grammar nerd in need of stories to critique.

  • FallingForABoy
    4 years ago

    Name: The Chance She Didn't Have

    Genre: Mystery/suspense


    Please critique my story. :) @parishsp

  • Dermit
    4 years ago

    Grammar Nazi, you say? Always nice to meet a kindred spirit :)

    I'd be much obliged for your thoughts on my freshly minted WIP.

    Read my stuff!

    “Once I was worshipped. Once the huddled masses crawled before me, begging the boon of my benevolence. Once, I was a god. No longer. Now I am nothing. Fallen. A bitter memory of an age long past. A broken old fool too stubborn to die. This is my story. My rise, my fall. The pathetic mess which comes after. Read it. Don’t. I care little. My words are not for you.”

  • Karmaniac
    4 years ago

    Sticki Ricki

    Teen Fiction

    I think it would be the coolest thing ever to be published. Can you tell me if you think my writing is worthy of it? If not, advice?

  • dreantasyland
    4 years ago

    @parishsp Thank you! :D

    Title: Everything Just Happened. Unexpectedly.

    Genre: Teen Fiction/Romance.


  • skinandbonesx
    4 years ago

    @parishsp i'm not in a rush, so whenever you get to this is fine :)

    Title: The Followers

    author: Skinandbones

    Genre: Paranormal/Thriller thefollowers2.jpg

    “This didn’t happen. This was all a dream.”

    Kamila is a victim to her own mind. After the sudden death of her mother, she finds her world completely upside down and filled with the dark shadows of her own sub-conscious. As a last resort at finding something familiar, Kamila visits her father in Sweden, but soon realizes that she can’t simply outrun demons that reside in her own mind. Things become even worse when Kamila witnesses a murder the night of her arrival, and the culprit begins to haunt not only her dreams, but her waking moments as well. Struggling with intense night terrors and episodes of insomnia and paranoia, Kamila begans to find it harder and harder to keep a grip on what is reality and what isn’t. Once she thinks things can't get possibly get any worse, she starts piecing her dreams and memories together and soon finds out that the murderous stalker is not anything he seems to be…

  • TheTickingCrocodile
    4 years ago


    Thank you! This isn't gore, so don't worry. ;) I have the same problem.

    Three Clay Beads

    F a n t a s y | R o m a n c e

    Three Clay Beads

    Chloe is a twenty-three year old wedding planner with a secret. At every wedding she's planned and attended, she will always wear the leather necklace she's had since the tender age of twelve with three clay beads on them. Each of these beads has had a letter carefully painted on them 'C', 'L' and 'A'. The secret Chloe is keeping is that each letter stands for 'Clotho', 'Lachesis' and 'Atropos' respectively.

    Chloe has the power to summon the Moirai - more commonly known as the Fates. All she has to do is touch the beads, whisper the names of the Fates and they will come to her aid, happy to serve their last living descendant.

  • _SpecialDreamer
    4 years ago

    Title Destined To Meet Genre. Romance. Fantasy

    I just posted 'Destined To Meet - Happy Miserable Birthday To Me' on Wattpad!


  • LanceRedanican
    4 years ago


    Genre: Horror Thriller



    Raphael is a writer famous for his works.

    In his dreams.

    At such a young age, he and the pen had been the best of friends. If vandalism wasn’t a crime, one would wake up to find his fence full of scribbles and story drafts squeezed from Raphael’s imagination. Writing has been his passion since time immemorial.

    But he never made it to the shelves. Success was successful in evading him all the time. Always behind schedule, Raphael’s writing skills fail him whenever he got to the middle of his book. Contracts trashed, Raphael is left broke every single time. With no money to pay the rent of the apartment he recently moved into, he’s the saddest man around.

    He had choices.

    1. Commit suicide to end all this shit. 2. Bribe the publisher into taking his crap into consideration and ask for an extension. 3. Eat his pride and borrow money from his girlfriend. 4. Sell his soul to the devil.

    His luck changed when he found something that belonged to the previous owner of his apartment. What he didn’t know is that he chose the fourth.

  • CarsonFaircloth
    4 years ago

    Title: Falling for Insanity

    Genre: Teen Fiction, Romance, and a little bit of Suspense


    Thank you for doing this. :) I love wattpadders like you!

  • parishsp
    4 years ago

    @rawrbabyxD2014 done! check your inbox.

  • EllieTyler562
    4 years ago

    Luna Brown: Ignored, Forgotten

    Luna Brown has been treated like an outcast by her parents for her whole life. Now they’re gone and she is plunged into a world she never dared to dream about. Can her life become perfect? Or is that just too much to hope for?

    Genre: Teen Fiction

  • _SarahCaden
    4 years ago

    Genre: Dystopian


    Kasandra Valor has always been a little bit different, despite her constant efforts to conform to the Authority's standards. And in her world of the Expanse, differences aren't a good thing. So when she reaches fifteen, the age where citizens are allowed into Bliss, a color-coded paradise, she hopes desperately that she'll find her place. After all, the Authority promises that life in Bliss is perfect for all, and the Authority has never, in all its years, been wrong. But when thrown in a life-threatening situation she'd never expected, Kasandra is forced to confront the truth about the world she has always known to be ideal and flawless, discovering who she really is, and who she'll to choose to be.

