Any recommendations?

  • Immanuel_IMG
    4 years ago

    I'm dying for a Mystery/Suspense book out here on Wattpad! There are so little of them! Recommend them to me, I'll definitely comment. And if I like it, I'll vote. If I love it, I'll fan you.

  • _melloxD
    4 years ago
  • PhyleeTheFreak
    4 years ago

    Craven village was a calm, quite place. A sweet little village on the face of a mountain, perfect for growing up a sheltered orphan. But when something big shakes their village and a thirteen year old girl is discovered in the streets with a spiral on her palm and a strange weapon in her hand, the village aura changes entirely. People are panicked; men storm the streets and steal the girl away, claiming to take her to a place where she can be helped.

    Little Ison was only six years old when the girl was taken. And he was only six years old when he heard Danni's Song that put a kiss on his cheek and later a spiral on his palm.

  • CristianMihai
    4 years ago
  • SourChild
    4 years ago

    Hi! here is my new story! Willow is a 15 year old girl. She visits her friend Caroline reguarly. Caroline is in Wilden Institution for mental reasons and loves talking to Willow. One Friday night Willow is there later then usual. Willow learns the hard way as to why everyone hates Wilden so much. Wilden has dark secrets that only the patients know of. No one comes out, atleast not alive.

  • _SweptAwayByLies_
    4 years ago

    You can skip prologue if you want, im not that good at writing them xD

    It's kind of like a mystery/suspense/action combo LOL

    Aries Hysa who's been in a coma for about a year finally wakes up. The problem is that she woke up with amnesia and it doesn't seem like her memories are going to return anytime soon. Before she even had a chance to recover, she finds herself in a war between two organizations, having no idea what's going on and why is it her that they want. Can she uncover the secrets hidden beneath the two's surface?

    Check it out?(:

  • GHMonroe
    4 years ago

    I have not found much that has interested me either. I would enjoy seeing some recommendations that are NOT people recommending their own stories.

  • NaughtyAuti
    4 years ago


    Jazzy has been in love with Blake for as long as she can remember and now that he finally notices her all he wants to do is...kill her?!

  • _Ariana30
    4 years ago

    Heya! So here's mine's kind of mystery and suspense.give it a try if ya can :)

    The human face is a perfect mask giving a vivid reflection of the person behind it. But what happens when you start manipulating the mask? Start using it as a shield to hide yourself ? Hide the truth?  Ari is a  manipulator. A born actress who hides herself behind myriad masks that she has built over years. Each mask signifies a different personality and aura. She is a different person for every individual. And she is good at it considering the practice she has had over the years.    But amidst all this does she herself know who she really is? And what happens when these masks come face to face ? Can she finish the task which has got her into all this in the first place and driven her to keep going on till now ?  And here's the link : Thanks :]

  • tulipgardens
    4 years ago
  • starcayle
    4 years ago

    I have this book. Limited, my first one.:)) hope you'll read it :)

  • asianchick159
    4 years ago


    Best friends, Miya Kozu and Lily Wrenchy, must face personal obstacles that show up in their lives. Both share dark pasts that come back to bite them in the butt. Thankfully with their family and friends around, they’ll hopefully be able to conquer these difficulties. With one girl being haunted by her dreams and one girl being haunted by the opposite sex, will these two be able to hold out and survive? Or will they remain bound by the chains of their past? Filled with romance, drama, danger, fear, and constant mystery, Closing Chains is a story unlike any other with complete originality.

    Mystery/Suspense, Romance, Humor, Fantasy, Teen Fiction, Paranormal, and Watty Awards of 2012!


  • wolfstar530
    4 years ago

    The Unknown Killer

    In a small town a string of killing have been happening. Police forces are trying to find the killer, but there's only one problem, they have no evidence what so ever. No one's safe. Everyone is a suspect and no one is innocent. Will police be able to caught this killer before the whole town is slaughtered or is the town already doomed?

