • NMBooks
    4 years ago



    There's a reason high school senior Athena Thorpe spends every available moment reading books: fiction is always so much better than the real world. Even the unexpected scandal she suffered thanks to Jackson Montgomery was just a blip in her typically mundane existence in Sparrow, North Carolina. But no story could ever compare to the life-altering events that occur when Gabriel Valente moves into town. Being the son of a notorious crime lord and having grown up on the streets of Manhattan, Gabriel defies all the expectations the students of Sparrow High have for him, including Athena's. She never expected he would match her interest in the written word, or his unlikely grand gestures and definitely not the immediate but intense feelings which cause them to spiral into a secret relationship. A relationship that hinders on Gabriel's uncertain future, which could find him being the heir to the mob throne. Whether or not she wants to admit it, Athena knows the world Gabriel comes from is a dark and violent one. It's just really easy to pretend it doesn't exist within the bubble that is Sparrow. Yet, no matter how much we pretend, reality is never far away, with Gabriel and Athena learning a tragic lesson about choice and consequence a little too late. When you finally decide what you want most in life, the next question becomes: will fate agree?

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    4 years ago
  • Young_and_Free
    4 years ago

    http://www.wattpad.com/story/1079461-sisters-of-life thanks!!!! but could it be the second chapter?

  • gtothe
    4 years ago

    LEATHER APRON (Wattys 2012 Entry) Part of a collection of Flash Fiction pieces (500 words or less). Critiques and general observations, welcome. Below is a link to the collection as well…if you’re keen ;)

    http://www.wattpad.com/4042834-leather-apron-watty-awards-2012-entry Leather Apron Cover

    500 Words In The Making

    A collection of short stories written in 500 words or less.


  • TheVisibleDarkness
    4 years ago
  • LittleMissKhaos
    4 years ago

    @xxBeautyQueenxx http://www.wattpad.com/story/1236140-the-dreamer

    The Dreamer has been called a god, a messiah, the antichrist, the end of the world -- or perhaps simply a madman. But no matter which he may be, one thing is for certain: he is a murderer. Journalist David Leclaire sets out to learn the truth about the man behind the legend, following a complicated string of places and people and events to uncover what really happened. But the more he learns about the past, the more he learns about a very present danger.

  • UAusten
    4 years ago

    Something out of the ordinary is happening at Celestine Heights...

    Ever since she got hit by lightning that almost killed her, Stella Miles has been going through insidious changes.

    Changes that made her best friend afraid of her, and her boyfriend passive-aggressive towards her. Then there was the guy she saved from certain death, and his weird effect on her.

    Why, almost from the get-go, was she intimately drawn to him?

    And more importantly, as their lives increasingly got tangled in unexplainable events, what did his arrival mean to everyone in Celestine Heights?

    Please click on the cover to read story:


    Hope you enjoy it. Thanks!

  • raven_333
    4 years ago

    Let me know what you think! Thanks! :)


    Rose may seem like the normal teenage girl in high school, hanging out with her friends and liking boys. But Rose has a secret. She has never told anyone, not even her closest friend Janessa. Her secret is slowly eating at her along with her past that she had kept hidden. Can she survive her secrets long enough for her to even figure them out? Will everyone find out all the lies and things she has been hiding?


    Holly is used to jumping from place to place with her mom, but she just wants to finally find the place they will permanently call home. She hopes moving in with her new step dad, and his son, will finally be the right place. Everything is starting to go ok until weird things start happening and strange messages keep appearing. Holly is becoming scared of her new home and might change her mind about wanting to stay. Who is leaving her these notes? and why are they after her?

  • _Hatherly
    4 years ago

    @xxBeautyQueenxx Thankyou!


    20 year old Jade Matherson spends her daily train journey imagining lives for the passengers who surround her almost everyday but who are no more than strangers to her. Then the stranger who has sat opposite her for almost a year receives the worst news of his life, and she finds herself breaking the norms of social interaction to throw him the lifeline that no one else seemed willing to give. Completely unprepared, she finds herself thrown into this stranger's life, which is like nothing she could have ever imagined

  • Dan_ishere
    4 years ago

    Please have a look at mine!


    When Wilma "Will" Robinson is handed a mysterious watch by a stranger one stormy evening, she never expected herself to be thrown back in time to a parallel universe of sixteenth century England. Trapped in a dark world of communism, betrayal and lies, she discovers that there is also a hidden, deadly society of magic wielders that threatens to destroy the reign of King Henry VIII. But does her going back in time serve a purpose, or was she just at the wrong place, at the wrong time?

