Sophisticated, edgy, well-written .. reading some stories ...

  • TimotheDavis
    4 years ago

    Wanting to read a story or two that's a cut above the rest. If that's your story, send it my way. Lemme know if you want some feedback or just a read ...

    And if you can read MATURE stories, give mine a read and gimme some feedback.

  • Musiq4lyf
    4 years ago

    @TimotheDavis Read mine :)) I LOVE comments :)

    An Urban Fantasy about one night gone wrong when the most powerful witch of Azarash is hunted down for her blue pearl. She creates three daughters with the Mother of all Powers and Beings' permission and blessing. When all of the Witch's decisions get sent to Earth, how will the three sisters be able to guard The Blue Pearl of Azarash if they don't even know it exists?

  • TimotheDavis
    4 years ago


    Read and commented. Thanks for letting me read!

  • tianajade
    4 years ago


    Not sure if mine has what you've requested, but I guess we'll find out...


    Hey there,

    A unique and non-sappy, realistically paced Romance called Destined Love :)


    Kade Trevino has had a tough life, and instead of working his way through the bad, he takes the wrong road and cuts off most of his emotions. He's a ruler, a boss - mess with him and you probably won't ever walk nor have a normal life again. He has the power to do what he wants, whenever he wants, and he's not one to care about how his decisions affect other people.

    But this path he has chosen soon comes to a pause once an accident takes place, ending his life temporarily. He is sent into a world he never believed in and into a new life he always dreamed of having but could never achieve. He's been given a second chance at life...but there's a catch: his soul mate.

    There is no right or wrong answer as to whether or not soul mates exist, but with this second chance, Kade will make an incredible discovery, whether he chooses to believe it or not.

    Difficult choices will be made, true love will be found, but along with the emotions he's tried so hard to harbour comes the pain and heartache, and in the end it all comes down to the decisions Kade makes, and whether he can get over his hatred for the word 'Love'.

    Nothing in life comes at an easy price.

    And sometimes…Love can’t conquer all.

    Thank you in advance!

  • AliceMercyXD
    4 years ago

    Read and fan me pleasee (:

  • Peckinpah
    4 years ago


    It's a fantasy adventure/ epic I'm working on. It's only one chapter (although a long one) and I would love to know what you think.

    Descritpion: Legends tell us a tale of destruction. The tale of how the first civilizations were almost wiped out of existence because of pride and greed. But they were mere legends, a tale which they tell to children desiring to sleep. It spoke of gallant and mighty Riders who punished all those wicked. Now, two thousand years later, truth had become legend. On the distant plains of Oros, wickedness started to grow in the hearts of Men. Will the legendary riders ride again to punish the wicked?

  • Jaseanne
    4 years ago
  • TimotheDavis
    4 years ago


    Read and commented

  • CMQuinn
    4 years ago

    Mine isn't a sappy teenage werewolf book. Its about characters who are a little bit older.


    They promised never to forget each other after she was turned. She forgot. Years later Kada works for packs, using her startling telepathic abilities to interrogate their prisoners, for money. But it comes at a cost, frightening dreams of her old life start to haunt her every time she closes her eyes. Are these just memories or is the man she loved fulfilling his promise?

    Things start to fall apart around her when another rogue comes into her life with the same powers and promises her to unlock her whole life. Nothing is as it seems, especially when a long lost lover and a super hot rogue enter her life. Lies. Betrayal. Manipulation and desire.

  • TigerBee
    4 years ago

    @TimotheDavis - Hey, thanks for checking it out. Would love to return the favor.

    Link :

  • skinandbonesx
    4 years ago

    @TimotheDavis clicked this, ready to post, then realized you've already read two chapters of my story... hahaha xD

  • _steph0804
    4 years ago

    Could you check out mine? I don't know what exactly you'd consider "sophisticated, edgy, well-written..." but I promise that I actually pay attention to grammar and although the summary makes my story look like a regular paranormal romance, it actually has a plot... if you don't want to read it, that's fine with me. I'll share it anyway :)


  • peace-within
    4 years ago

    @TimotheDavis Well, my story is in a man's point of view and it's well written, as in no grammer mistakes. :) I would LOVE it if you gave it a shot and left feedback. It's only a prologue and the first two chapters. :) Thanks if you do.

    All Lexine Perre wanted was love. When she goes to desperate ends to get what she thought she wanted, everything goes wrong. When she makes the biggest mistake in her life, she loses everything, including herself, but in the end, that mistake becomes the greatest gift that nothing nor nobody can ever replace.

    When Kevin Buford enters her life, he never expected to fall in love, twice. All he wanted was to help, but he gets more than he bargained for when he meets Lexine. Together, they both go through a journey of trust, betrayal and ​love.

