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  • Ruin_Lee_Oxford
    4 years ago

    I don't know if you'll love this, but I have something quite paranormal: It's a crossover fanfiction of the Death Note manga series and the medical drama House, MD, in which Doctor Gregory House has seven days to diagnose a murderous patient who calls himself Kira. I won't spell out the paranormal part of the story because I think it works better if you read it and find out for yourself. This one is quite scientific, full of more-or-less accurate information on psychiatric disorders (I actually did the research here), and set in a hospital. There are 10 chapters of it so far, and it's planned to be about 15 chapters long, so you know it's getting good.

    The link is:

    I hope you enjoy, and do leave a comment on each chapter you read if you can! Ruin Lee Oxford XXX

    P.S. I do apologise for the quality of the earlier chapters - this story has been written over a number of years now, long enough for it to be officially be considered my offspring, so be nice.

  • Ruin_Lee_Oxford
    4 years ago


    I think what you mean to say is '100% accurate'. No paranormal story can be completely TRUE, because if it was, it wouldn't be paranormal, now would it?

    If one does the research required enough to pull it off, then it works well, especially if the writer can use a smidgen of artistic license along the way, but if they don't, then it shows, and that's just terrible.

    I'm not sure what being a fake has to do with this subject, but whatever, it's a good thing to note.

    Ruin Lee Oxford XXX

  • RachelF_Official
    4 years ago

    My Paranormal story could use some love, if you'd like to give it some :) It's Paranormal humor... Hope you like it! :)


    3 months ago, my ex-boyfriend came back into my life rather abruptly. And now, he refuses to go away. He says he can’t just leave. I think he’s just as full of crap as he always has been. My name is Heather McCall. I’m twenty-one years old. My dead ex-boyfriend is following me around. Life just keeps getting better.

  • Iza
    4 years ago

    Hey ya all :) kinda new here... Its interesting that there is a group of its own for each genre. I've just recently posted my first story which i think suits paranormal and thriller in most sense... well one will get it as the story goes on.. It may look like a cheesy story at the beginning :P Anyways i hope you all enjoy :)

  • NotToday
    4 years ago

    Paranormal | Romance | Fantasy Photobucket

    You can control your dreams when you want to. Lie. You'll never get hurt in your dreams. Lie. Your dreams aren't meant to be real. Lie. Dreams do come true. Truth. Esther Shea has always seemed to live two lives. One realistic one, and a fantasy one. Her reality was on earth, but her fantasy was in a little place she liked to call, Paradise Shea. She could only get access to Paradise Shea in her dreams. With a life as boring as hers, she seemed to be sleeping through most of her life. But what happens when she matures and leaves her Paradise Shea?

    Paradise Shea isn't ready to say goodbye yet, but what can they do? They were all part of her fantasy world. Errr, wrong.They began to appear in reality, and they won't leave until they have her back.

    Don't close your eyes, Esther Shea.

  • bluedragonsister
    4 years ago

    @Ruin_Lee_Oxford i have a true paranormal story im not sure if u'll believe it but i do and i live in fear everyday that ill be hurt again... read the whole thing...

  • Monika97
    4 years ago



    READ& COMMENT few chapters and I will do the same :)

    BUT PLEASE TRUE comments, NOT FAKE one :)

  • _summersongs
    4 years ago

    ‘Till Death Do Us Part

    Ava Jaxon is dead.

    She is now moving into the afterlife where she is much more happier then in Upper East Side of Manhattan, where she used to live in. But there are rules in afterlife. The most important one - kill, or be killed.

    Ava needs to learn that not everyone is good, and just like in real life, you have to fight to survive in afterlife...

  • Sachula
    4 years ago

    Skeleton Keys - Paranormal/Fantasy

    (Hopefully the cover will show, I've never added it like this before... :/ )

    From Books

    New chapter on Fridays ~ When a recent graduate returns home for her grandfather's funeral, truths about her family are revealed that she never could have imagined. Now Mary must deal with her Reaper inheritance, her father's sudden interest in her, and her grandfather's assistant: a demon with strange and dark past. Chapters 1-4 are now out!

  • StormySkyDiver
    4 years ago

    Mine's called 'The Angel Of Hell'! Please tell me what you think! Thanks!

  • bluedragonsister
    4 years ago

    i have a true paranormal story im not sure if u'll believe it but i do and i live in fear everyday that ill be hurt again... read the whole thing...

  • Speedy__Girl
    4 years ago

    Photobucket The final addition of HOMS is here... Mysteries within the Tealins family unravels including one little girl is really brave to face spirits. the two, Gunter Tealin and Ivy Autospring. What will happen? only time will tell..

