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@KrystaLAZZZYtion My worst enemy=writers block.

@choosefeelpeace Thanks!
 @ivors_words Yeah and they say it isn't normal to talk to you dogs either but whatever. I talk to my dog and cat.. Eh who needs to be normal anyway. Much more fun this way.

@Amused_Winchester to what? get engaged?
 @mitalyas I know, I've been so busy!  I haven't gotten on the threads as much.  Your PP is really cute!  That you?  :D
liver damage sucks. and detox'n from alcohol is one of the few hard things to do. it's one of the few drugs you can also die from. via detox. 
 @iCrazy_Kuku That's how you revise? xD On Wattpad?? I just woke up and I have a class in, like, 1 hour or something *UUUUGGGHHH*

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What is a Romance story? Romance novels describe the development of a relationsh...
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What are Fantasy stories? Fantasies are often inspired by mythology and magic. T...
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