Looking For Some Good Books To Read!

  • xXTheBelieverXx
    4 years ago


    A Bet Gone Wrong


    Rebecca is your a little above average teenage girl trying to get through another year of high school. Then a new guy walks into her life and causes an uproar. Cameron and his friends play a game that has become a tradition for their high school years. They bet eachother a certain amount of money to sleep with a certain girl. If they get her in bed then they win the bet, if they dont then they pay up. The only few catches are that they have to do it within a certain period of time. What happens when one of Camerons friends picks a girl that grows on him? Will he just dump her like the rest after he gets what he wants, in her pants, or will he change his ways to stay with her?

  • LAallday
    4 years ago

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    Brooke Tylers finally did it....She made it to UCSB.

    Santa Barbara is everything she can hope for! Her own place, the beach, the college boys....

    But things go horribly wrong during rush week on Greek Row when Brooke crosses paths with Alpha Chi Omega, she is forced to go to drastic measures with her brother and the boys in Alpha Epsilon Pi.

    However if she'll make it is a whole new story....she was expecting a new school, not a complete meltdown.

  • MonaChiedu
    4 years ago

    Alana Lahay looks like your regular 20 year old yet she's not. She's a vampire princess with a lust for blood. When her kingdom's dark witches decide to attack, only one person can fight back-the princess herself. But to win the war she's going to have to team up with the most unlikely ally-humans. Ryder Landry may be the most feared warrior in the kingdom, but compared to Alana he might as well be the weakest.

    I know its like vampire stuff but it falls under the teen fiction category too


    if you've read it leave some critism under it if you think i can improve.ty in advance

  • JDBConnected
    4 years ago


    Been Living A Lie

    (Teen Fiction)


    Secrets. Hailey Parker absolutely loathed secrets, so why was it that so many people kept them from her? After recently moving to New York, having previously lived in Liverpool, England, Hailey started to find out how many things were being kept from her.

    Hailey Parker moved to New York City with her brothers, Logan and Matt, and her parents. Like your normal teenager, Hailey was stubborn, strong willed and at times, rebellious. She just wanted to be known. Her parents were all for her brothers, who seemed to be "perfect". All Hailey wanted was attention. She sure got that.

  • _RockFlowsInMyVeins
    4 years ago


    New story! Will get interesting as it progresses. Care to read? No blurb, sorry.

  • InNarniaMeek
    4 years ago

    http://www.wattpad.com/story/1119589-lives-of-a-twin. Live Of Twin.when two orphaned identical twin girls raised and born on the south side with some serious history are adopted at 16 in to a rich family and new school,boogie girls, egotistic boys yeah nothing can go wrong right?

  • MonaChiedu
    4 years ago

    @meeka22 lolz at boogie for making me laugh you get a read. check out my book too and leave a comment if you like it. its called queen of the vampires

  • ResidentOptimist
    4 years ago


    J: I've been writing letters to a complete stranger and he's been writing back. Maybe a pen pal wouldn't be such a bad idea after all, my only friend has moved away and out of contact and I can't live without talking to someone, even if we've got no idea who we are to each other.

    T: When I first read her letter, I found it amusing. I mean, who even wrote letters anymore? But then it dawned on me, she was obviously writing to someone who meant a lot to her so I replied. I had no idea that someday, she'd mean a lot to me too

    Let me know what you think ^_^

  • Lunatic_Charm1213
    4 years ago
  • Vaichi
    4 years ago

    @_StrandedHopeless Love, Life and Secret Agents, please?

    Genre: Teen Fiction/Romance/Suspense/Well, it’s about spies so …


    Lexie Hillshire has been living an average teenage life, complete with an amazing best friend and a major crush on a perfect guy. That is ... until her twin Eva drops in for a visit.

    Eva is flamboyant, charming, daring and most importantly, a highly trained assassin that can kill in the blink of an eye. Now, doesn't everyone love a girl that can spy hard and party harder?

    Well ... except for Lexie's best friend James. James is the definition of the knight in shining armour every girl dreams about, yet Eva manages to bring out his dark side that might just be a little too dark to be ignored.

    Read on as one bullet turns everyone's life upside down, thrusting Lexie into a world of deceit, danger and death and putting her life in the hands of her sinfully sexy crush, who might have more than a few skeletons hidden in his closet. Literally.


    Thanks either way!


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