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    Are you a budding visual artist looking to express yourself through beautifully made book covers and drama-filled trailers? Well this is the place for you to offer your talented services to other Wattpad users or, for those of you who aren’t as experienced, solicit information on how to do so!

    Club Guidelines

    1. Offering your services as a book cover or book trailer creator -

    Be aware that any graphic posted without a watermark will be considered shared.

    Please be respectful of designers and do not offer up other people's creations as your own.

    2. Soliciting information or advice on how to create a well-designed book cover or trailer.

    3. Please do not share links directly to your story. If you are looking for a book cover/trailer, simply write out the title and describe what you are looking for. This is not a club for users to exchange any reads, critiques of stories, votes, etc.

    4. Simply put, we do not allow vote payments for services. The reason trading services is not permitted is because it gives an unfair advantage to users who are going about the appropriate channels to get their story into the community. Asking users to read/comment stories is fine, and should be mentioned upfront, but when users begin negotiating or leading users to vote ( if you like) we reserve the right to remove the post/discussion.

    5. Creation of public blacklists will result in the removal of that post. This is not the environment we want to foster. If you want to refuse your service to a user, simply private message them.

    6. The use of derogatory terms is unacceptable. Users are free to search the MDC marketplace for a design of their choosing. As long as the designer's payment has been met, it is at a requester's discretion to accept or decline the graphic.

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    7. Excessive "bumping (or similar means of aggressively bringing a discussion to the top) is considered spam and will result in a closure. This is to provide an equal and fair opportunity for all discussions.

    8. The discussions boards are conversations that include everyone. Private topics will be removed and notice given of the action taken.

    9. Please keep in mind that here on Wattpad "topic" threads are anything related to media designs. However, "chat" threads (I'm all alone, talk to me, or let's chat) are not "topics". These chats should take place on your message boards and will be closed in the MDC. Please help us keep things organized by having an over-all media related topic or direction to your post

    Please Note. We want everyone to contribute positively, and be respectful of the opinions of others. You don’t have to agree, but please voice your opinion in a respectful and civil manner.

    If you are warned repeatedly by a moderator regarding your behaviour or for disregarding club guidelines, your account may be handed over to the Wattpad team.

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