  • MentalDistortion
    4 years ago


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    Title: Only Through the Pain

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Categories: Non-Teen Fiction l Other

    * * * * * * * * * *

    (click the picture to read)


    * * * * * * * * * *

    Summary: Only through pain can we find happiness.

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    Title: Ashleigh Lynne

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    Categories: Short Story l Non-Teen Fiction

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  • TDHLbaby2
    4 years ago



    Lux has always been abused and has never known of the world outside her door. But when an accident happens and she gets thrown out, how will she survive? Can Jace's family help her learn of the world? And who is Rini?

    Please and Thank you

  • standingonghosts
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  • AJ_96th
    4 years ago

    @xxBeautyQueenxx Please check out mine :)



    What would you do if everything you loved was taken away in an instant by a monster?

    Nicola wants revenge and she's going to do what ever it takes to get it. At least, that was before she was thrown into an insane world filled with demons, vampires, weres and everything supernatural you can think of. Not to mention that she's starting to feel things she'd never experienced before in the most unexpected circumstance.

    A choice between avenging her loved one's death and starting her life anew in the middle of a crazy world where nothing is what it seems is tough all on it's own. But someone else has got their own plans for her and aren't taking no for an answer...

    Warning : Lust, blood and everything supernatural.

    Hope you like it! Thank you :)

  • dimlihasnoshoes
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  • _MissBarbieDoll
    4 years ago


    Meet Daphne Carlisle Cruz -- < Playgirl | Heart Breaker | Casanova Princess | Tough > So the mission is? Tame the heart breaker!

    Please check out my story ;)

  • Tom_Ato
    4 years ago

    I'm not gonna seem all desperate and stuff lol, but if you fancy extravagant details murder and mystery :) here cha go...


    and thanks!

  • _LivingADream_
    4 years ago

    -please try mine (everyone's welcome lol)


    Spencer cant seem to focus in her calculus class,but its because the new hot teacher has all of her attention. Will a missing journal be the start to a new relationship that could bring all kinds of town whispers? Even if they decide to pursue a relationship. How will her parents feel about their daughter dating the teacher ? How will her small town take her dating the teacher ?

  • asianchick159
    4 years ago



    April Lee, a soon to be sixteen year-old girl, received a wish charm bracelet from her grandmother years ago. The drill for these kinds of bracelets is you make a wish and once the bracelet breaks off on its own, then your wish will come true. Sadly for April, hers won't break off. But just one clumsy mistake takes her wish and twists it. Plus, a deep darkness lurks inside the pyramid charm her grandmother hand-made for her. April finds herself in an unbelievable situation and struggles to find answers. Will this journey lead her to the right man or only leave her in heartache? Can this little sixteen-year-old handle the crowded web of love that surrounds her?

    Romance, Humor, Fantasy, and Teen Fiction


    Pretending to be Gay Cover

    What if your gay best friend isn't really gay? For Clifton High School's man-hater, Mayu Opp, she's never asked herself that. But as for Joel Kim, her "gay" best friend, there's a whole other story. Joel is actually pretending to be gay just so he can be close to Mayu. But when love and jealousy are mixed, will Joel be able to keep hiding his love for Mayu or will the truth spill out?

    Written in the point of views of multiple: Joel, Mayu, and Tai

    Romance, Humor, and Teen Fiction

  • asianchick159
    4 years ago


    Forwards Cover 2

    "He's a bad person," Brian says, claiming my hand in his, "He killed my best friend..."

    Amy Yakasu, the home-schooled girl moving into new territory, and Tate Jones, the outsider of Great Lakes High School, are paired together to not only face the difficulties of artwork and chemistry, but to grow beyond the chains of stereotypes. The only question is will these two blind souls be able to handle a war against high school? Or will the star quarterback, Brian Connor, ruin the relationship between the two by revealing the horrible past of Tate?

    This story is written in the POV’s of Amy and Tate

    Romance, Humor, and Teen Fiction

  • _itsyoungalfred
    4 years ago

    Title: Lost Ones

    Description: During the fireworks display at the Riverside Beach, Gabby Gordon's dog, Walter, ran out from her hand and got lost. In frustration, she ran away from their house since her mother won't stop convincing her that Walter is now gone and nowhere to be found. But she keeps finding Walter at the beach. Days passed, she came back. A dirty white dog same with the breed as Walter; only Walter is black, is knocking at their door. There's a collar its neck, named Jackie. This dog replaced the frustrated heart of Gabby with happiness. In the end, she got in love with someone. Without losing Walter and replaced by Jackie, she hadn't found her prince.

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  • _tangledsparks
    4 years ago

    Please take a moment to read this. It's only ONE page but it will make a difference. Please spread this if you can. Photobucket @xxBeautyQueenxx