    Please critique honestly (brutally) as I am looking to get published. Thanks! Note: though it is dystopian, it is not gory. :)

  • nicholasmage
    4 years ago

    Priceless- fantasy

    "Her eyes caught a tiny black clutch purse.She prepared to leave, but her eyes kept returning to the purse.For reasons she couldn't explain, she wanted it badly"

    Hair,Liquor, and Blood-historical fiction

    "Why do you hide me from the other officers? Its not seldom that they take one of us as a mistress..." Matylda said. Walter stiffened. "You're not my mistress." "What am I, then?"

    A Desperate Chime-historical fiction

    Francis sighed. He quickly retrieved a small blade from beneath his cloak. He put his right hand flat on the table, and plunged the blade into it. Henry cried out, but Francis didn't so much as blink

  • Elytsiah_Jayne
    4 years ago

    I know you probably won't get to it. But, I would love for you to take a look at my book


    it is 15 separate horror stories I would love for you to read all of them. But, I understand you are very busy so you don't have to. But, I would love if you could read past the first one

    Thanks! ~EJ

  • NocturnalWriter13
    4 years ago

    First off, I think it is awesome you advertised yourself as a grammar nerd! : ) That's exactly what I need!

    Hope you enjoy mine - I have done what I think is pretty thorough editing, but no one's perfect, and I hope you find stuff that I missed. ; )

    Title: A Brown-Eyed Girl

    Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy (Some Romance)


    Thanks again!

  • _karinchewsy
    4 years ago

    Title: Laundry Cinderella

    Genre: Romance | Teen Fiction


    Thanxx :}

  • _PwebblesLv100
    4 years ago
  • LanceRedanican
    4 years ago

    Under Arrest



    How does one live with a past that won't let you move on to the next day? How does one live with the fact that to do what is right is to sacrifice?

    Ask Sharee.

    A 22-year old rookie cop in the peaceful town of Shallowlake. Living a normal day until she realizes she doesn't anymore. She has a nice lover, a good paying job, and a house all to herself, so what could possibly go wrong?

    Just when life seems normal, someone from her past would return to either lighten up her day or remind her how painful yesterday was. But she won't know for sure unless she lets him stick around for a while. It could be too late to realize that giving someone a chance is a mistake to begin with. One that is fatal...

    This is a work of fiction. The characters and events depicted in this story are purely product of the author’s mind and are therefore fictional. Any similarities to real people, living or not, regardless of year of current existence, if ever alive, and to any incidents that comes with great commonality to the events occurring in the story, in a direct or indirect way, are purely coincidental.

  • kathrynp
    4 years ago


    Dear Readers, This book of letters may be a tad scrambled… maybe more depending on the type of person reading from cover to cover. Just a forewarning, but it’s confusing; it’s hard to comprehend these events that took place. This story isn’t your average novel, as you have most likely already realized. On the inside, you will find many puzzling things that I have written to my mother and am ready for the world to see. These letters were never sent to her and aren’t written in any specific synchronized order. I’m just writing from the heart, telling her how I feel. You are welcome to read along, to listen to my voice. I feel that everyone has struggles; everyone has problems that they have no choice except to face. These are a few of mine… I hope that you can find hope, courage, bravery, determination, and maybe a little survival in them. From experience, I know for a fact that everyone has an entire collection of varying strengths, weaknesses, etc--- finding that safe haven is what matters, building it up in size. Read from cover to cover, and I pray that you’ll see why.


  • daydreamer4life
    4 years ago

    If you have time and if you are bothered please read mine.

    Summary: It all started when I dropped a book on his head...Ivy fell in love with the beautiful boy who loved reading as much as she did...

    Genre: Romance/Humour

  • _Eloquencea
    4 years ago


    Title: What We Were

    Genre: Short Story

    Link: (click on the cover)


    Thanks a million! :D

  • awesome4evah
    4 years ago

    If you have time, thanks :)

    I edit my own chapters, but I use 3 different grammar and spell check programs, so I don't think it's horrible.


    All Raine Evans wanted was a peaceful summer. Instead, she's stuck in a ridiculous challenge, and partnered with her worst enemy, and best friend's brother, Kaden Fleming. 

    It's Boys VS Girls and the loser will have to be the winner's slave for the rest of the summer.

    But Raine's not sure that's something she can survive.

  • vbgirl17
    4 years ago

    Title: A World in Ruin

    Genre: Action/Adventure


  • nessa181
    4 years ago
  • aalexandraaxo
    4 years ago

    here you gooo <3


    It's complicated. The two most perfect words to try to make sense of the 'relationship' between Anna Smith and Mason Grey. Were they dating? It's complicated. Were they friends? It's complicated. Were they enemies? It's complicated.