Rated R werewolf stories?

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  • soandsoandsuch
    4 years ago

    EvelynWraith isa great writer if you dont mind boyxboy


  • Emma7208
    4 years ago


    Step into the world of The Unbelievables. Emily’s life has been filled with nothing but gruelling and taunting memories which she has always locked up tight for nobody – including herself – to reach. She’s always daydreamed of the day when her saviour would crash down her bedroom door and walk in scooping her up and taking her life somewhere, each daydream more crazier and dreamy as the next. Em has always kept close to the present not delving back into her past and not thinking of the future. Just waiting. But when Em is shipped off to live with her grandmother Mamma her life is utterly and completely altered as she meets Jace. Someone she instantly warms to, and extremely fast, too fast. Jace shows her to a whole new world and life as she is finally forced to deal with the past and also her future. She is forced to chuck away her daydreaming and step into reality were love is more than what she’d ever imagine as she is shown a whole new world.

    Their is some Rated R in this story :)

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    You cant break me ( Its not finish but you might like it or not)


    Eden Grey is a girl that's not liked all because she is a little overweight and have trust issues. Eden is waiting for the day she finds her mate so he can take her away from the hell she live in. But when she does find her mate, she thinks that her life is sick and twisted. One thing Eden knows for sure is that she wont run away from her problems. Her mate rejects her but would she be able to become a stronger person and resist her mate? or Will he became her weakness?

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    Im looking for the author of the book called "The Love of an Alpha Male, ive lost it and cant seem to find it. pls help....thanks

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    She was perfect, the definition of perfect, but what happens when he comes along and makes her feel the opposite. Genevieve wants to beg; she has never begged before. Slade wants her; but he has never wanted a woman so much.

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    Hey @awsomeness2413

    Here's a link to my book. If you read it, which i understand if you dont :) then i hope you enjoy!! :D http://www.wattpad.com/story/1529026-werewolf-boot-camp-how-you-saved-me

    It is PG-13 and will probably stay that way, but when the story gets to it, I will make a separate story with the R-Rated chapter versions. You understand what I'm saying? Because I tend to ramble on, like i am now. And im not too sure if any of this makes sense. lol. :P


  • clayyydo
    3 years ago

    please check out my story The Devil's Sweet Snare


    Phoebe is a hybrid; half werewolf and half succubus. Her demon blood being more dominant than the other made her wolf weak, thus leading her mate, who is an alpha to-be, rejecting her and making her life a living hell, just for the fun of it. But when her dormant succubus powers wake on her sixteenth birthday when she's all alone in a big house with her new drop dead gorgeous stepbrothers, what is Phoebe to do? With all the hormones her body has been releasing, her brothers' have come to believe that she was their mate and they were all practically clawing at her door trying to convince her so. ****I stopped right in front of Axel, he flashed me - what I supposed was - his infamous seductive smile and leaned into to him, taking in his intoxicating scent, a luxury I was never given because he didn't want anything to do with a hybrid. Licking my lips and giving in to my wolf's request for at least one kiss with her mate, I grabbed the collar of his shirt and stood on the tips of my toes and pressed my lips against his for a hungry and passionate kiss. Sparks exploded inside of me and I had to bite back the moan of pure ecstasy that threatened to escape my lips. Axel returned my kiss with the same intensity and deep longing. I found myself tangling my hands in his styled hair and his arms wove themselves around my waist as he pulled me closer to him. It'd felt like we'd been stuck like that for an eternity and before I had any say in it, I was wrenched from the arms of my mate and faced with a furious - about to blow - Kendra. Her arm raised and she slapped me for all I was worth. And God, did it hurt.****

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    Was Luna really ordinary? Do normal teenage girls get visions of the future? Visions activated by touch? No, Luna wasn’t an ordinary girl. She figured that out a long time ago, and has kept herself in the shadows of her home in Georgia all of her life. When her Dad and younger sister died, her mother was in a state of shock for five years straight until she finally announced that they were moving away.

    Moving back to her mom’s old home, Luna finds herself throwing away all precautions she had used all her life, and now finds herself actually making friends. That is, she wasn’t scaring them away. But even she can’t control those visions that come with the lightest skin contact, and because of those visions Luna now knows that there is something going on in this town.

    When she first got here she met a boy, more like a man if you asked her though. There was something about him, he radiated power and authority, and Luna felt attracted to him in ways that she never knew existed. Something about him makes her pull away though, for she had never had anything good in her life. She feels something was definitely different about this town, and her visions back up her hypothesis. Those visions, they tell her something was meant to be, but exactly what it is she may never figure out. As the days get windier and the sky grows darker, the time is running out. She needs to figure out what is coming for her before it’s too late… and that boy may be the only one to protect her from the coming storm.

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