  • marinelkristine
    4 years ago

    Secret Identity

    A daughter. A father. A Lover. And a Killer. Venice Walker, a 17 year old senior high school student, finds herself running for her life with Sam Burns, her classmate and neighbor. She enters an unexpected twist in her life that shattered her quiet peaceful existence. As she goes through the days after she left to run, she finds out more about her father's seemingly unexplained death that happened 7 years ago. Dealing with firearms, assassins, ciphers and murders, will she be able to finish what her father started? or will she die in the process of grasping the whole truth?

  • michiyokiyomi
    3 years ago

    It's a mystery/suspense/horror (I need a new story ad)


  • JoshArgonza
    3 years ago

    @Immanuel_IMG i totally agree with you. too little mystery on wattpad. Too much romance haha.

    you can read chapter 1, if you're still not into the story you can stop reading.

    Link's here:

  • ZuzuSF
    3 years ago


    Read mine please, you wont regret it

    A tripping tale of a young Girl who embarks upon layers of trouble in a struggle to find herself in time to solve the mysterious case of her Cousin. On top of this, she has to put up with the abnormal dreams shes been getting at night. Will she be able to cope with the spine chilling dreams as well as trying to solve the daunting case? (Watty Awards 2012-Please vote!).


  • liketowrite
    3 years ago

    here's mine, 2 pages but its got over 300 hundred reads

  • PichanDesu
    3 years ago - It isn't a horror genre novel pipz mistook it because of the cover so pls try reading it its in mystery genre.

    Any comment will be accepted.

    Lots of Love :"))

  • BeanLaughsAtAutiALot
    3 years ago

    @Immanuel_IMG 7 friends get picked for Fear Factory. You are locked in a room of a factory with your biggest fear for one day. Then you go to the next room, which holds someone else's biggest fear for a day, and so on, for seven days. All the time you hold the key to get out of the room, but if you leave, you will die within seven days. Whoever lasts all seven days, gets a prize of 1 million dollars. Can you survive?

  • hkzaidi
    3 years ago

    One of the most important members of parliament has been murdered. Suddenly, the government seems to be in chaos. It looks like all hell might break lose, when, one of the leaders who was thought to be dead for the longest time returns. His return takes everyone by shock, but the country now seems to be headed for doom. Ahmed and his agency are asked to take this high-profile case and look into it. Whatever Ahmed does, the fingers seem to point at the President, who seems incapable of committing such an atrocity. Ali Zain refuses to help Ahmed with this case, as it would been the downfall of his father. Is the President innocent? Or does personal relationship hinder justice? After all, who killed Syed Azharullah Shah?

    Please leave comments in the comments section. Vote/Fan if you like. FOLLOW!


  • _awkwardChoco
    3 years ago
  • _MLSDdancer
    3 years ago

    @Immanuel_IMG I'm on my mobile right now so I can't post my cover,'but go check mine out!

    What if you woke up one day, and everything you knew was gone? What if your parents disappeared, your friends vanished, and your house was torn apart? What if no one was around except for the children? What if you had to take care of twelve children when you were only sixteen? And what if you couldn't remember what happened or why? What would you do?

  • _SmileJinxy_14
    3 years ago

    Supervisory special agent James Kengly is working the case that could make, or break his career in the FBI. A serial killer is on the loose and it's up to him, and a select few agents to catch him. The profile is weak and without a proper witness they don't think they'll be able to identify him.

    Finally, they get the break in the case they need. The serial killer had struck again, only this time the victim survived. There's only one problem. The witness is blind.

    James was raised right. Now that this women need protection, he and his colleagues are going to make sure that they're the ones to do it.

    Melody Carrmen doesn't want or need the protection of an agent. Even if his voice melts over her like chocolate. She's independent and she's going to damn well make sure things stay that way.

    The killer doesn't appreciate that his victim got away. Even if it takes him the rest of his life he's going to make sure she doesn't say a word to the police, or anyone ever again.

  • _TheOldStoryTeller
    3 years ago

    This isn't mine, but i'd recommend it. It's a short 2-page story with a good twist at the end:

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