    And You think a family of four would be living in a lowly haunted house, wrong. On Malbury street, there's a house built on land that bore a large building containing spirits/people who committed suicide before it had been burnt down by Chicago's great fire. Five years later after that, a house is built over it.

    135 years later, A new family moves in the old house..only discovering what the previous family had endured

  • _raychelsea
    4 years ago

    this is my friend's short story, she's new to wattpad and I'm hoping she gets a ton of reads, it would cheer her up! (:

  • BabyDollxox
    4 years ago

    On her eighteenth birthday Clara's mother was raped by a demon but not just any demon the prince of the underworld, so to try and protect Clara she tells her daughter that her father was a one night stand, but now as it's approaching Claras eighteenth the demon (Claras father) thinks it time he claim's her to rule the underworld with him. Clara remains unaware of these facts untill the night of her eighteenth birthday, whitch her mother out of town and a huge party planned she meets Dante a boy she has never seen before but falls for when he saves her from one of her fathers hench men come to bring her to hell, This is where Clara must rise up against the evil forces at work and try not to be consumed by the evil that flows in her blood. This is where her ultimate battle begins, but how will it end!

    Hope some one reads and enjoys this :)

  • IheartmiBFFs
    4 years ago

    This is my new paranormal story:

    The Ultimate Savior

    Trinity is a normal teenage girl or that's what she thought until she gets shot in the head and wakes up in a wholly new world called Paciorbis. Now in a supernaturual universe she never thought was possible, she finds out who she really is and trys to forget the world that was only a figment of her imagination. She is the only one that can save her world from the crudelonis, who have invaded Paciorbis. How can a teenage girl who has no idea who she is save her world?

  • sigrist
    4 years ago

    post apocalyptic story about a world over run by zombies. The diverse cast of characters fight for their lives and become entangled in the mysterious that surround their new world.

  • DarkSkies
    4 years ago

    The Death Girl: Would love to know your opinion.

  • xIrishDaydreamerx
    4 years ago New story adding twists and turns to the angel/demon dynamic. With humor, mystery and suspense in every chapter. Id be SUPER grateful if you could check it out as it means a lot to me.

  • SamInTheTopHat
    4 years ago

    Zelda's Cosby's life takes a turn for the paranormal when she visits her cousin in America... where things bite.

  • _ashlaster
    4 years ago

    Here's my story's pitch:

    It's easy to talk about haunted places. A haunted house. A haunted building. But what about haunted people?

    After moving to a small town in Texas, sixteen-year-old Marian Jones learns that her new home is haunted by a handsome Victorian ghost. His name is Samael Lowood, and he isn't the first ghost she's ever met. He wants Ari to find something called a Nanorian, one of three powerful objects hidden long ago, so it can finally be destroyed.

    The line between Heaven and Hell is blurred when Ari discovers a world where Shades—vampires, witches, shifters, and those called the Luménes—exist in disgrace.

    Pulled into a dangerous search when her father is kidnapped, Ari finds there is much more at stake than she had originally thought. And when she learns the Nanorian is actually a sinister demon's heart, disastrous in the wrong hands, she realizes she needs to choose her friends carefully. The world is not painted in black and white…there's much more hiding within the grays.

  • SundaySundae
    4 years ago

    Hail Twilight!!!

  • SourChild
    4 years ago

    HI this is my new story!

    This is the story of Harper Adam's, a 16 year old girl who gets haunted, and soon possessed by a demon. The priests are able to get him out, but then, Harper wants revenge. She goes to a Exorcist school, to become an exorcist, to find the demon and kill him for good. In the school she meets great friends, and the answer to her problems.

  • JuliaAnneEmilyLawler
    4 years ago Seven people are forced on a train. It is no ordinary train. Inside lies something paranormal - something that can't possibly be real. It might look beautiful in its ways but there are dangers inside that some can handle - some cannot.

  • MichaelLomas
    4 years ago

    I hope you like it. Much hugs to you.

  • kaattiiee
    4 years ago

    @tahntahn Hiya! My current/only story is a paranormal/supernatural/mystery called Back for You. Teenagers, death, ghosts, poltergeists, guardian angels (sort of ;D), revenge, this story has it all. :D Enjoy!


    Remi isn’t the nicest girl in the world, and there are few people who know how to rein her in—enter Jason, her boyfriend. When a car accident leaves Remi dead and Jason wishing he were, Remi must discover her life’s purpose in order to cross over. But when she catches the attention of Arthur, a ghost on the other side who wants her to stay in limbo with him (forever) no matter what he has to do, her purpose becomes life threatening for Jason.

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