I Want To Read Books!!!

  • Srry4PartyRockin
    4 years ago
  • jessame
    4 years ago

    ill add 2 my library, no promises 4 reading, tho. i now have a LOT of books that i cna read @Srry4PartyRockin

  • _xoiiLoveYouxo
    4 years ago

    @jessame heyy i hav a story(: here's the link: http://www.wattpad.com/3521609-deadly-little-secrets its about a girl that just moved and she meets this guy & they quickly falll in love meanwhile his father and everyone else is trying to tear them apart. something happens to her and i cant say anymore ;) plz read its my first book Deadly Little Secret

  • ForbiddenDestiny
    4 years ago
  • jessame
    4 years ago

    @xxlovetowritexx @ForbiddenDestiny okay guys, ill add 2 my library, but no promises in reading, as i mentioned eariler i have a lot on my plate, i have like tons of tests coming up and tons of books to read already so... ya.

  • notjustarandomgirl
    4 years ago
  • _carissa89
    4 years ago


    What would you do? Waking up in a bed that's not yours, no way out the door is locked. The last thing you remember your parents just died in a car wreck. Leave your 16 year old younger sister and you orphans and no family to take us in. We were on the way to our new home and I wake up in this room.

    When I finally get out and and is taken to a guy that tells me a lot of stuff that is too hard to belive. But I know deep down he is telling the truth.

    I finally have a way of escaping I find my sister. We run away so no one can find us.

    But some one does find us. He tells us he is told to bring me back. Which raises a lot of questiond in Carissa's mind.

    What should she do? What is her best choice to make?

  • CherishYesterday
    4 years ago

    Im kind of new, my story,Im in love with the new kid, ive been toldis really good. But then again the people who said that I know. Read and comment, it'd mean alot :D

  • jessame
    4 years ago

    okay, then. as i always say, ill add to my library. i may comment on the first chapter, if i have something to say. @TheSceneFreak @carissa89

  • jessame
    4 years ago

    okay, then. as i always say, ill add to my library. i may comment on the first chapter, if i have something to say. @TheSceneFreak @carissa89

  • _Intoxicate
    4 years ago
  • zozolovesxoxo
    4 years ago
  • Monika97
    4 years ago



  • jessame
    4 years ago

    im sorry, if u read the description i dont like werewolf stories, @Monika97

  • firelipz
    4 years ago


    I have a few stories.

    1. Heavy in Your Arms

    Twin brothers Micah and River Rinehart were your average teenage dream guys. One the hopeless romantic and the other the sly player with a way with words. During a night of mischief they get caught up in a mix of chemicals and magic which change their worlds forever. No longer average, they battle to keep their new found discoveries a secret. But what happens when two best friends tempt their decision with the seduction of truth of the life changing chain of events?

    2.The Boy with Two Colored Eyes

    Izzy was a distressed seventeen year girl who had lost her parents and was searching for a reason to live on with hope. She finds a strange boy who captivated her with his eyes. One blue, one violet. He doesn't speak and she slowly finds methods of sommunicating with him. When secrets are revealed, she finds herself on a long journey while gradually falling in love with him.


    3. Friends til the End: First Love Affair

    Six couples. Six stories. All describing sticky situations you wouldn't believe teens go through today. This is a love story about a group of friends who struggle through their life problems as well as their relationships and when the two collide who knows how big the collision will be.

    4. The Dancer's Heat

    (WARNING: Extreme s*xual content) Jason Hale is the most talented dancer in his class and the most famous in his town for his endless smile. He practically lives and breathes dance. So when his very famous instructor informs him that he will be the star of his Summer showcase, you can believe he's excited. But things don't get easy when he finds out. His boyfriend Mike is getting a little forceful and now he can't stop fantasizing about his co-star and nephew of his instructor Rosaire, also known as Jude. Things get heated and its up to Jason to sort out his feelings without losing that smile.

