abdl treated like a baby

By chippy847

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By chippy847

Hello i am chip, im 4ft tall… Im 15 and im up for adoption, its kinda hard for older kids to get adopted as people want young children

So today started like any other, i woke up one pm and turned my laptop on, i wasn't put in any schools or anything, I mainly just watched YouTube, a while later chips name was shouted "already?" he says to himself surprised as he walked down to the office to see 1 adults and a older girl, he sits opposite them "mommy… Why is he so short?" the girl asked i had nothing to say, I felt totally out of place "because some people don't grow very fast, isn't that right" she says calmly, I nod and say "my names chip… And you are?" the girl said proudly "im emmy!" I smile at how happy she is "im ava" the mother said sweetly i then said "are you here to adopt me?" suddenly I needed to go to the bathroom, it wasn't that bad… I could hold it, "yep" the mother said, we talked for a while, she signed the papers and we left to the car, there was one booster seat that the older girl sat in and I had to sit in a baby seat, it wasn't that bad, we drove for half an hour and during that time i was desperate to pee, it suddenly started to flow out leaving a dark spot on me pants, I started to panic, ava turned to me and asked what was wrong then she saw the wet pants, it went on my trousers and on my t-shirt, we eventually pulled in by a restaurant and ava said "lay down please" i did so, she then pulled a diaper "wait! What the hell!" i say she just calmly says "this is all we have…" she then continues to put me in it, there was no point arguing till she took my top off and put a pink dress on me "i feel stupid", " im sorry sweetie but its all we had…" she said to me as she took me out of the car, it was hard to stand or walk, the diaper was to thick, i just waddled in to the restaurant behind them, "hello can we have a table for 4 with one highchair" ava asked, the lady walked us to the table, i was sat in the highchair, i tryed getting out then ava said "do you want me to shout that your a fifteen year old boy in a diaper and dress" i shook my head "then act like a baby.." she said

This is my first part to a story that i will continue ^^

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