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  • Ferret-bird
    4 years ago


    Wolf of White Flame
    Werewolf/Fantasy/Adventure/Watty's 2012

    (click the cover!)

    When the elderly king of Ithaia gave each of his eight children a province, they leapt at the chance to finally resolve past feuds and rivalries—to move past political schemes to something more deadly. All except the archlord of Sivanea, the city of law, who's silver spires represent the freedom and structure civilization can offer, placing the warring provinces in its shadow. Now ruled by two kings, one influencing economics and the other military, they walk the fine line between power and tyranny. But now that Ithaia's king has died without proclaiming a proper heir, winds are changing and the war is about to take a different turn...

  • AyyRaeEmm
    4 years ago

    Ileana Stoica was the biggest loner to roam the halls of Astoria High School. The minute she graduated the made sure she got as far away from Oregon as she could. When she's guilted into returning for a week to visit her family, she gets bitten by a mysterious 'dog' in the woods behind the house. Things begin to change. She goes to bed a complete law student dweeb and wakes up someone she's always wanted to be... but, at a price.

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  • _LivingForMe
    4 years ago

    i like her doesn't seem like a cliche...maybe reversed:

  • jezzy1901
    4 years ago

    Hi! well I like to think that m stories are a bit different then the rest, I know I added just a few things that I haven't seen in others..I hope you check them out if you want too :)

    Lilly's life was normal, she had an awesome boyfriend that loved her, had two loving parents, and was enjoying life as a teen, but when she finds out her life has been nothing but a lie, everything get turned upside down. Now she is faced with a new life, secrets, and rejection. Will things change?

    Emma has lost trust in all men, her life has been nothing but abuse abandonment and more abuse, when she finally gets the courage to get up and leave to finally have a different ending, she meets Victor, what will happen? only time will tell.

    Angie has always wanted to lead her fathers pack with honor and pride, but when she is told that she must marry in order to claim her rightful place as Luna, she goes through with it. She hates the idea of running away from her responsibilities. (new so only one chp.)

  • KissTheDead
    4 years ago

    Please read my stroy, and let me know what you think..! Please.. :D

  • _fadingmoon
    4 years ago

    My story is DEFINATLY not a mate story, or cliche, I hope.

    It has a ton of twists.

    Its called The Turned.

    Please check it out!!

  • forever13roses
    3 years ago

    Mine may seem a little cliche, but there will be a twist!

    Gabriella isn’t your typical 16 year old girl. She’s a werewolf; the thing is she doesn’t know it. Oh, and she’s adopted. The family she lives with hates her and their son is crueler than she imagined. After a night taken too far, she runs away, leaving loved ones behind. After an unfortunate night, she finds her real family across the country and she finally finds out what she is. She lives the rest of the summer happy that she finally got what she’s always wanted. When school starts, she finally meets her mate and shifts for the first time in her life. The bad part? He rejects her. And although she gets a second chance at love, it leaves her heartbroken all over again. As if that isn't bad enough, she finds out that her adoptive brother is hunting her down. Why? And what will her mate do? Will he let them take Gabriella or will he try to save her? Read to find out!

  • AbrahamLugoTavarez
    3 years ago

    Hey! I find that this is not that whole Cliche thing, and it is differet so I hope that you like it and plz leave me comment saying what you think. Thanks! (Will be adding more chapters soon)

  • BarefootIndieKidd
    3 years ago


    Dancer/Musician and Model Lauren Eve Carter has to leave sunny LA and her childhood home in Tuscon, Arizona and move to Fort Wayne, Indiana to live with her elder brother after her mother the famous writer, fashion designer and supermodel Lucinda Eve Taylor died. Life is hard but living with a protective elder brother, leaving her best friend and home, attending school for the first time ever, making friends, an deciding if she wants to embark upon a career in the performing arts or look after her mother's buisness are the least of her worries when she finds herself attracted to the hot, mysterious Jesse Hudson. The Panther's star quarterback. He makes no move to hide his attraction towards Lauren but he keeps pushing her away. He is keeping a huge secret and she is hellbent on finding it out. ENTERED FOR WATTY AWARDS 2012, PLEASE SHOW SOME SUPPORT!!! :))

    It's only 7 chapters so far but I hope you enjoy it enough to continue reading along!! :))

    Thanks Maicee (Charlie) x

  • DJGB912
    3 years ago


    "What are you doing?! Let go of me!" Derek was grabbing hold of my arm real tight, not allowing me to escape his grasp. "Stop! Please!" His eyes glowed a midnight, yellow as he looked at me. "Not yet..." he growled... Something about his voice was scaring me... It wasn't his usual voice... It sounded like... A beast? I cowered in fear as he looked straight at me with his strange eyes... Then he touched my cheek... Suddenly, I didn't feel so scared anymore...

