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 @AuthorUnkn0wn that it does! there's no such thing! :):)  :) :) :) :):)  :):)  :) :) :):)  
 @some_aspiring_writer Yeah just depends on your audience. They have a guideline as to what is and isn't allowed in stories.
UO: #MakeWattpad2015Again

Or just when it was more fun. Like Youtube before it got influenced by the media.
 @ZonderZorg Facebook is a distinctly 30 to 40-something platform. Very few users are under 20, and even fewer are over 65.

It's funny and bizarre that we naturally stratify into age cohorts on these different platforms.
 @kaisxr Too much emotion? Pff, rarely. Thinkpad tends to be the place those from BDaD vent.

Either BDaD, or FCDB/WYCS.

 @Renerves In my. . . Shared opinion.
 @bittersweetwriting I have another account. I want to keep them seperate because I don't want the stories on each account to be assosiated with each other.

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