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  • ellechiq
    4 years ago

    http://www.wattpad.com/story/1132915-i-bet-you-can%27t-fall-for-me Blake Mathews isn't used to any girls rejecting him until he comes across Lauren Jones at a party. He sees her at school again, but she looks completely different. She's an unpopular nerd. His friends challenge him to a bet to see if he can date Lauren and get her to sleep with him before prom. Blake accepts this challenge, thinking everything is all just a game. What happens if someone falls in love? Game over.


    http://www.wattpad.com/story/1124192-forget-me-not COMPLETED: Aubrey Daniels expected her school field trip to be a boring day, until she bumps into Nathan Moreau; A handsome, cocky, arrogant rich boy who goes to Avalon High her school's rival. She hates him immediately, but doesn't realize he has more importance in her life than she actually knows. She meets him once again, but as her fiancé?! Is this fate playing a cruel trick? The more she gets to know Nathan, the more she finds out about her forgotten past. She's sure she won't fall for his charm, but soon enough things change. (Story is better than description)

  • _Fanganator
    4 years ago

    Those Incidents:



    Carly Blease is a good girl. She is a smart, innocent, sweet girl. That is when her friend invites her to a party. Carly finds herself with the most popular guy that belongs to a gang called "The Three Sexy B's". She gets herself stuck in a morass of trouble. Will she still be the same good girl she was or become one of the 'bad' people?

    The Boy on the Other Side of the Street:



    Abigail Richerson. In her past, she had a crush on the most coolest boy in school--Connor Swift--but at that time, she was an outcast. When her crush was about to leave to Miami, she asks what he feels towards her. Unfortunately, he does not feel the same. On top of that, he insults her! One year later, Abigail is having the time of her life in high school. She's consider pretty, nice, and a boy-hater. One day, when Abigail was taking a stroll, she sees Connor Swift standing on the other side of the street! She soon finds out that Connor is staying in South Carolina and will be attending her school. Since she is afraid of him exposing her past, she makes a bet with him. A bet that will change her life...

    The Things I've Never Noticed About You:



    Damien Lodge, a popular genius. Lin Ramirez, just an average girl, not that popular, and not that unpopular. She's just right. One day, I Damien was taken out of class suddenly. Today was National Weed Day. Could it be that Damien had been smoking weed in secret? Uneasy and sad, Lin wants to straighten Damien's path and show him what's best for his future.

  • _thatdarnsnow
    4 years ago

    Thanks everyone! I wasn't online yesterday so I'll try and read as many as I can throughout the week.

  • cityscape
    4 years ago
  • JulesCarlyle
    4 years ago

    Bianca has always been quiet shy never having the courage to be the tom-boy her sister is. But she dreams of adventure. Then she finds adventure where she least expects it. Staying with a friend of the family in their countryside home she learns of a highway man terrorising local wealthy families. Her sense of mystery is intrigued and one night she decides to see if he will try and rob her. He does but he gets more then he was bargaining for. What lady questions her robber? This begins a strange secret relationship between the pair. But her dashing highway man has more secrets than just his identity. Will it turn into a disaster or the adventure of a life time?


    ps. not finished but more chapters written than posted so you get regular updates

  • aarti_athavle
    4 years ago

    Hey...its a Teen fiction/ Romance

    Its not finished but I hope you will like it

    Description- Rebecca Thomas is new in town.She is cute,sweet and shy and hates being the centre of attention. Everything seems fine before she starts her new school. She has never had a boyfriend and has never been kissed. She believes in fairy tale romances and hopes that she will find her prince charming soon. Noah James is a popular jock and has a reputation of a player is West High School. When Rebecca and Noah cross paths her life takes an unusual turn. She makes a mistake by falling in love only to have her heart broken. She does everything to make him happy even if it hurts her .Can Noah ever realise what he means to her? Or she will always be just a friend to him? Will Noah and Rebecca ever be together?


    Thank you :)

  • sandeemontalvo
    4 years ago
  • angela98
    4 years ago

    Please read and comment on the last chapter! Hope you like it :)


  • Slaughterous
    4 years ago

    Title: Transparent

    Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Teen Fiction, Humor, Highschool Setting

    Description: If you die partly because of love, will you entirely give it up? Catherine, aged 16, died and lost her own. But despite that, she was given one more shot at life and at love. Without a second glance or thought over the matter, she took up that chance and never will she let it go, like how she let go her first and only love in her previous life.

    Reborn as Zayne Willows: Follow her, as she strives to find out the truths behind her 'accidental' death, face the most heartbreaking of betrayals, and most entirely, make her one and only Asher fall for her again.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Click to read!

    I hope you'll like reading it! Thanks! :)

  • desilisius
    4 years ago

    @greenwolf1998 mine isnt finished yet sadly :c but if u could please take a look that would make me happy :3


  • MeganLockhart
    4 years ago

    This isn't finished but it is updated once to twice a week.


    She found him on the beach. His clothes spoke of wealth, his hands told of work, but it was the scars on his face that told Nan who the man before her was, Sir William Horton, the resident Hero of Ashford. He was the richest man in five counties and a well known bastard. Rumors of very kind were whispered about Ashford’s infamous Black Knight, his all encompassing cruelty, his frozen heart, the twisted means by which he found pleasure. Every creature in Ashford knew to give him a wide berth, to keeping a wagging tongue still, and eyes trained anywhere but on him when he came into view. So when Nan found him and was neither distant, silent nor looking anywhere but directly at him, Ashford’s Black Knight began to stumble over the oddity of this girl. Her fearlessness, her honesty, her intelligence, even her unassuming beauty held him captivated. But how could a simple beggar girl be so many things? Who was this woman that held his attention, or more importantly who had she been before coming to Ashford?

