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    My story is humorous non-fiction narrative outlining my adventures in on-line dating and London...I'm not exactly sure what you are looking for :)

    At some point a girl has to confess her side of the story. Well, my side isn't too pretty considering it involves me actually doing the whole online dating thing, peeing, stalkers, starers, running, random weird Londoners, other embarrassments, and I think I went to postgraduate school as well. In all it is my life, and like most stories it involved that guy. London I confess, I'm Tex.

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    3 years ago It's a non-fiction story about the life of Anne Frank, a real girl who lived in Nazi Occupied Holland during the second world war, and had to go into hiding with her family in an attic above a spice factory her father owned, because her family was Jewish and at risk of being sent to the Nazi Death Camps, where the Nazis exterminated Jews; the Nazis were from Germany and were followers of Hitler, the leader of Germany who started the war and hated Jews.

    I think its quite interesting, but I can't be sure :)

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    A young boy who decided to hide his love for a girl in his diary. Until one day he got into a car accident and regretted for not taking chances. He then figured out a way to show his love through a five-dollar bill. Do you believe in miracle?

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    You might try: "EVERYTHING HAPPENED IN VIETNAM: THE YEAR OF THE RAT", by Robert Peter Thompson. Available in Amazon Kindle and Print and elsewhere (Google Title).

    An excerpt from the chapter titled "THE LISTENING POST":

    "'And after all the dark hours and all the dark sounds and long after our physical bodies had seemed to not even exist, having succumbed to the dominant primeval power of the utterly seductive nocturnal environment around us and had dispersed into the soupy and quivering atmosphere like bodiless particles of sensory energy, my ears...picked up a tiny sound. A tiny sound that roared its way back into my breathless consciousness like a zillion volts of heart-stopping electricity. As if a frigid hand had been thrust into my sweating ant covered chest and had coldly and heartlessly crushed the mortal muscle which had been beating only a moment before:


    That's all it was. But with that one little sound every part of my extended being came rushing back to its center with the force and the gravity of a cosmic black hole. It was the sound of something metal. And it was not far away. About ten to twenty meters directly forward of our position. And it could only be one thing. Human. There it was again. Another clink. And then another and the sound of the bush being moved and then footsteps softly breaking through the underbrush.

    They had to be coming directly toward our position! Of all the area to the left and to the right of us, they just had to be coming right smack dab, straight as an arrow, directly toward our exact location. Almost as if they too had smelled the blood. Or like they knew we were there."'

    Please let me know if you like this writing style. Would you like to read more? I will leave more excerpts if there is any interest. I love to hear comments and discuss writing.

    All the best, Bob T. aka Robert Peter Thompson Author of the Memoir: "Everything Happened In Vietnam: The Year of the Rat"

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    My story is somewhat relatable for alot of teens when it comes to emotions and way of thinking(:

    We've all felt like Destiny during school or even at home. She's not normal but she deserves to be like everyone else. So what she stays and lives her life on Twitter or blogs. She's human just like us. She's weird, sarcastic and fun to be around. Great personality right? But barely anyone cares about that. It's all about the looks, and the Ashs. Here you'll see what's going on in Destiny's head, her adventures, her worst moments, everything we've all gone through. You'll see just another not-so-normal-but-average girl.

    PS: I hope you like it.

    Stay Strong, -Gabriela. x

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    Okay, this is a true, non-fiction romance novel I just started. These events actually took place in my life. The only thing I changed were the names. But if you're into romance and non-fiction, I suggest giving this adorable story a go:

    It's called "The Collision of Your Kiss"

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    The title says it all XD I hope you like it

    Huggles!!! xx

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    @OpheliaTheWise I recommend to you my story entitled the nerd and the violin pin. :) I hope you'll like it.

    here's the link =>>

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    please read the first book that you see when you type exactly this: hanna love life kid

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    @OpheliaTheWise Hi there, I've seen this age-old thread was brought up again, and is being spammed with adverts. I'm closing this down, thanks for your understanding.

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