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single or taken just be happy. Being happy is the key to life xD
 @ZacKember You already goddamn cute, but more would be better. There always some room for improvements. XD
 @TheNPCBear  @Crimson_Scythe *invites you all to sit in the corner with me* Q.Q
*has height complex*

*will ignore any questions regarding my petiteness*
 @MoonlightWaters what size was the original cover? it has to be somewhere around 256x400 to retain the quality. wattpad also compresses images so the quality will degrade no matter what
 @tessannejansen I see. XD

Sadly, that's true. But we can at least have a positive attitude.

 @Crimson_Scythe I hope so. >///> Am I not cute enough now? XD

 @C00XC01 *dodges fabulously*

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