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 @lenoxARMY16 AYO, little spons here but i write yoonmin fics haha XD
Turns out people actually look up porn on our school computers.

Like, are they that desperate. XD
Im wrtitng  new book about a guy who is on the run from the cops when he finds his dead sisters body and is frmaed for it ive had this story i my head since 2011 and if anyone says this sounds like taken 3 Then yoiur an idot
 @rainbows_optimism Not an actual dawg. Like, a metaphorical dawg.

 @BookRyt purr

 @CottonLullaby Nahh, I just ate.
 @BookRyt *dances with you*

the lyrics are cringy xD but the tune is so catchy oml

I CANT, I AM TOO. *sobs eternally*
 @MaxFreedman you hungry?

 @rainbows_optimism here choose one

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