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 @theGangstaGurl oh shiz i didnt even see your post im sorry!! how are ya?

 @misssssunusual a plant fell on my bed and its just a mess
 @ShapeShifterWriter21 she said she had her exams so that's why she hasn't been on here that much :(
 @Poamzi48585  transforms back into Miss Piggy 

Yeah I came up with the comebacks! Who wants a selfie?!
 @RuggedEdge I'm doing lovely today. I have a recording to do after church
 @theGangstaGurl awwn lol :P

i dont think i have a bad habit lol hahah

 @AlexaAmelia nothing much... just art work :P
Actually, yeah. I could make this a scene.

Ch1 establishes a goal and conflict,

Just no. . . Disaster? O.o

I'm fairly sure this is a fking sequel.

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