  • _preciousmuch
    4 years ago

    My story haven't finished yet.

    Here's the link if you have some spare time to read:


  • ThePurple15
    3 years ago


    Anya believes seeing watching her father being murdered was just a dream...or at least thats what here therapists told her. She looses her friends, her mind, and her life over this. No one seemed to care about her, except for her overbearing mother. Well that was until the Sins show up. There is something weird about them that draw her in.

    Luke just didnt want to kill her, nor did he want to fall in love with her.

    Scott wanted revenge. he needed revenge. how her was going to get it though? he could do exactly what his brother did to him; take away his love, his reason to live....yeah that would work.




  • Shfly_Kim143
    3 years ago

    @greenwolf1998 you can try mine It's already complete http://www.wattpad.com/story/1297032-the-story-of-us-3-book-1 Hope you enjoy! ^_^

  • kissing-in-neverland
    3 years ago

    Title: Just A Girl Link:http://www.wattpad.com/story/948565-just-a-girl Summary:Being an only child in a poor family is tough. Moving your whole life to be a servant for the king is even harder. Winnie packs her things and goes to the castles as a slave. She befriends the princess and they go to a fair together. But when Winnie meets the love of her life, she is torn away. The ongoing war is beginning to move closer to the castle and Winnie's lover is fighting for her. Can she handle watching on the sidelines while everything falls out? Or will she be the only girl to step up and help save her lover's life?

    Title: Life Goes On Link:http://www.wattpad.com/story/1004049-life-goes-on Summary:High school was as normal for Angel as for anyone else. During summer break, her best friend, Ty, takes her from her home where she is wanted dead. She develops an unatural ability and lost her memories. Now, she must save her family and regain her memories before the government kills her. Regaining her memory is a had thing. Can she regain the truth about her past? Not finished yet but they are worth you time i promise!

  • _NikkiIreason
    3 years ago




    Pearl and her group of outcasts struggle through teenage life, not to mention day-to-day life. They face dilemmas both at home and at school. On one stormy night, they decide to start a band. Little do they know, it will impact them and change their lives drastically. Will they finally see that every cloud has a silver lining or will disaster strike?

    I would LOVE if you could read the first TWO chapters! you don't have to read any more if you don't have the time! Thank you so much! :D



    He squeezed my hand in greeting and his coal black eyes lit up. His hands felt as warm as mine did. The same.

    “I am Death.”

    I raised one eyebrow, “That’s awfully general, got a nickname?”

    His smile grew, “Azrael, my name is Azrael.”



  • Bellaaa_
    3 years ago

    Forget Me Not

    Mike loves Emily more than anything and they were a happy couple. But then, Emily involved in a car accident and it took everything from him. She was unconscious for three months. Mike never left and waited patiently for her. When she finally woke up, he received another shocking news. She lost her memory. Their first meet, first date, first kiss, all gone. Still Mike never gave up and he vowed to make help her gain back her memory. He took a step back to where it all started. Please check it out! Thanks X :)


  • StarGirlLou95
    3 years ago


    ^ This is my story "Chasing Logan" It's Romance/Adventure.. If you decide to read it, then thanks & i hop eyou enjoy :') - Alie

  • JineeNguyen
    3 years ago



    Just a one-shot, but I hope you enjoy it. I'm new to this site so any comment or vote will help. And if you want me to read your stories, please drop me a line on my inbox with your link and I'll try to give you the most useful feedback I can.

  • ImperfectBeauty
    3 years ago

    Heyyy :)

    It would be great if you could read my story and comment letting me honestly know what you think. (y)

    Title : Changes Genre : Romance / Teen-Fiction Link : http://www.wattpad.com/story/1187087-changes

    Thanks xx

  • debbyohdebby
    3 years ago
  • _Iamthetrapdoorspider
    3 years ago


    Renae is a sixteen year old girl who has been locked away from the outside world by her evil adoptive mother. However when Renae pushes the old witch's temper just that little bit too far she is told that she is being forced into the local school. This is the opportunity Renae has been waiting for- follow her as she embarks a life in an American high school where she will have to battle with the cheerleaders jealousy and forbidden love with the jock who can't seem to take no for an answer. For Renae, this isn't your normal fairytale.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  • Liren_Jamoon
    3 years ago
  • jaesthetic08
    3 years ago

    Here's my story guys. It stil ON GOING. so pls support Thanks. :DD


    Thankyu! :DDD

  • vanillanightsky
    3 years ago


    @greenwolf1998: My story is 4 chapters long so far - i know, not completed like you would have liked. On the bright side though, I upload weekly and sometimes twice a week! It’s teen-fiction & romance. Please consider and click the picture to check it out. I hope you like it (:


    Moving across the country was never in her plans, but none the less, it happened. Maybe this was for the best. The thing is she had to leave everything she knew behind - her best friend, her school, her team, her old life. Not just that, it was her Senior year, the so called best year of the four high school years. Now what will happen? With all these changes, Andrea doesn't know what to expect next.

    Feedback is greatly appreciated!!!


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