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By Icry_stars

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You are an office worker who suddenly employed six NEETS to clean your house and being an interesting person... More

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By Icry_stars

-So, this is the plan- You began- When my mother arrive, all my maids will be in Wallace's house except for Choromatsu; the house is already clean so nothing will happen if they don't do their labors today or tomorrow. My mother leaves quite far away so she is going to stay the night here, which means that Choro and I must act like a couple around two days...

-And why is Frapymatsu being your husband?- Said Osomatsu clearly annoyed.

-Because he is the type of guy my mom would approve- You said.

-I would like to meet your mother~- said Karamatsu.

-PLEASE DON'T- You said.

-AND WHY IN MY HOUSE?- Said Wallace.

-Because I can't send them to their house since they are not permitted to be there anymore. And also because Margaret is going to kill them if they are in her house- You said.

-I wouldn't kill them. Just sacrifice them to my cult- She said in a very dark tone.

Everyone felt shivers down the spine.


Wallace took your maids to his house with big part of their stuff. You change your clothes in something more formal, as Choromatsu did; since your mother is an eccentric woman who likes class, bearing and grace.

Margaret, Choromatsu and you were setting some stuff ready for your mother's arrival until someone knocked the door. Margaret went to open the door.

-MARGGIE! Long time no see- She said giving her a hug.

-Welcome miss (L/n)- she said after breaking the hug with a smile on her face.

-You are prettier every day! And I love your dress- she said to your friend.

Your mother was wearing something quite casual for her style and a gorgeous makeup as hairstyle. She is a model, looking fabulous is her passion and her daily bread.

She walked towards you and looked you from head to foot. She didn't bothered to say hi or something, she went straight to the point.

-I hate not knowing where you are- She said as you looked at the floor- You know what else I hate?.

You raised your stare to meet her eyes.

-Your dress- She spat- You know I hate green, why are you doing this to me?.

She gave to you a stare like she was hurt.

-But I like this one. Is cute- You explained taking the edges of your dress.

-Go and change it- she just said.

You obeyed.

Once you were out, your mother glare at Choromatsu who was awkwardly trying to present himself.

-Goo- He got interrupted.

-You must be the guy- You mother said.

-Y-yes I am- he said nervously.

-and what makes you think you can be a good match for my daughter?- She coldly said.

-W-well... I love her a lot- He said blushing madly.

-My ex husband said the same to my mother. If you are going to lie to me at least be creative at it.

-It is the truth! I know we can have differences and I know time can change things even if we don't want them to change. But I am sure that I am going to take care of her even if everything change one day, because true love can't be moved even for the strongest storms!- He said.

-Awwww, cutie pie!- said your mother grabbing him by the checks and squeezing them without mercy- That was so cute from you.

Choromatsu felt he got your mother's approbation, but Margaret felt something quite different.

You arrived to the living room where your mother was holding a conversation with Choromatsu. They seem to blend nicely. You knew he was the best option. Margaret was at a corner with a very dark aura looking straight at her phone with and irritated stare.

When you mother noticed you she raised her voice.

-That dress is way better than the awful green one that doesn't look good in you. Well, this one doesn't look amazing in you, but it's tolerable- she laughed- ((have you think in exercising? Stop eating too much baby) / (have you think on having a different diet? I mean your so skinny, gosh, eat something))

You felt quite offended by your mother's attitude. She have always been like that since you have memory. Sha is a model after all, one of the best of them, beauty and graceful, a woman like her was making a big BIG shadow for you. You went over it in teenage since you didn't had option, and decided to live quite far from her when you moved alone to your own house. Having her back with all those cruel memories makes you feel quite depressed.

There was a silence before you mother looked at Margaret and spoke.

-Marggie sweetie, would you be so kind to come with me for my suitcases?- She asked.

-Of course- she said and guide her outside the house again.

You sighed quite upset. Choromatsu took notice of that and held your hand in his.

-Hey, maybe I don't have the best sense of style, but I liked how you looked in the green dress and in this one too- you gave him a questioning stare-  I just... think you are perfect the way that you are.

Your eyes opened like dishes really surprised. And he was blushing at this.

-I... You don't need to say all that cute stuff to me when my mother's not here- You smiled.

He felt a little disappointed at your answer.

-That was for real!- he said blushing still holding your hands.

You laughed.

-Yeah sure- you said sarcastically.

Before Choromatsu could say a word, Margaret and your mother arrived to the living room fool of bags.

-Let me show you your room mom- you said.

