Pregnant by Matttia Poilbio

By mattiapoilboiforlife

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Baby girl
Baby shoping
Today is the day
Hi it me
Baby Ava
15 dress
Emilys big day
Hi it the AuthorοΏΌ

No matttia

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By mattiapoilboiforlife

When you get to the shoe store you buy theses

Then you go home because Ava was tired so you go home  Dani drops you off and you go inside your mom say what happened you say matttia happened he had his friends over when the baby was sleeping and they we laughing so I left I was over it
Your mom said honey it's ok you will be fine go put the baby to bed you said ok  and you go up stairs you put this on the baby

Then you take this picture

Official _MIA : just me and baby tonight 😊
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You put the baby next to you and go to bed

2 hours later
The baby was crying to you go and get a bottle and put the baby back to bed she sleeps the whole night

You wake up and  take a shower and shower the baby and you both were this


       Today was Ava 6 month she looks like this

BabyAvaPoilbio: IM 6 MONTHS TODAY GUYS 🌸
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You take Ave to the kitchen and your mom hold her and  while you wait you make a TikTok    Then matttia called u you  said matttia what he said I'm sorry you said it's fine we are going to have a pool day so come  he said on my way bye you said bye then you get Ava and you upstairs to change you sister go and change to  this is what you guys were

You and Ava



Matttia gets there and you guys go swimming  with Ava then you mom comes and say  girls tomorrow we will be shopping for Emily 15 teen dress you say ok so you guys. Continue swimming with Ava . It was getting late so you guys get out and take a shower after you and Ava and matttia shower you guys change in to this



Then you guys go to bed 

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