  • EllieTyler562
    4 years ago


    Luna Brown has been treated like an outcast by her parents for her whole life. Now there gone and she is plunged into a world she never dared to dream about. Can her life become perfect? Or is that just to much to hope for?


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  • _mindovermater
    4 years ago
  • _Juliet456
    4 years ago
  • _TheSuperGirl
    4 years ago

    Mind reading mine?

    Our Summer Mission

    Meet Lizzie LeBlanc. She's a pessimistic, gloomy, sarcastic girl with a broken heart no guy has succeeded to fix. Now, enter Chris Williams. He's an optimistic, kind, and interesting guy, the type of guy every girl would love to date.

    When he coaxes Lizzie into accompanying him into a summer mission of his, he's sure he will succed.

    Succeed in fixing Lizzie's broken heart.


    ^^ Link. Haha. ^^

    Enjoy reading, and please please comment!

  • intricatehearts
    4 years ago

    Please read mine....?

    You can read any book from me, (The Piano Girl, The Girl Who Sat By A Tree, The New Tomboy,) *Tina's Diary, but NOT Useless Supergirl. Choose all the ones before Tina's Diary listed up there. <<-- In these stuff ( ) ..

  • _TheResistance
    4 years ago

    @jessame Hello, I have a brand new teen fiction, 1 chapter and only has 2 pages. Could you please comment and read? Only vote if you like it. Here's mine.


    Zack moves from Baltimore, Maryland to San Clemente, California with his Mother and brother Tristan. He wins a scholarship to San Clemente Academic School in his field of knowledge science and maths.

    He thinks that this school is all about academic learning, but he's wrong. The popular kids who live in the private estate at his school host parties on some weekends that all the students and some locals say is the best night of their lives.

    Zack tries hard to focus on his studies but a certain popular girl Sienna Bordeaux makes his focus of school harder to handle. But little does he know that Sienna and her friends have a secret. A dark secret that is kept behind the gates and away from people who live outside the gates.


  • mayonaayz
    4 years ago

    Heyy, My book is teen fiction, romance. It would really mean a lot to me if you read it because this is my first book I have written! Here is the link:


    Description: Confusion, best friends and never-really-friends-before friends. Summer is a bright, lively funny girl who loves to joke around with her best friend Ty but she can definitely not handle relationships. So what happens when she is hit by two stones when she can't even handle one? Which road will she take when she finally reaches the spaghetti junction?

    Please don't judge a book by it's cover (I haven't got one yet) and it's the orange default one and it's really not that pretty.

    I really hope you like it. Just give it ago (at least the first chapter?) Thanks in advance :D

  • _ashlaster
    4 years ago

    Here's my story's pitch:

    It's easy to talk about haunted places. A haunted house. A haunted building. But what about haunted people?

    After moving to a small town in Texas, sixteen-year-old Marian Jones learns that her new home is haunted by a handsome Victorian ghost. His name is Samael Lowood, and he isn't the first ghost she's ever met. He wants Ari to find something called a Nanorian, one of three powerful objects hidden long ago, so it can finally be destroyed.

    The line between Heaven and Hell is blurred when Ari discovers a world where Shades—vampires, witches, shifters, and those called the Luménes—exist in disgrace.

    Pulled into a dangerous search when her father is kidnapped, Ari finds there is much more at stake than she had originally thought. And when she learns the Nanorian is actually a sinister demon's heart, disastrous in the wrong hands, she realizes she needs to choose her friends carefully. The world is not painted in black and white…there's much more hiding within the grays.


  • _sparkles101
    4 years ago

    @jessame I would be grateful if you checked out mine! http://www.wattpad.com/3502866-love-isn%27t-easy-chapter-1

    What happens when Chloe moves to Malibu where all guys are vying for her attention? Two catch her attention and its up to her to pick her 'Mr. Right.' Which will she choose?

  • _mothroot
    4 years ago

    Might this interest you? :)


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