You guide her to you maids room.

-Why do you have  six beds?!- she said.

-Well um... I...

-(Y/n) and I like to bring friends to have big sleepovers so we decided to have a room with all of us together- Choromatsu explained.

- Ugh- you mother said- the youth of this times is quite ridiculous. But I'm taking the room.

You left your mother in the room as you went to yours with Choro and Margaret behind you. She closed the door behind you.

-Oh my. Your mother is quite... Em- Choro began.

-Eccentric?- You asked.

-yes- he finally said.

-what are you talking about? She is amazing- Margaret said.

-Yeah, you say that because you have her approval- You said.

-I never asked her for her approval- She explained.

-because you already are elegant and beautiful!- you said.

-But (y/n), what are you saying? You are really pretty- Choromatsu said.

-Choro, you Don't need to act like that when my mother's not here-You said.

-I am not acting, I really think you are pretty- He said.

You felt flattered by him and couldn't help but blush and look away.

-I will go to see how is she doing- You said leaving the room and walking to your mother's.

Once there she was already wearing something different.

-I was thinking, honey, let's go to a family dinner together, I will pay if you want. Let's go outside to meet around here since I'm here- She said adding the final details to her make up.

-All right mom- You said.


Once at the restaurant (a very fancy one)

-I am so glad you joined us, miss (L/n)- Choromatsu said.

-The pleasure is mine- She said.

-I was excited about meeting you. I wanted to met the person who made my lovely bride the person she is- He said with a "v" on his mouth.

-Well, o think I could have done much better if she could lisent to me once in a while- She spat still glamorous.

You griped the corners of your dress holding back from spat any answer. Not in front of Choromatsu and the costumers, not here, not now.

-I will go to wash my hands- you said stepping out to the bathroom.

-Why is she acting like that?- your mother said.

-Maybe I should check on her- He said  attempting to stand but your mother stopped him.

-No. She must deal with her problems all alone- She said.

-I can't leave her alone with her problems, that's not what a boyfriend do- he said not really realizing what he said.

Your mother gave him a dead glare making him feel like he said something that he shouldn't had.

-Oh yeah. Sure. Like if you really care that much about her!- She spat.

-In fact I do!- he shot back.

She laughed sarcastically.


Choromatsu stood from the table pissed off.


-I CARE ABOUT HER HAVING A GOOD LIFE!- She shouted annoyed.

-WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?- You screamed as you came back from the bathroom.

- happens that I am not hungry anymore- said you mother crossing her arms and legs glancing away from Choromatsu.

-I will ask for something to go- Said Choromatsu clearly annoyed.

-Uh, thanks hon- you said holding his hands still confused as he stood up and glared at your eyes. When he got in contact with you his aura changed and make he has sparkles on his eyes.

-Sure darling, what do you want to eat?- he smiled at you.

-(pick a dish)- You smiled at him as he smiled back blushing.

-I will pay it- Said your mother placing the money on the table. Choromatsu glared at the money feeling bothered.

-There is no need. I can pay mi bride's dinner- he said looking away.

-I wasn't asking- she just shot.


The way back home was awkward silence inside your mother's car. Until you decided to stop the silence.

-Can I know what was that?- you said.

-what is 'that'?- your mother said.

-All the annoyed glares between you and my boyfriend!- you said.

Choromatsu felt flustered after hearing you calling him your boyfriend and smiled.

-Aw darling it wasn't nothing- he said rubbing your back.

-No, Mister Matsuno. In fact, there's a problem- your mother said.

-What is it?- you asked.

-Actually, I am sorry for my early behaviour. I need to apologize with you Mister Matsuno- you mother said while driving giving a nostalgic look to the streets.
Since it was a rainy, there were a few drops on the front cristal of the car making a more light feeling all around the moment.

-You don't have...- Choromatsu got interrupted by your mother.

-Yess I have to. It is just that... All this year's I have been scared of my daughter having the same luck I had when I was a lovestruck idiot for her father. I was so upset because you are telling me the same things my ex husband told to my mother when I was his blushing bride- She said sounding broken- after that I had to deal with all my suffering alone. I thought it was my own problem and that no one cares.

-Mom, I didn't knew it- you said as he kept driving.

-Mister Matsuno. Please. PLEASE. Never abandon my daughter- She said.

-I won't- he said rubbing my back again.

-If you hurt her. Even if I'm dead. My ghost will punish you. I swear- she said laughing.

You and Choromatsu looked at each other before brake in laugh.


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