    When Katherine moves to a new place called Beacon Hills, she starts a whole new life and wants to leave everything from her past behind her… On her first day of High School, she happens to meet the loner of the school, who also happens to be the hotty of the school too! Although it’s not like your typical love at first sight kind of meeting… His name’s Derek Hale and almost everyone talks about him. And when they say everyone talks about him, it’s not in the good way… Apparently, he’s supposed to be someone very dangerous. People say that’s why he moved to Beacon Hills… Or that he did something so bad he had to escape from his former identity… That’s why no one hangs out with him… But… Is that the real story? Find out what Katherine uncovers about Derek in this story and even along the way… See her start to develop some feelings for him, despite what he truly is…

  • Countess12
    3 years ago

    @puppys_rox101 Here is mine, this is kinda cliche in the way it is a classic horror story.

    Thx if anyone checks it out!

  • zobo01
    3 years ago

    Please read :) its not what people expect please read

  • ladyofthemoon
    3 years ago

    This one is mine! I recently got into werewolf/romancy kind of books so I decided to write one. I only posted the 1st chapter to see if anyone would be interested :)


    Growing up, Elizabeth Van Praagh had an easy, fun, loving life.The year she turned seventeen her whole world turned upside down. Her life as she knew it was gone and she was on the run. Somebody wanted her dead and she is not going to have it. Follow Elizabeth as she finds out who she really is and her journey to freedom, revenge, and love.

  • epalpebrate
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  • MichaelLomas
    3 years ago


    Doug Summers a typical everyday guy gets attacked in the woods by what he refers to as a bigfoot, yeti, sasquatch thing. He quickly notices himself changing. He can smell better as well as see in black and white and turn into a wolf whenever his emotions run high. Doug has a hard time controling those emotions, especially lust, when he meets Olivia a little too hot alpha wolf who tries to help him understand what he is. If you like werewolves and humor give a look see.

    Who knows? You might like it. Thanks for checking it out.

  • TaylorHorton3
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  • UnForgivable15
    3 years ago


    Mel was perfect in Jo’s eyes. She had perfect curly brown hair he wanted to run his fingers through. Her perfect green eyes and brilliant white smile that could light up any room captivated him. Any time he would dare to hug her, her perfect petite curvy body fit into his perfectly. As he sat across from her and his sister, her eyes finally caught his stare. Perfect chills went down his spine as she smirked, amusement shining in her eyes. She was untouchable. She was something he could never have. She, Mellissa Rose Young was his little sister’s best friend. He catches her looking at him….GOD…completely and utterly unattainable.

    Mel let out a longing sigh. She tried to act normal, she really did. Never the less it was becoming harder and harder to pretend that she wasn’t jealous when Jo’s girlfriend was brought up, that she didn’t want to find a dagger and plunge it into her heart every time she saw them kiss, and that she wasn’t completely and uncontrollably in love with him. Maybe it was his soft dark hair, or his perfect face, or his strong arms and chest, or maybe it was how nice he treated her. She guesses she always had loved him, even though she didn’t realize it until last year.

    Jo agrees to go to a party to protect his sister. he is alpha, its the right thing to do. what he didnt know is that he was actually going to be protecting her best friend, mel. nor did he think this young human girl would be his mate.

  • WSEgal
    3 years ago

    its a romance but it's got a mix of everything like werewolves vamps and witches and some demons too but one of the main characters is a werewolf so I hope you enjoy it :D

  • _WintersWitch
    3 years ago

    i hope my story tickles ur interest @puppys_rox101 please read my story as it has been entered into this years watty awards


    Blurb: “Today was my 18th birthday, an important mile stone in any person’s life, but to a male werewolf such as me, it is the most important day of my life... It’s the day I would meet my soul mate.” On his 18th Birthday Nickolas Veritti was ready to have it all; mate, pack, children, alpha status... What he hadn’t expected was for his mate not to be a werewolf...instead she was something else entirely. It’s safer to be alone; if you’re alone no one can hurt me... not anymore...” Sara Compadre’ was alone in the world and that was just the way she liked it, but on her first day at a new school she finds out she was actually destined to be a werewolf’s mate... It was something unheard of for one of her kind to be mated to a werewolf, but surely she finds herself falling for her soul mate just as destiny had fated. As danger approaches their love is put to the test as the battle for the survival of the werewolf race hangs in the balance.

    I would really appreciate any feedback as to the quality of my writing if you can. cheers!!!!

  • _HasiiAni
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  • _rockgirl745
    3 years ago


    You would think finding the love of your life would be amazing right? Well, how about he was a vampire, and you were a werewolf? It wouldn’t make the situation any better that you never wanted a mate to begin with If you add in the fact that, that vampire mated on you and will try to make you fall for him you have the recipe for disaster. Not to mention your father wants revenge on your mate because his kind killed your father’s mate. Join Jessie Moon and Dante Sanguis on their not so love, love story.


  • TackAttack
    3 years ago


    Gayl and her family struggle to live amongst the norm, but being a werewolf is the least of her problems. Entering eighth grade at White Middle School is her worst nightmare, and when a camping trip encounter with Riley, a boy who has a crush on her, goes wrong, both of their secrets are out! The new team sets out for a way to cure Gayl of her disease, and when it works, the only thing she wants is to have her curse back! This book / story is still in progress! :)

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