  • _DozingDragons
    4 years ago

    I don't know how you'll like it, but try reading it, it might just be to your liking. And any criticism on your part would be appreciated. :)

  • _VirusDetected12
    4 years ago
  • wonderland88
    4 years ago


    I said hi. He said he'd poke out my eye. I said he's got brains of a donkey . He reckoned I'm nothing but fugly. And the only thing we have in common is the knowledge that we are each other's nemesis... ...or are we, really?

  • TimotheDavis
    4 years ago


    An understandable mistake ... LOL ... you write some good stuff. Lemme know when you've revised or added a chapter ...

  • TimotheDavis
    4 years ago


    About to comment ...

  • HoLLoWeEnTwinkIE
    4 years ago


    My name is Vivid Matthews, not Vivian, and something terrible happened to me before I was shipped off to my dad’s place, but I’m not going to get into that now. Well I met this guy, Quinn, and I’m attracted to him, but not exactly in the way you think. There’s something else about him, something I can’t explain and the more I’m drawn to him, the more dangerous everything seems. Ever since I met him, my past has begun to haunt me. I wish I knew why it had to be me… the pain, the hurt, all of it. Everything is falling apart around me, but at least I have Quinn. Everything feels just that much better with him by my side…

  • InDaBigApple
    4 years ago


    made by my friend not me!

    Not sure if you have read mine? I recognize your name...?

  • sssparrow
    4 years ago

    @TimotheDavis - If you're interested, my story is as follows:


    In which a nomadic trader from the Mesopotamian era happens upon a mysterious necklace that unwittingly thrusts her into the middle of a realm-spanning war of the gods.


    Also, checking out some of yours now!

  • ghoulishh
    4 years ago

    I think you'll enjoy my thriller, The Deal! I hope it lives up to your expecctations (; Photobucket Cole Citali is just your average guy. Got a job at sonic, no girlfriend, just about to graduate highschool. Lives in Las Vegas.

    Until he gets mugged one day, and he is stabbed three times in the gut. Fatally. But then, a man in a suit offers him a second chance. For his soul. Desperate, Cole takes the offer. Then he realizes what he had just done. He made a deal with the devil.

    He is cursed to live with two fallen angel souls, and to obey the devil. Soon, he grows used to his new powers, and they bind with his soul, making the process irreversible. He can't escape Lucifer's grasp, but when he's told he's half angel, his point of view changes. Will he ever be able to be free?

    He finds out his father is an angel. But not just any angel, the high archangel Gabriel. Old conflicts between Gabriel and Lucifer arise, and Cole is trapped in the middle.

    In this fight against good and evil, which will prevail? Or will there be a ground breaking tie?

  • Seyaii
    4 years ago

    16-year-old Sam Donnelly has been singing from the second she could say her first words.

    She’s always loved being on stage and performing in front of an audience, discovering that it offered her a comfort and joy that she’d never known before. But nothing good lasts forever. When a tragedy tears her family apart, she finds that the love she held for being on stage fades, replaced by a renewed fear of being judged by those listening to her voice. Fate seems to have different plans for her, however, a fact that becomes obvious when she’s offered an opportunity that she can’t help but accept – literally.

    The show will go on, but will she perform? Or will she simmer out and shy away from the spotlight?

    Teen Fiction | Watty 2012 | Romance

  • fictionfanatic
    4 years ago

    @TimotheDavis :: Hiya, I have two stories I'd like more feedback on... You don't have to look at both unless you want to. :)

    A Touch of Ice (fantasy/romance-love/teen fiction/etc.) Winter isn't "normal", and she's never been that way. She can create and control ice, bend it to her will and manipulate it. And she can never touch another person, a mere brush against her skin could freeze any living thing to death. So she can never make skin contact with anyone with a heartbeat... Or so she thought. **NOT a very good summary, and I'm not sure if you're into "Teen fiction"...**

    The Zombie Games (teen fiction/horror/thriller/zombie/etc.) You know those zombie movies you watch all the time? You know for a fact someone is going to die, you know that if you get bitten you're a goner; blah, blah, blah? And they always seem to have the plot play out during the actual zombie apocalypse. But what about after? What if humans took the world back? Killed enough zombies to get knocked back up to the top of the food-chain again? What if, however, it wasn't the sane humans that ended up taking the world back? What if the humans that took over are one sandwich short of a picnic? And what if they decided that they don't want to get rid of all of the zombies? That they want to use them for some form of entertainment? And what if they wanted to use the rest of the humans they see as unworthy as another factor?

    I really want feedback, and I enjoy constructive criticism... So, if you want to look at either, I'd be greatful! :)

  • A_Muse
    4 years ago